8 inch Memory Foam Mattress Full Size, Medium Feeling, Made in USA

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Product details

Size Full
Special Feature Made in USA, Fiberglass-Free
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Product Dimensions 74″L x 52″W x 8″Th
  • 🛌Designed with layers of memory foam for support and pressure relief, it absorbs movement as opposed to transferring it across the bed. A layered memory foam design provides complete support for your body parts and benefits with increased air ventilation and breathability. With gel-infused memory foam on this bed mattress, the length of your sleep will be increased. This mattress is the ideal balance of soft and firm.
  • 🛌Mattresses are crafted of a 6-inch high-density pressure foam and a 2-inch airflow gel-infused memory foam with a quilted poly jacquard cover that is the fabric soft with a non-slip bottom. The 6” high-density foam offers unparalleled full-body support and the 2” memory foam layer with breathable touch is contouring and aligning to your body shape comforting a better position for your spine.
  • 🛌The quality of your sleep eventually can increase or decrease within your night sleep cycle. At a certain moment, your body temperature becomes constant, you can reach a restorative sleep phase. For sound sleep you’ve always dreamed of, this body-contouring memory foam mattress snugly fits your contours without actually making you feel trapped, holding you like a baby floating on a foam cloud.
  • 🛌Our full size mattress dimension is 74” x 52” x 8”. This mattress can support weight up to 450 lbs, is great for single bed, or school dorm room bed. To keep your mattress fresh as new, regularly wash the mattress cover and leave the mattress in a cool, ventilated place for a few hours to dissipate.
  • 🛌Most LIFERECORD mattresses are produced in the USA. And each mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, meets the highest requirements of the industry. All memory foam mattresses are expertly machine vacuum packaged. Compressed into one box that is easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom. Simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 24-72 hours.


Product Description

8 inch mattress

Material of mattress

Memory foam mattress

8 inch mattress

bed in a box mattress

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 52 × 8 in
Product Dimensions

74 x 52 x 8 inches

Item Weight

37 Pounds



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Date First Available

February 21 2022



10 reviews for 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress Full Size, Medium Feeling, Made in USA

  1. OSG

    Give it time to settle.This mattress is very comfortable for me and I have a bad back. I was able to find a side to sleep on without having to toss and turn all night. This is a great mattress at an affordable price. I love that it came in a box. I was skeptical at first but I’m so happy I tried it because this is the easiest way to move a mattress into your house! I did it by myself!

  2. Kandy K

    Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned.This is the 2nd mattress I’ve purchased. I liked the first one so much I bought one for the spare room. I prefer a firm mattress and this one is perfect, better than my sleep number. There is a medium firm side as well as a firm side so it’s very versatile. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.

  3. Yuan K. Zheng

    very good mattressthe matress quality and price are very good,l especially like that is MADE IN USA.

  4. TheReader

    LightweightBought these for kids mattresses and they are very comfy. Wouldn’t want to sleep on it daily as an adult as I feel it would compress too mych

  5. SueBeth

    Easiest Way to get a Mattress!Delivered promptly-is exactly as described.

  6. C.T.M.

    Supportive, and comfortable, but not super plushTime to expand to size:It took this mattress 28 hours to expand to 8 inches in thickness all the way around. With that said, it expanded to 7 inches all the way around, almost immediately.Any smell?Not particularly, and certainly no industrial type smells.Supportive?Yes, very much so. This is a mattress that’s very comfortable, but not the type of mattress you’re going to sink into.Runs hot:Our guests have commented that they felt just a bit warm sleeping on this mattress. (Consider covering it with a bamboo fitted sheet)Bottom line:This will never be mistaken for a premium quality mattress, but it’s made well, measures out properly, and has held up well in our guest room.4 stars

  7. CRich

    Excellent valueThis mattress is a great value. I got the queen size and am surprised and pleased with the product. It comes vacuum-packed in a box, inflates quickly, and frankly is ready to sleep on in a few hours. It’s recommended that you let it inflate longer, but when you feel it’s ready, you’re probably good to go.It’s not a thick mattress like I’m normally used to, but it does a decent job of supporting. It’s medium firm, and I decided I wanted a little more cush, so I added a topper. Honestly, it’s a great sleeping surface now. Since the mattress is a little on the thinner side, I wouldn’t recommend using a platform bed unless it provides the same springed top as a regular box spring. I happened to have a queen box spring I wasn’t using, and it works perfectly, a great compliment to the mattress. I’ve placed this bed in a guest room, and I’m happy to offer it to my guests.I’ve made a few little adjustments to suit my needs, but in the end, I feel this mattress is one heck of a bargain. Recommended.

  8. Freds Mom

    I was hoping “medium feeling” would mean firmer than the mattress actually is. My fault.I was really hoping “medium feeling mattress” would mean “firmer than normal for medium.” I had been looking for an affordable queen size platform bed mattress for a long time, and I admit I took a chance on this, after the seller had plainly told me this mattress was medium feeling. Any problem I have with this mattress is all on me.This is a nice mattress and a good size for a platform bed at 8″. I added a mattress topper, which did a lot for the comfort value, but that made it too tall for my dog to get on it easily (she’s a dachshund with a bad back), so I took that off.Actually, even without the mattress topper, this mattress is pretty comfortable. I got a good night’s sleep on it and gradually adjusted to the firmness or lack of it in this mattress fairly well. The price is definitely a great value.This mattress comes with a quilted cover, but I used a waterproof mattress pad anyway. Better safe than sorry. Anyone can spill a glass of water or a cup of coffee, especially if you like to read in bed.All in all, after sleeping on this mattress for eight nights, I can say it’s an excellent value and a pretty good mattress. You do, in fact, get what you pay for, and this is well worth its price. It was more comfortable with the topper on it, but, if it doesn’t suit the dog, it doesn’t suit me.

  9. A.S.

    It’s hot yet comfyYou may have to adjust your sleeping. We went from a spring to this memory foam and as you can expect, there’s a few things to get used to.1. Don’t sit on the very edge because it will dump you off.2. I’m 248lbs and while I don’t bottom out, it does sink a bit which means I had to adjust a few of my sleeping positions. My partner is 148lbs and she doesn’t have this issue. I bet the max weight on this thing is 220ish if you don’t want that hammock feeling. Luckily it’s not enough of an issue to cause any neck/back/shoulder pains.3. It’s hot. Memory foam does NOT dissipate heat like a normal fill bed. That means I had to adjust my cover situation. Now that I’ve adjusted my covers, I’ve not had an issue, but the first couple of nights, I did wake up to the head sweats (and I have a Saatva pillow!).Overall, it’s a pretty good quality mattress. It’s hard to knock it for me being overweight!Tip: it may take 2 days to reach its full height.Hope this was helpful.

  10. Steve

    Good price on an 8 inch memory foam mattressThis is our third memory foam mattress. They can be a good cost effective alternative to traditional innerspring mattresses. This 8 inch mattress we put in our son’s bedroom. On its own, this mattress would be fine as a nightly bed for someone less than 200 pounds. Much heavier than that and it will feel too soft with that heavier person sinking deep towards the platform supporting it. From experience, I have found the more inches in memory foam tends to equal more support and firmness. We knew this probably would be too soft for our 235 pound son before receiving the mattress. We planned ahead and ordered a 3 inch memory foam topper to go with it. This has added much more firmness to the 8 inch mattress. This 8 inch mattress is good and well made and it makes a great foundation for out setup. One just has to understand the limitations of support that an 8 inch mattress will have and plan accordingly. And this 8 inch mattress is probably best for a max weight load of 200 lbs; or more with added inches in mattress toppers. Even with the added mattress topper, total price spent will still be a bargain compared many 10 or 12 inch memory foam mattresses out there.

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