aeris Swopper Air New Edition Ergonomic Stool with castors – Dynamic Office Chair for a Healthy Back – Office Stool and seat

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Color Frame Color – Black
Brand aeris
Shape Round
Maximum Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds
Assembly Required No
  • PATENTED 3D TECHNOLOGY – Aeris’ unique technology ensures dynamic sitting, with the ergonomic chair following the movements of the body. The unrestricted mobility in all dimensions allows deeper breathing, stimulates the circulation and metabolism, and relieves the intervertebral discs. A real self-investment.
  • COMPLETE CONCENTRATION – Through vertical movement of the office chair, the body remains active, better supplying all organs – including the brain – with blood and oxygen. This increases concentration and strengthens the back and core muscles. You think better when your body is moving.
  • VERSATILE – The seat cover is upholstered in a selection of premium fabrics and colors to suit all tastes. The convex (arched) shape of the seat ensures an upright posture and avoids pressure points. In the office, in the salon, at home – this high-quality stool ensures comfort and positive movement.
  • SWAP STRESS FOR FUN – The effective up and down movement of the Aeris Swopper office chair nourishes and aids the intervertebral discs, just like walking or running. It creates stronger muscles that support your spine – instead of tension you feel relief.
  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY – Aeris’ goal is to keep the body moving. Our products enable movement where you least expect it but need it the most – when you are sitting. We have lead the fight against back pain for 25 years. Each of our products is handcrafted in Germany and is based on proprietary 3D technology.
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Product Description

The Aeris Swopper active office chair is ideal for long and concentrated sitting in the office or home office because this active platform never stands still. It finally gives the human body’s natural desire for movement the respect it’s due, even when sitting. It strengthens the back and promotes an upright posture. The grey matter starts firing, and you feel fit and satisfied. All this happens by itself, simply from sitting.

A special upholstery design for extra soft sitting – the Aeris Swopper (Air) provides feather-soft and pressure-relieving sitting comfort thanks to its high-tech upholstery with five finely tuned functional layers and a breathable cover.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Give your back some fun instead of stress

The engaging up and down movement, like walking or running, provides nourishment and relief for the intervertebral discs. Instead of a backrest, strong muscles support the back, and instead of tense you feel great.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Workout instead of burnout – without any sweating

The free movement of the body allows you to breathe more deeply. This stimulates the circulation and metabolism. You feel fitter, more alert, and additional calories are burnt – just like that.

Weight range Body weight: 110 lbs – 265 lbs
Height adjustment range load. 17.71 – 23.23 Inch
H. adjustment range unloaded 20.47 – 25.98 Inch
Product weight 24.25 lbs
Foot ring die-cast aluminium; powder-coated; diameter: 21.65 Inch without castors; 23.23 Inch with castors
Cushion PU moulded foam, diameter: 16.93 Inch
Seat cover Wool blend Capture; Composition: 85 % New Zealand wool; 15 % polyamide; Abrasion resistance: 200,000 Martindale; Breathable: yes

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Burns extra calories while sitting – without even realising.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Hunching over is yesterday’s news

The spring close-to-the-floor articulation design means that the entire body moves with every movement , and the back naturally remains straight, completely automatically.

Good for the intervertebral discs

The 3D movement of the Aeris Swopper active chair eliminates one-sided pressure on the intervertebral discs. Swopping keeps the intervertebral discs well nourished, elastic and healthy.

Prevents venous disorders.

The Swopper seat has a convex shape. This prevents pressure points and congestion. Sitting in motion promotes an active return of blood to the heart.

Keeps ligaments and joints fit.

The active-dynamic sitting also keeps the joints constantly in motion. This promotes the formation of synovial fluid, tightens ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases.

Any more active and it would no longer be sitting.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

It was time to reinvent the way we work and live. So we did.

Too many people are sitting still for too often. This is harmful. The lack of movement robs us of concentration, energy, creativity, and above all our health after only a short time. The conditions of “modern” civilisation, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, back pain, etc., may be caused by this lack of movement.

That is why we get up every morning. Our goal is to enable people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with our products. We create movement exactly where it is least expected but most needed – while sitting and standing .

We are the recipe for success for a more active, healthier and therefore happier life.

Never just sit.

Additional information

Weight 24.2 lbs
Dimensions 31.4 × 23 × 9.6 in
Package Dimensions

31.4 x 23 x 9.6 inches

Item Weight

24.2 pounds



Date First Available

March 1 2021


Aeris GmbH

10 reviews for aeris Swopper Air New Edition Ergonomic Stool with castors – Dynamic Office Chair for a Healthy Back – Office Stool and seat

  1. Amazon Customer

    Solved my back painI was in so much back pain from working at my desk all day and this has completely fixed it. I have a sit stand desk so was alternating between standing and an ergonomic chair but was still in a ton of discomfort. That’s the punchline but bonus is that it is really fun and I find myself bouncing and rocking all day. Some reviews mentioned a transition period and it not being comfy for long periods but I didn’t experience this at all if anything I’m too comfy and forget to stand up. Highly recommend. Note: I was concerned about getting the castors and being able to bounce and rock, it’s 100 compatible really well designed.

  2. Snow

    Fabulous customer service. Great sitting solution.I bought a Swopper here and loved it, but it had a warranty issue that prevented its full function. Its condition is fine for the adjustment period, but would not have been satisfactory long-term. Customer service was exceptional. We worked through seeing if we could troubleshoot the problem, and couldn’t. So they are sending me a replacement. They were kind and helpful throughout the process.By the way, I’m loving the Swopper, even with its current limitations. I’m active, and like to be active, but I need to sit at my computer for hours. I looked for alternatives to a standard office chair and found this, took a gamble and tried it. Honestly I had my doubts, but so glad I didn’t listen to them. I don’t get fatigued sitting now. And I can fidget to my heart’s content while I’m working.For context, I am an older woman, and am blessed these days with good energy, reasonable posture, and a back that I want to keep healthy. I tend to sit upright in my office chair and not lean back unless I’m really tired, because that’s what feels good to me. So that aspect wasn’t an adjustment for me. I know that others have complained about the seat being too hard. I saw the company videos, and they said that most people adjust to that within a couple weeks, so that it no longer feels uncomfortable. I pushed through the first hours and by the next day I was surprised that I was good with it.In addition, I had major surgery on both legs close to a year ago, and have trouble with pitting edema in my ankles and feet. Sitting made it worse. Since beginning to use my Swopper, bouncing and wiggling, and without the tight 90 degree angle at my hips between torso and legs, the swelling is already a small fraction of what it was. I’m thinking it can only get better with more movement.For me, it was worth the investment. I consider it a preventative health care tool.

  3. C. E. Hughes

    I Will Never Sit in a Traditional Office Chair Again!!I do not know how I have survived for the past 30 years as an attorney sitting at my desk endless hours a day!The Swopper is a life changer.PROS: I bought it with the roller blade wheels and I am able to scoot around my office with utmost ease. I am able to swivel on my L-shaped desk. I am able to stand up immediately without pulling myself out of a chair. The Swopper is forcing me to sit up straighter.Two step, 20 second assembly process!Quality materials. Metal, heavy duty. Great German engineering.Comfortable seat that I can just tell is going to last for years.CON/PRO: It is expensive, but oh is it worth it! I just bought a second one for my home office.

  4. Mila

    Already fabulous chair after an hour! . Except the wheels. They don’t roll easily.So far, altho I just received the Aeris swopper chair, I love it. Easy to assemble. Arrived sooner than stated. Feels amazing compared to the numerous chairs I’ve used as medical practitioner. I sit to work most of the day and started having hip, leg, back issues. 10 years with horrible chairs. I’ve spent thousands trying to find one that improves my health. Not one that ages me. This chair increases circulation. I can already feel that only having been in it an hour. However- I bought one with castors as I need to roll side to side, up and back. Easily. These wheels hardly move. I have to stop working to get it to move and this is problem. The tiny booklet for instruction ( Altho comprehensive for initial use) said felt, metal castors and rubber slip prevention disc was in box and to use whichever was appropriate. I have low carpet with pvc mat in area I work with the chair. The swopper with castors didn’t roll on low carpet OR the pvc mat. Instructions said metal castors for low textile which i have. The mat I use is designed to help stools roll over carpet. I even tried some wd30 to see if the wheels were just new/ stuck. Nope. I love this chair but if I can’t fix this issue it’s going to have to b returned. Anyone have a solution? I’m going to try wheels from another saddle stool I have and see if they fit. Doubtful but u never know. This chair may save me if I can get it to work. I went to their website snd no answer or solution available. I wrote to them so let’s see if they help me. I can’t b the only one who needs thus chair to roll easily. I’ll write another review after I use chair a while and see if they have a solution for me.

  5. Kevin Agatone

    Seat is a little hardI have a much older version of the Swopper. It’s seat is significantly more cushy that this newer model. It’s still a good chair. However I’ve not been able to sit in it as long as I have the older version. Worth getting anyway.

  6. amazonaficionada

    Großartig, aber leider nicht für mich2 Jahre Homeoffice hinterlassen ihre Spuren, also suchte ich nach rückenschonendem Sitzgerät und war willig, die stolze Summe für einen Swopper auszugeben. Wurde auch sehr schnell geliefert, Zusammenbau einfach. Der Swopper mit dem hellen Metall und Stoffbezug ist durchaus ansehnlich auch in Nicht-Büro-Umgebung. Er tut, was er soll: Man kann auf ihm nicht statisch sitzen 😉 Das Wippen und Bewegen macht auch durchaus Freude – allein, mehr als eine halbe Stunde habe ich nicht ausgehalten, dann tat mir der H. weh. Das schiebe ich eher auf meine anatomische Struktur als auf den Swopper, aber ich wollte nicht 2 Stühle in meinem Kämmerlein stehen haben, um dann immer zu wechseln. Und nur auf dem Swopper ging einfach nicht für mich. Vielleicht hätte es mehr Gewöhnungszeit gebraucht und ich war zu ungeduldig. Letztendlich habe ich ihn schweren Herzens zurückgeschickt (und brauche nun eine andere Lösung für meinen geplagten Rücken). Der Verkäufer hat mir die Retoure einfach gemacht und eine Transportbox geschickt, weil man den Swopper wegen der Gasfeder nicht mehr selbst auseinandernehmen kann. Super Service.

  7. DudelSack

    aeris Swopper New EditionWas für ein genialer Bürostuhl der auch noch was für die Gesundheit, explizit den Rücken, tut.Qualität und Verarbeitung sind sehr gut, Materialien hochwertig.Zusammenbau sehr einfach, da es sich um Steckmechanismen handelt. Ich bin mir sicher, dass dieser Swopper eine gute Investition ist. Für rückengeplagte Menschen wie mich, ist dieser Swopper einfach nur genial und ich bin ehrlich froh, dass es diese Produktreihe bei Amazon gibt. Daumen hoch und sollte ich einen 2 Swopper benötigen, kaufe ich ihn ebenfalls bei diesem Anbieter.

  8. Eugenia

    Gut für den RückenDie Feder des Stuhls ist sehr angenehm für den Rücken. Jedes Mal wenn ich mich darauf setze, spüre ich die Entlastung. Die Qualität ist hochwertig, der Stuhl sieht sehr gut aus. Lediglich die Rollen sind entwas enttäuschend, der Stuhl lässt sich nicht so leicht verschieben, wie ich es mir gewünscht hätte.

  9. Lucy

    Sehr gute Qualität…mein Rücken sagt DANKE!Den Hocker habe ich mir sowohl für Homeoffice als auch fürs Büro bestellt…da ich immer wieder Probleme mit meinem Rücken hatte. Das ist jetzt alles Vergangenheit…Ich sitze dadurch dynamischer, weicher und ich bewege mich dadurch mehr. Das Einzige was mich noch nervt, sind die Rollen, die immer wieder hängen bleiben wenn man mehr nach Vorne rutschen will. Man muss ein bestimmten Winkel haben, dann rutschen die Rollen sowie es sein soll. Keine Ahnung ob ich ganz ohne Rollen zufriedener wäre!? Oder sind bei mir die Rollen nicht in Ordnung?! Aber bei meiner beide Stühle gleich…?

  10. Feilspan

    Ungewöhnlich, aber sehr hilfreichZur Stärkung der Rückenmuskulatur bestens geeignet. Starres und ungesundes Sitzen wird vermieden. Es bedarf einer Eingewöhnungszeit, die je nach bisherigen Sitzgewohnheiten sehr unterschiedlich ausfallen kann. Radfahrer sind in Punkto Eingewöhnung mit dem Swopper im Vorteil. Nach meinem Empfinden ist dieser Hocker sehr zu empfehlen für Computer- und Büroarbeit.

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