8x4x2ft Galvanized Metal Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables, Outdoor Garden Raised Planter Box, Backyard Patio Planter Raised Beds

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Material Galvanized steel, Metal, Steel
Brand Frizione
Shape Rectangular
Mounting Type Floor Standing
Finish Type Galvanized
  • 【More Spacious Planting Space】: This plant bed measure is 94.5″L x 47.2″W x 23.6″H. This large flower planter box provide ample growing space to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. 23.6 inches depth gives enough capacity to hold soil.
  • 【Durable Galvanized Steel Planter Box】: The planter raised beds with anti-rust coating allow to expose to sun, rain, snow and so on for a long time. Thickened steel and reinforced corners that allows it to support the weight of the garden bed itself, soil and plants.
  • 【Safety & Stabilizing】: Galvanized steel garden bed has eco-friendly coating do not contaminate soil, so you can grow food safely and with confidence. The inner steel stabilizing upport bars help the metal panels retain their shape, preventing warping and soil leakage over time.
  • 【Perfect Planting Choice】: This metal raised garden bed is bottomless designed, making the roots of plants can extend freely and allows excess moisture to easily drain away. It is ideal for plant vegetables, herbs, plants, succulents and flowers.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】: This garden box has simple structure, we will provide clear instructions and required hardware to shorten your assembly time. The garden bed with ground nails, make the planting box more stable.


Specifications Size: 8 ×4 ×2 ft


Steel raised bed garden is made of galvanized steel, durable. Not Rotting Like Wood.

Bottomless design, plants didn’t touch the metal, provide good drainage.

The top and bottom of the four corners are connected with different connectors, which is more firm.

There are 4 support bars connect the middle of the two long side panel, make the bed more firmly.

Longer vegetable flower bed Kit provide large space to grow your favorite plants, vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, succulents and so on.

The raised bed is easy to assemble. All necessary screws and tool are included in delivery and can be attached in no time.


Garden Bed Kit
1x Double Open End Wrench
1x Phillips Screwdriver
1x Assembly Manual

Additional information

Weight 37,5 kg
Dimensions 94,5 × 47,2 × 23,6 cm
Product Dimensions

94.5 x 47.2 x 23.6 inches

Item Weight

37.5 pounds



Date First Available

July 14 2021



10 reviews for 8x4x2ft Galvanized Metal Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables, Outdoor Garden Raised Planter Box, Backyard Patio Planter Raised Beds

  1. S. C. Ladd

    Solid product…First thing you do is go to your local home improvement store and replace all their fasteners with standard/metric nuts and bolts. It’s not expensive…just convenient because the hardware included by the manufacturer has been slightly modified so as NOT to fit any standard or metric sockets. Other than than the planters are easier to assemble with two people. The gauge of the corrugated metal is thin, so you’ll need to be slow, patient while you fill them with planting materials, making sure you compact each layer so the sides don’t bow out.

  2. maya

    Gardening Made Easy!!We love these gardening beds! We started out by buying a couple of the 8x4x2 and one of the 8x4x2, but liked them so much we ordered more. We now have 8 —- 4 of each size. They were easy to construct and come not only with the needed hardware, but also with stakes to secure them to the ground. We briefly considered making our beds from lumber, but not only would they have been 2-3x more expensive, but living in a wet climate would greatly reduce their life expectancy. Now with these galvanized beds I imagine they will outlive us 😉 We also like the fact that we can amend the soil and enhance it from what we would have gotten had we just planted straight into the ground. So we definitely recommend them —- easy to assemble, long life expectancy, and the ability to enjoy richer, better planting soil.

  3. R. Pullan

    Goes together easily but sharp edges are exposed during the assembly process so I recommend glovesI mean it. “Tin” cuts are even worse than paper cuts.Very well packaged with no possibility of loss or damage.The instructions are brief but the diagrams help and it’s not all that difficult to figure out at all.Be prepared for assembly to take a long time – 80 nuts and 80 bolts need to meet each other through either a panel+a bracket or 2 panels+2 brackets.Luckily, the holes are all drilled accurately so the only thing that occasionally makes insertion a little harder is the natural flexibility of the whole construction until you have all the parts connected and supported in place, at which point you get to go round all 80 connection points once more in order to tighten them up.The sharp edges only come into play if you are trying to put this together on your own. If you have a second person to hold the side panels steady, bolting on a corner piece or joining two panels together would be a whole lot easier on fingers and knuckles.I love that this is 2 feet deep. I have filled the bottom 1ft with rotting firewood left over from Hurricane Sandy, a few fallen and partially decomposed leaves, horse poop and wood chips. Stuff that was just lying around. By the time I’ve filled it with good topsoil, I’ll have a 64 square foot raised garden that has it’s own heating and nutrient production in the “basement”.

  4. C. S. Long

    Good PurchaseIt sat in my basement for a few weeks until a warm day in order to assemble. The assembly is pretty straight forward. I assembled it alone, but will probably go together faster with 2 people. I haven’t filled it up yet with dirt because I’m still waiting for warmer days. I will be purchasing another soon. It’s at a good height to be able to work the soil and plantings. I haven’t put it into it’s final position but it should work well for my needs. Update: I have filled the bed and installed drip irrigation. I have only planted a couple of starts and will be planting seeds later this week or the beginning of next week. So far so good.

  5. Lisa

    Anxious to get the garden growing!Arrived quickly & in good shape. All parts in package. Not really hard to assemble with electric drill/screwdriver and another set of hands. It’s very tedious putting together all the nuts & bolts and holding wall in alignment was a little tricky at times. We completely filled it with real dirt. We did not buy expensive bagged soil therefore it was a much heavier fill. The center did bulge out some. I’d suggest to the company to put one more brace in the center walls to give more support in side walls.I am really glad I got the 2’ high container. Really nice having it that height. And the 4’x8’ length & width is a perfect size!I am happy to have it & hope it will give me many years of enjoyment in gardening.

  6. LDW

    Poor quality – cheaply madeThese were very flimsy and arrived dented. The metal is paper thin. You get what you pay for right !

  7. John L. Newton

    Poor Design – Bulges at SeamsFirst, assembly instructions are poorly written but we deciphered them successfully only to find that it really doesn’t perform very well. After filling it with soil, to a level about 4 to 6 inches below the top we found that the sides bulge outward at the side seams with a disturbing appearance. The side is in two pieces with very little overlap, and the strength of the reinforcement isn’t adequate by itself and there is only two cross braces between the side reinforcements (one at the very bottom and one at the very top). I will now have to remove a good deal of soil away from sides and beef up the side reinforcements with angle iron and probably put a cable with a turnbuckle between the sides at mid height. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR A 2 FOOT HIGH RAISED GARDEN, but if you do buy it then plan on reinforcing the side seams at mid height before filling with soil.

  8. Patrick

    Exactly what we wanted!Hard to beat this quality product in terms of the price paid for it. I was impressed that all of the holes lines up perfectly during assembly. I used pliers and a power drill during assembly and it sped up the process considerably. I put it together in two, hour long shifts, so 2 hours total by myself. It was then also easily transportable from the driveway out into the backyard. I just stood in the center and carried it from where the upper brace meets the walls. We had our landscaper provide two yards of garden soil so that we didn’t need to purchase 100 bags from the garden center. This container of filled to the brim would hold nearly 3 yards of dirt. We will likely purchase another one of these next year, too!

  9. Amazon Customer

    This bed offers a nice amount of growing space for the priceThis bed, like all projects takes a little bit of time and making sure you read the instructions from start to finish. One mistake we made, although its not a big deal, was that we put the support sides upside so that the stake holes were on the top and not the bottom. But, after you fill this bad boy with dirt its not going anywhere anyways. Also be prepared to spend some time and money filling this thing up. We filled about the bottom 6 to 8 inches with compost from our yard and rest with top soil and miracle grow. This is basically a one time investment though and not a big deal. After that we got some things planted and couldn’t be happier. There will probably come a time when we buy a second one.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Easy to put together, but still heavy duty.I am elderly but still love to garden. So to have a raised bed that was not only easy to put together, sturdy and easy on my back is well worth it to me. I could not afford the materials much less the labor to have one built. The price was perfect for me. Can’t wait to have it full of vegetables.

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