Alera ALENR4239 Alera Neratoli Series Mid-Back Swivel/tilt Chair, Red Soft Leather, Chrome Frame

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Color Red
Brand Alera
Product Dimensions 18.5″D x 28.74″W x 39.76″H
Style Contemporary
Special Feature Adjustable Height
Material Leather
  • Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile.
  • Waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation.
  • Padded arm caps for comfort and support.
  • Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.
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Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile. waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation. padded arm caps for comfort and support. five-star base with casters for easy mobility.

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Weight 44.6 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 28.74 × 39.76 in






Special Feature

Adjustable Height



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Unit Count

1.0 Count

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Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

44.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

18.5D x 28.74W x 39.76H, 34.84 x 15.94 x 25.79 inches

Item model number



47.3 Pounds



Date First Available

March 30 2011



10 reviews for Alera ALENR4239 Alera Neratoli Series Mid-Back Swivel/tilt Chair, Red Soft Leather, Chrome Frame

  1. brainout

    Great fabric and build, easy to assembleUPDATE 11/28/13, re-rated to 5 stars for longevity — I just bought a second used red one, from Amazon Warehouse Deals! Yeah, it will last, baby. I hate all my other chairs, compared to this one. And you just know, when a really great product like this one is so well-liked, some dingdong in upper management decides to stop making it. So now I have two! Yes! And oh: the squeaky old office chair with the ugly black standard fabric and its ‘executive’ back, is probably going to the dumpster, unless I can use it as a caddy cart.UPDATE, 5/22/13 — I edited the ‘clammy’ paragraph in the original review. The more I use this chair (which is constant, since it arrived), the more I like it. Probably spend 12 hours a day in the chair (yikes).UPDATE, 5/1/13 — wow, I came back here to see if any more of the ‘used’ Alera Neratoli chairs were left, because I am so comfortable in this red one. There aren’t any more. But if you search on the name, you’ll find they come in black, red, white. Some of the reviewers say the white is off-white, which I was thinking of buying also. Alas, all the allegedly-used ones, are sold out. (The one I got, was sold with Prime from Amazon, and since it was open-box, it was listed under ‘used’, but wasn’t ever used. There had been two of them, each for $100. I should have bought them both!)The last thing I need, is another chair; but when I really like something, suddenly it becomes hard to find.==========Rewrite, same day as original review. Amazon had two of these chairs in stock listed as ‘used’, thus priced at $100. So I bought one. Yet it doesn’t look used. It was well packed. The fifth star is reserved for longevity evaluation, and I suspect it should be added. I wouldn’t blink at paying $200 for a second chair. Wish I needed another.Assembly Observations====================Assembled all but the arms, during Windows 7 update (including reboot), and an Adobe Flash update. So what’s that, 10 minutes? Including a 5-minute break? That time doesn’t include arm assembly, but the latter would take another five minutes per arm. Very simple. Clever design!There are five assemblies: wheels to base, stem to base, chair to stem, then screwbolts for arms to chair. The chair body itself weighs 30+ pounds, so if you can’t lift 30+ pounds from floor to shoulder height easily, then get help in chair assembly. You’ll have to lift the chair body that high, to put it on the chair stem.This is one fantastic chair. You first push in the wheels. The chrome base has chrome sockets, and they are sautered onto the base. Which means, the thing would be easy to fix with duct-tape or resautering, if the original sautering breaks. The wheels are good quality, like from 15 years ago. Wheel covers are chrome, and get this — have a blue plastic film exactly fitting the cover and of such a nice royal blue, I left the film on. (My other main decorating color, is royal blue.) To assemble wheels, turn base upside down then push in each wheel’s socket HARD into the socket base, and fully (until the wheel is only stopped by the black casing lip). Else the chair won’t be stable.The stem easily just fits into the socket on the five-starred base. Then just plop the chair on the stem (lift the chair shoulder high to match chair’s stem hole to the stem).Now you have a full armless chair! Wow, it’s comfortable. But in its default position, doesn’t tilt back. To enable tilt, pull out the height adjustment lever; it easily pulls out about an inch. Push the lever in again, to stop tilt. Lever-out, the leanback is very like a rocking chair.If you want more lean-back tension (resistance to leaning), turn tension knob underneath the seat, RIGHT one turn at a time. Repeat, if you want more tension. For less tension, turn the knob LEFT one turn at a time. EDIT: the second chair I just assembled on 12/4/13, reverses the foregoing; so maybe you have to turn RIGHT to lessen tension, and LEFT to increase it.Hallelujah, it doesn’t creak when you tilt back! No more client calls with a sudden apology for the noise!Height adjustment is as expected. Sit in the chair and push down the lever to lower, stand up and pull up the lever to raise. Lowest height is 15″ from floor to bottom of chrome seat edge (measured from the middle of the seat, to carpeted floor). Highest, is about 18″.Assembling the arms is simple: two Allen aka socket bolts per side, with decorative caps, all metal; the Allen wrench is also included, exactly fits the sockets on the bolts. The bolt size looks standard: 2″ long, not including the head. What’s great about that, is if somehow the bolt broke, you could replace the bolt with stuff from the hardware store of the same length and thickness, because the bolts stick outside the chair (just barely, not flatheads). Kinda like car license plate bolts. The arms assemble outside the seat, so the seat clearance is effectively increased by 1-2 inches. Disassembly is easy. So you’ve got two chairs in one.Arm assembly hint: first put the bolts in their arm holes, prior to assembly, make sure that the screws go all the way inside their holes, recessed. If the bolt head is level with the edge of the hole (not recessed), you inserted the bolt in the wrong side. In short, the right hand arm versus the left hand arm are discernible by this simple test. Turn chair sideways to assemble the arms.Remember the mechanic’s attachment trick of turning the bolt/screw in a few times just to make sure it’s properly seated in the chair’s hole, then a few more times but not totally tightened; then do the other screw. Finally, when the chair arm is properly seated and aligned with BOTH bolts, tighten.Best of all, the pieces disassemble for moving your apartment/house to a new location. Yeah, this chair is a keeper.The typical Allen wrench provided for bookcases, is used and provided in the chair’s bolt kit. Included, is one extra bolt and one extra cap.Arm Padding is about 1/3″ inch, strong, reminiscent of camp foam. Arms are slightly curved, which I don’t like, but they aren’t uncomfortable. Can’t adjust arm height, unless you drill more holes into the chrome. Each armpiece is one metal unit (excepting the pad), so any drilled holes to adjust height, must be precise, and will change arm declination. The arm pads are socket-bolted to the arm, but the socket is an asterisk pattern, so you can’t use the Allen wrench provided. Because the arm is curved, they are not replaceable, though I imagine you could buy spare parts from Alera? Then again, you could wrap or bolt any soft material to replace the arms, if you wanted.Color, appearance, etc.====================Red Chair color is a matte red, like old-fashioned lipstick. Seems orangey, but really isn’t. It’s a real red. Not too strong, not bright, and not much different from the picture. It just seems a bit lighter than the picture shows. Yeah, waxy lipstick red. Not quite fire-engine red or tomato red. Somewhere in between. Not crimson. Very attractive.Fabric is single-stitched, but well done. There is a horseshoe zipper under the seat. Thus you can easily reach the big spring connecting the chair for any repairs, lubrication (to avoid that horrendous creak). That zippered feature is a plus.Chair’s base is chrome; not the best quality (it has that bluish cast like cheap bolts); but good enough for long life.The chair’s covering material feels good, and is about 1/16″ inch thick. It is made in China. Chair’s underside label calls it ‘polyurethane’, and nowhere claims that leather is used anywhere. The same material is claimed for the cushions, which are dense foam and unlikely to flatten, consistency and spring-back is very like camp foam. Cushion is about 1″ thick, which given the consistency, works like 2″. I’ve sat in it for hours now, without being sore. Very comfortable.In other words, no label on the chair claims it’s leather, but of course the label here in Amazon for the product, does say that. Should say ‘leather-like’, to be more honest.Like leather, this material might be clammy in very cold weather, and maybe a bit sticky in hot weather. Solution is to throw a towel over it, or change your heat/air conditioner temperature. However, (now 5/25/13), we’ve had very hot Houston weather for two weeks; the chair isn’t at all sticky, even when I forgot to turn on the air conditioner for several days. Some of the nights were cold enough to turn on the heat (maybe 55 degrees), and there was no clamminess. Your results might differ.There is a very mild leather-like smell. So whatever you want to call it, the fabric is wonderful. I don’t understand why people report sliding problems. The surface is not slide-y at all. (Proper English term is ‘slippery’, yet that term seems inadequate here: hence the neologism.)Clean with a damp cloth. If you must, use a mild dish detergent, but don’t put it directly on the material, but on the cloth, first. Washcloth seems best. Dry quickly, don’t let it sit wet, to preserve the springy quality of the material. Don’t use Formula 409 or alcohol, that will dry out the material and eventually make it crack. Don’t use oil.Seat cushion is 18.5″ square (width and depth), So if you have long thighs, your legs will stick out. Cushion is about 2″ high. Springy.Chair back is tapered, so 17″ wide at the top. Back height from top of chair cushion to seat cushion is 21.5″. If you were sitting in the chair, you’d get about an inch more ‘top’ (back coverage). It falls just below my shoulders when I sit in the chair, and I’m of average height.You’d not get lumbar support unless you sat flush against the back of the chair, but it is comfortable. (Lumbar chairs either pouch forward the bottom portion of the backside, or the upper portion of the back. This one is the former style, idea being to encourage good posture.)Will report later on chair utility and longevity; that’s why for now, it’s rated as four stars instead of five. Frankly, I can’t see how this chair will fail that test, either, but I just got it. I can’t come up with any negative remarks about this chair. Very surprised.Feel free to comment. Why? I value Amazon reviews with an 80% weight in my own purchasing decisions. So I want to help.

  2. I. Cartwright

    Lasted 6 years of daily useI purchased this chair for work from home for $160 in October 2016. It was my main work chair. It now needs to be replaced in October 2022. Essentially, it lasted six years of daily use. I’d call that acceptable.At four years, the cheap bonded leather started to peel. In year six, the cushioning gave way and it is now too uncomfortable to work a full day on.Do with that information what you will.

  3. Deborah Taylor

    Did not *SEAT* (stand) the test of time…..Initially, I was drawn to this chair because I wanted a white more stylish looking chair with a chrome base, but it had to have a high rating, and testimony that it was comfortable, too. I believe that I took great time to research this; I am a writer and I need a comfortable seat. I have had this since mid December, 2014, and it was comfortable until about 3 years ago, so I bought a gel seat, and that felt a bit better, b ut it was the lack of a back support that has killed me. But what REALLY kills now – is the “waterfall seat” edge. Don’t do it, if you spend enough time in a chair like I do, this is not a good thing, it will hurt the undersides of your legs. If I were rich, I could buy a custom, lux padded, ergonomic support certified by the best Orthopedic Doctors of America Club or something like that….but, I had to rely on what I could afford with some of the other things I was looking for. Before the time that the seat bottom and that awful waterfall edge – gave out – flat as a pancake now – the bonded (PU) leather started peeling, and I was truly careful with this chair – even throwing a thin quilt over the back and seat to keep it clean. I did not scrub it, but I have gently spritzed a little soapy water here and there – once after spilling coffee. But it came right up. Having had one hip replacement – the seat arms-posts – sort of bothered me a bit – because I am tall and where it hit me on my large butt, but – was just my pressure point – but, with some maneuvering during the day I am able to avoid that kind of pain. But the flat bottom part is just owwww…at this point so this lovely hunk of stuff, is going to be broken down and brought to the transfer station, and I am on the hunt once again for a comfortable, but this time not so chic looking chair. The funny thing is, the chair I bought at a sale of office furniture – in 1995, is STILL going strong, and it is still very comfortable, very easy to roll, and if I hadn’t given it to my son, I’d probably still be using it. I just strapped a kind of lumbar support on its back for him to use at a drafting table, and I borrow it too sometimes – when I paint. He’s already told me when he’s done w/school and moves – the chair is coming with him…. So buh-bye – showroom dummy white chair, this girl needs more than fancy looks….

  4. reine125

    So close to 5 stars!I bought this chair 5-1/2 years ago and have used and abused it daily. It has been extremely comfortable. I have had absolutely no problems with it… except for the faux leather. I live in a hot, humid climate and usually work in shorts, and without a shirt. As a result, the faux leather doesn’t look so great anymore. Actually, it looks horrible. It has looked horrible for at least a year, maybe two. I am sure the faux leather would have held up better if my bare skin wasn’t rubbing against it all these years. I hadn’t replaced it sooner because it was just so comfortable, reliable, and functional! I entertain in my home office, and frankly, it just looks embarrassing now. So, it’s time to replace it. I know in my situation, I should get a mesh chair and was just about to buy another one. Then I checked my order history! I forgot that I paid so little for this chair and how long I have had it! And despite, the abuse I put it through, it actually held up very well. I’m at the point where I refuse to buy fake leathers anymore. Leather seems to last forever, fake leathers always deteriorate over time. But, I may make an exception and buy this chair again. If it was offered in real leather, I’d buy it again without any hesitation at all. But it really is so inexpensive and comfortable. I just might click that BUY button again!

  5. Riskitforbiscuit

    Almost PerfectI’ve used this chair for a month now and I am still very happy with it. All my experiences with this chair has been positive.The good:-The chair arrived in 2 days, which is very quick considering I used Amazon’s standard free shipping.-The assembling was literally as easy as 1-2-3. There are only 3 steps and it took me 10 mins to put everything together. The instruction was easy to read because it was mostly pictures and little text!-Sitting in it was much more comfortable than I expected, given some Amazon reviews about it. If you like the feeling of “sinking into the cushions,” like sitting on a big sofa, you won’t get that with this chair. This chair is an office chair, which means it was designed to be comfortable enough for you to sit up straight and work, not too comfortable so that you’ll fall asleep.-The leather is faux leather, of course. But it was much nicer than my previous office “leather” chair I bought from IKEA.-Clean up is easy, too. I spilled all sorts of food on it and clean up is done in a second with a damp cloth.-The chair swivels smoothly, and you can adjust the height up to 6 inches.-It’s surprisingly lightweight for a chair that has a thick metal frame look.-The design is sharp, modern, and stylish. It looks like $300 chair but only costs half of that, and I have seen $300 office chair that looks like a dump compared to Alera Neratoli’s.-The price was reasonable compared to other office chairs that cost much more and look much less attractive.The not good:-Even though the manual says the chair tilts when you twist the big nob directly underneath the seat, that doesn’t seem to work for me. The nob is too hard to be twisted. I don’t need my office chair to tilt or incline, so it’s minor for me.

  6. CY

    Buy with low expectations and won’t be disappointedI got this very high expectations. The reviews seemed overly positive.I normally don’t bother with reviews, but I feel very inclined on this one. Aside from the smell, looking at everything, just get a very cheap feel of everything. I would take this as a pricier made in China European look a like. Handling the box, packaging, you end up with this stink on your hands from everything.The cushion does not seem very dense, and maybe too soft. Assembly seemed very straight forward except I experienced an unexpected problem. Tightening the arms with the included bolts and tools, I tightened down as much as I could. This was not enough, and there was a noticeable play or movement with the arms. I noticed this with one arm and as I tried to remove the bolt, it pulled the bolt that it was screwing into, holding the side into the chair. I spent about 25 minutes trying to get back in, and almost threw everything back in the box for a return and refund. I had to fudge with the position of the arm and eventually got it in. Keep in mind, you need a larger allen wrench, that is not included.The included tool is kind of small, and may find tightening everything down all the way. If you have an allen wrench that has a long handle, will give you good enough torque to get it down good.With everything eventually tightened down, the chair isn’t so bad. It does feel a bit stiff and upright. You can loosen the knob under the chair to get it to recline a bit.At $182, its a bit overpriced. Seems more like a $100 to $125 chair.Another thing I noticed, and I’m unsure if this is standard, but underneath the chair, the leather/vinyl is zippered, but the tabs are absent. Opening it up, you can see there is some kind of bands or suspension that makes the chair somewhat comfortable. Found it odd, unless there is a reason for this access.The shiny chrome finish looks okay, but the ends going along the edge of the chair pop out easily, at least on my version.

  7. Stylianos

    Good Value, Good chair, Nothing special.Just received it today.So let me go into some +/-+1. Huge box, very well packaged, everything protected and nicely wrapped. A+++ on packaging2. Delivery was not Prime yet it came extremely fast, faster then the estimated date by like 3 days, might as well have called it prime3. Chair was extremely easy to install, they gave you allen wrench along with the few screws you needed and even added a screw/cap in case you ever need an extra.4. Only have had chair for a few hours so tough to give it a true review, but it is a nice shape, good on back so far, tilts back enough, great height.5. I am 5’11”, 210 and chair feels very good, padding is plenty, chair handles are very well padded and it looks pretty awesome.6. Overall satisfied with product, got it for 150.00 which was cheaper then a lot of places like Walmart etc-1. Color is a creamy white not a bright white in case someone wanted a stark white chair this is probably not it although its a nice looking white.2. I mentioned Padding as plenty above. It is fine for me, but for someone that likes a lot of padding on you’re rear end maybe its not the chair for you. It is padded fine, feels good, comfortable but its not like your sitting on a pillow or something. So if you want a very very comfortable plush feel on your butt maybe get another chair :)Overall: As advertised, the reviews that were 5 are real. I gave it a 4 as I have used/seen more comfortable chairs around similar price range. You are getting a good chair for a decent price. If something changes I will be back to change my review.

  8. Bryan G.

    Excellent quality for this price…very pleasedThis chair arrived today and I couldn’t be more pleased! First off, the shipping was incredibly fast. I ordered it on Sunday evening and it was on my doorstep by Tuesday afternoon.This chair is very well made.The base, arms and frame are all metal and the faux leather looks like the real thing. I was very pleasantly surprised by how good the vinyl is…not cheap looking at all. The chair is also very sturdy and comfortable. Others have commented about the arms being wobbly, but I didn’t experience that issue. My only small complaint is that I feel like the arms could be a little bit wider. If they weren’t padded, I think they’d be pretty uncomfortable, but with the padding, they’re fine.Assembly couldn’t have been easier. The seat with assembly and back are fully assembled so all you have to do is attach the casters and pneumatic stem to the base and set the chair on top of that. Everything except for the arms just snaps into place. No tools needed. The arms can be left off but if you want to attach them, it’s a simple matter of screwing in four bolts with the included allen wrench. I had the entire thing assembled within 10 minutes. It probably took longer to unwrap the pieces than it did to put the chair together.I’m also really pleased with how comfortable this is. I work at home and will be sitting in this chair for 8+ hours a day. The padding seems like it will be more than sufficient for extended use. Some have commented that it feels like you’re falling out of the chair. I felt that way at first too, but after adjusting the knob that loosens the tilt tension, it was completely fine. I set this to the loosest setting possible and it’s perfect!The best part of this is the price. My old office chair cost roughly the same as this one and looks like garbage in comparison. This chair is very modern and looks expensive. I’m amazed at how affordable it was. Excellent value!I would call this chair white and not off white or cream. It’s a bright, clean-looking white. I’m hoping that with proper maintenance, it will stay that way.

  9. Prashant Arora

    Buy it with confidence!This chair is an excellent addition to any office/home office. I bought this chair for my home office and have had it for over a month now and couldn’t be happier. I was looking for a sleek, modern chair and did lot of research before decided on this one.It came nicely packed, was a breeze to assemble, and looks very stylish and well made. I have two kids and on occasions they have rammed the chair into the table and was surprised to see that it took the beating very well and I can’t find any scratches. Lucky I guess!It is very comfortable to sit even for long hours; the cushion is just the right thickness and regain it’s shape pretty quickly. Despite the fact that it is heavy (which is good) it swivels and rolls with no effort at all. Some people have complained that the armrests are thin but then it’s part of the sleek and modern look that this chair espouse. I don’t see it as a problem. It’s a great chair; that’s all I can say for now.07/02/16I don’t usually update my reviews but I felt I should write one since I rely on reviews on Amazon to make my purchase and hopefully this will help future buyers.Okay, so I have been using this chair for almost three years now and have used it every day. I am happy to say that I have had no problems with product. It’s a very well made chair. My kids use it too and the fabric has held their abuse pretty well. The chair still looks new. I just wipe it with a damp cloth and that’s it. The wheels still glide very smooth. The chrome is of very high quality and even after three years (almost) I don’t see any visible scratches, and I am surprised by that. Highly recommended.

  10. R. Friedman

    I’ll be ordering a second oneBetter than expected for a relatively inexpensive chair. When I started my search for a chair of this design I found WAY too many choices, with prices ranging from “too-cheap-to-be-good” all the way to “You’ve-got-to-be-kidding.” I read quite a few reviews, flipped back and forth between sites, and eventually, settled on this version. Here are a couple of things I was concerned/worried about when deciding on this chair (or others like it).First, was comfort–I often sit at my desk for hours at a time. In this regard, no problems. The padding is soft enough to feel the cushioning, and firm enough to hold its shape (so far). Another concern was “fit”, as in, would my large-ish frame fit inside, and between the arms. No problem here either. I’m six feet tall and weigh just north of two-hundred pounds. The seat is wide enough for my butt, and the arms are wide enough (and padded enough) to comfortably rest my arms and elbows. Another concern was “fit and finish.” No issues here either–the metal and upholstered parts look great, no flaws to report. The chair is adjustable for height, and at 6′ I wondered if I would be able to raise it high enough for my legs. Not a problem. There is an adjustment for Tilt. I found that to be not very effective–meaning it did not yield much range, back and forth. That’s fine with me; I’m not the sort that reclines while working (though I do admit that I can sit back and comfortably kick my feet up on the desk! Assembly was quite straight forward. Extra parts are included and there is an option to use the chair with or without the arms (I recommend “with”). The castors are adequate for the soft carpet in my office and should be quite good on hard surfaces. I have a small desk in my bedroom and I’ve decided to order this chair for that room as well. I guess that says it all…UPDATE: I see that I’ve owned this chair for a year and five months at this point and I’m pleased to report I wouldn’t change a word of my original review–both chairs (I did buy a second for another room), still look great, and are still very comfortable to sit on for hours at a time. I congratulate myself on a “great buy” each time I see them ;- )

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