2021 Apple iMac (24-inch, Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU and 7‑core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB) – Pink

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Personal computer design type All in One
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Model Name IMac
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB
Operating System Mac OS
CPU Model Unknown
Brand Apple
CPU Manufacturer Apple
Screen Size 24 Inches
Year 2021

  • Immersive 24-inch 4.5K Retina display with P3 wide color gamut and 500 nits of brightness
  • Apple M1 chip delivers powerful performance with 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU
  • Strikingly thin 11.5 mm design in vibrant colors
  • 1080p FaceTime HD camera with M1 ISP for amazing video quality
  • Studio-quality three-mic array for crystal clear calls and voice recordings
  • Six-speaker sound system for a remarkably robust and high-quality audio experience
  • Up to 512GB of ultrafast SSD storage


MacBook Pro 13-inch with M1 chip

Technical Details

Apple iMac 24-inch Retina 4.5K


23.5-inch (diagonal) Retina 4.6K display, 4480-by-2520 resolution with support for 1 billion colors 500 nits brightness, Wide color (P3)


Apple M1 chip, 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, 7-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine

Video Support/Camera

1080p FaceTime HD camera with M1 image signal processor, Thunderbolt 3 digital video output

Connections and Expansion

3.5 mm headphone jack, Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports (up to 40Gb/s), Configurable with Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)


802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 wireless networking IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatible, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology

In the Box

24‑inch iMac with Retina 4.5K display, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, 143W power adapter, Power cord (2 m), USB-C to Lightning Cable


46.1 cm (18.1 inches)


54.7 cm (21.5 inches)


14.7 cm (5.8 inches)


9.83 pounds (4.46kg)

Release Date

Additional information



10 reviews for 2021 Apple iMac (24-inch, Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU and 7‑core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB) – Pink

  1. daviddiy

    Best iMac so farI’m downsizing from a 27in iMac to this 24in and I can hardly tell the difference. Every video I watch on the screen is smooth, vivid, and clear. Due to the new Apple M1 chip, 4K videos play without any lag and no matter how many apps I’m using, this computer doesn’t even stutter. It is amazing how they can fit such a quiet and powerful computer into a body that is as thin as a macbook. Speakers are so small yet they are stronger than previous models. The magic mouse, keyboard, power cable, and included lightning cable are color matched, even the sticker is color matched to your model! I highly recommend getting the 8 core/8 core gpu model as the base model doesn’t come with the touch ID on the keyboard – a very underrated feature. The upgrade from the base model also includes an ethernet jack on the power brick as well as 2 more usb-c jacks in the back. The power button and aux jack are located to the left of the screen on the back and side. This is not just a computer for casual home use, it will function perfectly for the majority of users – person and business. If you are looking for a new Mac, look no further.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Extremely fast and efficientNever had an Apple Mac before. Used pc’s for 30 plus years. Decided to try an iMac and this seemed to be the latest with the M1 chip. I also purchased the Microsoft for Mac conversion so that I could still use EXCEL, WORD and POWERPOINT. I also set up the file transfer from my laptop pc to the iMac. While it took about an hour to transfer files, it was successful, although it did NOT transfer pictures nor favorite bookmarks, so I had to go to each web site and save on Safari. This took a while but Safari is much faster than the other sites I have used in the past. For example, on pc it took 3 minutes to get to my bank’s website, on the iMac it takes about 5 seconds. This is an incredible machine. I still have a lot to learn about all it can do. By the way, I am 78 years old, so don’t panic about learning something new if you have never used an Apple product before. I also recommend that you purchase the extended warranty which allows you to contact Apple support 24/7. These people are very, very nice and are extremely helpful in solving problems if you should have any. I highly recommend this Apple iMac!!!!!

  3. Linda K.

    Buy your computers from Amazon3 weeks after buying this computer I was asked to do an update which on my DSL took 8+hours, After the download I was told to restart after which I was ask things as if I was setting the computer for the first time . Then the computer would not connect with my print which is was working just fine prior to the update, I talked to 2 different AppleTechs ( I bought a service contract) 1 tech conversation was about the download issue another tech was about the printer issue.They could not fix my problem. That was an all day ORDEAL. Amazon is going to give me a refund.

  4. Nick

    Strong mold smellComputer had a very strong mold smell due to shipping from China. This is not the first time Apple IMac has mold smell

  5. Rolando Pizarro

    Best iMac ever made!I ordered the iMac since the spring loaded event and it goes above my expectations. The screen is sharp, the colors are great (I got the blue one!) and the performance is blazing fast for my normal use as a college student. It’s simply that good.

  6. Larry

    It works flawlesslyI have favored using Apple products over the years. My work life has given me the opportunity to use Windows products when it comes to laptops and desktops. I have also owned Windows laptops and desktops for home use in the past and will never go back to them for my personal use.I currently have a MacBook Air, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Homepods, Apple TV and now this new iMac which has replaced my older iMac. Apple ties everything together using iCloud. When everything works together it just makes life easy. With this iMac I have now stepped up to a SSD and that along with the new M1 Processor it makes this machine fast. Really fast.The migration assistance software that the iMac comes with allowed me to easily move everything over from my old iMac’s Time Machine backup. In no time at all I was up and running with my old desktop settings and all my Apps from my old iMac on this new machine. Rosetta 2 translates and runs a few Apps that are still Intel CPU coded.The 24 inch display is another plus for me. Beautiful colors and resolution.The fingerprint security on the keyboard is nice but my old iMac would unlock via my Apple Watch so it isn’t something that I would had to have.One negative is the ports. You either buy a USB Hub or like me purchase a few USB-C to USB Adapters to allow older devices to connect to the newer ports.I am pleased with it.

  7. Scott

    It’s cute.I ordered this because I needed a mac to develop games for IOS (im not docking a star, but it’s irritating that I have to click publish from a mac, not PC). I’m not a huge fan of macs, and don’t expect to use it for much, so personally I love the minimalist design; however, if I were shopping for a computer to use a lot, I wouldn’t be a huge fan. Its not bad on speed and power but the adorable mouse and keyboard are anything but ergonomic. They’re both awkwardly sized and shaped.

  8. Chase

    Tips for New BuyersLet me begin by saying the obvious: There is nothing like the Mac Experience. If you’re using a PC, I’m sorry. Perhaps one day you will see the light. The iMac I purchased is beautiful in every way, and I have no complaints at all. However, I do have one tip for new buyers. Once you set up your iMac, the very first thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest OS. To do this, click on System Preferences and then click Software Updates. Most likely you’ll need an update, so do that before you do anything else. You’ll need to reboot your iMac and that will take a few minutes (it took mine around 15 minutes), but then you’ll be able to do everything else you need to do, such as setting up your App Store account. Other than that, the iMac is ready to go out the box, and what a beautiful box it is. Enjoy!

  9. Michael U.

    Love the iMac but have already had problems with it recognizing and mounting the mouse.I have used the iMac for years and enjoy working on them. This one however has quit while turned off twice now and it takes several minutes to mount the mouse after I have restarted it. It doesn’t work very well without a mouse.

  10. Ismail B.

    Won’t even turn ONThe media could not be loaded.

     I have bought 4 imac and spent over a 1400$ for each. The imacs were shipped to me outside the US. I have just received the first Imac. And it’s not functional. No signs of power. Nothing. The power supply is supplying power normally i had it checked. Yet the imac itself isn’t working. I spoke to the support. Asking for help. Knowing that a return would cost me more than the imac’s price due to the heavy weight of the package. Yet the customer support don’t seem to care. I even asked for a partial gift card. And they wouldn’t. Claiming that they don’t have the option to do so or even to refund or partial refund me.Waiting for the other 3 imacs.Note : we don’t even have Apple stores in here so i could have it fixed. That was the main reason i had to order it of amazon. Which ended up a bad experience.

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