Alera ALEET4218 15.74 in. – 19.68 in. Seat Height Etros Series Suspension Mesh Mid-Back Task Office Chair Supports Up to 275

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Color Black
Brand Alera
Product Dimensions 27.16″D x 25.98″W x 12.59″H
Special Feature Adjustable Height
Material Plasticmesh
  • Mesh suspension seat and back provides firmness, breathability and comfort
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Back reclines at 2-to-1 angle to the seat allowing user to recline while keeping seat relatively even with the floor

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Mesh suspension seat and back provides firmness, breathability and comfort. adjustable lumbar support. back reclines at 2-to-1 angle to the seat allowing user to recline while keeping seat relatively even with the floor. adjustable arms offer optimal positioning. five-star base with casters.

Additional information

Weight 43.5 kg
Dimensions 27.16 × 25.98 × 12.59 cm




Special Feature

Adjustable Height



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Unit Count

1 Count

Item Weight

43.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

27.16 x 25.98 x 12.59 inches, 27.16D x 25.98W x 12.59H

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Item model number



43.5 Pounds



Date First Available

November 11 2011



10 reviews for Alera ALEET4218 15.74 in. – 19.68 in. Seat Height Etros Series Suspension Mesh Mid-Back Task Office Chair Supports Up to 275

  1. Toddy Mike

    I sit in this chair 10 hours a day. I couldn’t afford a $500 chair. This is a great compromise.I have been using this chair at work for 5 months now. I sit at my desk for 10 hours per day. I am 6′ tall and weight about 220 pounds. I was very skeptical about ordering this considering the price. 3 stars because while it does the job, it is at the low end of these styles of chair, i.e. mesh back and seat, adjustable armrests, etc. I just don’t want to fool anyone into thinking this is just as good as a $500 chair. It isn’t, but it is really great for the price.This chair is striving to focus on being ergonomically correct, and it does it pretty well. Most of the chairs I found at this price focused too much on the semi-soft cushion or the big, fluffy armrests or even a headrest. Reality is that a desk chair should not be a recliner. This chair does a great job of keeping me upright and is comfortable enough to sit in for my entire 10-hour work day.It’s not a perfect chair, so there are a few you-get-what-you-pay-for attributes. Putting it together is a little bit confusing but no more so than other do-it-yourself furniture. It took me about 90 minutes, but I wasn’t rushing. The lumbar back support is subtle but there and adjustable depending on your height. Before I bought this, I read many reviews talking about the poor construction of the armrests. While I agree they do have a somewhat cheap plastic-y feel to them, they hold my arms up just fine when I’m not typing. They are not designed to hold the full weight of your body though, so I understand why people who used them to stand up from the chair have broken them. Remember they are armRESTS though. Armrests on a bargain-priced desk chair. Also, I find I need to tighten the screws on the underside that hold the armrests in place about once a week, but in all honestly I probably haven’t screwed them as tightly as I could.I specifically wanted a mesh seat and back for breathability. If this is your first desk chair, it’s important to know that a mesh seat is not going to be squishy like a cushioned seat, so don’t get this and then be upset when you can’t put your feet up in it. I don’t, like other reviewers, sink so low into the mesh that I can feel the chair’s structure.The height adjustment is surprisingly smooth and feels very sturdy. When putting it together, I honestly thought, “this is not going to stay up.” I never feel like the chair is going to give out from under me though.Recently I did sit in a much more expensive brand of this chair and could quickly see the difference in construction and comfort. However, on my budget I would not have ever been able to afford that kind of chair. This chair, at a fraction of the cost, is just fine and dandy.

  2. BonumSufficit

    awesome chair for the price!Chair arrived in one piece, and while the box it was packaged in looked like it was launched onto my front porch from a cannon a mile away (box was beat up to hell), none of the pieces inside were damaged and everything looked good. Putting it together was pretty easy with the allen wrench that was included.A few notes that I didn’t see mentioned in any reviews:- the seat mesh is stiffer and harder than a Herman Miller Aeron (even my old, beat up fake leather office chair with zero cushion feels about the same on the seat).- the seat lays flat, but because of the slope on the front lip, it feels like the whole seat is angled slightly downward which takes some getting used to.- the seat back, when in the locked position, has some play in it so the seat back still rocks back a little bit (about 3″ measured from the top of the seat back).- the armrests feel sturdy, but the plastic surrounding the metal of the armrest feels loose and unstable, which may explain why so many people have experienced broken armrests. it should be treated as arm RESTS and not body supports to get in/out of the chair. there is absolutely NO way the plastic would break just by resting your arms on them.- the seat back and armrests have some wiggle room in the mounting holes that allows for some adjustments (armrests can be moved closer/further out from the body, seat back can be moved slightly inward/outward relative to the seat). not huge adjustments, but it’s definitely nice to have. once you find the sweet spot, you can bolt everything down.if you want a soft, plush seat, this is NOT the right one for you. i like it because of the airflow on the seat and backside.

  3. Ruth Lafler

    Good chair for the priceI’m used to my fancy Aeron chair at work, so when I realized I was going to be working at home indefinitely and my dining room chair wasn’t cutting it, I ordered this chair.I weigh 240 pounds and it’s quite comfortable and feels sturdy. The only quibble I have is that it was hard to assemble — the instructions were all diagrams and not very clear. Also, the individual pieces are heavy and have to be propped up for some of the assembly. Still, I would probably buy another one if I needed one.

  4. charmz

    Provides the right ergonomic support that I needThis chair hits all the right marks for me. It has lumbar support, you can easily adjust the height or tilt of the seat and lumbar support cushion. I did not attach the arm rests and it works great without it. Easily sit in it for 10 hours without back or neck pain. I like the mesh seat and mesh back, makes the chair easy to keep clean and keeps you nice and cool. My only complaint is that the hydraulics of the chair is giving out and you can’t contact the manufacturer for a replacement part. That’s the only reason it’s receiving 4 stars and not 5!

  5. Jay

    the best chair I’ve ever had at work and at home!My employer wanted to replace the older style cushion desk chairs with newer ones. So naturally everyone at work had an opinion about the new chairs that he should pick out for us. Once the chairs showed up they were very easy to assemble and they were very nice in the looks department, they have a modern style which helped give our desk’s a visual makeover, they also don’t take up alot of space like the older cushion style chairs had. They have a very slim profile and are easy to maneuver under the desks.My favorite attribute about the new Alera chair is its mesh material on the seat and back, it allows your body to breath and not become hot if you happen to sit at a desk most of the day. All the other features of the chair allow excellent movement and customization for all body types. even two of the bigger guys said they liked the chairs fit. I have had this chair for over a year with me at work and still feel great about it, In fact the chair was so great at work that i decided to buy the identical chair for my home office, and it works perfectly there too. I love my Alera mesh chair. I also feel better because I purchased it through amazon for about $45.00 each less than the vendor’s price that my employer purchased from. Hope my opinion helps you tnx.

  6. Ignite My Style

    Great chair, have to give it 5 starsGreat chair, have to give it 5 stars. My chair had a crack on the under side upon arrival but it has zero affect and can’t be seen. The chair for the price is just too good to give anything less than 5 stars. I sat in a $3,000 ergonomic chair for 5 years at a corporate job and it was great. Now that I’m self employed the office chairs, fitness ball, etc just weren’t cutting it. I chose this chair because of the mesh seat and back rest. It is a must for anyone that has a bad back like mine. The padding will never wear out. The depth between the mesh and the frame is deep whereas other chairs I’ve seen are shallow and before long you are sitting on the plastic. The adjustment ability is adequate. Love the chair and my back is happy. It’s not like sitting on a sofa or anything like that but the back feels good and that is what is important. The one knock I would give is that the armrests are rock hard and can hurt my bony elbows, but again for the price I just can’t ding the rating for that.

  7. CK

    Very easy to assembleVery easy to assemble, maybe 20 minutes each once the parts were out of the box. The chairs are a comfortable fit for both me and my husband, and easy to adjust in multiple dimensions. Both of us are average height and weight, but we have very different torso and leg lengths, and the chair works for both of us. The fact that the armrests don’t tilt back with the back lets the chair slide under the desktop, which is nice. Having traded from more comfy upholstered desk chairs, these feel a little scratchy, and the plastic arms wiggle a bit. But we’ve given them a workout for a month so far and all is well. Good value for the price!

  8. Jon Ig

    Amazing Office Chair At A Reasonable PriceThis was purchased for an office environment in June of 2016. It was delivered fast and not Prime but might as well had been. No missing parts and it assembled quickly and easily (Under 20 minutes). Packaging was fine, if not a little beat up. Nothing inside the box was damaged. While it does not get used every day, it is still in very good shape. The adjustable lumbar and side arms definitely enhance this chair. Our company is getting ready to order 24 more office chairs similar to this and spend at least $80-$100 more per chair and I just don’t see the justification in that. These are great chairs for the money and well worth the $120 per item when this was purchased in June of 2016. Be Well and Happy Amazoning!

  9. asmv

    Great lumbar and upper back supportIt’s only day #1 so we’re still in a fresh relationship. But, so far so good. For my body frame (150 lbs) this chair is just right for daily computer use. Compared to my old big-ass / big-boss “Executive” chair, this is far superior in the following respect:1) adjustable arm-rest width and height2) firm, not padded seat and back3) being smaller the chair is now situated at an ideal distance from the monitorbut most importantly…4) great lower and upper back support.I used a lumbar support roll with my old chair, but there was no upper back support since I always had to lean forward. With this chair both my lower and upper back is ALWAYS firmly supported without any additional props. And for the first time in years, I don’t have any upper back stress or pain.

  10. MadMax

    Broken Arm In Under 2 HoursThe left arm was broken shortly after arrival and assembly. I sat in the arm for no longer than 2 hours and when i leaned on the back of the arm rest (1 click below the highest setting) the bottom of the plastic broke and fractured up to the knob you turn to raise and lower the arm. The plastic is cheap and the arms a wiggly without being broken. I believe this broke because, the plastic arm was pressing against a short piece of steel in the arm. So if you get this chair keep the arm rests 2 clicks below the highest point to avoid breaking the arm rest like i did. There is no way to contact anyone about getting just one replacement arm. You have to disassemble the entire chair, repackage it, and send it back to amazon so that they can send you a brand new one. I’m just going to deal with the arm, and not worry about the replacement… I would have given this 1 star if it wasn’t for the fact that it is comfortable, and helps support my lower back. Assembly wasn’t too hard or complicated, but i did forget about the washers and had to redo a couple of steps. Like other reviews have said, the arm rests on this thing are very cheap and flimsy.

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