2020 Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage)

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Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Model Name Mac mini
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB
Operating System Mac OS
CPU Model Unknown
Brand Apple
CPU Manufacturer Intel
Screen Size 0.01 Inches
Year 2020
Human Interface Input Mouse, Keyboard

  • Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance
  • 8-core CPU packs up to 3x faster performance to fly through workflows quicker than ever*
  • 8-core GPU with up to 6x faster graphics for graphics-intensive apps and games*
  • 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning
  • 8GB of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid


Mac mini with Apple M1 Chip

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10 reviews for 2020 Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage)

  1. Russ Elledge

    Orwell would be proudWhile this is an excellent little CPU the real issue with this machine is that it is manufactured in a country engaged in a biological war against us, made by a company willing too attack freedom of speech and marketed by a company willing to do the same. If you are looking to buy a machine that will control your access to information this is the machine for you

  2. Pablo V.

    Amazing and snappy, but with caveatsFirst, the price point for this at $30 under retail was great, but it would have been nice to purchase the 16GB option.As a first time macOS user, the setup was quite bumpy. Rosetta seems to work great with certain “unsupported” applications, in some cases not expecting it to work at all, and would without any hiccups or noticeable slowness. This was the case with Runelite and enabling the GPU plugin made the experience buttery-smooth on an LG 3440×1440 IPS display.However, Firefox (without installing the beta M1 supported version) would consistently freeze and crash and it seemed to be ruled out by plugins, but even without that, certain websites wouldn’t work and loading pages after each click took way too long. I experienced another bug with Discord and couldn’t see its login setup screen due to what seemed like a file association or visual glitch, and I found out there’s no good uninstaller option natively on macOS other than just binning applications to the trash and clearing it from there. So, I had to uninstaller a third-party app to remove all file associations when the application was installed to finally get a clean install and thankfully the Discord install worked well after that.The other downsides for me are general unsupported SOC from various companies/applications, in case I wanted to setup a VM. No eGPU support, and no RAM upgradeability, but that’s a given considering the new SOC, just would have been nice to upgrade on our own (and hopefully have made design tweaks to make those upgrades easier for users). Would also have been nice to see a smaller footprint for the enclosure, since it’s quite a small SOC based on images I’ve seen online.You may find yourself feeling like a beta tester, it can get pretty frustrating. So consider yourself warned. Hopefully companies release M1 compatible applications soon. Overall, I’m fairly satisfied and hopeful for more application support in the future. Would highly recommend it for more casual users because it seems like it would be an amazing value under that use case.

  3. Jon Harwood

    A good way to enter Apple Silicon machinesThis is a really fine way to get into the Apple Silicon world Apple is introducing. It is a modest machine but that is what the mini is all about. This is a new machine and OS so I am feeling charitable. I don’t mind the two USB-3 ports, I deal with the limited storage by having an external 6Tb disk. The price drop is a really good sign as minis were getting pricey. I think it is a really good value for the money.

  4. Fletch

    Liked it so much , I bought a second one.The reviews were not exaggerated – this is a very nice performing computer., This is the first computer I have ever owned that is fast yet doesn’t generate any heat in doing so. As of yet it has never even been warm in the almost 2 weeks I have owned it-always cold-like it’s not even turned on.. I have 2 Intel Nucs that are the near equivalent of this Mini and while they are great little machines as well, they have been warm at times. Apple has figured a way to be as fast/faster than intel but not use much power in doing so.The downside of this being new technology is that software has to be written for it . In the meantime it uses emulation so older software will work with it, but is only a temporary situation. Firefox started out that way 2 weeks ago but they have already rewritten the browser now so emulation is no longer needed.Risc based processors are nothing new (they made those Dinosaur movies with them) but processors that are fast without using much power or getting hot certainly are. If this is a sign of things to come I feel sorry for Intel.I liked the way the computer performed so much I ordered a second one with larger memory and gifting this one to my fiancé .

  5. Andrew Szava-kovats

    $900 paper weightAll the promise of this machine is a waist. It doesn’t accept ANY audio interfaces. I’ve tried Thunderbolt and USB. Neither of them work. And there are no new drivers for “Big Sur” – so you’re basically f’d.If you want to produce, record, or use audio in any way, this is useless rubbish.It’s gotta go.

  6. Mustafa Shah

    Apple Mac Mini M1 2020This the 3rd Mac Mini we have purchased in the last 13 years to be used as a Desktop computer by the family ( have a Macbook pro 2018 for a lap top )- this replaced the late 2014 Mac Mini which was purchased in June of 2015 was beginning to give us trouble with constant beach ball and slowing down could not properly load the Big Sur so we traded it in for the new Mac Mini M1 2020.it is a great value after getting a trade in price for the old MacMini plus the $ 100.00 drop in price by Apple . This machine is incredibly fast that is a plus point what it lacks in is I/O this unit only has 2 USB-C /Thunderbolt 4 and two USB A inputs . so took away the 5th star on account of that . this unit is still worth it !

  7. R. Greene

    Great way to get back into a macMy 2011 mac book pro was replaced last year with with a Dell 7590 2 in 1. I do a lot of photo editing so I went all out on that laptop. Then when I saw these were out, I just bought the base model and it works great. It works off my Dell USB-c dock perfectly if I want to swap machines. I leave the hdmi and all my peripherals plugged into the dock and hook the mini up with one cable. Even works with my Dell speaker bar. And I like that it has extra thunderbolt ports. 2 of them! I’m used to having none (1 USB-c only) the performance and price are great.

  8. Retired Technologist

    Impressive and so far has lived up to the hype.It’s fast., quiet, and cool to the touch (I’ve never heard a fan come on).I’ve owned a number of Macs since the original Mac SE and this one has quickly become my favorite. I like the Mini’s form factor and its ability to use existing monitors and keyboards. I also find that it’s faster, quieter, and cooler than the 2014 Mac mini that I also have in the house. I’ve also had no compatibility problems with software and hardware. It’s successfully driving a LG 34″ Ultrawide monitor at 3440×1440 resolution with a USB-C cable.Others have complained about the lack of ports on the Mini, but quite honestly with a USB hub you should be able to connect as many devices you want to the Mini. I have 2 USB hard drives, a USB webcam, a USB microphone, a USB selfie-light and an Apple USB-lightning connector for iPhone/iPad/Apple keyboard. No problems.The 8GB RAM/256GB SSD of memory is sufficient for what I do (browsing, MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint), music, video playing, light photo editing and some light development work). I’ve hooked up an external hard drive so I can offload data that I really don’t need to be on the SSD (music and photos).Two caveats to anyone that is looking to purchase this (or any Apple Silicon based Mac):1) Make sure you do not need to run Windows or Linux either through VMWare Fusion/Parallels or Boot Camp. While Rosetta 2 will allow you to use Mac applications that run on Intel Macs, it will not let you run Intel-based Linux or Windows operating systems (either via BootCamp or VMWare Fusion/Parallels). Look to one of the remaining Intel-based Macs if you need this capability.2) Get the memory and disk configuration you want at purchase time – especially memory. Neither are user upgradeable. You have a bit more flexibility with storage since the system does have Thunderbolt and USB ports.

  9. Mac Townsend

    darn nice little computer. EDITEDEdit after a month or so at the end:After an hour of running the alloy case was as cool as the glass of the table it was sitting upon. My 2011 mini was warm to the touch. I saw (but don’t remember) some figures that this thing is a real electron sipper…uses very little power. Would be idea as a ‘puter left running to serve as a print server, or even file server, or for remote access via one of the packages that offers that.I was running it in conjunction with a 2011 i7 machine that was, and still it, very quick. Using a Ugreen KVM (bought on Amazon, along with 2 others) and a wireless Logitech 510 mouse with a G710_ USB keyboard plus the download on the mac of the Logitech Options software I was able to operate both the W10 and this Mini with the same kbd and mouse, although pushing a button to do so.The mini was running only the software that was preinstalled. No DVD or even instruction sheet was included. I noticed that on the bottomside there was the black round panel earlier aluminum minis had, but it was not marked for opening…which one did on the older units to add memory or access the innards to change drives, etc.This is probably because there is no point in opening the thing You can’t add ram. You can’t even change out the drive. It’s all custom Apple stuff soldered in place. And for this alone I took off two stars .All I could do with the stuff that came with it was delete stuff I would never use, GarageBand, games, itunes, and other stuff like that. And investigate the newest Safari and mail. Didn’t much care for the desktop photos which had nothing to do with Big Sur (where a large piece of CA Hwy 1 washed away into the ocean a few days ago)It’s performance with the limited apps I had seemed about on par with a 10 year old Win 10 desktop, haven’t run any bookmarking apps as yet.And I’m curious to see how it compares with my two Mac Pros from a decade ago wo have more ram and stuff. But that’s for an edit in a couple weeks.It is a very solid and useful computer for the home, and most businesses…but for creative types, publishing, video editing, and such I don’t think it’s there yet. And the software vendors have yet to get their teeth into OS11. Even Logitech seemed to be scrambling to catch up with Big Sur.———————–The basic unit is a shame. 8GB ram and a small ssd, all soldered in place so cannot be undatedOS11 is as buggy as anything I’ve ever seen.DO NOT BUY THIS until Apple gets it’s act together. And until the aftermarket figures ou how to turn a lowen end lump into something useful. This is NOT useful for me at least.My 2011 Mini is more functional than this POS.

  10. Fit Bit

    Not What It May AppearI purchased two directly from Amazon with 8 ram and 512GB storage. Like others in this thread, Bluetooth didn’t work, machine continued to freeze and say out of Memory and several other issues. I decided to return both items knowing this would be problems down the pike. Anyone looking to purchase this machine. Definitely purchase it with more than 8 GB of ram, or you may have screen freezing and messages appearing on your screen saying out of useable memory. Thankfully I was still able to return both items.

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