Product Information

What type of warranty do I have?

The standard legal warranty applies to all products sold by Duvencioglu. You are entitled to a reliable product that meets the description. A product is defective if it’s incomplete, damaged or broken, or if it doesn’t work properly or can’t be used as described by the seller.

You as a buyer have the duty to investigate, which means you are expected to ask the seller if the product is suitable for your intended use. If you receive an unreliable product, you are entitled to a free repair or a new product.

You can’t always choose between a free repair or a new product, as Duvencioglu reserves the right to offer a repair. Should a warranty issue occur within a reasonable time frame, provided the product was used for its intended purpose, Duvencioglu will solve the issue for you.

Please note that damage caused by weather conditions is not covered by the warranty. There is therefore no question of a damage or not functioning item. Please contact your insurance company to solve this type of issue.

Please contact our customer service to make a warranty claim, if the issue is covered by the standard legal warranty Duvencioglu will solve your issue by offering you the most suitable solution, either by supplying replacement parts, a partial refund or a whole new product.

Your prices have changed; can I apply for a refund?

Since we’re an online business, our prices change as a result of market trends, stock and demand from customers.

That’s why unfortunately, we can’t avoid this from happening and we can’t offer you a refund when this happens.

I have a question about a product

You can find all the information we have about a product on the product page.

Did you place an order as a guest?
You can get in contact with our Customer Service team, they can help you.