4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, Baby Bedside Bassinet, Supports Baby’s Sleep with Adjustable Features – 5 Motions, 5 Speeds, 4

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Product details

Brand 4moms
Product Dimensions 29″L x 24″W x 39″H
Material Washable
Finish Birch
Maximum weight recommendation 25 Pounds
Form Factor Portable bed
  • 5 parent-inspired motions, 5 speeds and 4 white noise options
  • Bluetooth Functionality – easily adjust motion, speed, sound, or set a timer with the 4moms app
  • Safe Sleep Environment – firm, flat sleep surface with mesh sides for visibility and breathability
  • Find Your Roo, exclusively on the 4moms app, helps you find the MamaRoo motion and speed combination that are inspired by your own natural soothing moves
  • Adjustable height (2 options)
  • Water resistant mattress (sheet included)

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Every newborn’s sleep needs are different – and their needs continue to change as they develop and grow over the first few months. Rooted in the science of infant sleep, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is the most adaptable bassinet that safely meets the needs of more babies than any other bassinet. With 5 parent-inspired motions, 5 speeds, and 4 white noise options, you can find the ultimate soothing combination to help comfort and support your baby – through every nap and good night. Use the Find Your Roo feature on the 4moms app to discover the MamaRoo motion and speed combinations that are most inspired by your own soothing moves. The 4moms app also comes in handy to adjust features, or even set a timer, when you don’t want to disturb baby while they’re catching some zzz’s. The adjustable legs and mesh sides allow the bassinet to fit perfectly next to your bed to provide optimal visibility and also breathability. With these features and a firm, flat sleeping surface, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet follows AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines to create a safe sleep environment – helping the whole family rest easy. Bassinet sheet and water resistant mattress included.

From the manufacturer

mamaroo baby bassinet bedside sleeper bassinet sheets bedside bassinet basinet 4moms travel infant

mamaroo baby bassinet bedside sleeper bassinet sheets bedside bassinet basinet 4moms travel infant

mamaroo baby bassinet bedside sleeper bassinet sheets bedside bassinet basinet 4moms travel infant

mamaroo baby bassinet bedside sleeper bassinet sheets bedside bassinet basinet 4moms travel infant

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 29 × 24 × 39 cm






Form Factor

Portable bed

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Care instructions

Spot or Wipe Clean

Product Dimensions

24 x 29 x 39 inches, 29L x 24W x 39H

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Item Weight

30.5 Pounds

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10 reviews for 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, Baby Bedside Bassinet, Supports Baby’s Sleep with Adjustable Features – 5 Motions, 5 Speeds, 4

  1. Heather S

    Amazing customer service and my baby sleeps!I cannot say enough about this company and their customer service. When the product works properly it’s amazing and if there is an issue they are fast to reply and even faster to resolve the issue in a way that goes above and beyond what is expected. If your kiddo needs movement to sleep, buy this!

  2. Adamsp17

    I am pleased with this purchase.I searched and searched for a good bassinet and was inevitably let down by the reviews. I saw wonderful things about this one and decided on it. It’s very sturdy which makes me feel good for my little guy. Very easy to assemble took maybe 2 minutes. The features are the same as the mamaroo swing. It soothes my little guy to have him asleep in no time. Overall a great buy and would recommend for the price.

  3. Ginny A.

    Love itThis bassinet definitely helps my daughter sleep for longer stretches at night and helps her soothe herself back to sleep. It was also super easy to assemble. Like way easier than I expected. The app also works really well and it’s nice to not have to get out of bed to adjust it.

  4. Jeff h

    Not perfect, but certainly worth the money!Like many new parents, my wife and I were looking for any edge when it came to the battle of sleep with our new born. This bassinet is certainly no magic bullet, but… the different rocking motions certainly seemed to help. He’s now 4 months old and for the last 3 weeks or so, he’s now sleeping about 9 hours through the night. I’m sure the bassinet isn’t 100% responsible for this, but when I hear him start to toss and turn at about 3am or so (because the bassinet turns off after 4 hours of continuous use) turning the motion back on puts him back to sleep pretty quickly. He sleeps pretty consistently now from about 10-11pm until 7-8am.Like I said in the title, this thing isn’t perfect though. The 4 hour timer is annoying. I’m sure this thing wasn’t meant to be operated continuously but it keeps my little guy asleep so I run in constantly. Additionally, I’m actually on my 3rd bassinet… the first 2 started making squeaking noises after about a month (maybe because I run it so consistently through the night?). The 4moms customer service is phenomenal though! They asked that I send a brief video and some photos to validate the problem and they shipped me an entirely new unit; it came about 3 days later. No hassle and super responsive!Our little guy will probably out grown this in another month or 2 as he’s getting pretty close to being able to roll and sit-up. Even though we’ll have only used this for about 6 months I think the price is well worth those extra minutes and hours of sleep we’ve gotten because of it. I give it 4 stars because it’s not perfect but… I would absolutely buy it again!

  5. Amazon Customer

    You get what you pay for…Just had our 3rd and wanted to change up our sleep routine as our first two weren’t the greatest of sleepers. This isn’t the bassinet I wanted, but my husband didn’t want to spend $1400 on something we’d only use for a short amount of time so we settled on this.It seems to soothe our son just fine and so far he sleeps pretty well with it. He is 2.5 months old and only wakes 1-2x overnight to eat. I like that there are 5 speeds so we’ll be able to wean him down as time progresses. I have mixed feelings about it shutting off after so long on it’s own. There are times it seems to wake him, which is frustrating for a tired mama. There are other times it doesn’t bother him and we still sleep well – so, during those nights I enjoy it bc it shows me he’s not dependent on the movement to sleep peacefully.What I don’t I don’t like about it is the white noise features are pretty quiet in comparison to how noisy the bassinet really is. After about 2 weeks of using it only overnight, the motors start to become very loud (and are super annoying to listen to while trying to sleep). The white noise does not cover it up at all, and I need to turn on a second white noise machine to somewhat block it. I’m not sure if we can oil it somehow, but it is quite annoying – I have to remind myself we paid $300 versus $1400 so it is what it is. The plan was to resell once we are done with it, but I’m thinking that will limit how much we’d be able to get for it.Anyways, if you’re not looking to spend a mortgage payment on a bassinet for your baby – it’s a good deal for what it is! It’s likely your baby will do just fine with it, and you’ll have some extra $ in your pockets.

  6. eganatr

    Life changing product, excellent customer supportI am a seasoned mother, and I was looking for something that would help our new baby (and me) get more sleep! I did a lot of research – – and ended up purchasing this one! This does not disappoint! whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, this bassinet will change your life! Not kidding! Also, the blue tooth app is really cool too! This bassinet will help soothe your baby to sleep and stay asleep, while giving you additional rest!Just for reference— My brother bought a $1600 bassinet from a different brand for his baby, and after we compared our two bassinets—he wishes that he would have gotten the mamaRoo! It is that good!I also gave this five stars because the digital buttons started not responding after the first month, so we contacted Amazon and they sent us a brand new one as a replacement!We took the other bassinet apart and UPS came and picked it up!! How easy and hassle free was that!?! Awesome customer service all around! Thank you mamaroo!Also, the set up was very easy. My husband did it in about 20 min—smooth!

  7. MoiKurls

    Omg in love !!!!The media could not be loaded.

     So easy to put up! It works perfectly! I can’t wait for our baby to sleep in here

  8. Amanda van Doornik

    Not the snoo, but a good budget optionFor my first baby, we had the halo swivel bassinet. Due to reflux and other issues, it was not the right choice for us. With my second baby, we really wanted to try to help the best sleeping opportunity as early as possible. We looked at the snoo for a long time, but in the end could not justify the massive price tag. When I found this bassinet, I was a little cautious due to it being so new on the market. Now that I’ve used for about 2 weeks, I am cautiously happy with it.Some initial findings:- the timer for motion maxes out at 4 hours. This is really not an issue. We tend to only use it in 10 to 15 minute increments.- there are multiple motions but they all seem very similar.- the motions slowest motion seems a bit fast and when it starts it’s a little jolting.- when it is on, it’s actually a bit loud. The saving grace is that it sounds like white noise. So, kind of loud but ok to slee through bc it’s calming.-it’s started to have a slight creeping noise when in motion; I can’t tell if this was always there or if I just noticedOverall, I’m happy with it so far. If you’re looking at the snoo but cannot justify price, this might be a good option.Update at 9 weeks:- no more creeping noise- we determined the sound is from the internal fan to keep motor cool. We are used to the sound now and don’t consider it a problem- our daughter sleeps well every night!- we like the shooshing soundVery happy with this purchase!

  9. AnonymousAA

    Hit or missThinking my daughter would like this product & she did for the first 2 weeks and then straight to the crib she went. It was a waste of money in my opinion and now it is only used for storage and the sounds that could be easy replaced with a hatch sound machine.

  10. Sarah

    MAGICAL PRODUCT.My newborn baby (7 weeks) will only sleep with movement – either baby wearing, the car seat, her swingy chair. She would be fast asleep in my arms and we’d put her down in the bassinet and she would immediately start screaming. We have gone through 3 bassinets. All of them she hated. We couldn’t afford to refinance our house in order to buy the ridiculously expensive SNOO. When I found this much more affordable option, I was so excited. With baited breath, I put my baby down for a nap and by god she stayed asleep! Last night was the first night she slept on her own in the bassinet!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MAGICAL PRODUCT. It’s a life changer.

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