Alera ALENR4119 Alera Neratoli Series High-Back Swivel/tilt Chair, Black Leather, Chrome Frame

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Product details

Color Black
Brand Alera
Product Dimensions 39.57″D x 17.32″W x 25.79″H
Style Contemporary
Special Feature Adjustable Height
Material Leather
  • Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile
  • Waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation
  • Padded arm caps for comfort and support
  • Material: Metal Leather
  • Country of Origin: Canada
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Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile. waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation. padded arm caps for comfort and support. five-star base with casters for easy mobility.

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Exceptional value and quality!

Alera office furniture was created with a commitment to exceptional performance, styling and ergonomics, all at an affordable price. This dedication to quality is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and voluntary ANSI-BIFMA testing, meeting rigorous requirements to assure that every piece is built to last. Add to that a wide range of furniture lines, and Alera always delivers the perfect solution that works for you, your space and your bottom line.

Alera Neratoli

Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile. Waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation. Padded arm caps for comfort and support. Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.


Seat Height

Easily adjust seat height by pulling the lever up or down.

Tilt Tension

Knob underneath seat adjusts tilt tension with ease. Chair reclines to the different weights and strengths of different users.


Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.

Additional information

Weight 48.83 lbs
Dimensions 39.57 × 17.32 × 25.79 in






Special Feature

Adjustable Height



Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components


Model Name


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

48.8 Pounds, 48.83 Pounds

Product Dimensions

39.57 x 17.32 x 25.79 inches, 39.57D x 17.32W x 25.79H

Item model number


Assembled Height

25.79 inches

Assembled Width

17.32 inches


48.83 Pounds



Date First Available

September 21 2010



10 reviews for Alera ALENR4119 Alera Neratoli Series High-Back Swivel/tilt Chair, Black Leather, Chrome Frame

  1. C. Reed

    Almost perfect, but…I bought this because it looked like it might work like my favorite chair I found at a swap meet years ago. I never knew the manufacturer, and I think any tags that were on it must have been torn off, so once it wore out I never found the like. Like this, it had a seat and back that were “locked” in position relative to each other, so when you lean back the seat itself tilts too. The cushions are nice and deep, so you don’t have to be mindful of spreading out your weight over the whole seat to avoid painful pressure points (i.e. you can lean over to one side without any problem).(rant)On most new chairs I’ve used (Aeron knockoffs) the seat does not move, and reclining only tilts the back of the seat. They make it hard to shift the weight on your butt around–it tries to force your weight to be “evenly” distributed, no matter how you try to move. They do this by making the seat “cup” your body in a certain way, and, as I said earlier, by eliminating the ability for the seat to tilt. I think this is a huge mistake. What makes sitting so terrible for me is the consistent pressure, you HAVE to be able to fidget, to shift back and forth, to make it bearable. Trying to “evenly distribute” the sitter’s weight no matter what, while I guess a fun engineering problem to solve, is not what you want. It just makes the fatigue that builds up in certain places over a day impossible to escape.(end of rant)I think this recent trend in seating is what has made sit-stand desks so popular. Which isn’t at all a bad thing– I’m a little glad it happened because it’s yet another set of positions to fidget between during the day.The ONLY thing that makes this less than perfect, and which isn’t going to be a drawback for everybody, is the lumbar support. It’s not that it has too little– it has too much! I am a programmer who has to spend a LOT of time at my computer. Like 16 hour stretches in crunch time. I wouldn’t last long if I sat bolt-upright like the standards recommend. I have to change position a lot. I have to slouch, I have to lean back, and yes, for the relatively uncommon times I’m “sitting up straight”, it’s very comfortable.If my job required me to sit like that all the time, it’d make it a LOT easier to cope I guess which is probably who they’re aiming at. I have sympathy for people in that situation. I wish the bend in the back of the chair (look at the picture of it from the side to see what I’m talking about) could be opted out of. The seat padding is still soft and deep enough that the chair is mostly accommodating to any way you want to sit, though.In the end, I really can’t complain. This is the only chair I’ve found that comes close to what I want (and isn’t extremely cheaply made). I thought they’d stopped making them like this. I wish I could give it a rating of 4.75 rather than a straight 4, but if I rounded up to 5, there’s no chance anybody from the manufacturer would think to read this and see my request to somehow make the lumbar support optional in the future–either via a detachable cushion or a variant design of the chair.

  2. Lady D

    Great home office chairEasy to assemble. Both comfortable and supportive. Delivery was a major issue and even to date my order summary is still saying the chair is running late one month later.Customer service was responsive even if they weren’t timely in resolving the issue.

  3. Carmil bailey

    The negative reviews are all lies!! I’m glad I went with my gut.I absolutely love this chair! It’s so elegant and shiny. I read the reviews, mostly the bad ones, before purchasing and it is good I went with my gut on this one. First let me say that the idiots who talk about the quality are just stupid. I read that the chair doesn’t tilt well and the instructions show how to loosen the tilt feature so it can tilt easier. I did it and it flings back like a spring. The cushion is just enough. I read that it wasn’t very comfortable and I don’t believe that is true. I sit in an office all day and compared to those chairs I would sleep in this one. I also read that the arms are wiggly which is partially true but it is possible to tighten the screws so that they don’t move at all. I, however, am not that strong so mine move a little but when I try to move them. Just sitting there I don’t notice the wiggle. Last I read that the material stains easy, which is ridiculous because its a WHITE chair. Of course it will mark easy. They offer a black one also. I have a 2 yr old and a destructive dog and if they can manage to not destroy the fabric so can any adult. Not only all of that but it is stunning! The chrome is so shiny and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to work from home!

  4. E. Fernandez

    Great if you want to keep it as decor and not to use it…I bought this chair few months ago, and i regret my decision ever since. I don’t want to make a hateful review, i will just laid out my experience and hope if helps to you.This chair is beautiful no questions asked! and that’s why the two stars, but the idea of the chair is not to be shown behind a glass box, it is to be used, and that’s where my problems began. The second day i had it, i sat down and my jean rub the side of the chair arm rest and a piece of the “faux leather” came off (look at the pictures). Now i have a white nick in the chair and no way i will be able to cover it. Just because my levi jeans rub it. And by the way, Levy blue jeans??? HA! stay away from this chair, because those stains stick for ever (You can’t see it well with the picture, but in here you will notice the smudges in there).This chair is uncomfortable like hell. I’m a 6’1″ guy, 250 pounds, and i have to spend 6-9 hours a day in this chair every day 5 days week. After a few hours using it my back started to hurt like crazy. The bottom part of the chair is too large, and a metal bar under it makes the chair feel uncomfortable for your legs.The metal looks great, but i think it will be a problem in winter when it gets cold.I should follow my instincts and get the Boss Chair that i had for years it was the best investment i had done. I wanted to return this chair, but i didn’t because, when i bought it i was a month away to move to a new apartment. Since half of my house was in boxes and i needed to change my old chair, i decided to buy a new one and take it to the new place. Well there was a problem with the previous tenants and i had to wait 3 more weeks for the new apartment. I ended up trying the chair two months after, as you can understand i took the chair out and throw the box together with the rest of the stuff i had for the moving.If i had the opportunity i would return it no question about it. This is not what i wanted or needed.I hope this is help you some how.

  5. Pearly Girl

    Great chair if you work from home!I just started a new job where I’m working from home and my other desk chair just wasn’t providing the kind of all-day support I needed. I was looking for a chair that was both comfy and stylish. It has been a few weeks now, and this chair is working out great! My back feels sufficiently supported, and the chair has a slim enough profile to suit my small work space. The white color isn’t too bright — more of a neutral. It didn’t take long to put together once I figured out that you should angle the casters a bit and hold down the legs to snap them in. I’m very pleased with this chair for the price.

  6. allfalldown

    “Wow”!This chair is very easy to set up but I felt disappointed at first. It doesn’t fit or tilt back like I expected–but I will work on it. Perhaps it is meant for someone who weighs more than a hundred pounds. But the longer it sits in my living room the more I like it. It is not a sweet little chair like the picture shows. It is an impressive big chair. Oh, it’s adjustable–but I might just leave it the way it is and incorporate a little step stool next to it. Because when you sit on it behind your desk you will feel like you are King of the Mountain. (Or Queen). And that red leather and shiny chrome is “Wow”!

  7. Eddie

    Really nice chairThis is a really nice looking chair. The assembly on this was really easy and took no longer than five minutes.The materials use on this a very high quality. It did not smell cheap when i took it our of the box which was a big plus.The one gripe I have with the chair is that I wont tilt back very easily. I had to turn down the tension all the way down and even still, its not easy to tilt back. So it losses a star there.The chair came nicely packaged.overall, if you don’t mind sitting up strait I would recommend this chair.

  8. Amazon Customer

    This is a really comfortable and attractive chairThis is a really comfortable and attractive chair, but it is by no means perfect. It only leans back the tiniest little bit, tears very easily, and on mine, the right armrest was not lined up correctly, so it wobbles and does not attach completely. Overall I am happy with it because I wanted a red chair and it does support my back (probably better for my body that it doesn’t lean back much). My cat has made several tiny holes in it because of the material, so that might not be as big of an issue if you don’t have cats.

  9. Joe Keyes

    Good Not GreatHaven’t had it long but…It says leather, and it is, if they got the hides from plastic cows. Moderately comfortable, but it feels like I’m sitting ON it not IN it, if you know what I mean. Maybe it will break in. Fairly well made and easy to put together. Took me maybe 15 minutes and most of that was peeling off the protective wrap. Really attractive. Good not great.

  10. L. Smith

    Awesome chairI love my office chair! I was looking for something modern yet still comfortable and high backed…this was the answer. My only critique would be that it is obviously not high quality leather. One of the arms scuffed up within the first day of owning it when it slit under my desk. I have solved this by simply raising the chair very slightly so the arms do not fit under the desk and risk getting scuffed more.

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