AKRacing AK-Opal Gaming Chair, Black

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Product details

Color Black
Brand AKRacing
Product Dimensions 20.2″D x 22.4″W x 59.06″H
Material Textile
Room Type Office
  • Fabric cover on front and back – breathable, soft and ideal for hot climates.
  • Wide metal frame with anti-corrosive coating covered with high-density cold-cured foam padding for maximum comfort and durability.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows for comfort and enhanced ergonomics included.
  • 3D armrests adjustable in three directions: up & down, back & forth and rotate to the sides.
  • Standard mechanism with adjustable rocking function. Class-4 gaslift with 330 lbs capacity.
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Opal is the essential office chair by AKRacing. Featuring breathable fabric upholstery, wide frame and conservative design, along with all the essentials of AKRacing performance chairs, it is a smart addition to any office space. Full 180 degree recline offers you plenty of options to relax when working, 3D armrests and adjustable chair height and headrest and lumbar pillows make it easy to set the chair to your perfect personal comfort position. AKRacing Office Series – work in comfort and treat your body right.

From the manufacturer

AKRacing Office Series Opal frame


Enhanced with reinforcement belts and powder-coated with anti-corrosive paint, the chair frame undergoes 11 point quality control and will last for at least 10 years.

AKRacing Office Series Opal foam


Experience the soft and yet supportive 100% cold-cured foam padding, carefully selected to provide outstanding long-term comfort and performance. AKRacing sources the same quality upholstery materials as premium auto manufacture.

AKRacing Office Series Opal fabric


AKRacing Office Series Opal gaming chair features breathable and extra-durable upholstery and comes in conservative solid black color that matches any setup and interior style.

3D Armrests

nylon base

AKRacing Standard Mechanism


Patented AKRacing design armrests are made of a special foam mix, providing cushioning and support to the arms and wrists.

They are adjustable in 3 directions: up & down, back & forth, and rotate to the sides.


Extra strong steel 5-star base with 360° swivel comes with high-quality PU casters included for smooth and scratch-free movement on a variety of surfaces.


The gaming chair is equipped with a standard mechanism with adjustable tension rocking function to help you find a comfortable seating position.

Technical Specifications

Upholstery Soft breathable fabric on front and back
Foam High density mould shaping foam
Frame Large size metal with anti corrosive powder coating and flat seat
Base 5-star steel base
Mechanism Standard with variable tension rocking function
Armrests Adjustable in 3 directions
Rocking Yes, with adjustable tension
Recline Yes, 180°
Pillows Yes, lumbar and headrest
Certification ANSI/BIFMA, TÜV SÜD, Intertek
Recommended size Height: 5’4″ – 6’4″ | Weight: 150-290 lbs | BMI: Not to exceed 34
Max. gaslift weight capacity 330 lbs

Additional information

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 20.2 × 22.4 × 59.06 in






Room Type


Frame Material


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Seat with pre-installed armrests Lower side cover Casters Wheelbase Hydraulic gas lift Backrest Butterfly clip Upper side covers Mechanism Gas lift cover



Model Name


Arm Style

Adjustable Armrests

Seat Material Type


Item Weight

57 Pounds

Product Dimensions

20.2 x 22.4 x 59.06 inches, 20.2D x 22.4W x 59.06H

Country of Origin


Item model number



A batteries required.

Assembled Length

89 centimeters



Date First Available

February 17 2018



10 reviews for AKRacing AK-Opal Gaming Chair, Black

  1. Amazon Customer

    Buy on sale – missing featureI bought this as a replacement to a very overpriced, uncomfortable, and straight up painful to use Arozzi Vernaza. The Arozzi forced my posture into a horribly uncomfortable position and caused not only poor posture and ergonomics, but also caused pain at multiple levels. While it had all the basic features and overpriced chair should have (the “premium” fabric still didn’t breathe) some chair experts I talked to indicated the Vernazza was a joke of a product at the price it was listed, wouldn’t last more on the padding for more than a year, maybe two, and from my own personal experience, the size was made for a person with abnormally long legs and abnormally short torso.I was recommended to look at the AKRacing Opal. While a chair at this price has no excuse to NOT have tilt angle lock, I reached out to AKRacing to see if there was a hardware option to add it. They did not have one to fit the Opal, which I think is a great disservice to this chair and the price. The current MSRP is $360, and a joke. Do NOT spend that. I got mine for $305 shipped, and that is a much more appropriate price, though still a hair high.The chair itself is nice, with good quality arm rests, a lower base height that most other gaming chairs don’t have, the flat portion of the seat back is wider than the others I’ve measured (this was designed to be more an office style chair than a gaming chair…. the ergonomics are SO much better), which doesn’t force my posture into a terrible unnatural position.The seat length is a couple inches shorter than the Vernazza, which does NOT cause my legs to go numb from lost circulation.Padding is still a little thin in the seat cushion, but that could just be me having hip issues. It is MUCH softer than the Vernazza, and I can still sit in it without a MUST to having a 3rd party extra cushion, although I do still have an open coccyx support pillow, and that may just be a necessary addition to all of my chairs for me at this point now.The fabric at first is very coarse to bare skin, and still gets a little sweaty, but I corrected this just by laying a towel over the parts of the chair I have bare skin contact as I like to sit at my computer shirtless.Seat width is wide enough for me to man spread and still be comfortable, except the very corners of the seat get to be a hair too long for the backs of my knees to rest on.Fabric option should be the default against that disgusting PU leather trash that should not even exist.The warranty on this is significantly better than anything else on the market.I bought this as a necessity – I was injured at work and my chair that this replaced wasn’t helping me at all. It wasn’t tall enough to fully lay back in and was falling apart from 5 years of use. gaming chairs were the only ones that had a tall enough back that I could actually lean back in and have my head fully supported. The neck pillow is a better shape than most other chairs that include a pathetic little lump of fibers that don’t have any real design to actually act as a pillow. I will say the best feature of the Vernazza was probably the neck pillow though.Final thoughts are that this is a well built chair that should be a FIRST option for most people that need a tall back and a cloth option. This chair is the most ergonomic of the “gaming chairs” unless you want to pay even MORE for other brands that have no justification to be that expensive – “hand made” or not. Get this one on sale, and AKRacing better include a tilt angle lock on this specific model in the future as well, there’s no excuse to not have it at this cost.

  2. Robert Stevens

    Great chair for a bigger personI’ll do the obligatory size mention. I’m 6’3 and around 270. I needed a new desk chair for my now Work From Home office and was looking for a chair that hit the following items:1) Must have a high back2) Must be fabric so my cat doesn’t ruin it with claws3) Needs to be wide enough in the seat so i’m not pinched in the thighs4) Needs some sort of Lumbar support for my bad backI was originally looking at the Tank series from DXRacer. Those are twice the price of this chair. Also they didn’t seem to carry what I wanted anymore. It only came in leather. Next I went to SecretLab to look at their Titan. It hit all the items but was again twice the price of this chair.I looked at the other AKRacing chairs and discovered that even though it isn’t said, the EX-Wide and this chair are the same chair, except for the seat. This seat is a flat seat where the EX-Wide has the more hip-hugging sides.I used that knowledge to check out reviews and took the plunge on this chair. I haven’t been disappointed. I have had this chair for almost 4 months and here is where I am at:1) My back pain has been reduced. I have the chair almost upright and the lumbar cushion helps. It takes getting used to but it helps.2) My cat hasn’t destroyed it. We had a leather chair and she put holes in it from climing it to lay on the top of the chair. The cloth on this chair doesn’t have that problem.3) It feels incredibly sturdy. It doesn’t make noise when swiveling, I’ve laid back in it a couple of times with no issues, and the piston is holding strong. It doesn’t drop at all when I sit in it.4) It rolls pretty well. I have it on a chair mat but it rolls very easily on the stock wheels.5) Only downside I have is the seat isn’t super cushioned so sometimes I get some pain when sitting for 3-4 hours of not moving. This doesn’t apply as long as I get up every 90 minutes or so for a quick stretch.I must say I really like this chair. The price tag was a bit steep to me, but that’s because the last chair I bought was 20 years earlier at 1/3rd the price on sale at a big box office store. That chair was a good chair but it was no where near the quality and durability of this one. I had that other chair for 13 years before I had to trash it. By that time I had repaired it multiple times and replaced a lot of the parts. I don’t see that happening to this chair. Everything that matters is metal. I am looking forward to many happy years with this chair.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Its sturdy and durable but comfort level is not the finestA bit overpriced considering the support I’m getting. It started sinking/going down from the adjustable height within couple of weeks. It is sturdy and durable. The quality of the fabric is good, doesn’t make you feel hot or sweaty. the arm rest are just fine but then again if the adjustable height breaks down so soon after the purchase then the armrest is just not comfortable to use. No sign of damage beside that so far and I’ve been using it for over 2 years.

  4. edwarc2

    Good to Sit On, Tough to AssembleOnce you have unpacked and assembled the parts you have a good-looking and a comfortable and ergonomic desk/office chair. Assembly, however, is another story. The first step is to attach the chair back to the seat with two bolts either side that are passed through holes in the seat brackets and into sockets in the chair back. Achieving this requires the strength, stamina, and skills of a professional wrestler. You have to push the bottom of the back HARD into the rear of the seat to get the bolt holes within an inch of matching up. Then, somehow, maintain that pressure while holding a flashlight in one hand to see when the holes are finally matched up, and a bolt in the other hand, ready to start threading it in before everything shifts and you have to start over. Whew! The rest of the assembly is pretty straightforward. The printed guide that comes with the chair has no text, but the drawings are mostly easy to follow. (You can also download an online version that does have text, but doesn’t add much additional help.) The final step is to attach and position the headrest and lumber supports. The illustrations of how to do this are totally unclear. Notably, the online guide doesn’t even attempt to describe this step. (I guess the writer didn’t have a clue, either, and just ignored it.) Fortunately, a couple of tries and it all came together. Total assembly time: over 2 1/2 hours, mostly for the first step. One further caveat: If you ever need to lift the chair off the floor for any reason, DON’T – the hydraulic lift assembly and the whole wheelbase will fall off because it is held in place only by the weight of the chair itself. It will take only a minute to put it back together but, really, you shouldn’t have to do that.

  5. H. Bot

    Comfortable yet unstable WARNING!I bought this chair after reading a few reviews stating it would be a good fit for a taller person. At 6’4″ ~ 250 I hoped to find an option that didn’t sink on me every half hour and provided a decent starting height.Pros:–Super east to assemble and has a feel of well made construction.–Wheel base is metal so seems a bit more solid than cheaper chairs. Oddly the casters are plastic, however.–Seat is comfortable and well cushioned for a taller person. It’s a bit firm, but that’s preferred.Cons:–WARNING!!! The tipping problem mentioned in other reviews is definitely true. BE WARNED! Mine slipped out from under me after 1 day and I have yet to figure out how to prevent it, but it could have seriously injured me. Even after reading all the reviews and assuming it wouldn’t happen, it did. Minus 1 star for this.–The arm rests are cheap plastic and do not lock in place so when you shift your elbow on them they rotate horizontally. I’m puzzled why they didn’t make these better considering the rest of the chair design. Minus 1 star for this, too.–The head rest pillow is a bit clumsy and doesn’t really stay in one place. If you’re taller and need to move it up a bit for comfort this can be an issue.–The assembly instructions are only drawings with no words. Consider this if you’re not a somewhat handy person who can figure stuff out. It’s pretty intuitive where things go without the instructions, however.Waiting to see:I have not experienced piston problems so far as people have mentioned and honestly hope I don’t, but these usually show up later. I generally like the chair so will be disappointed if it begin to fail.After 1 day I’m content with my purchase. It was a bit outside of my budget, but seemed the best option after getting burned twice by sub-$200 chairs and without getting into the crazy $500+ range.


    Mediocre chair at a premium cost.I’ll be very candid. I bought this chair with very high hopes that it would be what I needed. At the end, I wasn’t satisfied with it and I had to return it. It has some very strong points and very weak ones that I think they need to be addressed by the manufacturer.Pros:-Comfy. The chair is comfy to the seat and it has a nice padding. It’s probably 4 stars in that regard.-Extra pillows fit nicely and give it a great feel and support in longer work/gaming sessions.Unfortunately this chair’s potential is held back by it’s very important drawbacks…Cons:-Wheels are very bad. I had several chairs and never had an issue with them. I almost fell two times with this chair and I’m not super tall or clumsy. The wheelbase seems too small for the frame and it tends to skid/trip if you put even a bit more weight while dragging the chair under the desk. I have other larger chairs at home with no issues like it.-Arms are super wobbly. They don’t lock into place or have any locking mechanism. They give in at the smallest pressure and it feels it will get worse as they have more give to them.-Rocking mechanism is abysmal. It doesn’t have a lock tilt functionality. A good tilt lock mechanism seems like a basic function for a high end chair, but the tilt mechanism this chair has is just like the generic office chair I have at work.-Price for quality. If this was a 150 dollar chair I wouldn’t be writing this, as I wouldn’t be expecting much from it, but at a premium price tag, I think the manufacturer could have thrown a good wheelbase and a good tilt lock mechanism.Neutral: the fabric in the chair is just average. It feels somewhat rough to the touch. Not a deal breaker, but again, for such an expensive product I was expecting it to be a bit better like softweave fabric.Conclusion:I had several gaming and office chairs throughout the years and I had high hopes for this chair as it was the second most expensive I’ve bought. My greatest gripe with it is that it doesn’t perform as a premium chair while it does carry the price tag. It feels that the chair itself is about B+ but the rocking mechanism, arms and wheelbase are for a much smaller chair and I’ll give them a D. Those parts are barely passable and I find this very disappointing.The other chairs I have at home are a GT Racing Speed, which at just shy of 100 bucks it’s ok for what it costs. My other chairs are a Secret labs Omega and a Titan. Although they cost about 100 more, they’re totally worth the extra 100. They’re a whole league better than this chair. Just go with softweave and you’re golden.

  7. Safirewolf

    Great chairIt’s taking me a little bit of time to get used to it because it is designed for a different purpose than that for which I am using it, but it has met at least two of my (difficult) criteria. I had to find a chair that allowed me to sit at my desk and still be able to “climb” up on it. I am not short legged but I have back and shoulder issues, so desks are all too tall for me to do my work without pain. My previous (otherwise comfortable) chair required me to “fling myself into it several times to get a good seating “purchase” while still having my feet on the ground to move it around to work. This one has solved that problem for me. With a proper floor mat (under/near desk for chair to roll on) the chair is stable and rolls easily. Without it, the chair has a tendency to want to tip (where star leg/s hit floor.) My previous chair had been a fast-rolling chair on low profile carpet so I had removed the floor mat. It was no issue to re-install the floor mat and thus the problem was cured. It has a lumbar support cushion and a neck support cushion, both of which have a unique and clever way of attaching to the back. If you have trouble making them work, read the instructions, as both do attach well. I had a friend put it together for me and it went pretty smoothly as he had put his own together previously. They even supply a pair of cotton while gloves. Nice touch. In my case there was a plastic cover on the lever side which was pre-istalled but which was split (cracked) — I just stuck a piece of scotch tape on it and have had no issues. I should probably say something to someone but it’s not a functioning part (well it covers the greasy bits) but the tape keeps it in place, so I am not one to send the whole thing back for that. Even if they sent me a new part I can see it might be a bit of hassle to replace it. I think if I was writing this a month from now I’d probably add another star LOL

  8. Lemons

    Definately has flawsStandard run of the mill gaming chair. I have to say it’s good for larger people like myself…I’m 6’2″ and around 280 lbs and I easily fit in this chair. That’s about the last good thing I’ll say about it.My major beef with this chair is…it’s not all that comfortable. Somehow I expected it to be squishier. This is the hardest foam I’ve ever encountered in my life. I feel like the chair would be much improved if the foam had a bit more give to it, and the same foam is used in the lumbar pillow so it’s also a bit too solid.Speaking of the lumbar pillow…it’s a complete joke. The straps that strap it to the chair are way too long no matter how you decide to affix them to the chair (you can string them around the top of the chair or through the two holes…neither way is good enough to keep the pillow up) and there’s no way to cinch them up, so the pillow is constantly falling down. It’s more like a butt pillow than a lumbar pillow because it always sits at the bottoms of the chair.I’m constantly reaching behind me to pull the pillow back into place…I feel like one of those emo kids from the 00s with his hair in his face except instead of constantly flipping my hair back I’m constantly moving that damn pillow! I’m going to have to go out and get some Velcro to hold it in place.All and all I’m fairly disappointed with this chair. I would look elsewhere if you are planning on dropping $300 on a chair. I mean $300 and they can’t even figure out how long the strap on the pillow should be to hold it in place? Come on.

  9. Rivie

    Comfortable chair but I’m disapointedI purchased this chair to replace an KillaBee chair that lasted all of 18 months, which was replacing a 7 year old DXracer. KillBee is a disaster of a company, never again. So after checking out some reviews on this AKRacing model, with the class 4 lift, so I took the plunge since I’m not a small guy (6’1″ 272lbs).The 1st one arrived on time and was a cinch to assemble. Very comfortable, but within a few days it would sink about 2 inches after sitting on it. Unfortunately Amazon did not have an option to just ask for a new lift, so I requested a replacement. It was promptly approved and I received the second chair. Well same issue. I contacted AKRacing directly and it took them 11 days to reply to my email. I submitted the requested documents while explaining once again that perhaps I’m the unluckiest dude on earth when it comes to chairs; the lift drops about 2 inches after a period of time sitting on it.I have not head from them since replying to the techs email. At this point I will do what I probably should have done, stick to DXracer and gotten a King Series PRO or gotten a Secretlab TITAN.Again very comfortable chair, easy to assemble, but not sure what the deal is with the lift they are using and the non existent customer support.

  10. urshtzweak

    Nice sturdy chair but…Great price for a chair like this. This seems very sturdy, the install was a breeze and the padding in the seat is perfect for a heavier guy(6’0 290lbs). However, I have realized that the chair gets un-level depending on how the base is rotated which is very frustrating and could lead to back pain if not adjusted every time you move the chair. Hoping this issue can be resolved through customer support. Honestly, if they can fix this issue without me sending the chair back, I will change it to a 5-star review. You cant find a chair at this price point that provides the comfort and sturdy feel that this chair offers.

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