Adjustable Bed Frame, Smart Electric Adjustable Bed Base with Bluetooth App Control and Wireless Remote, Adjustable Legs, Head

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Product details

Size Twin XL
Material Wood, Alloy Steel, Fabric
Product Dimensions 79″L x 37.5″W x 11″H
Style Bluetooth Version
Color Black
Included Components Adjustable Bed Frame x 1
  • [Ergonomic Adjustable Bed Frame] – Improve the quality of the very important 1/3 part of your life – your sleep. Once having success in finding your most comfortable sleeping position in this adjustable bed base, you will feel like back muscles are getting a long-awaited pain relief, the enhanced airflow helps you to deal with annoying snoring problems and boosts your digestion. The pregnancy discomfort also can be alleviated by the convenient customizing positions function.
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation : 750 Pounds
  • [Customized Incline Option] – The most significant feature of this reclining bed that differs it from the regular upholstered bed is the adaptability of its head and feet areas. The 0 – 60 degrees of the independent head incline and 0 – 45 degrees of the foot incline will help you to soothe the stress and pleasurably stretch your body when you are taking a nap, but also while watching TV, reading, or working on your laptop
  • [Adjustable Legs Height] – For additional convenience, we designed the legs of electric adjustable beds ​to be height adjustable as well. Available in 3 different height levels 4″, 7″ or 11″. The size and shape of the adjustable base corresponds to the most of mattresses, sized under 12 inch, as well as, most of the standard bed frames. (Note: The mattress, bed frame and headboard are not included)
  • [Attractive Modern Design] – One of the major highlights of this adjustable bed base is the multi-bed slat design, which is more conducive to mattress ventilation. Its black heavy-duty steel frame and sleek, modern design can be fit into a variety of style designs.
  • [Dimension] – The Twin XL size is 79 x 37.5 inch. Two TWIN XL adjustable bases create a King size adjustable base, allowing synchronization and operation of 2 bases with only 1 remote control.
  • [Friendly Reminder] – To facilitate shipping and handling, the adjustable bed frame will be shipped in two separate packages, which may be delivered a day or two apart.
  • [Smart Wireless Remote Control] – Control the adjustment of the electric bed without getting out of bed! Just connect it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and download the App. Or, if you feel a bit more conservative, there is also a handy wireless remote for adjustable bed that will offer you a set of buttons with images for its easy operation. Save your time, choosing one-touch flat, zero gravity or memory button, when adjusting this electric bed frame.

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Product Description



Improve the Way You Sleep

Why Get an Adjustable Base?

In comparison with a traditional type bed, the adjustable bed offers better comfort, customizing your sleeping positions. Use can make bed adjustments according to your personal needs, which will suit different sleeping or activity scenarios

Why is this adjustable base right for you?

  • Pressure and pain relief
  • Reduces snoring and sleep apnea
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Reduces acid reflux
  • Improves independence in the elderly


  • Multi-bed Slat Design
  • Independent Head Incline: 0-60°
  • Independent Foot Incline: 0-45°
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • App Control via Bluetooth








Secure the Mattress in Place

With the mattress retainer bar, your mattress will always stay in place, no matter how you adjust your head and foot area

Enjoy Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control with backlit allows you to easily change the angle of your head and feet both during the day and night. Flat and zero gravity presets can change the base with the click of a button, and a memory button lets you save your favorite position

Bluetooth APP Control

Still worried about not finding or losing your remote control? Our mobile app gives you complete control of the electric bed frame, just connect your phone and the smart bed frame via Bluetooth

Adjustable Legs

With adjustable height legs allow you to customize the assembly to fit your existing bed frame. The height is up to 11 inches, giving you enough storage space under the bed


Additional information

Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 79 × 37.5 × 11 cm

Twin XL


Wood Alloy Steel Fabric


Bluetooth Version



Included Components

Adjustable Bed Frame x 1



Furniture Finish

Alloy Steel

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

79 x 37.5 x 11 inches, 79L x 37.5W x 11H

Item Weight

50 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

August 10 2021



10 reviews for Adjustable Bed Frame, Smart Electric Adjustable Bed Base with Bluetooth App Control and Wireless Remote, Adjustable Legs, Head

  1. anne sue

    One Year ReviewThis was really hard to put together, it took over 2 hours, however, it has been really sturdy and is still in great shape after a year. The controls work quite well, and we have not had any issues with the remote. It’s not the best-looking bed frame, but it does its job well.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I do like the ajustable queen bed frame.Dislike: a leg cap was missing, only received 3. Contacted Manufacturer asking to please mail me one leg cap….I’ve not received nor heated from them

  3. Cyle C.

    Works like a charm! Amazing comfort with a small downgrading factor.This bed base does what it’s supposed to do and does it very well. I am using a king size 14in nova foam mattress from Costco. No issues with it so far. The only downgrading factor is that when adjusting, it’s a little noisy compared to other adjustable bed bases. It doesn’t bother me but I wish it were quieter. Assembly wasn’t bad given that the instructions in the manual weren’t very clear on a lot of things such as how to orient the mechs when putting it together since they aren’t labeled head/foot or left/right. I had to stare at the poor picture in the manual for 5 minutes or so to figure it out. Once you know how it goes, assembly isn’t that hard. The bed did come in different shipments with two days in between getting both parts. I ordered it on Tuesday. The first box came Friday and the second came Monday. I was only given the tracking number for the first box so I had no clue when the second was arriving after even though Amazon showed it delivered. I had to contact Amazon support to find the second tracking number.The muscles in my shoulder/neck and lower back tend to tense up as hard as rock ver easily and laying in bed has always been an enemy to me. An adjustable base is life changing. The first night in it was probably the best sleep I’ve ever had. So much that I blew off work in the morning because I couldn’t wake up! You don’t need a $1,500-$5,000 mattress when you have an adjustable base. It can turn a “cheap” box mattress into something amazing!

  4. Robert J. Murphey

    Works and as good as advertisedTwin XLBought twin XL frames using it with a full KING mattress allows us to adjust within limits both sidesfound adjustable frames allows you to seek a more comfortable position of your body in bed

  5. Dixon Wilhelm

    Wow, what an ordeal!Where to even begin! We were so excited about this frame. My fiancé and I talked about a Sleep number but realized all we really wanted was an adjustable bed frame….so off to Amazon we went. This didn’t have many reviews, but we liked a lot of things about it for its price point. It took almost a week to get it. It comes as a 2 box shipment, 1 box arrived on Wed and the other came on Thurs. Not really sure why this happened, it seemed odd to me. When the 2nd box came and my fiancé started getting our space ready and working on the assembly he realized that there was no instruction booklet in either box and some of the fabric slats had tares in them. When I got home I asked him were all the assembly pieces were. Needless to say that after going throw both boxes there were many missing pieces! We ordered a King, so we should have received 2 retainer bars, they were not in the boxes. We also needed 26 bolts to put it together and we had only 4. We needed 8 nuts and only found 6. I immediately got on the page on Amazon and started reading questions people had submitted. A lot of people were having the same issues of no nuts and bolts. Crazy to me… Someone said to call the number on the back of the remote. So that’s what I did! I was told a specialist would need to get back to me. A very nice gentleman called me within 15 mins. He was so helpful and very knowledgeable about the product and how they ship out their stuff. After everything I told him about the packages we received he felt like this was highly likely a returned product that we were sent. Which is what I was thinking too. Unfortunately he was only able to send me the retaining bars, the nuts and bolts are on backorder due to Covid-19 issues in another country. We also discussed my options, we would have to return the whole thing or try to go to Home Depot/Lowes for something that would work to assemble. And he was willing to reimbues us for those costs! I was shocked. Well since we were in so deep at this point with dismantling our current bed base and started assembly on the new one we really didn’t want to deal with a return if we could help it. Plus we needed a solution asap so we could sleep that night….We went to Home Depot, twice, for parts and pieces. Once we got the right size bolts it was a breeze to finish assembly. Once everything calmed down, I got on Amazon and was able to get a partial refund for all the issues and trouble we had. Oh, and we are having issues with the App, not sure how to sync it with the bed. It is asking for a control interface and I have no idea where to get it or possibly where the QR code is to scan….possibly the manual that we never got….The pain relief I am giving 3 stars at this time, we have just had the bed 1 night as I write this, so I am unsure about how I feel about it all yet. I do know that the seat piece, that’s like in the middle and on extra supports for a king bed, makes our mattress kind of bend just a little in the center when it is flat. So it makes it very hard and somewhat uncomfortable.

  6. GK.

    Platform badly designed but functionalAll the platforms were not built precisely to match up the bolts and bolt holes. Had the most problems with the Leg and Foot platforms. The bolt holes were not bored right and thus could not get a few of the bolts screwed on. Terrible. I do not recommend this product.EDIT – Okay I decided to not put on the last bolt because it would not go into the hole. Despite that and some other misalightment with the other bolt screw-ons with the holes, the important bed frame features are still functional such as raising the head and legs. For that I changed the stars from 2 to 3. I’m still disappointed that cannot the last bolt on and the other bolts to go on completely. Thus bad design but still functional. Although I still do not recommend and would not buy again if I need another frame.


    I never felt the pea under the mattress but then again I’m no Princess.I really like my new Queen adjustable bed frame, but my dog?…!! It startles her each time she’s on my bed while I begin using it. All in all I feel it was a great buy. The price was quite reasonable, the frame is made very well and is very sturdy, but the ease in which it gets set up is the best feature of all. I have a linen upholstered Queen size platform bed frame with a headboard, and the assembled adjustable frame fit within my original frame quite perfectly. In fact, I didn’t even have to disassemble my linen frame first. I simply removed all the original slats from it prior to assembling the adjustable frame and I accomplished that job all within the confines of my original frame. I was really kind of nervous as to whether there would be enough room to accommodate the adjustable frame but that turned out to be a non issue. There’s plenty of room to accommodate the adjustable bed without having to alter any part of my original frame. My only criticism is that since my mattress keeps wanting to slide towards the side of the bed in which I get on and off of it from, I keep having to inch my mattress over to the right side a few times a day. It’s no big deal, I just wish there was a way to keep the mattress itself centered. They provide a bracket that gets attached to the foot of the frame to prevent the mattress from sliding forward off the bed, so why don’t they provide additional left and right side brackets on each side to stabilize the mattress from migrating too far over to the sides? All in all I believe it was a really great investment, especially since I’ll be needing its assistance after I get my right shoulder joint replaced later this year.

  8. CEP2

    Solid Bed Frame – Simple to AssembleCustomer support is actually pretty solid with this product, I was surprised. The seller got back to me and offered to ship parts immediately to remedy my issue but I had already gone and purchased replacements. As a result, they made me whole for what I purchased, so I was satisfied.The bed caught a positioning issue two weeks into use, probably due to it being hooked up to a wall switch and continually being turned on and off. Tech support for the bed was quick and had the option to even text back and forth to help reset it.So far the bed has been nice to use so I’ll bump up to 4 Star, as I use it now with my Purple mattress. The seller mentions this on the page, but remember that the bed does come in two shipments if you need someone to lift heavy things for you.—- Old Review Below —-Bought this earlier in the month, ended up being able to assemble recently. Some of the key pieces are missing, specifically the caps/nuts to the bolts in Step #2 in the video.Also, written instructions are missing.

  9. Trisha

    BewareIt worked okayish at first but was always glitchy, now the head will no longer come up past a certain point which is not very high at all. This is totally not cool after only about 9 months of use. Very disappointed as it’s not even been a year. We’ve even called the customer service line on the remote and were told we’d get a call back within 24 hours and that call never came. We bought this cheap version to begin with because we couldn’t afford high end and now we’re paying the price 😔 Don’t make our mistake

  10. donhak

    Well built affordable base with phone app controlThe base arrived in two boxes UPS 2 day air from Atlanta, GA to Arizona. Boxes were separated during shipment, but arrived together. Frame appears to be very solid. Assembly by one person is not hard, but both the manual and video misses some things. While the top slats are clearly labeled, it would be nice if the head and foot of the base frame was labeled to eliminate confusion. Manual and video also gloss over that there is a cable between the power adapter and the frame that needs to be put in between that has the pairing button, button to make the bed flat without remote, and proper connectors. It is in the parts list pictures, but not shown when assembling. Initially the head of the bed was only partially raising or responding to the remote, but this was resolved when I got the remote to repair with the base per the manual, an awkward three button push. The zero g position places the feet too high for my liking, but I stored the partially raised head and lower raised feet in the memory position on the remote. It also paired quickly after downloading the phone app but can take a couple tries to get the app to connect. Often easier to use the phone than find the remote. No mention on if can get accessories such as headboard brackets and USB ports. The base has plug ins for USB. Uses 9-volt in power adapter if there is a power failure. I promptly taped over the control power light which is always lit when power is on. Does not have massage, but I consider that a gimmick feature under the mattress. Only two year warranty, but should last much longer.

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