Adjustable Bed Frame Full, Sweetnight Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Bluetooth Wireless Syncing, Under Bed Light with

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Size Full
Material Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 75″L x 53.93″W x 14.78″H
Style B – Adjustable Bed Base Only
Color Orange
  • Polyester
  • Thoughtful Design: The dual USB ports on both sides of the adjustable base can conveniently charge your device. LED night light with motion sensors. When you wake up at night, it will light the way as you put your feet on the floor.
  • Independent Control: Enjoy the personalized comfort of individual head and foot controls. Head lifting range: 0 – 60 degrees, Foot lifting range:0 – 40 degrees. Sturdy laminate and steel frame provides firm support, up to 705 lbs.
  • Smart Wireless Remote Control: Download the app and just connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Or, you can choose to use a wireless remote. And the convenient side pocket is made for the remote control, keeping your bed tidy.
  • Memorize the position you like: Customizable memory function enables you to save one preferred position for quick recall. Enjoy watching TV or reading before bed and it is so nice that no need to lean on the pillow piles again.
  • Best Customer Service &10 Year Extended Warranty: We devote ourselves to providing the best products and services for customers. Please note the 10-year warranty covers steel bed base only, and warranty times for other parts are different.
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Sweetnight adjustable bed base improves your sleep and the quality of your life. Enjoy the benefits of your lifestyle changes, including watching TV, reading comfortably on your adjustable bed, etc. Advantages of adjustable and comfortable bed frame: – The comfortable adjustable bed frame is perfect for customers who need to be lifted due to their health conditions, and those who just want to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed. – Zero gravity position can eliminate most of the pressure on your back while increases blood circulation, thereby reducing pressure points. It can also reduce heart pressure and make you breathing easier. Size information for your reference before buying: – Twin XL: 39 x 80 x 14.78 Inches – Full : 54 x 75 x 14.78 Inches – Queen : 60 x 80 x 14.78 Inches -Split King:78 x 80 x 14.78 Inches (Two Twin XL adjustable bed bases form a split king) – Split California King: 72 x 84 x 14.78 Inches Notes: It is normal that actual sizes may vary slightly. How to maintain? – It is not recommended to continuously lift and lower the electric adjustable bed for more than 2 minutes in18 minutes, since the service life of the motor will be affected. – The motor needs to rest for at least 18 minutes after working continuously for more than 2 minutes before running again. – To extend the service life of electric beds and mattresses, it is recommended to avoid long-term direct sunlight. Warranty details: – 10-year limited warranty – steel bed base. – 3-year limited warranty – FULL COVERAGE OF PARTS: Head lift/down motor, leg lift/down motor, control box, motion sensor, and USB ports are included. – 1-year limited warranty – wireless remote control. Notes: The routine use of the electric bed should follow the guidance and content of the manual, and it is recommended not to use accessories that have not been approved by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the normal warranty will be invalid.

From the manufacturer

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LED Night Light with Motion Sensors

With soft and lighting, you can say goodbye to tripping over corners when walking to the bathroom at night or waking up your partner with harsh lighting.

Mattress Retainer Keep Your Mattress in Place

With the mattress retainer bar, you don’t have to worry about the movement of the mattress during use. Make your application more convenient and comfortable.

Sides Pocket ( x 1 ) Keep Your Bed Neat and Tidy

The side pocket of the adjustable bed base is convenient for you to store the Wireless remote control.


The adjustable base bed designed with dual USB ports , allows you on the adjustable beds charging devices. This is a very thoughtful and convenient design.

adjustable bed frame,adjustable bed frame full, adjustable bed base full

Additional information

Weight 144.7 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 53.93 × 14.78 in



Alloy Steel


B – Adjustable Bed Base Only



Included Components

Adjustable base and legs



Furniture Finish


Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

75 x 53.93 x 14.78 inches, 75L x 53.93W x 14.78H

Item Weight

144.7 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


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10 reviews for Adjustable Bed Frame Full, Sweetnight Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Bluetooth Wireless Syncing, Under Bed Light with

  1. phyllis

    So easy to assemble!The box is very heavy; will need two people to easily move it. Upon opening it, it was fairly straightforward as directions weren’t the best. Connect a couple of wires, place the lights on the legs, adjust the height of the legs first by removing small adjustable screw in rings. I left the legs their actual height and the bed with a 12” mattress and a 3” topper is very high but I like it that way.The bed frame comes with both side guards and a foot guard to help keep mattress from slipping off the frame. Remote control pocket holder fits on one of the side guards; your choice. There are 2 USB chargers on each side under the edge of the frame where the guard rail attaches. Lights under the center of the bed as well as two additional lights that can be added to a leg on each side.The motor is VERY QUIET! I love this! I bought the queen size and you get one remote and it controls the entire frame; NOT separate sides. The Bluetooth app works great with my iphone and was easily paired. No instructions on how to set the memory buttons on the remote nor in the app but with the micro adjustment buttons, I can easily adjust head/foot no problem. Each preinstalled setting works well with remote or app. My favorite position is Zero Gravity – perfect for taking a nap for me!I purchased the Sweet Nights queen size mattress separately and will review that separately later. I’ve had this combo for about 2 months now and no issues with the mechanics of the bed. The legs are sectional for adjusting and are made of heavy duty plastic. The bed frame itself is iron and weighs about 150 lbs. why the legs are plastic I’m not sure but sitting on a hardwood floor, it doesn’t move and haven’t seen any scratches to the floor. Also another nice feature, the bed frame is covered with padding so no fear of bruising from bumping into it.Changing sheets is easily done by putting both the head/feet into full upright positions and fitting the sheet over the mattress and then putting the bed into the flat position on the remote or app. A gentle tuck on the sides and the fitted sheet is perfect. Also easy to add the flat sheet and other covers with the foot raised fully.Very happy with the bed frame, it’s whisper quiet mechanics, under bed lighting, remote/app, mattress guard rails and USB connectors and the remote pocket holder.One thing I did do, purchased a cheap bed skirt to lay over the frame, cut slits to accommodate the guard rails for the mattress and it falls to the floor hiding anything under the bed. This also cuts down the intensity of the lighting under the bed as they are very bright but are only on for a brief period of time.

  2. Russell Lekberg

    High qualityI bought this for my son due to health issues and the build quality seems very good with this bed frame. Assembly went quickly. Simply screw on the legs, connect up a few wires and you are ready for the mattress. The legs come in sections that screw into each other to set the desired frame height. The part that took the longest was simply zip-tying some of the wires up to the frame so they wouldn’t get caught when shoving things under the bed.Overall, the bed seems to work well and is great quality. My son does not adjust the bed much, pretty much set it and left it. There are two pairs of USB charging ports on both sides of the bed (bought a twin). The welds are well done and I didn’t notice any build issues. Once the legs are screwed into the frame, you can simply flip the frame over and set the mattress on and you are good to go.I’ll update in the future should there be any issues with the frame.

  3. -DaMoN-

    this adjustable frame is fantastic!I almost took a video but I wasn’t home while writing this. I’ve been sleeping in a lazy boy for 5 years. I have a nice bed. I can’t lay flat. (3 back surgeries)I’ve been sleeping in the bed ever since I bought this frame.Have a Sealy posturepedic firm that has gel on top with spring coils on the bottom (non flippable mattress). It works just fine with this frame.I AM SO HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP IN A BED AGAIN! I’m definitely making a YouTube video about SweetNightIhope this company thrives ! they’ve impacted my life greatly!The fact that it’s got the presets.I don’t even bother with the Bluetooth cuz why when you have a remote with a little baggie that hangs off the side. ONE THING I DID NOT LIKE : the motion light is too sensitive . no matter where I put it I tried every position. 20 ft away I’d walk by and the light would come on so I just left it disconnected. The best part is you can still use the light, you just don’t have the motion sensor stays on for like 5 or 10 minutes with the remote and auto shuts off.All six of the legs are height adjustable they have one long piece at the bottom that screws in and four separate individual removable pieces for different heights that is a pretty great idea just yet another Plus to this great product!.I love the zero gravity function it’s just like my chair and setting the memory is easy by holding the switch button till it flashes then pressing the M key. once you have it in the position you want. when you wake up in the morning you hit flat.when you get in bed at night you hit M or any of the other ones and it goes right to where you want it …unbelievable! 🛏️ 😎

  4. Arby

    Nice product, poor documentationBed is great; very comfortable so far, and fairly simple to assemble the legs and motion sensors. Needed two people to turn it right-side-up once completed though. Adjustability, though a bit slow, is comprehensive. A few issues that I came across:1 Motion sensors work, but maybe a little too well. Using a longer blanket on the bed (hanging down past sensor) causes the lights to turn on every time someone rolls over. Additionally, at least for me, the lights are much brighter than needed for a night light, and no way to dim them. I’ve disconnected the sensors and can still control the lights with the remote or app when needed.2 The instructions for setting up the Android app are poor. Since the bed is advertised as Bluetooth-capable, it makes sense that it needs to be paired first before using the app. This is WRONG. I found, thru much trial and error, that the app will connect to the bed only if the bed is NOT paired via the normal Bluetooth process; just make sure that the phone sees the bed in the list of available Bluetooth devices, then launch the app. Also, there are several other apps in the Google Play Store that will work in the same manner as the Sweetnight app, e.g. “Adjustable bed”, “Motion Bed”, and likely any app that is compatible with Okin devices.Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Adjustable bed with remote and lights underneathI love my new adjustable bed. The light is very convienent when I get up in the middle of the night. I sleep with the head tilted just a pinch. The legs on the base are adjustable. I have mine set lower because I’m short. But it goes much higher. It has a phone jack but I have another setup for that.

  6. Nettie

    Good for the price.The dislike is that there are small tears in the bed and the ox looked like it had been through a beat-down fight club. The place of origin needs to do better packaging with it comes to their product. Put cushions; bubble wrap or padding to keep the product from being beaten up. The bed was easy to assemble and I can sleep in comfort without snoring and my breathing stopping at night. If you have sleep apnea this is the bed for you or your spouse. The beed it already assembled so the only thing you’ll need to do it the legs and the power cord.

  7. Angela G

    So very quiet!This bed frame is quiet. I can’t even tell if it’s working until I feel it moving! It’s responsive. The presets are awesome. I have a vey bad back and AS. I can’t sleep flat anymore. I bought the 12” mattress that goes with it and wish I’d have done it years ago. My first night sleeping on it, I fell asleep and awoke 4 hrs later in the same position without any back pain! I was still achy, but that’s a 100% of the time feeling. I feel rested for the first time in over 12 years! My friends have tried it and agree. The TV preset is the best! Makes watching a movie or show pain free and enjoyable. 10000***

  8. Debra

    Really Nice Quality!I was skeptical ordering off Amazon without seeing it in person, but I researched and figured, why not? Putting it together was super easy and it fit in my bed frame perfectly. I didn’t install the lights because the dog and cat will just set it off. So imagine my surprise when I saw they still had lights! These are not motion lights, just night lights. The downside is the remote doesn’t have the feature like in the app where you set the timer and they go off. It’s minor, so I don’t mind. Anyway, these lights are perfect for reading my Kindle in bed and giving me light but not bright like my table lamp. The bed itself is great, I was able to set up my favorite position really easily, not even reading the manual, it’s pretty straightforward. Zero G is the best when I get home and my feet and legs are aching. And did I mention the USB ports? No more power strip beside the bed! This bed has more features than two of my friends who spent way more money, and it’s just as comfortable. Buy it! You’ll enjoy it.

  9. BC Floridian

    Great frameNice bed frame with great features. Easy to assemble.

  10. Barbeede

    Affordable adjustable bed frameSo easy to assemble, just add the adjustable legs and plug in. It works great, a little worried about holding our weight so will update later on the longevity of this bed. Happy so far!

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