Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool – Padded Office Desk Chair with Rocking, Wobble, Tilting Motion – Black

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Product Dimensions 13″D x 13″W x 28″H
Color Black
Seat Material Type Vinyl
Brand Learniture
Seat Height 28 Inches
Shape Triangle
  • Easy-to-use pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat height from 18 1/2 to 28 inches.
  • The non-slip, curved base features a wide range of motion.
  • Backless design encourages proper posture while strengthening core muscles.
  • The 12 5/8″-wide seat is constructed from easy-to-clean vinyl-covered foam.
  • Lightweight design for easy mobility and storage.
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Learniture’s Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool features a non-slip curved base with a wide range of motion so even the most energetic can stay focused The vinyl-covered polyurethane seat is comfortable and the backless design encourages proper posture while strengthening core muscles The polypropylene frame is easy to clean and a lightweight design makes mobility and storage simple This height-adjustable stool accommodates people of various sizes

From the manufacturer

Active Learning Stool, Wobble Stool, Fidget Stool

Strengthen while you sit

The Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool from Learniture features a non-slip, curved base that naturally allows a slight rocking motion – so you strengthen core muscles just by sitting. And, the backless design encourages proper posture. A vinyl/polypropylene design is easy to clean, and a lightweight design makes mobility and storage simple. This height-adjustable stool accommodates users of various sizes.

  • Seats users 5th grade-Adult
  • Seat height: 18.5” – 28” (adjustable)
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Steel gas lift center support
  • Some assembly required

Designed to Turn Active Bodies Into Active Minds

Active Learning Stool, Wobble Stool, Fidget Stool

Active Learning Stool, Wobble Stool, Fidget Stool

Active Learning Stool, Wobble Stool, Fidget Stool

Height-adjustable to fit your needs

People come in all shapes and sizes so the Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool ranges in height from 18.5 inch to 28 inch, ensuring a comfortable fit for every user.

Rocking motion keeps you on task

The non-slip curved base allows a wide range of motion so when energy hits, you can stay focused. A backless design encourages proper posture while strengthening core muscles.

Perfect for individual or group work

Depending on the needs of each user, the Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool can be used for individual desk work or can be easily moved around to create productive group environments.


About Learniture

Teachers know every student is different. That’s why every Learniture chair, table and desk is designed for flexibility. Learniture works for any classroom, any subject and any teaching style, creating a place where teachers want to teach and students want to learn. Inspired by teachers, Learniture classroom furniture adapts, evolves and works together.

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Weight 3.53 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 28 in
Product Dimensions

13 x 13 x 28 inches; 3.53 Ounces

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Date First Available

June 10 2016



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10 reviews for Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool – Padded Office Desk Chair with Rocking, Wobble, Tilting Motion – Black

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good for using with under-desk peddler.EDIT after a couple months of use:I moved the stool to a rug to try to mitigate the slow migration issue I was having. It hasn’t helped. I’ve also noticed that when I use the stool without the peddler the stool still shifts around (although more often side-to-side than backward). I think I do a lot of active wiggling (not just incremental posture adjustments), so maybe if you’re a more stationery sitter it wouldn’t be an issue, but I have to readjust the position of the stool every couple of minutes most of the time. Part of the problem, too, is that it’s hard to get onto the stool when it’s adjusted high enough to use the peddler (higher than if you were just sitting on it normally). I have to tip it a little to sort of climb onto it, and that tends to cause it to shift, so getting it positioned correctly in the first place is sort of a guessing game. To have to do that again every few minutes is pretty frustrating. So I guess I’d recommend this if you are A) not a wiggler and B) not trying to use it at a height that is higher than what you can easily sit down onto (rather than climb up onto). So basically, it’s good for its intended use. 😀 I still like the idea of it for using with an under-desk peddler, but the reality has not been as good as my expectation. I will try it some more with the peddler positioned as more of a recumbent bike setup than an upright bike setup.ORIGINAL REVIEW:I’ve only had this for a few days, so I can’t speak to long-term use, but so far it seems great. As others have noted, it’s not super comfortable for long periods of time, but I expect this will improve as I get used to it. Right now, I get discomfort at the edge of the seat, but I’m sitting quite far forward so that I can use an under-desk peddler/bike/elliptical device. I couldn’t find any reviews that mentioned that use in particular, so I want to highlight it here. The combination is great! The movement of peddling increases the need for balance using the core, so it just enhances the function of the stool. The stool is very stable; I never feel in danger of falling or tipping over.My only complaint, and the reason for the missing star, is that it does slowly move backward/away from the under-desk peddler. My guess is that if you used it statically, this wouldn’t happen, but the constant shifting and backwards-pressure from pushing on the peddles seems to very, very slowly shift the base backwards. This means stopping every few minutes to move closer again, usually because I become aware of struggling to reach my keyboard/mouse and therefore starting to slouch. I think using a rug or anti-skid mat under my desk/stool would probably solve or reduce the problem. Right now I’m on hardwood.

  2. Talva

    AMAZINGI got this stool about 7 weeks ago when I started a new job. I knew I’d slouch if I used a regular chair. I will never go back to a normal chair. this is amazing. I found some stretches, exercises i can do on it. my back was a little sore the first week, but now it’s so much better. being able to constantly wiggle/wobble helps me focus too. I also got a convertible sit/stand desk and this wobble stool goes up and down depending on where my desk is. it’s the best. it’s sturdy and comfortable. I looked all over at stools for awhile before purchasing and am so glad I landed on this one. had to come give it a good review! (for reference I’m 5’3″ and 145 lbs) my 6′ tall boss sat on it once and didnt’ seem to bother him. he’d just have needed to raise it a bit. I have it lower in this picture because I just raised my desk, but sometimes I do use it at a higher level just to lean on sort of.

  3. Tommy

    Swivel me Timbers!Totes love this stool/chair.I accidentally started a trend at work and at least 2 other people have had our company buy these for them.I bought this on my own because I’m a sociopath and I didn’t know if I’d like it.100 bucks seemed steep to me, personally — definitely not even the batting of an eyelash at the office — but I liked the sort of all-in design: it’s a stool, it’s adjustable, it wobbles, it’s plastic, it’s portable.My cubicle at work is taken up by a big Staples generic L-desk and usually I have at least 1 utility cart with a full system sitting on it that I’m testing, troubleshooting, or developing with. And since I’m at work, I also wanna not be too comfortable — sociopath, remember — so I don’t want some ridiculously comfy chair because otherwise I’ll just sink into it and get lazy. That’s my worry, at least.So I had been using a plain box chair, like a modern design of just two cushions in a chair shape between two squares of wood. It worked, not too comfortable, but it couldn’t spin, and my back is to the opening of my cubicle, so anytime someone came in to ask a question or talk or tell me something, I’d have to either not turn around, or turn over awkwardly in the chair.I’m 5’9″-5’10”, and this is the perfect height for sitting at a desk or extending it up and having some support while semi-standing. I’ve got an adjustable sit-stand desk thing at work, and this works perfectly in either configuration.My favorite part is also that it lets me pick whatever awkward pose I want to contort my torso while I’m sitting and I can just lean the stool in whatever direction I want.The bottom is a solid hard plastic-y rubber, and has pretty substantial ridges. The seat cushion isn’t much, but it’s all vinyl and the triangular shape lets you pick whatever seat position you find comfortable.To raise and lower the seat, there are depressed buttons on every “corner” (the 3 triangle corners of the seat), so it doesn’t matter how you pose the seat, you’ll always have a button to reach with either hand.It’s definitely sturdy enough to also just sit up straight and wrap my ankles around the post or rest my toes on the top of the base.So, you can balance, you can sit angled, and you can use it to be a little lazy at your “standing” desk.Also, my favorite part is that when it’s depressed all the way down, it fits perfectly under my desk. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of room in my cubicle, especially when coworkers come in to talk, so it’s great to be able to just quickly scoot it under the desk out of the way, and we can talk and stand at my computer and no more awkward spinning my back halfway around to face people. Also, if I’m sitting on the stool, it’s super easy to spin around and I just have to worry about my awkward corners and not the arms of a chair or the back or anything, so I don’t have to worry about knocking stuff over or pulling on a dangling cable or cord or anything like that.Super convenient for engineers, developers, researchers, designers, anyone working at an adjustable desk who wants something kinda active, but doesn’t wanna sit on a giant beach ball or something stupid like that.Also, since it’s all plastic/vinyl, no worries about cleaning/dusting, super simple. And when it’s depressed all the way down, despite being a bit heavy, I can certainly carry it no problem with one hand, and if I really wanted, I could easily bring it home in the front seat of my truck. I really appreciate the portability and practical functionality, and again, despite being a bit expensive at 100 bucks, it’s well worth it, because it fits pretty much every situation I would want for it.Again, I’m a weirdo, so to me it’s like “If you wanna relax, get a couch; if you wanna work, get a stool”. I like spinning around, being able to change direction and lean and change height. It doesn’t get in the way and it’s heavy enough to stay stable and I haven’t fallen down yet. Over, yes. I’ve fallen over, but not all the way down. Plus, I fall over almost every day, even just standing still, so it definitely isn’t a result of the stool.Honestly, if I had a home with like an island or counter, I would totally get 3 or 4 of these instead of just a fixed stool, even without the back. If you’re a little crafty/handy, I think you could add a back if you really really really wanted, but I just love the idea that these can be table height and counter height, all in one.Don’t get too comfortable! Be ready for anything!

  4. Elliott M. Johnston

    A great standing / leaning chair, one of the better designs…This chair is seemingly very sturdy and instills a sense of reliability, which is important to me as a heavier guy leaning on a chair. The base’s grip on the floor is fabulous and does not appear to affect my carpet negatively (have not tested on any other floor type). The range of the seat height is pretty decent for me (I’m 5’7) – It can adjust higher than I would reasonably use it, personally. I like the seat design and overall style a bit more than others I’ve seen. While I would not say the seat material is uncomfortable, I would suggest that it is a bit firm (may ease up with age) and not something I favor; Admittedly this could be due to a number of things, such as being a heavier guy as I mentioned. In any case… After a bit over a month of use (daily work; home office), I consider this a good purchase! For the price, I’m not sure you could find better.

  5. M. C.

    NiceVery cool

  6. Amazon Customer

    DON’T BUY IT! Faulty design can cause serious injury!!t’s my first review I do of the many products I bought online throughout the years. I bought 2 of these stools for our new working from home arrangements few months ago. The assembly takes some strength to get the pieces to snap in place correctly but we did and we’ve been using them on/off for 3 months. Yesterday I used it as usual to work on my laptop an suddenly while I was typing it wobbled /difficult to keep the balance. Then I see the pole detatching from the seat/or the seat detaching first. It all happened so fast and I flew backwards landing on my wrist. The picture shows its shape when I stood back up. I ended up at the hospital with fractured and displaced bone and now in cast. There is obviously a design flaw and it can’t be trusted to sit or lean on. DON’T BUY IT! It’s a health hazard! I was lucky I didn’t land with my back or head on the floor. A serious fracture by simply sitting still :(. It ruined my summer and I am in a lot of pain. When I will regain use of the left hand I will throw the stools away.

  7. jacky

    So uncomfortable!I had high hopes for this product. I bought it to go with my standing desk with the intention to ‘perch’ or lean on it when not standing. I just couldn’t do it. The stool starts off comfortably enough but after about 15 minutes of perching, the edges of the stool start to cut off blood supply to the legs, which is not healthy for anyome. I have tried adjusting the height and angle but no go. The best I can do is lower it entirely and sit on top like a bar stool. I have had taller and shorter family members try it too, but still no. Very uncomfortable if you do anything other than sit on top, and even then it starts to hurt underneath the legs after a while.

  8. P Barclay

    Ideal for better posture and core stabilitySuper easy to put together, took 30 seconds. Do ensure you click the seat fully into position so it doesn’t detach as mentioned in a recent review. Heavy base and great for core strength and good posture when seated. Variable height means good for standard seated or standing desks. Some reviews mention comfort, but its not designed to be fully sat on, instead you should be leaning against it so you balance your weight between your feet and the chair. This is why its not too soft. The base works well on both carpet and my existing desk/chair protector mat. I have no idea why a grey seat version was £25 cheaper than a black seat version. But I took the better base grey seat version

  9. R. Haque

    Needs to be higher for standing deskThis is a very good chair, I was happy with the quality of it and the weight. It is stable and does not topple over. However at 5 ft 10, I feel this is too short to be used with a standing desk ( sitting or leaning). I recently moved to a standing desk, moving between sitting, leaning and standing outright, but within 2 weeks I found my wrists aching, realising I did not have it high enough so my wrists lay flat. The problem is , when you go this high, the stool is no longer I now switch the desk between heights for when standing and using stool. It would have been better if I only needed to switch the height of the stool instead.

  10. James B

    Very good for improved posture!Since working from home and being in my office chair much more my lower back has started to ache. Therefore decided to purchase this little beauty. Don’t use it as my main seat but I use it for a few hours a day as a change from my normal seat. It’s excellent! Noticeable decrease in back pain since using it and would highly recommend. I think the issue others have found about it ‘falling apart’ is because they didn’t snap the collar and gas lift pole in correctly. The collar took quite some force to get it to click in so some may think they connected correctly but didn’t.

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