AKRacing Office Series Obsidian Computer Chair- PU Leather with High Backrest, Ergonomic, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker & Seat

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Product details

Color Carbon Black
Brand AKRacing
Product Dimensions 55″D x 58″W x 137″H
Special Feature Adjustable
Material Foam, Polyurethane, Metal
  • Exclusive design PU leather upholstery on front and back – easy to clean and guaranteed to last for at least 5 years backed by manufacturer warranty.
  • Metal frame with anti-corrosive coating covered with 30% more high-density cold-cured foam padding for maximum comfort and durability.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows for comfort and enhanced ergonomics included.
  • 4D armrests adjustable in four directions: up & down, back & forth, in & out, and rotate to the sides.
  • Standard mechanism with adjustable rocking function. Class-4 gaslift with 330 lbs capacity.
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The Obsidian chair is the true pioneer of the tank racing office chair Series. With executive looks and top-quality materials, it is the right choice for your office – be that a corporate setting or a home office. Carbon fiber leather upholstery and chrome details make it a sleek choice for any setup. Adjustable seat and backrest, premium cold-cured foam cushioning, 3D armrests and headrest/lumbar support pillows offer comfort and support for the long hours of work. You can even stay up late for the overtime, taking advantage of the 180 degree recline function!

From the manufacturer

AKRacing Office Series Obsidian frame


Enhanced with reinforcement belts and powder-coated with anti-corrosive paint, the chair frame undergoes 11 point quality control and will last for at least 10 years.

AKRacing Office Series Obsidian foam


Experience the soft and yet supportive 100% cold-cured foam padding, carefully selected to provide outstanding long-term comfort and performance. AKRacing sources the same quality upholstery materials as premium auto manufacture.

gaming chair


AKRacing Office Series OBSIDIAN computer chair comes in 2 designer upholstery options: executive carbon black PU leather and high-end Softouch Suede with PU leather combination. Find the one that matches your setup and style best. Our PU leather will not peel or crack for 5 years.

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AKRacing Standard Mechanism

gaming chair, dxracer, secrtelab


Patented AKRacing design armrests are made of a special foam mix, providing cushioning and support to the arms and wrists.

They are adjustable in 4 directions: up & down, back & forth, in & out, and rotate to the sides.


The gaming chair is equipped with a standard mechanism with adjustable tension rocking function to help you find a comfortable seating position.


AKRacing Masters Series PREMIUM gaming chair comes with an AKRacing custom-made advanced high tensile aluminum base, boasting 20 times the strength of steel. The base is designed to visually complement the chair color.

Technical Specifications

Upholstery Automotive grade PU leather / Softouch suede
Foam High density mould shaping foam
Frame Metal with anti corrosive powder coating
Base High-tensile aluminum base
Mechanism Standard with adjustable rocking
Armrests Adjustable in 4 directions
Rocking Yes, with adjustable tension
Recline Yes, 180°
Pillows Yes, lumbar and headrest
Certification ANSI/BIFMA, TÜV SÜD, Intertek
Recommended size Height: 5’5″ – 6’5″ | Weight: 150-270 lbs | BMI: Not to exceed 32
Max. weight capacity 330 lbs

Additional information

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 58 × 137 in

Carbon Black



Special Feature



Foam Polyurethane Metal

Room Type


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Included Components



Gaming Chair

Model Name


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches, 55D x 58W x 137H

Item Weight

57 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



238.15 Liters

Fill material Type


Form Factor


Assembly Required


Batteries Required




10 reviews for AKRacing Office Series Obsidian Computer Chair- PU Leather with High Backrest, Ergonomic, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker & Seat

  1. D. Robinson

    Premium quality and a modern aesthetic suiting grown up gamer tastes.Like most people, I spent a long time going through listing after listing searching for the chair that suited my needs. Of course function was a very important factor but I have to say it came in third behind style and comfort.I’m in my mid 30’s and I previously had been using an executive office chair. The type of chair an attorney would have in their office at work. While that looked very nice and was supremely comfortable (real leather) it had many compromises in my home office setup ranging from the lack of seat back recline adjustment and limited height adjustment, to the fact that the armrests were of course fixed and could not be adjusted limiting how close you could actually get to the desk.Enter the AKRacing Obsidian Office Chair. The greatest con to my purchase was honestly the lack of actual customer images so I am going to remedy that. It helps to be able see an idea of what the chair looks like in an actual office environment.The details:The packaging for the chair is on point. The chair arrived well supported in a thick corrugated box with banding for additional support. Upon opening the box the chair, packaging materials, tools, hardware and instructions are all well packaged, easy to remove and ready to assemble.The instructions are straight forward in a picture book style as I’m finding most common instruction are nowadays. There was only one image, instructing on how to add one of the plastic side pieces to the chair that I feel was not done the best forcing me to go to Google to find images of the chair assembled to make sure I was placing it on in the right orientation. Other than that they were all good.The hardware supplied is great. As you assemble the chair you will quickly begin to gain of sense of how sturdy it really is. I ditched the included hex wrench and opted to use my own hand tools to expedite the assembly. There was nothing wrong with it but a hex ended socket and a ratchet wrench will serve you well and the frame and hardware gave no signs of “oh no, what if I strip it” if you know what I mean. The chair is solid.A few words on comfort. I have “nobuttatall” and the chair is firm. But it has given in a bit over the 2 months that I have had it. It will never be executive chair or Serta chair soft, but it is definitely not something I would describe as uncomfortable even after sitting in it for upwards of 4 hours. If you have the seating height to high for your body your lower legs will get tingly, but that’s not unique to this chair. It’s more than wide enough to be comfortable and you can really spread your legs or lean on your elbow and all of the other bad posture habits you’re used to comfortably while seated in the Obsidian.Adjustability is great. I haven’t done the “full recline thing” since I personally don’t see the point.Another reviewer mentioned two points that I agree with and there is a third point I’ll add to that.1. The casters are gross. They work fine but they look as though they came off of one of my Hot Wheels toys or were shrunken down form a blinged out children’s tricycle. The base of the chair should be either dark grey, charcoal, gunmetal or black. I think matte black would be most appropriate.2. The armrests rotate a touch too easily. If my wife sits in the chair, my guy….., she will dang near fall trying to get out of it (which I thank you for AKRacing because it’s hilarious) but at the same time I feel that shouldn’t be an issue in this class of chair. Certainly it’s less than I expected at this price. This is not a deal breaker and after a week or so you will know how to handle the chair and you will adjust to not being lazy about how you get out of it. Still, it is noticeable enough to influence my future chair purchase decisions inasmuch as adding locking armrests (if that exists) to my “want” list.3. The tilt function of my chair, the one you control by pulling out on the lever beneath the seat, either doesn’t work or is designed for a much, much heavier weight range. I’m super active so admittedly, even though I’m 5’11” I’m under 170 lbs. But no matter how I adjust it, I cannot get it to allow me to “unlock” tilt and then rock back in the chair. It’s just way too stiff. YMMV of course.In closing my chair arrived in good condition with no shipping damage and the only issue I have had is that one of my armrests wiggles excessively. I have contacted them regarding this and a warranty part has been ordered for me. The service I received once I was able to contact them was A+++.None of these cons make me regret my purchase at all. I highly recommend this chair and if it lasts like I expect it to then I’m sure my next chair purchase in the future will still be from AKRacing.

  2. HermitLamp

    Difference between this and a $200 racing chairI bought this AKRacing Obsidian and a Dowinx at the same time. After WASTING $600 on 2 X-rocker chairs made from inferior pleather that cracked after a year (absolute garbage) I wondered what the difference would be. So my disclaimer here is this review is of 2 newly assembled pleather chairs. It’s quite likely that all of these including Killabee, Secretlab, DX, Noblechair, Arozzi, etc frames are identical, if not made in the same factory. The levels of finish materials are probably offered by 3 or 4 upholstery manufacturers making a line for every single brand to their budget specIS the AKR worth double the price of Dowinx? It has a better fit & finish. It’s more plush and firm. The armrests are a little better, some things are shinier, 5/10yr warranty blahblah, I think the only true answer can be known 2yrs from now. So no, I don’t think AKR is worth “double” this chair. I’d say it’s 60% nicer out of the box. The seat foam is surprisingly cushy; I hope it lasts.Remember that with any of these kinds of chairs you can buy a different height seatpost for ~$30. I bought a shorter seatpost for $30 & added MonsterTech mouse platforms to them as well.Long gone are the days when I bought a really plush genuine leather office chair for $200 (20yrs ago). Gone are the days when you could buy a very high quality pleather chair for $200 and a leather one started at $400 (10yrs ago).Times are what they are, and ALL of these that say leather are pleather of varying quality and you never know what you will get. So is this a $400 chair? I am very reluctant to say yes considering what I actually wanted was a high back leather executive chair BUT this thing is surprisingly comfy. If it falls apart in a year I’m gonna lose it.

  3. Christopher Richardson

    Worse than previous less expensive chairs from AkRacingInitially I wanted to like this, the color is very generic and not flashy which is what I want out of an “office” chair I don’t buy these chairs for the aesthetics but rather perceived potential ‘comfort’ they’ll offer.I have to say I was greatly disappointed, I upgraded from their older less expensive “overture” line because after a few years my overture chair saw some wear and the back wasn’t working quite how it should… That being said I managed to fix it upon this chair arriving and switching back and fourth I prefer my old beat up less expensive chair to this one at the moment.Right now I’m considering even going as far as returning it because I really do not like it, the comfort just isn’t there I feel like I’m missing butt room compared to my old one I don’t nearly feel like I’m being “hugged” like I used to from the old chair.. my neck currently hurts sitting in it and I’ve never had this issue with my old chair and this is only after a few hours.Because of the way the base was designed that attaches to the bottom of the chair itself the rocking functionality seems non-existent entirely, the old chair had a base that was actually springy/detached in a way that allowed for rocking even when the chair was locked without having to “unlock” the chair… You push back on this and you’re met with immediate stiffness and resistance.The arm rests feel cheaper, and so do the wheels, and the wheels are ugly as hell too and try to pull of some kind of ‘racing’ rim design where from an office chair I would’ve preferred just the flat black wheels I got with my “gaming” chair I would’ve expected to have these kinds of stupid wheels.All of this being said, I’ve purchased this same chair for my father and he seemed to enjoy it so maybe I’m just too attached to my old chair and comfort I feel it offered me… I’m going to give this one some time and let it break in a bit and see if things get better but for the time being I really just want to return it and either go to the next step up or an entirely different chair because my back/neck hurt from a few hours in it.

  4. M. Schneider

    Solid Build and Sooo ComfortableI work in an office setting and have test driven a lot of chairs. This chair was bought for my imposed home office duration. It is really well made. The materials are what I expect for a chair in this price range. The extra adjustability of the arms is a real plus over the normal up-down, fwd-bkwd. The arm adjustments do get bumped out of position more than I like, but certainly not to the extent that I get too upset. They stay in position when I’m seated. The flat seating surface fits my manly back side well. I like bucket seats in cars, but flat seating in office chairs. Some people complain about the wheels being cheap looking, but I don’t normally spend a lot of time looking at the wheels. They swivel and move around just fine for me. I kept the head pillow installed, but removed the lumbar support. My less-than-great back didn’t like it. Too much outward curve. The back height is great for my 6’1″ body.My other home office/gaming chair is an awesome 2 year old Secret Labs Titian. That chair is equally well made, but not as soft and doesn’t fit my back the same. I prefer the Obsidian for longer sessions.If this chair starts having problems longer term, I’ll update this review.[Update 08/11/2020] From 5 Stars to 4 Stars. The chair has developed a loud popping/cracking noise from the area of the castors when I sit down. I checked and it does not look like the base is cracked, so I guess that the castors are shifting in their shafts when I sit. Getting very annoyed considering I’ve had other, much cheaper chairs without this issue.

  5. DL

    To date, the best desk chair I have owned.I was looking for a new desk chair to replace a much cheaper one that I had bought a couple of years ago. The old one was a racing style design and was both uncomfortable and fell apart after only a little while due to cheap construction. However, it did look cool. This is why I went after another racing style chair again, but wanted something a little nicer. I looked at both noblechairs and secretlab chairs, but shipping times were very long, and I could not wait that long, so I opted for this chair. I am very glad that I got it. This product is amazing from the day it arrives on your doorstep with a well packaged chair that is simple to put together. It has all of the tools and even has gloves for your hands so that you don’t get anything from the hydraulics on your hands (Nice touch by the way!) Not only is this chair incredibly sturdy and solid, but it is very comfortable as well. The pillows for lumbar support and the headrest soften up very fast and are very comfortable, and compared to the tiny useless pillows on most chairs, are something that I enjoy having on the chair. Particularly the headrest, because of it’s size is very nice. I really love this chair and this chair really shows that you CAN have the best of both worlds, both style and comfort. If you are looking for a new desk chair or gaming chair, look no further.

  6. Mary

    Great purchaseMy boyfriend had picked up the AKR Max chair from Best Buy and even though he was nervous about the comfort he took a chance. He loved it and recommended I get one as well. I had been looking at the Opal chair on the AKR website but really thought the Obsidian seemed more fitting but the cost! I had seen a review that someone posted about finding AKR chairs cheaper on Amazon and took a look. Sure enough, the chairs were about 100 dollars cheaper on Amazon than on AKRs site. So I ended up getting the Obsidian on Amazon for the same price as the Opal on AKR site. Let me say I LOVE this chair! I have scoliosis and this helps me sit straighter. I sit for at least 10 hours a day on this thing and it is great! I have had it about 2 months now and still love sitting in it. I can lay the back of the chair down when I need to stretch. Quality is solid and I have no issues or complaints with this chair. One of the best purchases I have made for myself.

  7. GGG

    Great looking chair….except.This is a big chair. I mean just tall/high back. It’s also pretty wide. It’s very sturdy and looks awesome. All blacked out. Great head pillow. Lumber pillow isn’t for me, but could utilized by someone else. Has plenty of support.Arms have a great premium feel to them. Except that the swiveling feature is a bit annoying as there’s no locking mechanism for it. A simple pull by the arm and it swivels to that direction instead of sliding across towards you. A bit annoying. Or getting out of the chair using the arms they swivel out instead of having solid support, depending on the angle your lifting your self out of the chair. It does however adjust easily for any position and height.Reclining feature is awesome but also scary. Almost feels like your gonna fly backwards when you lean that far back. I am not sure how safe it is and I’m under 180 lbs. Hasn’t flipped but I guess you just have to have faith in the products sturdiness and craftsmanship.Let’s talk about the bottom half. Wheels. They’re ugly and cheap looking. Some sort of tacky looking plastic appearance casters. I would’ve expected a $400+ gaming chair to have some blade type wheels for the finished/premium look, as well as quiet and smooth gliding. The bottom half of the chair looks a bit cheap and tacky with the silver and plastic black trim, but I guess that’s the look it’s supposed to have if it falls inline with office chairs.

  8. CKd

    Amazing chairA little pricey, but super comfortable and supportive.EXTREMELY STURDY, in CAPS. I’m 350lbs (20lbs over max weight) and the chair effortlessly holds me, it feels like this chair has a 750lb weight limit. I can go into full recline, without locking the the tilt function, with the back of the chair 6 inches off the floor. I’m basically laying on my back in a chair. I imagine it’s the same seating position astronauts are in during a launch. It looks sketchy, and I was hesitant to try it, but after I got all the way back, I realized I was never in danger of falling, the chair has my back and was built like a tank.I bought this chair to use in my home office and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The blacked out logo really make this chair office worthy. The chair is sleek and the quality is impeccable. This chair feels like it will last a lifetime, upholstery included. If you’re looking for a professional looking gaming chair that is TOP NOTCH, and are willing to pay the premium, look no further.

  9. Ronald Krumland

    Arrived damaged due to poor packaging, but overall a sturdy great looking chairThe chair arrived damaged. The seat was smashed against the base of the chair during packing causing damage to the seat. Some of the hardware wasn’t properly placed in the plastic holder and the screws and allen keys were loose in the box. I contacted Amazon and they made it right, but this is totally the manufacturers fault.The chair itself is very sturdy and the seat cushion is well padded. The seat back is very stiff and has no back support except for the included lumbar pillow. It will take time to see how I adjust to this chair.The PU leather seems to be of good quality and look nice. The base of the chair is all metal with some plastic accents. The wheels seem a bit cheap and there is far too much cheap plastic for a chair in this price range.I’m overall happy with the chair. It’s built like a tank so I’m hoping it holds up for a while.

  10. Nick Rossi

    Really all around great chair.Legs are cheap, but the rest of the chair is really high quality.

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