100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Medium Firmness – 2 Inch – King Size – Cotton Cover Included.

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Product details

Brand Take Ten
Color White
Size 2″ King
Fabric Type Cotton
Closure Type Zipper
Material 100% Natural Latex
  • 100% Natural Latex – No Fillers, No Synthetic Latex
  • 100% Cotton Zippered Cover Included
  • Medium Firmness (26 ILD) provides excellent support while still conforming to your curves. Great couples compromise.
  • 100% Vegan. Certified Healthy.
  • 30 Day Trial. 5 Year Warranty. King Size: 76″ x 80″ x 2″


Product Description


Organic Cover Included

organic latex mattress topper pad

MEDIUM – Best “Couples Compromise”

“Medium” firmness is the best choice for a “couples compromise”, not too soft and not too firm. Medium adds support and helps you maintain a better spinal posture during sleep without sinking in too deeply. “Medium” is usually the best option for back and stomach sleepers or those needing to add a bit more support to a mattress that’s too soft.

  • Medium Firmness
  • 26 ILD / D75
  • 4.7 lb Density
  • Dunlop Process


No Synthetic Latex. No Fillers. 100% Natural Latex.

Our 100% Natural latex mattress toppers are made from 100% Natural latex, we never compromise by adding synthetic latex or other filler materials. Our latex is farmed via sustainable practices by the only certified carbon-neutral latex manufacturer worldwide. The result is the highest quality ecologically conscious 100% Natural latex mattress toppers available… and we provide the certification to back it up.

  • Zero Synthetic Latex
  • Zero Fillers
  • Zero Flame Retardants
  • Zero Formaldehyde
  • Zero VOC’s
  • 100% Vegan

organic latex mattress topper bed pad natural foam healthy antimicrobial voc gols gots usda memory


Healthy For The Planet.

Our 100% Natural certified carbon-neutral latex is farmed in Sri Lanka. Latex sap is sustainably harvested in small batches by tapping rubber trees that live for 40+ years. Plus, our latex is produced via the Dunlop process, using much less energy than the Talalay production process.

Healthy For You.

100% Natural latex isn’t made from petrochemicals like other foam. 100% Natural latex is sap harvested from rubber trees.

Carbon Neutral Manufacturing.

Naturally Nestled latex is produced by the only Certified Carbon Neutral latex manufacturer on the planet. We’re proud to partner with not only the finest producer of latex, but also, the earth friendliest too!

Naturally Nestled 100% Natural Latex

  • Carbon Neutral Certified
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Certified

certified organic cotton gots gols usda 100% breathable cover zippered washable zipper removable


All Naturally Nestled toppers arrive assembled with a zippered cover made from 100% cotton that can be removed and washed.

  • 100% Cotton.
  • Zero flame retardants or chemical finish.
  • Removable and washable.


Our covered toppers stay in place on your bed. They make handling much easier to prevent damage.

organic latex natural mattress topper bed pad memory foam healthy allergy gols gots certified queen


Sleep Quality – Organic 100% Natural latex is remarkable, it’s buoyant! Latex stretches and rebounds, unlike other foam you merely sink into. This benefit, unique to natural latex, provides actual support in addition to conforming pressure relief. It helps you maintain a better spinal posture through the night. Better posture during sleep means less pain. The result is increased comfort and you’ll wake up ready to go!

Breathable – Natural latex has an open-cell structure so body heat and moisture have a pathway to escape, instead of collecting around you like most other foams, including memory foam. While latex doesn’t actually create a cooling environment it often helps by adding a breathable layer between you and other foams in your mattress.

Certified Carbon Neutral


  • Certificate No: C813274EU-01.2018
  • Registration No: CU 813274
  • Naturally Nestled is made by only Certified Carbon Neutral latex manufacturing plant and certified by Control Union which monitors 70 countries across 6 continents, Latex Green Private Ltd. ​
  • Carbon Neutral manufacturing is defined as “manufacturing resulting in zero net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of carbon reduction programs and targeted carbon offsetting”.

Certified Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

organic latex topper natural mattress pad bed gots gols certified memory foam healthy queen king


2″ 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – provides a substantial change to the performance and feel of your mattress while maintaining the essence of what remains underneath.

3″ 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – transforms your mattress into a different bed. You won’t recognize what’s underneath and you’ll love what it becomes.

Additional information

Weight 36.4 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 76 × 2 in
Item Weight

36.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 2 inches



Date First Available

March 26 2019


Take Ten

10 reviews for 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Medium Firmness – 2 Inch – King Size – Cotton Cover Included.

  1. gary

    comfortable with back supportthis topper really is comfortable and helps with lower back issues with its semi-firm support. i bought the medium version of the 3″ but sense that the firm should have been the one i should have ordered. still , i’m happy with the purchase. Latex is definitely the way to go for back issues i discovered. for the cost of one night at a medium price hotel, you can have years of good sleepful nights!

  2. Big Dave

    Solved my back painFlipped my expensive Tempur-pedic mattress over and added latex topper. My back doesn’t hurt in the morning and I sleep better!

  3. MC

    Great surface improvementMy hybrid mattress is less than two years old, but already sagging in the middle. The 2” thick medium firm topper helped that somewhat. I added a foam curve support, which did more to fix the sag issue. I love the springiness and feeling that the topper is holding me up. This is the opposite of the sinking sensation of memory foam. It’s a little firm for side sleeping, but I wake up with no back pain now. The topper was about 25 pounds, awkward but manageable by myself. The cover made it possible to position the topper on the mattress without worrying about tearing the latex. Very light scent of vanilla; no chemical smell at all. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but so far I really like it.

  4. Jeanne

    Not what I expectedFor $203.00 I expected something really nice it’s not cut even at all its been over a week and it’s still not fully expanded. The cover is way to big for it. I can’t send it back and I can’t afford to buy another one 🙁 I have to say I’m really disappointed.

  5. Valarie K.

    Awesome customer serviceSuper comfortable. Had a packaging problem that left a crease and customer service took care of everything immediately. They are above and beyond. Highly recommend.

  6. Maryam

    this topper has saved meI purchased this topper to firm up a brand new memory foam mattress that I felt like I was sinking into and it was trapping heat. This topper is a dream for me it firmed up my sleep experience just enough and it gives me the support I need throughout the night, no more tossing and turning and relieves pressure points. I recently purchased a really expensive latex hybrid mattress that was terrible, I literally could not sleep through the night on this $2500 mattress. I was sinking into it and the mattress felt uneven and lumpy. Needless to say I returned the mattress but in the meantime this topper saved the day once again, making the sleep experience on that horrible mattress extremely comfortable and allowing me to sleep through the night. It sleeps extremely cool, does not trap heat either! I don’t think I will ever part with it!

  7. Element

    Great quality product..makes an old hard mattress cozy againThe fabric cover makes it easy to handle. No odor whatsoever upon opening. I purchased the medium firmness 2 inch after reading literally hundreds and hundreds of reviews. The problem with memory foam is that you sink into it. I live in S. Florida, so that will make you sweat. The 2 inch Soft would have been negligible on a 15 year old hard orthopedic mattress. Some suggested a 3 inch, but one would sink further into that, retaining body heat similar to memory foam. There are some combination layer foams but usually the top 1 inch layer is a softer foam with gel, which, if you read all the reviews, is useless for cooling which is its’ sole claim to fame. The 2 inch medium was ideal, overall cushioning, cradling support evenly, no hard pressure points, good on side or back positioning. Corners are 90 degree points, but who cares, you can’t see it under sheets and you can snip off the corners with scissors if that bothers you. Fits my queen mattress exactly. On my 8 inch mattress, the extra 2 inches causes my top sheets to barely fit. I’m glad I did.’t go with the 3 inch. I will probably purchase another for my other spare bedroom. Mostly it saved the purchase of a new mattress which itself is a crap shoot because I went and laid on about 60 different ones. What’s great is that it does not make you sweat at night any more than usual. Here in Florida, every bedroom has a ceiling fan, which barely moves air, but is significant, so if you are menopausal, … try that, don’t expect an enveloping mattress or mattress topper {not a quilt pad which just flattens out) to cool you, regardless of the hype about gel, or copper or bamboo wicking…that’s all sales pitch.

  8. mr blue

    Sometimes a bad one gets through, plus short widthI had ordered one of these before for my bed, and it was fine. The next one was for my wife’s bed, and it was not. The box was dated about 6 months before delivery, and it must have been defective when packaged, or it got too hot in storage possibly because some areas were stuck to the other, and very difficult to unfold, some thin spots, and other hard spots too. It never did reach full size, especially in length, which was short by maybe 4″ or more, even after several months time probably due to being compressed still in large areas.They refunded of course, but my wife was without proper comfort for a while and so was I since I gave up some of my comfort by giving her a topper I had on my bed so she could sleep again. We did not order again as we are making do with what we have now.If you get one that was recently made I’m pretty sure it will be alright, so I was not going to rate this topper below 4 stars because the first one I bought was OK. But also the size in width was not as stated in either Top Ten topper (our good one, and our bad one), nor generous like one I got from Pure Green which was 3″ wider (39″). So I did take the rating down to 3 stars for the Top Ten topper because it was 36″ instead of stated 38″ as described and what is normal for twin width size in general. If width is critical for you, then go with the Pure Green. Even though it is more money initially, it also says that one is certified organic latex.

  9. Kim

    Success!After a week of research into both memory foam and latex mattresses, I ordered the 2″ Medium latex, which arrived quickly and was well packaged. It was easy to unwrap and place on my 10″ deep Queen size mattress. The cotton cover is soft and very helpful for repositioning. After several hours of airing out, there was only a faint aroma, which was not at all unpleasant. It reminded me faintly of uncut cantaloupe. I also covered it with a waterproof mattress cover before putting on the cotton sheets. There was no problem with the cover or sheets fitting over the extra 2″. The medium density is lovely! I weigh 132# and was hoping for a little relief for an arthritic back. I have not been disappointed. It took just a couple of days to acclimate to the heavenly softness and now I notice more comfort each morning. I still awake periodically during the night and always have to smile at how every sleep position is so gently supported. The holes are bigger than I imagined and I trust they will help maintain coolness. I can’t imagine that a 3″ mattress would be much better… the 2″ is wonderful. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this search.

  10. jackhild59

    Excellent mattress, great entry point into Latex mattress Heaven!I am a a latex mattress fan/aficionado. My primary home has luxurious latex mattresses.This mattress is in my beach house VRBO. It is a great place to start for me.We added a 2” medium latex topper on top. This bed sleeps like Heaven!

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