12 Pack Solar Ground Lights – 8 Led Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Waterproof Sidewalk Disk Lights Solar Powered Landscape Lighting

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Light fixture form Path
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Power Source Solar
Room Type Garden, Pathway, Patio Yard
Material Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Provide lighting for any place: Disk Lights provide perfect lighting for your courtyard, gardens, sidewalks, lawns and corridors, etc., to add a beautiful scene for the night view of the night. Just place it wherelighting is needed at night . No need to replace wiring or batteries, use free solar energy!
  • Bright Solar Path Lights: Unlike other’s 6 leds, our solar ground lights consist of 8 LED lights which means producing more light for your path,600 mAh Ni-MH battery.These Solar lights automatically turn on in darkness or at night and turn off in daytime or bright area.It can illuminate for 6-8 hours within full day charging.(Charging and working time will change depending on the weather)
  • Easy To Install: Turn on the switch under the cap and push the stake into the soil. These solar path lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn!
  • High power efficiency, the ground solar light’s energy conversion rate can be up to 14%.
  • Guarantee:Solar lawn light has passed strict inspection before leaving the factory. We guarantee to solve problems for customers within 24 hours and make customers happy! If you have any questions, contact us via Amazon order message. We will provide you with worry-free after-sales service.


Product Description

Notice:When you get package,please put item at sunny place for full day charge,the item need have solar charge firstly to make light on.if after solar charge still can’t light,pls contact with seller,we will help you to solve it.thanks

How the Solar Garden Light Works:During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and recharges the internal batteries. At night, the light turns on automatically and uses the energy stored in the batteries. The number of hours the light stays on depends on the amount of sunlight received the day before. Up to a maximum of approx. 8-10 hours.

Warm Tips: 1. Position your solar light product in a location where it can be exposed to maximum sunlight during the day. Do not try to position your solar light in a place where the solar radiation is reduced, eg. under trees or shrubs. 2. The solar disk lights automatically switches on at night via the built-in light sensor. This sensor may not work if the lights are positioned in a location where bright light falls on the unit during the dark hours, e.g. from another outdoor lamp.


1.Make sure to turn on the switch before use.

2.Make sure expose it to the sunshine for 6 to 8 hours to fully charge before using it. (lack of sunny or cloudy weather will lead to insufficient charge and shortens use time).

3.Please put the panel under direct sunshine, adjust the light angle to illuminate the perfect spot and adjust the solar panel angle for optimum sun exposure.

Important information


1 watts

Bulb Voltage

1 volts

Additional information

Weight 4,11 kg
Dimensions 14,33 × 5,31 × 4,84 cm
Item Weight

4.11 pounds

Package Dimensions

14.33 x 5.31 x 4.84 inches


1 12V batteries required. included


Warm White




Stainless Steel Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene



Power Source



1.2 Volts


1.6 watts

Type of Bulb


Special Features

Instant On Waterproof

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type




Date First Available

December 29 2019


Flalivi HSheng Tpk

10 reviews for 12 Pack Solar Ground Lights – 8 Led Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Waterproof Sidewalk Disk Lights Solar Powered Landscape Lighting

  1. erin

    Pretty good, when they work!The box was completely destroyed when it arrived, so it was inside of an Amazon bag. Since the box looked like it did in the pic when I opened the bag, naturally all the lights had fallen out and were just loose in the bag. I took a pic of the packaging right away, but hoped the lights worked and I could just forget all about that part. Of course two lights are not working at all after having them outside all day charging in the sun, and I wasn’t surprised after how they arrived (I’m sure that bag has been thrown all over during the shipping process). The assembly is pretty simple however, it’s pretty flimsy because one of the stakes broke just assembling it (so now down 3 lights). Then when gently staking them into my grass, another one broke, so now I’m down 4 lights, which is fun. The lights that do work are nice and bright, and they look good.

  2. Scottc

    Perfect spa waterfall lights.Well, I use these lights for something quite different than they were designed for. I have a rock waterfall that dumps into my hot tub. I was thinking how I might get lights into the little pools in the waterfall. It occurred to me that these lights are designed to sit on the ground where they woul resist full immersion when it rains. So I bout them and tossed them into the little pools and they work great. They sit in the water and light up the rocks. They are waterproof and when I showed the spa installer he was blown away. They light up for hours and work incredibly for my strange use.

  3. That One Lady

    Suprisingly Bright, Even in Partial ShadeOur front yard is shaded by trees, which is awesome on hot summer days but extraordinarily dark at night. I wanted some lights for the pathway, and didn’t want to run electrical – but I was also worried about whether these would get enough sun to charge with the dappled shade.So far, they have really maintained their brightness. You can see in the pic that even with the shade, they really light up the area nicely.I don’t want to mislead anyone, they definitely should get some sun and probably the sunnier the spot, the better. But I do want to assure you that if you have a bit of shade, they will probably still charge ok.Very easy to put them in the ground, and they are securely attached so far. They seem pretty sturdy as well. Overall very happy with these, and may add some out back as well.

  4. D Bone

    10 Weeks Later, Only 8 Out Of 24 Lights Still WorkOn May 20, 2020 I purchased 2 sets of 12 lights for a total of 24. I only needed 17 lights installed which gave me 7 extra lights….. Well I have used those 7 extra lights and as I sit here typing this review on August 9, 2020 only 8 of the original 24 lights still work.I had 2 DOA lights that did not work upon opening the box, which brought me down to 22 lights. I installed the 17 lights and they all worked great…… right up until they didn’t.I had 3 lights that started to blink within the first 3 weeks, so I replaced those with my spares. Then, one at a time they started to fail by either blinking, or by only running for 40-90 minutes before dimming to a barley visible mode even though they get full Southern California high desert sunshine from 8am until 7pm.When they worked they were awesome…. Exactly what we wanted. They were super easy to install, and look great during the day… no leaning 15″ solar lights to look bad all day long.My guess is that these are not 100% water resistant, but that is strictly a guess….. You’ve been warned!

  5. AAPotter

    Look great, but don’t last.Let me start by saying, I really loved the look of these lights. We spent thousands of dollars landscaping our new home, and didn’t want to have the typical solar path lights that stick up out of the ground and gradually end up leaning in all different directions, so I was excited when I found these. We’ve had them in 4 weeks and 2 have already died, and another has a broken mount. No, they haven’t been stepped on or run over, they’re in a “flower bed” and don’t get trampled. I’m not sure how the mount got broken, but they’re really flimsy, cheap plastic to begin with. The tips of the mounts will bend when installing if you don’t make sure the soil is COMPLETELY soft. Two of the four “pegs” on the mount have snapped off in the light and we can’t get the little pieces out. We bought them on May 3rd, but didn’t install them until a couple weeks later once we got the beds finished, so they’ve been used about 4 weeks now. 2 are completely dead. Won’t light up at all. They’re in full sun all day long, so I know they’re getting enough sun. And we live on the Gulf Coast, so they’re getting that GOOD sun. 😂I’m so disappointed because I wanted to buy more of these to put around our back patio and pool. 😩

  6. AngeL❤U

    Perfect addition in our yard!These solar powered lights are exactly as promised.  Perfect for marking our walkway by the flower beds! We wanted something easy to install that would help outline part of our walkway that ends up a little dark between the garage & front porch, and these are exactly what we needed. We had these installed in a matter of minutes and they were quick to charge. Now we can see where we are walking after dark. So glad we gave this a try. These lights are great quality and so bright. They are so nice & affordable. We absolutely love it.

  7. 1pattijh

    Do Not Last All NightThis was the second set of these lights I received. The first one arrived with a cracked lens. Notified Amazon and new set was sent immediately!These lights shine brightly after charging all day in sunny or shady weather. The problem I encountered was, by the time it was five to six hours into the night, the lights had lost all of the power. After seven hours they were all dead. This is in the summer when we have shorter nights; there is no way they would make it half way through the winter nights (although they would look pretty while working). I guess they need a larger solar panel to collect more energy to make it through the night.

  8. Susan E north of Austin TX

    Bright but…We use these lights to highlight a birdbath, plants, and trees in our yard. We have some angled and some faced straight up. After a bright, sunny day the lights stay on for the entire night and do a great job.The lights each have a plastic base with a spike that goes into the ground. The base doesn’t snap in place, so can come off if you pull the light up to reposition it. There’s a switch under the light to activate it.Unfortunately, after many months, we noticed condensation inside a couple of the lights, which have since failed entirely. The others appear fine…for now.

  9. Calvin

    Beware do not buy!!!1)I knew it was a problem when the package arrived with a torn up box and all its contents fallen out and had to be placed in an Amazon bag.2) the stakes were super flimsy and was not strong enough to push into the ground. I had to dig a hole first and then place the stakes in after.3) one of the lights was broken and did not work4) emailed to ask seller what to do but only got Amazon response that sellers email no longer works5) lights pop off the stakes easilyFor $50 I expected a better product and service then what was received! Want Amazon to do something about this SELLER!

  10. Honest & True

    Nice decor And brightHonest & True: They get the job done. I didn’t give the item a 5 only because they are not as bright on bigger lawns. They work well and do provide enough adequate lighting to highlight landscaping. The only down side to expect is the quantity. You will have to buy more then expected if you want a desired look. Overall they are a good alternate to electrical up lights.

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