Alera ALEEL41ME10B Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

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  • Multifunction mechanism with seat glide allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt.
  • Cool, breathable mesh back.
  • Contoured seat cushion with waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs.
  • Height- and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads.
  • Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.
  • Multifunction mechanism allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt
  • Cool, breathable mesh back
  • Contoured seat cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs
  • High back 24 inches
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Multifunction mechanism with seat glide allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt. cool, breathable mesh back. contoured seat cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs. height-and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads. five-star base with casters for easy mobility.

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Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

Multifunction mechanism with seat glide allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt. Cool, breathable mesh back. Contoured seat cushion with waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs. Height- and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads. Five-star base with casters for easy mobility. Recommended Applications: Executive & Management; Seat/Back Color: Black; Arms Included: Yes; Arm Style: Padded Slant T-Bar.


  • Multifunction mechanism with seat glide allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt.
  • Cool, breathable mesh back.
  • Contoured seat cushion with waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs.
  • Height- and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads.
  • Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.

Additional information

Weight 57.2 lbs
Dimensions 28.35 × 25.2 × 16.54 in
Item Weight

57.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

28.35 x 25.2 x 16.54 inches

Item model number


Assembled Height

16.3 inches

Assembled Width

26.6 inches

Assembled Length

25 inches


57.2 Pounds



Date First Available

October 29 2010



10 reviews for Alera ALEEL41ME10B Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

  1. Retired and lovin’ it

    You can adjust everything except the color!This is my initial review, I have just received the chair and assembled it. I will update this review after spending some serious time in it. I would also mention that this is my first adjustable chair, so I’m a newbie with this kind of chair. I chose this particular chair because it had good padding in the seat, because despite my full figured form, I seem to have a paucity of posterior padding. (Those chairs with nothing but mesh for a seat just didn’t appeal to my comfort zone.)I have also posted some pictures of the box and items inside, the assembly instructions, and a picture of the control levers/knobs on my chair, with explanations of each function.Delivery: I ordered with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping and despite what it says on the product page, I ordered it on a Sunday and Tuesday the box was delivered, faster than I expected. Snoopy dance…Box: a nice thick heavy box, taped and banded, and it was a good thing it had the bands, because the tape had partially broken. All parts in the box, well packed. Heavy box– had to drag it to the den to open the box and unpack it.Assembly: I’m almost 64 yrs old and it took me about 30-40 mins to assemble the chair. Partly because I tend to dwell over the assembly instructions thoroughly before starting to be sure I don’t screw up on anything. Plus, I don’t rush and I don’t recommend rushing unless you’ve done this kind of assembly before.-The assembly was all pictures, but pretty well laid out.-There are ONLY two bolts (used in the steel stem that attaches the back to the seat), and because they are different sizes, there’s no possible way to use the wrong bolt. If it’s the right bolt, it will fit. There are two small screws that hold on the cover plate in the rear. These are the only screws/bolts that are used in the entire assembly process.-The items needed for each step of the assembly are in separate bags and this makes the assembly easier and more foolproof.-The control paddle assembly is already fixed to the seat. This is by far the heaviest part of the chair. I was very happy to see that control paddle assembly already on the seat, especially considering the number of levers that would have probably gotten in my way if I’d had to insert screws to attach it to the seat.-The spider base is a heavy plastic, but seems quite solid and for plastic, it’s actually heavy.-The stem that attaches the back to the seat has to be put on the right way, look carefully at the picture inset and the stem itself, it will tell you which side goes to the outside and it’s critical that it be put on the right way. The stem holes lined up perfectly on the back and on the seat assembly. Gotta love those Taiwanese craftsmen! And by the way, this stem is HEAVY steel 3/16″ thick, and I don’t foresee it ever breaking.-When attaching the armrests to the seat and then the back to the seat, you will need a fairly tall support that’s not too wide. I decided that the box the chair came in was adequate in size but probably not strong enough to support the seat’s weight. Instead I chose my heavy wood hall table, which was sufficiently high and narrow enough to sit the seat assembly upside down on it.-When you open the plastic bag that has the knobs that hold on the armrests, look carefully for the washers and lock washers. I found that the lock washers had migrated into the inside of the knobs and gotten stuck there. So look around in that bag and the inside of the knobs if you don’t see the washers and lock washers. The knobs allow you to move the armrests laterally, and the pushbuttons on the underside of the rest allow it to go up and down. There is a minimum amount of play in the armrest when it’s screwed down tight, and I don’t find that to be a problem. The armrests are firm but slightly spongy to the touch. I think they’ll do well. I really like the up and down adjustments for using my keyboard and trackball all day at work.-Tip on putting the back stem into the seat assembly: first pull the back to the highest position on the stem, as this will keep the back from ramming the seat and make inserting the stem into the seat much easier.-Another Tip: Once you get the back attached to the seat assembly, instead of lifting the entire heavy seat assembly to put it on the base stem, I recommend that you lay the chair seat/back assembly down on the floor on it’s back and then just gently ease the spider base on sideways, and then slowly pull/ease the chair into the upright position and then push down to seat the chair firmly on the base. The seat assembly is remarkably heavy and somewhat awkward to lift but by doing this laterally instead of upright you can actually see what you are doing to align the spider’s gas stem with the seat, and it will save you a tremendous amount of grief and sweat in trying to get the chair seated onto the base–and enable one person to do the assembly unaided even if you’re an old croaker like me.Now that the chair is assembled:Levers: well, there ARE a lot of them, aren’t there! Save those directions, you are going to need them to become acquainted with each lever’s function.Now, I’m a big girl at 5’9″, a tad over 200 lbs, and fairly broad in the beam if you get my drift. I had concerns that this chair would not be generously enough proportioned to feel comfortable. Wrong! That seat slider got the seat out where I needed it to be so that my thighs weren’t dangling in the wind. And my tush does not hang off the sides of this seat either. Adjusting the lumbar support in the back upward got it to where I needed it to be on my back. Tilting the seat just right for my comfort zone was really super because I have a bad back. However, let me point out that my older back doesn’t have much lordotic curve in it, so if you have a really big lordotic curvature, you might not find the lumbar as comfortable as I do.So these are my first impressions: the chair seems heavy and solid, all the parts were perfectly aligned, the assembly was not arduous, and the chair so far seems to fit my body perfectly with a very nice– soft but firm– seat.I will comment more after using the chair for a while. So far it’s a definite keeper.~~Now if they could just make this chair in some nice attractive colors~~————————————————–Update, after owning the chair for five days:Well, I was off work on vacation this week, so have spent only about 2-3 hours per day in this chair, but so far I’m loving it. Getting the initial adjustments made in the chair for my body form took a bit of time, but once you get it the way you want it, there is not much adjusting left to do. The armrests ARE comfortable to me. I have my seat tilted slightly forward, because I like to rest my legs/feet on a hassock that I have under my desk–works out perfectly. I have the lumbar support firmly engaged with my back and totally love the feeling.I would mention that the picture I posted of the levers is labeled in accordance with the directions that came with my chair. Their labeling method somewhat escapes logic, as the levers are not labeled A, B, C, And D in the order of their position on the chair. If you want to see a larger picture of the levers, you can right-click the picture and open it in a new window and then enlarge it a few times.Tomorrow I start back to work, that’ll be where the rubber meets the road for this chair, and I’ll report more after this coming week.————————————————–Update after one week of spending about 10 hours a day in this chair:-I found that my left elbow was getting some lateral epicondylitis, so I lowered the armrest a notch to get my elbow off of it, and that took care of the problem. If the armrests seem to have too much play in them, re-tighten the bottom knobs, I found that mine needed re-tightening. There is always some slight movement in the armrests, however, and it’s not a problem for me.-I have re-adjusted the backrest a couple times to get the vertical alignment of the lumbar support exactly in my sweet spot. I love being able to stretch my back over the backrest and pop the vertebrae a little to work out the stiffness from prolonged sitting.-I am enjoying the seat tilt and backrest adjustment knobs quite a bit, as sometimes I sit in one position for a while and I just need a change of position. Being able to change the tilt of the seat and the backrest is a really nice feature when you sit for a long time. I keep the backrest fixed most of the time, so that I get good lumbar support from it.-A tip on adjusting the seat tilt: first freeze the position of the backrest, because you have to push your body against the backrest in order to align the seat tilt the way you want it.-My office is carpeted and I use a chair mat. I had concerns that this chair wheels were going to dig into my chair mat more than my last chair, but this has not been a real problem. I still get some small dents like I did with my previous chair, which I solve by just rotating the spider base a little.-All in all, I’m impressed that this chair and I are going to be good buddies for a long time. Having never had an adjustable chair before, I don’t see how I’d ever go back to a “standard” office chair again– I’ll always be using an adjustable chair from now on, I think. It’s definitely worth the money for the comfort when you “sit for a living.”=======I bought this chair in June 2013 and it’s now August 2015. The chair is holding up wonderfully. The seat is still comfortable and shows no real wear. This may be the last office chair I ever have to buy!=======Update April 2020: I retired in 2018 and am still using this wonderful chair when I cruise the net. I figure this chair will probably outlast me. It’s still perfect in every way.

  2. Jason

    Updated 5/21/15**Initial Impressions: Good quality/construction with a few gripes…I am 6′ 2″ medium build. I just got the chair today after researching many different chairs. One of them was the Alera Elusion Mid-Back chair and after researching more, I concluded that the high-back would be perfect for my height. Shipping was quick and I am surprised the UPS delivery man was able to lift the box all by himself; it was heavy for me to bring it up a flight of stairs!!Setup took about 20 minutes and once it was all said and done, I finally sat on it. Chair was very comfortable to sit on and is perfect for my height as I presumed earlier. The seat is not made out of mesh, but a foam-like material. You will sink about an inch and it will remain stagnant from there while still providing a lot of comfort. Mesh back provides cooling which will be very beneficial during the spring/summer.I love the adjustability of the seat; you have the option of sliding your seat back and forth, changing the angle of the back rest, changing the angle of the whole chair from the base, arm height, backrest height and overall chair height. You also have the ability to manually adjust how close you want the arm rests are to your body from the knobs under each side of the arm rest. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to tighten or loosen the tilt tension which provides the “rocking” from the base of the chair. This is accessible through a big knob under the center of the chair’s seat.Pros: Comfortable, highly adjustable, good support in general for tall people, back supportHere are my gripes so far (I am very critical):-Frequently, the casters make a ticking noise while rolling-Arm rests are wobbly at max height and noticeably less wobbly at the lowest height-Backrest is very squeekyLess of a gripe and more of a preference/option: I wish you could find a headrest for this! I might be finding myself making my own so I can get some comfort for my neck/head when I want to rest it.**UPDATE** 3/15/15My back took a pounding from the chair the first week or so…I believe it was because I was forcing myself to readjust to a proper sitting position. I slouched a ton with my old leather chair which was why I decided on getting a mesh chair in the first place. My muscles had to loosen and tighten up to a different sitting position and my lower back ached so much that I had to lie down on my bed.After the week or so I had it, the lumbar pain went away and I was feeling a bit better. HOWEVER, I was still feeling discomfort. I could not find a position where every part of my body was relaxed at once. The best I can do is have everything be supported except for my head/neck. I really wish this chair came with a head rest and I am having horrible luck finding one. Also, my arms were feeling they were not being supported well by the table as I like to rest my arms on the table (I will explain).After more careful thinking, I brought back in my previous chair to see why my Alera was not satisfying me. First, my old leather chair had a full arm rest. The arm rest was connected all the way to the side of the backrest. When I used my leather chair, I was able to place my elbow further back to rest. I found myself constantly trying to adjust to this with the Alera since the arm rests were a lot smaller in length and not connected at all to the backrest.I also noticed that the lowest height setting on my leather chair was lower than the Alera’s lowest setting. This propped my whole body up about an inch or two. I decided to readjust my monitor so they were leveled again with my eyes. However, this still prompted another issue. My arms were no longer resting at the same angle causing some muscle tension again. The issue was that I was able to change the height on my monitor, but not my table. The monitor height helped keep my head tilted properly with little fatigue, but my arms were now at a lower angle.**Update 5/21/15**I have completely settled with the chair. I have yet to fix the squeeking problem, but the more I think about this, the more I think this should have never been an issue in the first place. I will eventually fix this. Chair is comfortable and I can sit in it for long hours just like my leather chair. I am no longer fatigued after a few adjustments over a span of a two months.Just remember that not every chair is right for you and it is very hard to get the right chair the first time.

  3. lunaraa

    Great chair for the money, but it’s not quite perfect.0I’ve had this chair for a long time now – probably a year and a half at least – and here’s my thoughts after using it a LOT – sometimes 12+ hours a day due to working from home and being a PC gamer.Build quality –The biggest problem I had with this chair is that the plastic base broke. However, this isn’t necessarily the chair’s fault. One of the holes where the wheels plug into the base broke because I was using rollerblade style casters which are taller and add a lot more stress to that joint. They caused it to break prematurely. I’ve since gone back to regular casters, and I replaced the broken base with a solid cast aluminum base and it’s rock solid again. Also, the rollerblade wheels made the chair too tall for my desk – Fair warning if you’re looking at buying them.- The rest of the chair is very well built, and honestly the base was too but I was really hard on it, which is why I said it’s not the fault of the product itself. For a lighter person, you probably won’t ever have a problem like this. I was worried about the mesh on the back stretching and becoming uncomfortable. It did stretch a little, but not so much that it’s even close to a problem. It actually made the chair more comfortable. I’ll chalk that up to “breaking the chair in”.- I personally did not have any problems with the chair groaning or squeaking reported in some other reviews, which I find impressive as an overweight person who is used to squeaky chairs. It’s been silent since I got it, and I haven’t needed to adjust the tension on anything either. It does rattle a little more than a normal office chair because it has more moving parts, but I honestly only notice it when I’m moving the chair to another location (cough LAN parties cough)Overall build quality: 9/10Comfort — I found it to be pretty uncomfortable when it was new. I had bad sitting posture which contributed to this discomfort.- Once the chair was broken in, it became MUCH more comfortable. The chair’s design encourages you to sit with good posture – it forced me to improve my sitting posture and as a result, pain from my back injury was alleviated.- More comfortable chairs exist, but from what I’ve seen they tend to cost twice as much or more.- The arm width of the chair was a little small for a larger person – this was an issue at 320lbs, but not since I lost a fair bit of weight.comfort score:When the chair was new – 6/10when the chair had been broken in – 8/10Minor gripes — Don’t push yourself up by the arms especially if you’re on the heavier side, they tend to come unlocked and give out under high-stress. hasn’t been an issue since I lost some weight.- The lever that limits the tilt of the chair forward doesn’t like to stay put sometimes, resulting in the chair “snapping” forward and giving me a pretty good start. This seems to happen when I’ve been leaning back in the chair pretty far, I think the lever slips because of gravity when tilted and then pops out of place when you put weight on it aka lean forward again.- because of the wide adjustment range, it is possible to tilt the chair back so far that it can be easy to fall backwards if you’re not careful. This only happens when I leave the back support adjustment and chair tilt adjustments unlocked at the same time. i.e. allowing the chair back to tilt in addition to the chair base. It’s not really an issue unless you love leaning back reeeeeeeally far.Overall score – 8/10. Great value. This chair has quality and features of chairs that cost double or triple what this one does. Even if it lasts half as long, it’s still worth it just because of the price. So far, this chair has aged better than any other chair I’ve ever had. I doubt it would have broken the base if I had stuck with the regular casters, but if you’re worried about it pick up a metal base for the chair and you’ll never have to worry about it again.If you’re in the market for a well built chair with ALL THE ADJUSTMENTS, this one is a strong contender, and its features and value are hard to beat.

  4. M. Lawson

    Holy levers Batman!I received the “Alera ALEEL41ME10B Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black” yesterday and assembled it yesterday evening. Here’s my review based on what I’ve experienced so far.The Good:Shipping was faster then expected. In fact, Amazon stated this would arrive somewhere between 4/17 & 4/23; UPS stated it would arrive on 4/18 – it arrived on 4/16. Go figure…Seems to be composed of good solid materials. Everything is stable although the backrest has some “wiggle” room when not occupied. Not a big deal but pointing it out.The level of control for this chair is incredible. If you can’t find a right position for you, then a right position for you cannot be had. Literally every aspect of adjust ability has been accounted for in this chair. Bottom cushion moves forward and backward, height adjustable, tilt on the bottom of the seat adjustable, lean of the backrest adjustable, arms adjustable side-to-side & up-and-down, backrest adjustable up/down. Incredible adjust ability especially for a chair in this price point.Lower cushion seems supportive and comfortable; back mesh is tight and supportive and being of a mesh material keeps you cool when seated.I also purchased the “Lorell Hi-Back Chair Mesh Headrest, Black” ( to go along with this chair and it was a direct bolt on addition and makes a world of difference in this chair – recommend you purchase one to complete an already great chair!The Not-So-Good:As mentioned, shipping tracking was a mess. I’m glad it arrived sooner than expected however had I not been home, UPS would not have left it which would have meant trying to reschedule etc. Really people? With today’s technology it shouldn’t be that hard to provide accurate tracking.The box looked like it went through a war zone before it got here. To the point where one of the “legs” of the base was protruding out the side of the box. Fortunately nothing was damaged and nothing had fallen out of the gaping hole in the side of the box, but the seller should consider better packaging in the future as the next buyer may not be so lucky.The instructions were less than optimal. Fortunately I’m pretty handy and was able to decipher how the pieces went together, which screws to use, etc. however I could see there being issues with folks struggling to assemble this given the lackluster instructions provided. That said, the sheet explaining the use of all of the (5) levers was adequate.Summary:Overall the good far outweighs the not-so-good, but I wanted to point out the few little hiccups to help make things better for others in the future or at least bring awareness. I only deducted a star because of the assembly instructions as I feel there’s room for improvement there.The chair is very comfortable thus far and given the build quality I suspect it will last a good long time.I work from home, most days for about 10 hours. I’m 5’11”, about 195 lbs. and found it absolutely easy to get this chair adjusted to exactly how I wanted it. I’ve been sitting in it for ~5 hours at time of this review and haven’t felt the need to move around anywhere near as much as I did in previous chairs. In fact, much of the pain I was experiencing previously has diminished or gone away entirely so I’m optimistic about the future with my new chair.For the record, I researched the crap out of possible candidates before pulling the trigger on this chair. I have had some of the “name brand” chairs in the past when I worked in the office – those of the $1,000+ variety – and I have to say this competes with, if not beats those chairs for comfort. Hope this helps others trying to decide on a new chair.

  5. swaitch

    Great chair, great price!What a great chair! Especially if you compare it to one that had no lumbar support, hot leather and a low back.*** Assembly ***The chair was actually quite easy to assemble. It’s a bit on the heavy side, and when you get to where you’re attaching the back to the seat, I placed the box it shipped in on it’s tallest side, set the seat upside down on it so the armrests dropped along the side of the box, then attached the seat back as instructed.In step two of the instructions make sure the threaded hole inside the square is at the bottom, face down (it will slide into the seat). The illustration shows two holes when there are actually three. I realize i’m a little slow sometimes and if you’re like me, this might be helpful.In my opinion, and perhaps someone with more experience assembling chairs could chime in, but I would think it’s easier to install the base, set it on the wheels, then install the back. Following the instructions (step 5) felt really awkward.All in all, assembly can really take less than 10 minutes so I give high marks for that.*** Aesthetics ***I’m don’t care as much about aesthetics but this is a nice chair. I prefer it much more over the Herman Miller bulky front end Aeron. The high back of this chair throws off the symmetrical balance as it makes the seat seem a little dwarfed. Raising the seat seems to help with this a bit.You’ll want to wipe it down after putting it together. Mine was quite filthy, dust mostly, from storage I assume. The seat was covered with plastic so it didn’t have any dust or marks.One reviewer shared an image of the seat fabric in a wrinkled state. Mine looked exactly the same when I got the chair put together but once I sat in it for about 5 minutes it looked perfect.*** Comfort ***Immediate! After 10 minutes of adjusting that is. I’m 6′ 1″ and slim built, weighing in at 180 lbs. I have long arms and legs so finding a chair that has good height adjustments for the seat and arm rests was important. In fact, if I raise the seat all the way, my feet are barely planted flat on the floor, so this chair should be very well suited for individuals taller than I am. I’ve not been disappointed at all.The lumbar support works really well, you just have to get used to the seat back dropping to the bottom if you go beyond the last adjustment. Once you’ve got the hang of that you can find your sweet spot. My back is so much more comfortable.I don’t have a head rest but for those who want one, I’ve heard one can be added. If I lean my head back to the top of the seat back I hit the base of my skull, so I would think a headrest would work nicely. If you have a tall torso you might have an issue.The seat cushion feels just right to me. It’s not hard but not so soft you fall into it. It’s a thick foam with a fabric cover. Very comfortable.The armrests are comfortable, not too hard, not too soft. You won’t go home with your elbows aching.The back is comfortable and the contours fit me nicely. The top of the back doesn’t start curving away from me until about 2 inches above my shoulder blades so it really is a good fit. The mesh does feel like it gives a bit much when you are putting it together but it’s very supportive when you sit down.***Overall ***For the price, this chair is perfect for my needs. It feels like a solid build. The plethora of adjustments make it possible – it seems – to accommodate any body type. I have a co-worker who is sitting in a Herman Miller that cost the company $700+ and this one feels just as good, if not better considering this is a foam seat rather than mesh. I would recommend this chair.I will try to get a photo of me sitting in the chair as a reference to those similar in height/ build as me.

  6. Jim Carnicelli

    Very customizable but falling apart after 5 yearsEspecially for a 5′-10″ tall and 225 lb man who fidgets a lot. I’ve had this chair for over 5 years now. Most of that time I have worked 8+ hours a day 7 days a week at my desk. I’ve worn this chair out. It’s time for a replacement. Let me recap my experience and explain what’s failing.I’m looking around at the alternatives available now (October 2019). They look stylish. They offer adjustable lumbar support pads and headrests. But curiously they don’t offer all the adjustment options this chair does. I have changed the settings on this many times over the years. I like that flexibility. I especially like being able to tilt the seat bottom back in addition to separately tilting (and locking) the back. I like being able to scoot the seat bottom forward and back. I adjust the armrests to suit different desk usage. I even like being able to adjust the lumbar support’s height by ratcheting the seat back up and down. I’ve used every one of the adjustments over time. I just don’t see all these options in other chairs. Even more expensive ones.So what’s breaking down? The armrests are my main beef. The surface foam is breaking down. Big cracks are appearing in one side. But more importantly the arms are super wobbly now. The design works like this. Each armrest is built on a solid steel “L” shape. The bottom of that “L” slips into a slot in the seat bottom. You can control how far into that slot it slips before you tighten the screw. Yet another adjustment for users. Despite being thick steel the downward pressure from my arms has gradually torn these slots like paper. Widening the slots means the arms wobble. They will eventually tear off. I know this damage is largely because I’ve leaned hard on these long levers many times over the years. Still it’s a sad reality. I think the engineers can slightly fortify the slot design to give these chairs many more years of usage. I don’t know how the pads could be made sturdier.The rest of the chair has held up very well. I probably will buy another one of these just because of all the adjustments this one has. I was hoping to find something a little nicer. What I find are more expensive seats with fewer adjustments. This one is pretty darn good.I’ll mention one other quirk about this chair. It’s the first mesh-backed chair I’ve had. I love this part a lot. But it acts like a cheese grater for the T-shirts I almost always wear sitting in it. The design of the back supports creates a pocket at the bottom that catches all the lint that accumulates. I have to vacuum this periodically. It’s annoying. But the alternative is that that stuff would land on the floor and get ground into the carpet. Mixed blessing. But amusing and weird too.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I will say that the chair is extremely comfortable! I will review each aspect and function below …I have now purchased two of these chairs, one for my work office and one for my home office. Firstly, I will say that the chair is extremely comfortable! I will review each aspect and function below of the entire purchase process.Shipping: My first purchase for the work office was great. Product arrived on time, although the box was not packed well. Showed signs of damage, parts were loosely thrown in (all but the arm rests were wrapped in plastic) and there was box dust all over the parts. Not a huge deal, wiped down well and assembled easily using the instructions. My second purchase at home, the box was very damaged, the taped seams were splitting and the parts were very dirty. The seat cushion also had a one inch gash. The day after receipt I emailed the seller through Amazon’s site in the morning. By midday I received a very comprehensive response from OfficeWorld customer service offering me multiple options for addressing the issues. We ultimately chose to have a new chair sent out immediately and I would repack and leave the box on my stoop for UPS to pick up. The NEXT day I came home and the new chair was already on my stoop!! Same shipping conditions as before but the chair was undamaged and assembled easily. 5 out of 5 stars for customer service but 4 out of 5 stars due to the packaging. See photos.Comfort: Overall this chair is very comfortable for me. I am 5′-7″ and about 155lbs guy. This chair fits my frame well and my old chair always put pressure on my hamstrings. This chair has not done that at all. The seat cushion is soft and supportive and does feel very resilient. I don’t expect it to compression much over time, if at all.Backrest: The mesh is fantastic and the built in lumbar support due to the angle is really great. Using the back angle adjustment allowed me to really lock in my sweet spot for comfort. Only hiccup is that the ratcheting height adjustment for the back constantly gets moved as I lean forwards. Not a huge deal but would like to see that mechanism have a little more resistance.Seat Angle: Having the ability to roll the seat angle worked really well and allowed me to lock in a comfortable position. To allow the seat to rock freely and lean back during use you can’t have it locked in which is fine because I usually like that. Only downside is the forward travel locking mechanism tends to pop out of the locked position as the chair is leaned back. Would like to see that mechanism be improved.Castor Wheels: I upgraded my office wheels so this review is based only on my home chair. The carpet is residential style, very soft. The castor do not roll well so I need to get a mat. Not a huge deal.Overall for the chair it gets a 5 out of 5 but the little tweaks needed and the shipping issue take a star away. I would still recommend this chair, however.

  8. Chris A.

    Great value in a nearly perfect work-from-home office chairI work from home and spend many hours in my office chair. Up until yesterday, that was a Serta bonded-leather office chair that cost me a pretty penny and lasted just over 3 years before I finally had to replace it. This time around, I was looking for something that wasn’t bonded leather, and you’d be surprised how difficult of a task that is. It seems that office chairs at the office superstores are now either bonded leather or this new “tech mesh”. The few that aren’t, are prohibitively expensive. They also don’t usually have more than one or two adjustments.Don’t get me wrong, I do like the “tech mesh” material, but I don’t like sitting on it — it’s just not comfortable for my taste. That’s why I was pleased to find this chair, which represents a good balance of comfort, functionality and (I hope) durability.On the positive side, set up was very simple, with just a few bolts to install. I’m surprised to see other reviewers complaining about the instructions – if you’ve ever put together an office chair before, it’s pretty straightforward and this one is exceptionally easy as the base is already mounted to the seat bottom. I also noticed no odor as others have reported. I was able to find a comfortable position immediately, though I find myself tweaking it a bit just because I can. The lumbar support is shockingly excellent and after quite a few hours in this chair already, I really don’t feel as fatigued as I did with the chair it replaced.The only negatives I have to report would be the description of the item on Amazon’s page, it’s reported that this is “Made in the USA” — it is not. “Made in Taiwan” is very clearly stamped all over the box and on the chair itself. Perhaps the distributor is an American company, but the chair clearly is not. This was a selling point for me and I was disappointed to find the inaccuracy.Secondly, when I was installing the arms on the bottom of the chair, I noticed that the seat base components (the actual mechanicals that allow for various adjustments) had a bit of surface rust on them in spots. As near as I could tell, they were completely dry. I sprayed a bit of WD-40 in there as this stuff should definitely be lubricated, but I’m amazed that I had to do this — perhaps this is the result of the claims of the product having a smell to it. This may also explain why some reviewers have reported the chair to be noisy.Lastly, I wish there was a bit more adjustment to the seat bottom angle. You can in fact adjust the angle, but it’s either horizontal, or with the lip pointing down, toward the floor. My old chair allowed the angle to be set almost infinitely… so I guess I’m just spoiled. Not a huge problem, just something worth noting.All in all, for the money, this is a really nice chair. I’ll update this review with my long term impressions, but so far, I couldn’t be more pleased.

  9. Harsha

    Excellent chair for moneyI paid little bit extra to buy from a seller who offered Prime Shipping. The chair arrived within 48 hours of ordering.I immediately put it together. Here are my initial impressions:Pros:1. Fast shipping.2. Well built, especially the wheel base and the seat.3. Easy to assemble. I was confused at one step. More about it below.4. Chair is comfortable and has tons of adjustments. So after a while one should be able to find their perfect settings5. Slides easily on chair mat.6. Perfect for a person of 5′ 7″ height. My feet are firmly on ground at lowest seat position.7. Backrest has decent pressure. At the lowest height it reaches just above my back.Cons:1. Packing could be better. There was no foam in the box.2. Instructions are just a bunch of pictures some of which are not very clear. Especially the pictures of adjustment levers are very poor and can be improved.3. The wheel base, hydraulic cylinder and seat are 3 separate pieces stacked on top of each other. There is no locking mechanism. I am wondering if I lift the chair (say to load it in a truck for moving) can the wheel base fall down and cause injury?4. The chair has a mild chemical odor which is still there after 4 days. Not strong but you will smell it when you walk into the room for the first time.Overall I am very happy with this chair and I will recommend it to others. I bought this chair based on couple of people reporting that the chair has lasted them over 5 years. I hope it will last me as well.

  10. Michael Johnson

    Great chair for mostNow that I’ve given this chair about a month and a half of use, I feel like I can give at least a somewhat honest review.The chair itself is great. It’s easy to assemble, well cushioned, highly adjustable (separate adjusts for the back tilt and the overall tilt are extremely important to me), and overall well built.That being said, for me personally, I ran into an odd problem- it tilts just a bit too far back. I prefer to leave the overall tilt loose so I can move around easily, and it works well for this. But if I lean back far enough to get back support, then I’m too far back to effectively/comfortably type or use my computer.For people who lean really far back, or like being locked in on tilt, this chair is fantastic. It’s very comfortable, sturdy, and a good recommendation.However, sadly, I found myself at my computer less for leisure over the last month because this doesn’t provide enough support for my back due to how I like to use my chair (again, open forwards/backwards tilt while working), and it’s resulted in my chronic back pain flaring up much sooner in PC sessions than my old chair did.I’m still keeping the chair because it’s wonderful and I have other uses for it, and it would suit 95% of buyers. But if you’re someone in the same scenario as I, sadly, this isn’t the chair you’re looking for.ONE YEAR UPDATE: While this has never reached the comfort level I quite wanted it to, it has still been a decent chair. That being said, as of today, a part of the spine of the chair on the back has broken, being that there are parts that are only plastic for reinforcement rather than metal. I’m not completely faulting the chair since it sees a lot of use with COVID and work from home, but I was still hoping to get a bit more of a lifespan out of it. Knocking it down to 3*.

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