Adjustable 3-mattresses-in-1 Memory Foam Queen Size Bed w/ 2 Pillows & Protector for Best Soft, Medium to Extra Firm Orthopedic

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Size Queen
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand CT Compact Technologies
Age Range (Description) Adult
Construction Type Memory Foam
  • Selectable Firmness For Perfect Sleep: Enjoy a deeper night’s rest with the new 3-Stage Memory Foam Mattress; simply add or remove the included memory foam topper, or give your mattress a flip until you feel what’s right for your own body
  • Premium Memory Foam – No Overheating: While other mattresses only use a thin layer of foam; this 12-Inch mattress is made from 5 layers of multi density foam including two layers of Cooling Gel Tech to promote optimal body temperatures for deep sleep
  • Full Body Support (No More Pinched Backs): Fans say they enjoy how the extra thick 5” comfort foam core quickly adapts to their body’s unique contours for enhanced back support and uninterrupted sleep – so, no more pinched backs or morning muscle aches
  • Includes Premium Memory Foam Pillows & Mattress Protector: Your mattress includes two premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillows, plus a matching breathable, waterproof bamboo Mattress Protector (unlike cheap noisy plastic mattress protectors)
  • Copper-Infused, For Healthier Sleep: Your memory foam mattress includes a Powerful Copper-Infusion to help keep your mattress clean so you can sleep healthier; Try it for yourself and see why men and women rest easy, knowing they’re safe, comfy and cool
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Product Description

Satisfied Customers Say The NEW 3-Stage Design Makes It Easy To Find A Perfect Night’s Sleep

A family playing pillow fight on their Compact Technologies Mattress

Thanks to the New 3-Stage design, your Compact Technology Memory Foam Mattress makes it easy to find your perfect combination.

Cross section showing the 5 unique layers of memory foam

5-Full Layers Of Premium Memory Foam (Without The Premium Costs)

Cheaply-made memory foam mattresses rely on thin layers of memory foam – while still charging premium ‘memory foam’ costs.

With 5 full layers of high-quality multi-density foam, you’ll enjoy a premiere sleeping experience, without the charging premium dollars.

Female lays playfully on her Compact Technologies Mattress

Man Sleeping on His Compact Technologies Mattress, with a cross section of the memory foam layers

Copper-Infused Memory Foam Keeps You Safe While You Sleep

With Compact Technologies’ Copper-Infusion, your memory foam mattress fights to keep you safe while you sleep.

No More Waking Up In A Sweaty Mess, Thanks To Cooling-Gel Tech

The Signature Cooling-Gel Tech in your memory foam mattress works to prevent heat build-up and provide the optimal body temperature for deep sleep. So say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night in a sweaty mess.

Man waking up on his comfortable Compact Technologies Mattress

Extra Thick Comfort Foam Puts An End To Aches & Pains

This 12-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress features an extra thick 5” comfort foam core that quickly adapts to the unique contours of your body. You’ll enjoy enhanced back support, for uninterrupted sleep, putting an end to…

✔ Pinched Backs

✔ Muscle Aches

✔ Stiff Necks

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Woman Yawning and Stretching while waking up on her Compact Technologies Mattress

After your first night’s rest on your new memory foam mattress, you’ll see why men and women say this mattress gives them better rest and happier mornings.

Additional information

Weight 95.8 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 16.5 × 16.5 in
Package Dimensions

66 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches

Item Weight

95.8 pounds



Date First Available

December 21 2020


CT Compact Technologies

10 reviews for Adjustable 3-mattresses-in-1 Memory Foam Queen Size Bed w/ 2 Pillows & Protector for Best Soft, Medium to Extra Firm Orthopedic

  1. Family Value

    Fantastic quality memory foam and we love the adjustability! Well worth the price!!!The media could not be loaded.

     We purchased this bed to replace our daughter’s worn out old memory foam bed (queen size). I could tell immediately that the quality of the memory foam was much better than the old bed because the new bed felt more dense. My daughter’s room doubles as a guest room when we have company and I love the idea that we can adjust the firmness of the mattress to suit our guests. We have it atop a box spring base but I think it would be equally as good on a solid platform instead. We allowed the bed to reach full shape overnight before placing on the box spring but none of us could stay off of it as it was laying on the floor. It was awesome and cradles your body. My daughter loves the soft pillow top side while I liked it set to the medium firmness (with the top zipped off). It’s nice because in a pinch you could use the top layer as an extra floor mattress when one of my daughter’s friends sleeps over. Our mattress came with memory foam pillows that are really soft as well. At the time of this posting my daughter has slept on it 4 nights and she is absolutely thrilled with it. She says it’s like sleeping on a cloud. My wife was able to sneak in an afternoon power nap on it and she loved it too. We have a Serta Perfect Sleeper memory foam bed that we paid over $1000 for and my wife says this new bed from Compact Technologies is more comfortable due to the support. The foam seems to provide an equal support to your back and neck while cradling your torso, allowing it to sink in. Something else we noticed is that the cooling gel really works. Delivery was fast and the mattress was well packaged. We could not be happier and highly recommend this mattress. Great quality and great price. We love it!

  2. barbara J. tucker

    This bed is my heaven …. 😴💤🛏😴💤🛏I never wanna leave this bed and when I go away I actually dream to be there again 🥰

  3. Becky P.

    Amazing mattress at an incredible value!The media could not be loaded.

     Incredible mattress at an outstanding price!!! Got this mattress for my son, but after his momma laid on it, she wants one now too! Super plush, and having the option to adjust firmness is pretty awesome. Zippers are high quality, so no worries about those breaking anytime soon! After a week on the mattress, my boy continues to wake up and tell us he just got the best nights sleep ever!! Another win for Compact Technologies!!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great product at a great price!This was purchased for our guest bedroom. I love the versatility of this product. As we like a firmer mattress, we set it up so the firm side was up. However, if a house guest likes a softer mattress, we can accommodate them. Great product for a great price! There are two comfortable pillows as well!


    An upgrade over my previous bed.After having this mattress for a couple of days I can say this is definitely an upgrade from my previous bed. I do not find myself struggling to find the most comfortable position to sleep in at night anymore and I do not have to worry about the amount of leg room required compared to my previous twin mattress. Not to mention without any springs i do not have to worry about waking up with shoulder pain.I would recommend this as a buy if your looking for an upgrade over a spring mattress. The amount of comfort for this price is worth it. However as a suggestion I would recommend including the bottom portion of the mattress. Anyway I wouldn’t miss this deal while it last.Keep in mind also that there are 3 firmness options to adjust to your preference of sleep I personally go with the soft option as it is the most comfortable for me however you can remove the topper to adjust it to your needs. I would recommend just to avoid staining your mattress and to protect against dust mites to use the mattress protector that is included in this deal. Also remember this comes with two pillows that I would rate as being comfortable but you be the judge everyone is going to be different. The removable foam is definitely an improvement over a standard spring system you will find in a conventional mattress.Final thoughts this is a great mattress and I would recommend it to anyone finding a new bed.

  6. Krazy Amazoholic

    Best Memory Foam Mattress for the Price!Purchased this bed (queen size) for our master bedroom. My husband and I had previously been sleeping on a SleepNumber bed, but over time it became hard, uncomfortable, and lost its shape. We were excited to find this one as we were looking for something soft yet supportive like memory foam and couldn’t believe the added value of a mattress, topper, mattress protector, and 2 pillows. Another important feature that appealed to us with the cooling gel as we live in a hot climate and it can sometimes get warm in our bedroom.We’ve slept on it now for 5 days and couldn’t be happier with our purchase!!! We chose to leave the topper on for the softest option and the cooling gel memory foam keeps us both at a comfortable temperature while we sleep. I would suggest allowing the recommended time for the mattress to fully expand (2 day minimum) as it’s delivered in a vacuumed sealed roll. We slept it during this time, but found it most comfortable once it had fully expanded. Oh – and the pillows! I would compare them to a ‘MyPillow’ but better. These are a little more dense with memory foam which we both love.

  7. kityprincess

    Great mattress!!This was a great purchase. Not only did arive ontime but it was just what we wanted.We bought this for our guest room. We liked the idea of the 3 different comfort levels. The softest layer quickly forms to your body. Which seems to be a favorite for my kids.I also liked that it came with 2 pillows and a bamboo waterproof mattress cover. The cover is soft you don’t notice it there protecting the mattress. The cover also says that it protects against dust mites. The copper infused memory foam should also help keeps it fresh.Even though it is for the guest room I gave it a try. I sleep on the soft side. I slept surprisingly well considering I like a firm mattress.Overall very please with this mattress!

  8. Elyse P.

    Most comfortable mattress ever!!!My wife and I did not want to get off the mattress after laying down on it for the first time. My kids loved the mattress too. We melted into the bed it was so comfortable. I am wanting to lay down just thinking of it. It also came with pillows were which equally as soft as the mattress.I really like the many features of the bed. There are waterproof mattress protector. The bed has a copper infused memory foam layer that is antiviral and antibacterial. The topper is removable and I can use it on my other beds because it has a non-slip bottom.

  9. Guila Kilmer

    bed is okayishcame on time bed is ok has 3 different firmness. No cooling effects all. kind of wished I would have maybe got a little better quality but it will do for now

  10. Annie N

    Three OPTIONS of firmness, GREAT QUALITY, transportable (handles), VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!The media could not be loaded.

     We love our new mattress! It is our first memory foam mattress and it is DEFINITELY FIVE STARS!! GREAT QUALITY! I have a bad back and with our OLD mattress I would wake up with a sore back. But, because it was a normal traditional mattress I didn’t have any options. Because our old mattress was an expensive mattress we slept on a horrible mattress for years. With this NEW memory foam mattress we have options!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!We have slept on it a couple of nights and I slept like a baby. In the summer it will be nice to have the cooling quality as well. The mattress protector is really nice, great quality, and the memory foam pillows are great. I am so glad we have this mattress!!

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