aeris Swopper New Edition Ergonomic Stool – Dynamic Office Chair for a Healthy Back – Office Stool and seat Trainer – 17.7 –

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Product Dimensions 23.2″D x 23.2″W x 17.7″H
Color Frame Color – Black
Brand aeris
Shape Round
Item Weight 12.8 Kilograms
  • PATENTED 3D TECHNOLOGY – Aeris’ unique technology ensures dynamic sitting, with the ergonomic chair following the movements of the body. The unrestricted mobility in all dimensions allows deeper breathing, stimulates the circulation and metabolism and relieves the intervertebral discs. A real self-investment.
  • COMPLETE CONCENTRATION – Through vertical movement of the office chair, the body remains active, better supplying all organs – including the brain – with blood and oxygen. This increases concentration and strengthens the back and core muscles. You think better when your body is moving.
  • VERSATILE – The seat cover is upholstered in a selection of premium fabrics and colors to suit all tastes. The convex (arched) shape of the seat ensures an upright posture and avoids pressure points. In the office, in the hairdressing salon, at home – this high-quality stool ensures comfort and positive movement
  • SWAP STRESS FOR FUN – The effective up and down movement of the Aeris Swopper office chair nourishes and aids the intervertebral discs, just like walking or running. It helps to create stronger muscles that support your spine – instead of tension you feel relief.
  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY – Aeris’ goal is to keep the body moving. Our products enable movement where it is least expected, but where it is needed the most – when sitting.
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Product Description

The Aeris Swopper active office chair is ideal for long and concentrated sitting in the office or home office because this active platform never stands still. It finally gives the human body’s natural desire for movement the respect it’s due, even when sitting. It strengthens the back and promotes an upright posture. The grey matter starts firing, and you feel fit and satisfied. All this happens by itself, simply from sitting.

A special upholstery design for extra soft sitting – the Aeris Swopper (Air) provides feather-soft and pressure-relieving sitting comfort thanks to its high-tech upholstery with five finely tuned functional layers and a breathable cover.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Give your back some fun instead of stress

The engaging up and down movement, like walking or running, provides nourishment and relief for the intervertebral discs. Instead of a backrest, strong muscles support the back, and instead of tense you feel great.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Workout instead of burnout – without any sweating

The free movement of the body allows you to breathe more deeply. This stimulates the circulation and metabolism. You feel fitter, more alert, and additional calories are burnt – just like that.

Weight range Body weight: 110 lbs – 265 lbs
Height adjustment range load. 17.71 – 23.23 Inch
H. adjustment range unloaded 20.47 – 25.98 Inch
Product weight 24.25 lbs
Foot ring die-cast aluminium; powder-coated; diameter: 21.65 Inch without castors; 23.23 Inch with castors
Cushion PU moulded foam, diameter: 16.93 Inch
Seat cover Wool blend Capture; Composition: 85 % New Zealand wool; 15 % polyamide; Abrasion resistance: 200,000 Martindale; Breathable: yes

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Burns extra calories while sitting – without even realising.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

Hunching over is yesterday’s news

The spring close-to-the-floor articulation design means that the entire body moves with every movement , and the back naturally remains straight, completely automatically.

Good for the intervertebral discs

The 3D movement of the Aeris Swopper active chair eliminates one-sided pressure on the intervertebral discs. Swopping keeps the intervertebral discs well nourished, elastic and healthy.

Prevents venous disorders.

The Swopper seat has a convex shape. This prevents pressure points and congestion. Sitting in motion promotes an active return of blood to the heart.

Keeps ligaments and joints fit.

The active-dynamic sitting also keeps the joints constantly in motion. This promotes the formation of synovial fluid, tightens ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases.

Any more active and it would no longer be sitting.

The aeris swopper is the best ergonomic stool made in Germany.

It was time to reinvent the way we work and live. So we did.

Too many people are sitting still for too often. This is harmful. The lack of movement robs us of concentration, energy, creativity, and above all our health after only a short time. The conditions of “modern” civilisation, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, back pain, etc., may be caused by this lack of movement.

That is why we get up every morning. Our goal is to enable people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with our products. We create movement exactly where it is least expected but most needed – while sitting and standing .

We are the recipe for success for a more active, healthier and therefore happier life.

Never just sit.

Additional information

Weight 12.8 lbs
Dimensions 23.2 × 23.2 × 17.7 in
Product Dimensions

23.2D x 23.2W x 17.7H


Frame Color – Black





Assembly Required


Package Dimensions

30.91 x 22.83 x 9.45 inches

Item Weight

12.8 Kilograms, 28.2 pounds



Date First Available

March 1 2021


aeris, Aeris GmbH

10 reviews for aeris Swopper New Edition Ergonomic Stool – Dynamic Office Chair for a Healthy Back – Office Stool and seat Trainer – 17.7 –

  1. Pollyessster

    Love it!I’d been considering this stool for a while but it’s pricey. I’ve been a professional jewelry artisan for over 20 years. In addition to sitting to make jewelry, I have to sit at my computer working on my website. It’s the computer work that finally pushed me to buy the swopper.So far, I really love it. I feel like this stool was made for me. I’m naturally an active sitter, switching positions fairly often. I like a firm seat, which the swopper has. It encourages me to move around often because it’s fun and easy to do. It definitely keeps my core engaged much more than regular sitting. You can bounce up and down, side to side, it has a lot m ore movement than I expected and I love it. It feels very natural to me. I’ve tried various cheaper stools, leaning seats, etc. Nothing I’ve tried has compared to the swopper. Also, my bum doesn’t sweat to the seat, which was an issue with some of the plastic ergonomic chairs I’ve tried.Definitely avoid this stool if you love a very soft, well cushioned seat. I think if you have coccyx problems, or hemorrhoid problems, or just very little muscle in your bum, this would probably be an uncomfortable seat for you. I can’t find them but I read that aeris has other versions of this stool that have more padded seats.

  2. Alessandra

    Active sitting is the only way!I love my stool! It made my work day so much better! It forces ne to sit up streight and icreases circulation. It also really helped with the pain that was developing in one of my legs due to the presdure of my chair’s seat. A PLUS-It is also fun and cute 😊

  3. Dr. James F. Richardson

    The most important office chair invented in the last half-centuryThe Germans have done it again, embarrassing Steelcase. This ‘chair’ is an absolute must for any desk worker who wants core strength. I converted from a yoga ball. It’s a must for any knowledge worker with autism, even high functioning folks. Or anyone who craves sensation while stuck at a desk all day. I bounce most of the day. It is so incredibly well built, it feels like a Porsche. The price seems insane, but trust me, you owe it to them.

  4. Kitten Withers

    Worth the priceit’s so comfortable and removes all pressure off the normal sore spots, like my back and shoulders. I sit for hours as a tattooer and this thing is incredible, my back feels better and I don’t feel as tired when I’m done working. I thought a $700 stool was crazy, but it’s worth it!

  5. Lisa

    Fun chair!As someone who grew up playing piano, I already have pretty good posture. But the bounce and wobble of this chair are wonderful exercise for my core, and keep me from getting too bored during long phone calls. This is the classy version of the exercise ball, and I like it a lot!

  6. Freddie Haddad

    Great quality stool. Works like expected. But not practical at all. Get a regular chair.Great quality stool. Works like expected. But not practical at all. Get a regular chair, you’ll be happier. I can’t sit on this thing for more than 10-15 minutes before my butt starts hurting. I end up standing a lot more as a result. I’ll probably go back to a regular office chair.

  7. Amazon Customer

    NiceWonderful way to sit

  8. DAMIEN O.

    Best chair Ive ever hadBest chair I’ve ever had.

  9. AMZ Customer DanielaN

    🔝 Reduziert die MĂŒdigkeit und steigert die ProduktivitĂ€t im Home Office 🔝👍 Mir gefĂ€llt:- Wird sicher verpackt und gut sortiert geliefert- Sehr gute QualitĂ€t und Verarbeitung- Die Montage ist kinderleicht und in 5 min erledigt- Stufenlos verstellbare Sitzhöhe- Die patentierte 3D Sitztechnologie trainiert die Rumpfmuskulatur auch beim Sitzen, da der Hocker den Bewegungen des Körpers in alle Richtungen folgt- Die SitzflĂ€che selbst ist super bequem- Die beiliegenden Rollen rollen sehr gut auf dem Holzboden, ohne ihn zu verkratzen- Es lag noch ein Aeris Swopper Grip fĂŒr sehr glatte Böden bei, welchen ich aber nicht nutze, da er die Bewegung des Hockers auf dem Holzboden wirklich stark gebremst hat, aber fĂŒr sehr glatte Böden ist dieser Zusatz mit Sicherheit eine hilfreiche ErgĂ€nzung- Die Federspannung ist einstellbar, indem man die Manschette am Federbein einfach nach links oder rechts dreht, so dass diese perfekt an das eigene Gewicht und die Bewegungsfreude beim Sitzen im Arbeiten angepasst werden kann- Auch die seitliche FlexibilitĂ€t ist individuell einstellbar, so dass man diese nach und nach weicher einstellen kann, um die eigene Muskulatur auch beim Sitzen zu trainieren👎 Mir gefĂ€llt nicht:- Hier habe ich nichts zu kritisieren⏩ FAZIT: Ich habe Sportwissenschaft studiert, arbeite aber bereits seit mehr als 10 Jahren im Home Office. Anfangs lief das auch gut, aber die Auswirkungen der sitzenden TĂ€tigkeit haben sich nach und nach gezeigt. So trat nach ein paar Jahren eine VerkĂŒrzung des Brustmuskels auf, sprich nach vorn gebeugte Schultern und ich saß nicht mehr wie eine Eins. Diesen Problemen konnte ich im letzten Jahr ganz gut entgegenwirken, indem ich wieder regelmĂ€ĂŸig ins FitnessStudio gegangen bin und mir auch einen Personal Trainer gegönnt habe. ABER die MĂŒdigkeit blieb. Vor mehreren Wochen hat mir dann ein Bekannter von dem aeris Swopper berichtet. Ich muss zugeben, bei einem Preis von mehr als 500,- Euro kein SchnĂ€ppchen. Aber mein Bekannter hat so von diesem Sitztrainer geschwĂ€rmt, dass ich ihn mir dann auch bestellt habe und ich muss sagen, ich bin begeistert. Seitdem ich auf dem Swopper sitze, macht mir das Arbeiten am PC wieder viel mehr Spaß, ich bin definitiv produktiver geworden und ich trinke viel weniger Kaffee als zuvor. Kurz gesagt, ich fĂŒhle mich wie ein neuer Mensch. KLARE KAUFEMFPEHLUNG 🔝

  10. ChefeinkÀufer 28

    Ist sein Geld wert!Jetzt mit etwas ĂŒber 50 merkte ich leichte Probleme mit dem RĂŒcken. Da ich zwar immer schon auf den Swopper geschaut habe, mich aber frĂŒher nie “getraut” habe einen zu kaufen, machte ich es wg. Corona Home Office.Bin sehr zufrieden und habe es noch keine Minute bereut.Richtig toll ist der in Kombination mit einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch.Das Leder ist sehr angenehm.Ich wollte die ersten Tage nur ein paar Stunden drauf sitzen und mich langsam dran gewöhnen. Aber das habe ich gleich bleiben lassen. Hatte nur die erste Woche leichten Muskelkater in den Lendenmuskeln.Tipp: bei Videokonferenzen nicht so typisch swoppen, das schaut fĂŒr die anderen eher lustig aus.

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