Admiral by REALM OF THRONES – Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair, 5D Rotary Armrests, Seat-Depth and Backrest Height Extendable,

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Product details

Color Grey
Brand Realm of Thrones
Product Dimensions 26.77″D x 28.35″W x 53.15″H
Style Contemporary
Special Feature Adjustable Lumbar, Adjustable Height, Arm Rest, Ergonomic, Swivel
Material Aluminum
  • 🎯【LATEST UPGRADES OF ADMIRAL】The Admiral now comes with polished aluminum alloy foot base, and 3D adjustable headrest on this Elegance Edition. It’s sharper, sturdier, shinier, classier, and more ergonomic.
  • 🎯【STATE-OF-THE-ART ROTARY ARMRESTS】270° rotating, height/width adjustable, calibrate elbow-arm-wrist with full length support, minimize pressure and strain on your wrists, and counters ailments such as tense shoulders, muscle fatigue, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Finished with polished steel alloy, these cool mechanics are the ultimate ergonomic gadgets of an office chair.
  • 🎯【SEAT-DEPTH & BACKREST-HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE】Seat-depth and backrest-height dual adjustability for the tall (<192cm/6″3′). Your thighs will never be left hanging, and your upper-back will have a place to rest on. Switch instantly and effortlessly between 4-resistance levels of adaptive-tilt to suit your body weight. 136° ultra-wide recline offers first-class cabin comfort on balanced and sturdy structure.
  • 🎯【HIGH-INTENSITY / ADAPTIVE LUMBAR SUPPORT】Full back-width, high-intensity, and independent lumbar support with auto-tuning tensioner, ideal for strong-lower-back-support lovers. Helps prevent and relieve backache by encouraging a slightly lean-back and chest-stretching sitting posture. An extra-large headrest that fully braces lower head concave, and mesh tensile strength is hand-tuned to optimize support and comfort for upper spinal columns.
  • 🎯【BREATHABLE & DURABLE MESH DESIGN】Full mesh structure and supreme quality with innovative self-supporting mesh composite by Germany’s leading textile maker. Minimalistic design, enhanced breathable comfort, and highly durable strength. Waterfall seat contour helps relieve the pressure off your thighs behind the knees, and improves blood circulation to the lower limbs.
  • 🎯【MAXIMIZED PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY】Experience the ultimate multi-dimensional ergonomic comfort for any on/off desktop activities, whether you are writing, typing, mouse-clicking, or mobile-texting, be assured that work-from-home will now feel like heaven as you become more productive and efficient at whatever you do while sitting comfortably on ADMIRAL.
  • 🎯【5-YEAR WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICES】We have every confidence in our product quality, that is why we offer an unparalleled 5-year manufacturer warranty as standard with dedicated customer services and support for all ADMIRAL models.
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Product Description


Realm of Thrones Admiral Ergonomic Office Chair in Grey with 5D Rotary Armrests and Lumbar Support


  • UPGRADE: Enhanced Neck Support and Comfort with 3D Adjustments
  • UPGRADE: Polished Aluminum Alloy Foot Base with 5D Armrest Matching Finish
  • Seat Depth Adjustable, Backrest Height Adjustable, and Adaptive Tilt via Swift Switch
  • State-of-the-art 5D Rotary Armrest Innovation in Polished Aluminum Alloy Finish
  • 3-tier Auto-tuning Lumbar Support Column for INTENSIVE Back Support
  • Waterfall Contour Seat Design Helps Improve Blood Circulation
  • Highly Breathable and Durable Mesh Fabrics by KRALL+ROTH from Germany


Realm of Thrones Admiral Grey Elegance 5D Rotary Armrests


  • Calibration of Height and Width on Axle and Pivot in Multi-directions as You Command
  • Soft-padded Top Support with Polished Aluminum Alloy Finish
  • Ultimate Ergonomic Gadgets of Contemporary Home Office


Admiral by Realm of Thrones 5D armrests for typing, Tablets, and Mobile multi-directional support


  • Flushed with Edge of Desk for Typing, Writing, Gaming, or Web-browsing
  • Extended Support for Mobile Devices & Handheld Gadgets
  • Minimize Wrist Pressure and Strain, Reduce Tense Shoulders, Muscle Fatigue, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Multi-dimensional Ergonomics, Tailor-fit and Effortless Comfort


Realm of Thrones Admiral Grey Elegance Height Adjustable Backrest and Adjustable Seat Depth


  • Height Adjustable Backrest for the Ultimate High Back Experience
  • Max. 10cm / 3.9 inches Height Extension with Auto-Reset
  • Max. 28.5cm / 11.2 inches Chair Height Difference on Full Extension vs. Retraction
  • Ergonomic Design for Extended Range of Body Heights ≤ 192cm / 6’3″


Realm of Thrones Admiral Grey Elegance Adjustable Seat Depth with Comfort Recline


  • Max. 5.5cm / 2.2 inches Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Extended Thigh Support for the Tall
  • Enabled by Advanced Chassis Mechanism
  • Supported by Class-4 (Max. Load 250kg / 550lbs) Gas Cylinder
  • UPGRADE: Alloy Foot Base in Polished Aluminum Finish


Admiral by Realm of Thrones Lumbar Support, Waterfall Seat Contour, 3D Headrest, Ventilated Mesh


  • UPGRADE: Enhanced Comfort with Extra-large 3D Adjustable Headrest
  • Waterfall Seat Contour on 19.7 x 19.7 inches Seat Pan Improves Blood Circulation
  • Enhanced Breathability Enabled by KRALL+ROTH German Made Supreme Mesh
  • Independently Adjustable Full Back-width Lumbar Support
  • HIGH-INTENSITY/AGGRESSIVE Lumbar Column with 3-tier Auto-tuning Tensioner
  • Recommended for Strong-Lower-Back-Support-Lovers Only***
  • (***For Moderate Lumbar Support, Please Check Out Our COMMODORE Collection)


Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 26.77 × 28.35 × 53.15 in



Realm of Thrones



Special Feature

Adjustable Lumbar Adjustable Height Arm Rest Ergonomic Swivel



Room Type


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Age Range Description


Back Style

Height Adjustable Backrest with Lumbar Support

Unit Count

1 Count

Model Name


Arm Style

5D Rotating

Seat Material Type


Product Dimensions

26.77 x 28.35 x 53.15 inches, 26.77D x 28.35W x 53.15H

Item Weight

26 Kilograms, 57.2 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

November 14 2021


Realm of Thrones

10 reviews for Admiral by REALM OF THRONES – Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair, 5D Rotary Armrests, Seat-Depth and Backrest Height Extendable,

  1. Andrew

    Good, but could use some tweaksI bought the Admiral and the SAMOFU chair. They are very similar except the SAMOFU has leg rests and a less adjustable head rest.About the Admiral: all the ergonomic adjustable features advertised function except for the lumbar support tension adjustment. You are supposed to be able to adjust the tension but mine is locked in place. But the tension it is locked at seems fine.Some negatives: 1) the armrests can be moved easily and unintentionally. It would be nice if I could lock them in place once I have positioned them where I want them. 2) It would be nice if the armrest were longer, like reaching to the back of the chair. If I use the reclining position, my elbows can barely get onto the arm rests.3) I don’t like the headrest so I removed it. No matter which position it was in, I thought it was pushing my head or neck too far forward. It would be better if you could adjust how far forward the headrest is similar to how you can adjust how high it is. It should be able to be in the same plane as the back of the chair or maybe even slightly behind the back of the chair. I modified mine to do that by removing the fabric frame portion and replacing it with a neck pillow. That way you can not contact the headrest at all when working but have one if you recline.I like the adjustable tension reclining function. The fabric is breathable and comfortable. Overall, with the modification I’ve done, I’m satisfied with it.

  2. Brandon T.

    Helpful tips on chairIt seems that this chair is relatively new but im impressed with it but there are some things to note1. Assembly is pretty straight forward but you are gonna want to make use of a coffee table/couch to help get a better angle.2. The instructions in step 7 say loosen the screws for the backrest. It should be REMOVE then reattach with the headrest.3. The base part that attaches to the bottom cushion has to be screwed in the bottom holes even though there is two others. I’ll attach a picture.MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE4. The tilt weight tension can only be used when its at the normal 90 degree angle. If you locked it in place with a recline and cant figure out how to unlock it. Lean back in the chair with weight and then try to flip the switch. It should unlock the recline and go back to 90degrees. IF YOU PUT NO WEIGHT ON THE BACK IT WILL STAY RECLINED LOCKED.Quality wise i will say everything is made out of a metal or hard plastic so there are no worries with plastic breaking that i see.The armrest are pretty comfortable on the skin, its a very smooth plastic that is heavily dense. Didn’t think i would like it and have to buy plush cushions but i don’t think i will.Lumbar support is way better than old chair and you can really feel it.Lastly this chair is really customizable in terms of finding the right fit. I would suggest playing around with it to see what works for you.

  3. S. Humphrey

    Almost perfectWorking from home full-time, I learned that it gets extremely hot in my upstairs office, so I wanted to get an ergonomic mesh chair. I got a cheap one last year and the wheels started breaking off the base within a couple weeks. This year I went on the hunt for a very nice one, and after reading all the reviews about how sturdy this one is and how adjustable it is, I pulled the trigger and got it.My only gripe with the entire chair is that I wish the seat was angled slightly higher up (or better, if the angle of the seat was adjustable). It feels just awkward enough that I sometimes feel like maybe the chair is going to tip over, which it won’t, but it’s a bit of an unsettling thought when it happens. I may try adding some kind of riser to correct it, but haven’t started down that path yet.I weigh 230 lbs and it feels completely sturdy for my weight, and would probably still feel fine at 300 lbs. Very sturdy materials.

  4. Evan L.

    5/5 Great Ergonomic Office ChairI normally don’t review products but since this chair isn’t as popular and didn’t have many reviews at the time I decided to leave one. I have had this chair for three months. It was very easy to assemble. The reason I bought this chair is because it has the most customizable features for the price. Other chairs with all these features are +$550. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  5. BILL H

    OffThe seat is fixed and flat. If you lean back just a little you start sliding forward out of the chair. Headrest needs to adjust forward and back at least an inch.

  6. Kelly

    Amazing customer service!I purchased this chair two months ago and had an issue with the wheels. Ergonomically it was a perfect chair for me. You were kind enough to refund my money and replace the chair. As an older woman on a fixed income, I deeply appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

  7. Gaetano Scarselli

    Despite Product Problem Company Reimbursed Cost of ChairEven though the the return days expired and I was not happy with the product the Company contacted us having read the review and offered us our money back.Great Company.

  8. Chris H.

    Reasonable chair, awful armrestsContext: I already bought and returned a [noblewell]( chair. I am 188cm in height.Pros:- Lumbar support is comfortable (unlike the noblewell). Doesn’t feel like you’re being jabbed in the back, but actually supported.- Mesh allows the chair to be much more comfortable when its hot- You can more or less actually sit up in this chair- While it should have more adjustment for the incline, it seems to be enough for me.- Headrest is reasonably comfortable- No issues sitting in this for long stretches- Good chair height adjustment, and the entire backrest can be raised or loweredCons- The armrests are awful. Firstly they are too high, like this chair has been designed for an alien. Its fine if you sit on top of a cushion, as I do, but I seriously debated returning this chair because of the armrests being weird. You can raise them, but you can’t lower them much, and the lowest setting is still pretty high. They can do all this swivel stuff but I think the simple ability to slide the rests forwards and back (like the noblewell chair) is much better and more precise than hoping the position you want is in the turning circle of these armrests. For such an expensive chair, I was shocked at how bad they are compared to the cheaper noblewell. Comes across as overengineered to look/sound fancy but the end result is a less functional armrest.

  9. Val Adam

    Sturdy, well built but not that ergonomicFrom quality point of view excellent product however, the ergonomic part not that much. It has a lot of different adjustments but the curvature are not fit for long sitting hours. Is more for casual work when/where you can lean back to the extend but not for long meetings or working hours.The mesh is good for ventilation and do not create that “sticky” feeling on hot days as leather/faux. The back part of the mesh is good that is rigid but the bottom could be softer… is like you are sitting on concrete.The head reset/support again is usable only when you heavily lean back but for actual work support is non-existing as the curvature is not built to get the gap between the chair and your head when you are fully straight upright.

  10. Ian

    Comfortable for the asking price, How long it lasts, only time will tell.Has much has I want an fully loaded Herman Miller Aeron, I have settled for the Admiral by Realm of Thrones.At first use it’s comfortable but will need some little adjustments before I’m in the zone.The frame is mostly plastic with metal parts where needed, like the gas cylinder, bolts and seat under frame. The coverage is of some type of elastic fabric mesh with some sort of foam covered arm rests.The base is made from tough plastic with five standard plastic casters that have a steel pin that push fits into the base.Was it worth the asking price considering its mostly of plastic construction ?It all depends on how long it will last before it becomes unusable and only time will tell. If it lasts over 5 years then it was worth the price I paid.I have quite a wide butt and have a weight in the region of 17 stone and sitting in the chair at the moment is comfortable and its not bottomed out, but its new so only time will tell has the fabric becomes stretched with use.The armrest design is excellent and makes uses handheld devices great but again only time will tell how long the coverage lasts until its worn through.

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