600W Solar Street Lights Outdoor, Dusk to Dawn Solar Led Outdoor Light with Remote Control, 6500K Daylight White Security Led

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Light fixture form Floodlight
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Power Source Solar Powered
Material Aluminum
Switch Installation Type Wall Mounting & Pole Mounting
  • 【0 Electricity Bill 】—This 600W solar street light can provide 6500k daylight white as it equipped with OSRAM high quality LED beads and 3.2v-65000mAh battery(life up to 50,000 hours). IP67 waterproof grade make it works well even in bad weather all year round. Die-cast aluminum frame and high efficiency solar panels makes it good heat dissipation ,durable and lighting performance .
  • 【 Intelligent Control 】—This dusk to dawn solar lights outdoor have three methods control : 1. Light control: Automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn . 2.Motion sensor: Automatically turn to 100% brightness mode when motion is detected. It reverts back to 30% energy saving mode again if people out of the detected area(up to 26ft with 120°detection angle). 3.Remote control:switch, timing, adjust the brightness.
  • 【Larger Battery & Bigger Size Solar Panel 】—This led solar flood lights built in bigger solar panel 50W (35*14 in) and new energy vehicles power battery (3.2v/65000mAh) which are faster charging efficiency and more long spain ,safety and stability than the Lithium iron phosphate battery. Working time is up to 16~18 hours afterfully charging, about 48 hours in dim mode.
  • 【Easy Installation and Cordless 】—This outdoor solar security lights comes with assembly accessories set , Mount on the wall, pole, tree, balcony, anywhere outdoor. No wiring required, no maintenance. Ideal for street and driveway, courtyard, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard, etc
  • 【WERISE Brand Warranty Policy】— We promise a 30-day money back guarantee and 3-years product warranty, Lifetime Free After-service and Technical Support from manufacturer seller , worry-free with more than 50,000 hours long lifespan WERISE solar lights.Please Feel free to contact us if any issue arises.


Product Description

600w solar street light motion sensor

600w solar street light motion sensor

Super Bright 600W Solar Street Light

O Electric Bill

Powered by solar ,It’s great choice to have a lit up backyard,pathway,street,garden,parks, squares and doesn’t cost a penny from electricity.

Super Bright OSRAM Chips

Equipped with 358pcs high quality and bright OSRAM LED chips which produces up to 6500k daylight white brightness.It not only light up you way home , but also keep your house safety when there is any stranger approaching.

Dusk to dawn & Motion Sensor & Remote Control

  1. Dusk to dawn: Automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn .
  2. Motion sensor: Keep 30% brightness when no motion is detected. Turn to 100% brightness when motion is detected. (Sensoring distance up to 26ft with 120°detection angle).
  3. Remote control: 5 Timing Modes ,ON/OFF,+/-Brightness,etc

Battery Replacement Solar Street Light

  • Dusk to dawn solar street light
  • Motion sensor solar lights 26~35ft distance
  • Remote control for more convenient
  • 5 Timing modes & Rador function mode
  • Two methods: Pole Moungting & Wall Mounting
  • Bigger size solar panel & larger battery
  • Three years quality

600w solar street light motion sensor

600w solar street light motion sensor

600w solar street light motion sensor

Two Installation Modes

  • Comes with assembly accessories set , you can mount this solar lights on the wall, pole, tree, balcony, anywhere outdoor. No wiring required, no maintenance,0 electric bill.

Charge Efficiency 50% Faster Than Others

  • Comes with the UL-certified charging cable uses copper material inside, which is safer and ensures more efficient charging and less loss.
  • Equipped with 24k gold-plated connector and copper wires makes the charging efficiency is faster,Less loss as well.

Package Content Per Box

  • 1 x 600W Solar Light(20.4*9.3in)
  • 2 x Solar panel(27.6*20.9in)
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket
  • 2 x Connecting Piece
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • Assembly Accessories Set for Wall and Pole Mounting

600w solar street light motion sensor

600w solar street light motion sensor

600w solar street light motion sensor

Additional information

Weight 21,2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16,5 × 7 cm


Item Weight

21.2 pounds

Package Dimensions

22 x 16.5 x 7 inches

Country of Origin



1 Lithium ion batteries required.





Number of Lights



3.2 Volts

Specific Uses

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Special Features

Dusk to Dawn Remote Control Solar Powered 0 Electricity Bill Motion Sensor

Shade Material

Mineral Glass

Power Source

Solar Powered

Switch Installation Type

Wall Mounting & Pole Mounting

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of Bulb


Color Temperature

6500 Kelvin



Date First Available

November 30 2021



10 reviews for 600W Solar Street Lights Outdoor, Dusk to Dawn Solar Led Outdoor Light with Remote Control, 6500K Daylight White Security Led

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great for 2 months than doesn’t hold a charge…I only purchased this 5 months ago. In the beginning it was great minus the remote which is almost useless unless your 10 feet away. After 5 months the light lights up for 1.5 hours and dead…. I was going to buy more of these but I am very happy I did the testing to make sure it would last. Test results… doesn’t last at all… WAY too much money for just a few months of use. My solar panel and light are on top of my house in full light all the time. Wish I could get a refund!!!

  2. Bobby

    recommendThe media could not be loaded.

     Easy to Install with the mounting screws which were included. Little bigger size than what I thought it. Has 1 sections of the light but you can adjust the bright with remote control, It is way brighter then I thought it would be. Well worth the money for the product you get. With the video I attached you can seen this is easy control with remote

  3. Magnum

    Would give it 0 stars if possible.According to the seller they stated: “We promise a 30-day money back guarantee and 3-years product warranty, Lifetime Free After-service and Technical Support from manufacturer seller , worry-free with more than 50,000 hours long lifespan WERISE solar lights.Please Feel free to contact us if any issue arises.” This is utter garbage.Typical shoddy, trashy Chinese product. I have emailed the seller more than four times and after 3 weeks have not heard back from them. The phone number is in China and I’m in the US. They did NOT include the necessary hardware i.e. missing nuts. The instructions to on how to put it together are worthless.There are no other instructions on putting it together or how to use it. Waste of money.

  4. Miguel R. Marquez Jr.

    No actual Warranty outside of AmazonLuckily I bought two of these or I would have never know how bright they can be. The first one doesn’t seem to charge well while the other one is really bright and charges great. I noticed on the good one that there are 5 red leds that I think show the battery level. The other one only shows 2 leds with one of them continuously blinking. Never charged fully after 2 days. They come with some 3 year warranty that you have to send them an email to but you never get a response so for all you know, they are using the info to sell it so you get more spam. I sent an email to the After Sales Dept and it got sent back with a bunch of weird Asian characters “Quota exceed the hard limit”. Basically this tells me that the warranty is non existent once you surpass the Amazon return. So be careful when you purchase this item. Once it goes past the return date from Amazon, its your forever and you will not get any assistance from the vendor.

  5. Andy

    remote control could be design problemIf red button is pressed, it’s turned off and ‘on’ button won’t turn on it. Sometimes need to wait next day, then it will automatically on. I don’t want it automatically turn on every day, but there is no way to control it. It always automatically turn on at dusk. This causes problem, because when the sunlight is not strong enough, the battery won’t be fully charged, and automatically on for the whole night drain battery completely. So the battery won’t last long. I have used it for just one week, the light become dim, even when I pressed ‘+’ button to the highest level. From the customer reviews, I found some others also have problem with the remote control. No solution so far.

  6. billy

    Really Good Solar Light!I love in the sticks, so when it is nighttime it is DARK!! I tried several options but nothing would light up my big yard, I got tired of running extension cords and didn’t want to pay an electrician Hundreds and Hundreds of dollars to start running wired and buying pricey fixtures, so I bought this light. I have to say, I was very surprised by how bright it is. It is like having a street light in my yard. It probably gets 6 hours of sun per day due to the trees behind our house, but it still stays lit all night. It illuminates at least 3/8 of an acre really well.Cons: Installation is a little difficult by yourself. I managed, but having 2 people and both of them using ladders would have been easier, and smarter. I screwed it straight into a tree and I can hang from the thing. Also, the remote is kind of worthless. It only works at about 20’, and I hung it at 15’, so you have to be right up on it. Not a big deal since I don’t need to change the light functions.Overall: excellent solar light that puts out a surprising amount of light!

  7. Steve – Broadcast Engineer

    Very nice lightI installed the 300 watt light on a tree over my loop pine needle driveway. It’s very difficult to see the drive at night since it’s curved and winds between the trees. This light works great. I have it set to come on at dusk and stay on for three hours. I usually let it light at 50% brightness, but turned it up to 100% for this picture. I was actually afraid it would be too bright, but it’s perfect. My front yard is very dark normally. It’s great to see to unload our car at night too. It was very easy to install. I mounted it on a tree. I started with a pressure treated 1×6 plank, and cut a 7″ long piece. I marked and drilled four holes to line up with the bracket and pushed the pole mounting bolts through from the back. I then screwed the block into the pine tree with three large 3-1/2″ long screws. I then assembled the bracket and solar panel and hung it on the four bolts, then put the washers and nuts on the bolts, and using a thin flat wrench on the backside to hold the bolts I was able to easily tighten the nuts on the front. Finally I slid the light onto the end of the mounting pole and tightened the set screws. It made it very easy for me to mount it alone. About the remote. I saw several reviews that said the remote does not work very well. Maybe the manufacturer has fixed this, or maybe I just got a good one, but I found that the remote works very well. I can turn the light on and off standing where I stood to take this picture which is a good 20 feet away from the tree. The light seems to work very well. It’s been charging fine too, even though my yard has a lot of trees and is shady. It’s only been up just over a week so time will tell. I will try to remember to update my review, but if you don’t see updates, it means that it’s still working great.I have now added a second light at the opposite end of our driveway and again, easy to install and works great. The seller was concerned that mounting it in a tree might prevent the sun from hitting the solar panel. The tree it’s on, and surround trees are pine trees so tall, but not extremely full. I positioned the solar panels so that it gets direct sun most of the day. I have not tested it on the dusk to dawn mode, and the light was still on when I went to work, more than 10 hours after it came on. But do be careful not to put it on a huge oak tree that might block the direct sun.

  8. ValRed

    Great light and solar panel-held up through the great Texas freeze; meh for the remoteThis solar street type lamp exceeded my expectations for brightness, field of light and for maintaining a charge through days of minimal to zero sun. The light intensity is as expected for its lumen rating. The solar panel itself seems of good quality and is bigger than I’d imagined. The casing for the lamp is heavy duty. When Texas froze down to the Mexican border this winter this light just kept coming on through days of clouds, snow and sleet. We have a whole house generator but I think for those without power it would’ve been very helpful as the only outside light. We intend to put it up in our pasture to watch the deer that come to eat from our wildlife patch but I’m having trouble getting my husband to move it from it’s temporary trial run spot over his outside shop! The only complaint I have is the remote for poor explanation of its function and a crack that appeared in the case. I contacted the seller since it should’ve been covered by warranty but was told I could buy another one for $20. Impressed with the light, not so much with warranty/customer service.

  9. caclark74

    Pretty good light when it works..I purchased this light in May, 2021. The first one that arrived had a defect in the mounting arm, where the part that holds the solar panel was crooked. I initiated a return and was promptly shipped another, which was perfect.Assembly is a bit of a bear. The included instructions aren’t very clear, especially in relation to what size bolt for what application. It’s a bit of guessing, but isn’t overly complicated. One thing that stumped me was installing the bracket to the underside of the panel. I had to bend the metal frame outward in each bolt location in order to fit it under and up through the hole, to get a nut on the top.I mounted the light to the side of my house, about 15 feet up, which wasn’t very easy. The light with the panel installed is big, awkward and heavy. Use a battery powered drill or driver with the correct size socket attachment. Holding this massive thing up while using a ratchet wrench to drive in the four six-inch bolts takes awhile and isn’t recommended!The light is mounted on a South facing wall and gets direct sunlight all day. I have not had one single issue with battery not charging. I use the dusk to dawn feature and it lasts all night. It is much brighter than I thought it would be. It lights up most of my half acre sized back yard. I’m very happy with it, however, our Winters can be harsh, so I’m praying it survives the cold and snow and lasts for many years.*UPDATE Dec 2021*After entering the late Autumn and Winter months, the light barely gets enough sunlight to charge the battery. Sometimes the light comes on dimly lit for an hour or two, sometimes it doesn’t come on at all, especially after a day or two of overcast skies. Unless this thing sits in direct, abundant sunshine for 8 hours per day, you can forget about it lighting up your yard. I’m using the “Dusk to Dawn” option, so maybe other settings work better, but I doubt it. The battery just isn’t large enough to make it through a couple cloudy or snowy days.

  10. Billy W Trammell Jr.

    Not good quality inspectionsThe photos are what I saw when I opened the box. Small cuts on the solar cells and some sort of glue that can not be removed stuck on the solar cells. Did not even bother to assemble it since it was not in good enough shape to even try.

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