2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Silver

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Model Name IPad
Brand Apple
Screen Size 10.2 Inches
Operating System IPadOS
Memory Storage Capacity 256 GB
  • Gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone
  • A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
  • 8MP Wide back camera, 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage
  • Up to 256GB storage
  • Stereo speakers
  • Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi


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10 reviews for 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Silver

  1. Zen

    Great every day tablet at a great price point.iPad is my go to device, other than my work computer. I use it for everything. From watching TV/Movies, to sketching to reading magazines, and everything else.Background: I currently own 4 iPads (12.9 inch iPad Pro 2015, 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2021, iPad 2018, and now 2021 iPad 10.2) and have owned several others before, and a Surface Pro, a recent Surface Book, and 2 Kindle Fire tablets so I can say with confidence I am a tablet user. 🙂 Tablets are how I consume my content and though I’ve given other devices a chance I keep coming back to iPads due to the intuitive interface and not having to worry about the device, and just enjoy my content.Why I like this iPad 10.2 inch:Why did I get this one despite owning a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 inch?This size of iPad is at the right price point and it has the right features, to make it my everywhere in the home, backyard, and travel companion. This is the one I don’t have to worry about losing vs. my 2021 iPad Pro 1 TB that was just under $2K. The size makes it super convenient to carry around to read in a park or on the plane, do a quick FaceTime call while reading a recipe off it in the kitchen (the FT appears in a little window) and cooking. I love sketching on my iPad, and this 10.2 iPad though smaller than iPad Pro 12.9, feels more like a notebook, while the iPad Pro 12.9 inch is a magazine size (see photos for comparison of 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 with this iPad) and can be heavy to hold with one hand, I need to prop it up while sketching. I find the new iPad even more responsive to the Apple pencil, it’s a joy to sketch on these or take quick notes during meetings, that then convert to text if I want. Though I LOVE my iPad Pro this one gets a lot of use due to the size and portability.I like keeping this one on my recliner arm to browse around when I am next to the TV to find out more about the program I’m watching, or to read a book in bed without worrying about dropping it on my face. The iPad Pro needs to be propped up, and once almost broke my nose when I got sleepy and it fell on my face! I also love looking at my photos that I take on the iPhone on my iPad as it’s more immersive and so much easier to show someone than squinting at the phone. I usually keep the photos in iCloud due to the limit on storage on the device, and the iPad can just download them when I am viewing them. I also do craft work, and watching YouTube instruction videos and reading my crochet patterns is great on this size, it’s just ready on the side of my sofa. I also drop it countless times (with case on) as it’s sitting on the sofa arm, something I worry more about with the iPad Pro as it’s bigger. I also like that this is the one device that still has a headphone jack, I own some sets of high end earbuds that use the traditional jack and it’s great to be able to use them with it as the bluetooth buds need to be charged and sometimes I just want things to be simpler.The 12 MP Front Camera on this 2021 version is great as FaceTime is so much clearer than my older version, I had to switch to my phone to FaceTime earlier due to the blurry video, but now I can do it right from the iPad. iOS 15 has all new features like Center Stage where the camera moves with the participant in a call, and that makes it so useful. I typically don’t use a keyboard on my 10.2 iPad as I rarely type on it. I prefer doing that on my iPad Pro, but I’ve tried this size with Belkin and Logitech keyboards and they worked really well. Although I could fold them back, I just didn’t like the added weight as I did not use the keyboard often enough and once you put on that keyboard cover the advantages of a light tablet go away.Overall, I would not really recommend upgrading if you have a recent iPad, but if you want to give your older iPad to a kid or your mom and get this one, go for it. However, I do recommend getting an iPad over other tablets. iOS 15 has unlocked even more features on it and it’s super intuitive. It makes me happy to have a device where I can sketch at a moments notice, watch a show, or a craft video, edit my docs, write down my “bright” ideas with Apple pencil and have them convert to text, talk to my friends on video and oh yes, also listen to music, although I do that more on my phone. And it’s the right size to carry in my purse, and I don’t have to panic about dropping it or even losing it. Go ahead, you deserve it.

  2. Jacob

    Typical apple garbageHow do you milk a sheep? Release a new apple product.Similar product to the last one. Minor upgrade. Battery dies quickly. No expandable storage. Screen is very reflective and color accuracy is poor. The only thing they did right is go USB-C instead of their awful lightning cord.

  3. Susan F. Fry

    Buying refurb old model bewareIf you decide to purchase an older version of iPad. Unlike android devices that let you upgrade to the newest operating system. You do not get that option with apple. This limits the apps that are available and the games are limited as well.

  4. William Pierce

    So Glad I Purchashed This!The media could not be loaded.

     Upgraded from an IPad 2018 6th Generation to the Ipad 2021 9th Generation. As you can see in the picture the new Ipad is on the left, it is slightly bigger than the 6th gen IPad, and a little heavier.Have used the 6th gen Ipad every day since I got it back in 2018 as a gift from a friend. And have really really enjoyed using it, never have had any problems with it. When I saw the new 9th gen was coming out I preordered wanting to upgrade, and was going to trade in the old 2018 ($150) but my wife wanted it so gave it to her instead. But she likes this one so much she is thinking of trading it in and getting a 9th gen as well.This Ipad has 64gigs of storage instead of the 32gigs I was used to. Which is greatly appreciated!. I spend a lot of time on the beach with my Ipad, reading, listening to music, and occasionally watching a program or two. I now have more storage for the music and videos.Now one of the main reasons I use the IPad is for my meetings for worship with the JW Library app and Zoom. JW Library has no lag. It’s wonderful to use on this tablet. And I’ve used Zoom already a few times since I got this Ipad last week. And I can tell you the front facing camera upgrade is amazing, from the 1mp to 12mp you can notice a huge difference. And how the camera tracks you or you with your partner is a great feature we love!I don’t know what type of rear-facing camera the 6th gen had compared to this one but there is a huge difference. I added a couple pictures I took of a sunset and sunrise on the beach, and a video. I am astonished at the quality and the beauty of the pics with this IPad. I have literally taken dozens of pics already and you can see for yourself the quality.Have also played around with some of the apps that came preloaded with it on OS 15 such as Imovies. Making a home movie, adding pictures, and effects, and music, is a breeze, the A13 processor has no problems whatsoever handling making the movies.I downloaded the new show The Lost Symbol to try out this tablet. And I can tell you it is a great viewing experience while winding down at the end of the day before going to bed. I am glad it still has the headphone jack.The True Tone technology on the screen leaves viewing the pictures taken and watching videos an amazing experience. This is a great technology that really shines through on this tablet.I am super satisfied with this tablet and highly recommend it for its easy of use, and tons of awesome features and quality for the price. If you’re wanting to take awesome pictures or videos, use it for meetings and video conferences, and reading, such as using the JW Library app.A couple of other features more from the OS than the tablet itself I thought were worth mentioning. Having the Translate app on the home page. My wife is learning English and is always using this to translate messages she gets and sends all day, a great great feature! And the Background Sounds which can be activated and put on the control center through Accessibility and Audio Visual, and Background sounds. My wife turns this on every night to help her get to sleep.10/10!

  5. Bev

    Great medium range iPad.I am a grandma who uses my iPad for a little bit of everything. I play games, shop. I don’t really do much work with it. So I ordered one very similar to my old one. I don’t need all the fancy things from the higher priced ones. This one suits me just fine. It was so easy to switch from my old one to my new one. I didn’t even need to ask for help!

  6. S. Wald

    USED IPAD – NOT NEW – REQUIRES CODE TO UNLOCKIpad received, (used – not new) requires passcode to unlock. Amazon said they couldn’t help. Have to return Ipad now.

  7. Jee Kim

    Box seal was torn, useless charger came instead of actual usable chargerThe seal on the box was torn when I received the box.Inside, instead of the Ipad charger, there is a weak cell phone charger that cannot even charge the Ipad.Also the charging cable is a cheap chinese product.Unless they send me a proper charger and a cable, I am returning this.

  8. Azlan

    Received faulty product.My first experience with Amazon is a sour taste in the mouth. So-called Ipad from “certified refurbisher” arrived yesterday only to be faulty in a way battery is unrechargeable, and intermittent restart happened all the time. Detailed google search afterwards shown that this problem happens on product with IC problem, of which the cost of repairing is half of this price. I’m returning this off course and hopefully Amazon will refund all expenses for this item

  9. Sean

    Very Happy with my purchase!When I read the reviews, I was a bit hesitant to order. I was very very happy with my purchase. The IPad came in an original box, with the original Apple Charger, not even a scratch on it, was basically like brand new, could not tell it was refurbished. The battery life is good as well, as if I purchased new. Great value, am super happy with my purchase!!!

  10. Robbyg

    Love it, the price is great and its faster and has a better cameraI am on about my 4th iPad and each one just gets better and better. I am not sure why some people are giving it 3 star reviews. This is the lowest priced iPad model you can buy and it now has a processor that really makes gaming and other things much faster.What is better than last years model (8th Gen)This 9th Gen iPad now has a 12MP Front Facing Ultra Wide camera with 2x zoom and the new “Center Stage” feature. This is great for video calls as it tracks your movement and keeps you in the center of the frame. Now compared to the 1.2MP Camera on last years version!The 9th Gen also has a faster processor running the neural processor system. I guess we will learn more about what that can do as more apps come out.You can now get double the memory for the same price as last year. If you don’t mess with a lot of photos then the 64GB version should be good for you. I tend to create a lot of videos and photos so I opted for the 256GB version.The things that remain the same are the battery life and the screen resolution and quality. I am still glad they kept the finger print reader and the lightning port. I got a lot of stuff that is made for that lightning port.Overall I am very happy with my purchase. The price is good and I know that Apple products are solid and reliable.

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