ALEX Toys Super Art Table with Paper Roll Kids Art Supplies

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Product Dimensions 77.47″D x 137.8″W x 11.43″H
Color Multi
Shape Oval
Brand ALEX Toys
Special Feature Storage
Style Modern
  • Made of sturdy wood and has durable plastic cups and canvas bag that will stand up to years of art and play
  • A great addition to any child’s room, play area, classroom, or daycare
  • Dr. Toy’s inches100 Best Children’s Products inches and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s inchesPlatinum Seal inches Award winner
  • Includes table, 2 benches, 100ft. hanging paper roll, paper cutter, canvas storage bin, 3 removable storage cups, assembly tool and hardware
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older
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ALEX Toys Artist Studio Super Art Table Black is a great way to introduce children to the creative world of art. Using the Super Art Table, your child will be encouraged to draw, paint and express their creativity. Having their own space to create and store their art supplies, they will learn the valuable skills to become more talented at arts and crafts as a whole. This solid wood table with artist print is easy for adults to assemble and includes 2 matching benches. The chalkboard tabletop surface features a paper cutter, recessed cup holes, cups and a printed canvas storage bag. The table measures 51.5in. (L) by 27.5in. (W) by 17.5in. (H) and the benches measures 24.75in. (L) by 9.5in. (W) by 10.25in. (H). Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

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Weight 25.5 lbs
Dimensions 77.47 × 137.8 × 11.43 in






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Product Dimensions

137.8 x 77.47 x 11.43 inches, 77.47D x 137.8W x 11.43H

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25.5 Kilograms, 56.1 pounds



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July 6 2006



10 reviews for ALEX Toys Super Art Table with Paper Roll Kids Art Supplies

  1. Samantha

    If you have a 5 year old or bigger – BUY THIS NOW!We needed a table for my son who loves to do random art and crafts. The issue is he leaves his art stuff all over the house. This art table far exceeded my expectations. I am writing down the full story for other parents with my struggle.Backstory: My 5, almost 6-year-old son is a fairly tall kiddo. We originally bought the Step 2 Deluxe Art Desk. We quickly realized that although reviewers said it fit their 8-year-old kids, that was for sure not fact. Once we put it together, we saw it would not fit him and allow for him to be comfy. Also, the surface area was tiny. That table is great for tiny kids. Not normal size 5 and 8 years olds. I am not sure what size the reviewers of the Step 2 table’s kids are, but that is made for tiny’s. Like up to 3 or a small 4 year old.Success Story: So we found this art desk. What a steal. I paid $173, which to be honest, this will last him for a long time to come. I included pictures and a picture with my husband sitting at the desk for scale. My husband is 6’3 and as you see in the images, he fits perfectly fine.This desk comes with a paper roll and I can’t stress how easy that makes this process. My son every 5 minutes asks for a new paper when painting or drawing. Now he can do it himself. The table is heavier then I expected. So Pretty good quality. the benches are sturdy and actually comfy. the surface area is huge. Honestly, I could use this myself.Unlike other tables, this does lack a bit of storage if you have lots of diff crafts stuff for kids. Which is not a bad thing because the surface area of the desk more than makes up for it. I bought a little 4 drawer bin on wheels to put his crafts stuff right next to the table or wherever I want to move it. So I recommend that as well to help keep them organized.Assembly took 5 minutes and came with a screwdriver for the paper roll feeder. This review is not a paid review or anything. I just know we struggled to try to get the right size table for our bigger size kids that they would not outgrow. So it was logical to assume other parents struggled also. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will answer asap.Conclusion: Buy this desk right now.

  2. Aubsmommmy

    Hands down, best art table!Bought this back in November as a Christmas present and have been waiting with excitement for my little to open it. Well it’s Christmas morning and she loved it! My daughter is 2.5 and loves to do crafts, pottery, draw with chalk, markers, paint, colored pencils and crayons. This table is perfect for all of that. I’ve had my eye on this for over a year.The table is well made and super easy to assemble. One person can assemble alone. There are 6 wooden legs that screw into each bench. And 4 bigger wooden legs that screw into the table. All the legs have rubber washers on them and they screw right in. I bought this table specifically because you can use chalk on it. The chalk comes off with one easy wipe!! The roll of paper is great as well for coloring and drawing letters and etc. the pocket on the side is great for storage. You can use the 3 red cups for storage and/or also for water when you paint as it has a “fill to here” line on each cup. I bought my daughter a Crayola art set that has everything you could possibly need in it to go with this desk. The paper pulls easily through the holes and onto the table and under the paper cutter. The paper cutter is made of plastic and is not sharp enough to cause cuts. It tears the paper easily but the edges are not perfect. I am okay with that as I would trade rough edges over a sharp cutter in terms of kid safety.The box was packaged well and delivered in 2 boxes. I was worried from previous reviews that some pieces might be damaged by that was not the case. I did have a hole on the outside of the main box. Good thing they box it twice as the hole did not penetrate to the second box.All in all this is a great gift and addition to any home with children. I love this tab and ALEX toys in general. I would definitely buy this again and would highly recommend this product! You will not be disappointed!!

  3. Lady Taw

    Remote schooling and beyondThe table was delivered in the first week of remote learning in an ontime fashion. It was a bit heavy for me to carry alone luckily I have a son that made it look easy. The pieces of the activity table are large, strong and limited which are all 5 star options for me. It took my husband less then 20 minutes to put it together and it comes with a screw driver so no need to get your personal tools out. The table is brightly colored and a fun time for my two girls ages 6 and 3. They are both able to be at the table without impeding on each others personal space which is a definite plus. While he only tested it out for the purpose of this review the bench was also sturdy enough for my 17 year old son to sit on, extending his legs underneath the table and playing with his sister’s although he made it clear that, that was not something he’ll be doing on a regular as he would just prefer to sit on the floor while at the table. This table was a great buy.

  4. Myami2010

    Video can not begin to show how heavy the table is and why it is so difficult to open.The media could not be loaded.

     Beautifully decorated heavy duty table. My niece had one for her children and told me that unfortunately, the end had cracked off in their move but she drilled a metal brace and reassembled it. I ordered one for my grandson and the package was VERY heavy. It was also too large of a box to fit in the car. So, I decided to assemble it in my garage and discovered that the table was broken in exactly the same place that my niece’s table had broken. The only recourse would be to return it and wait for another delivery. I mangled the box trying to open it and dreaded the whole return procedure. I am contacting the company next week and ask if they will just send a new top and not make me return the broken one. I took a video but I had trouble figuring out how to send it to them. I will update this post after talking with the company. It appears to be a common problem with this table.May 5, 2019 Here is my update. Instead of the whole return thing, we bought 45 cents worth of steel brackets and reinforced the “wings” of the table. Better than new. In fact, even if yours is not broken, it’s not a bad idea to do this. Table is running strong and more importantly, it gets daily use and abuse. My grandson loves the table.

  5. Aaron Silverman

    2+ years and still going strongWe have had this table since Dec 2019. Sure the table shows some wear due to us using it everyday for over 2 years. I cannot believe it has held up so well to the kids, crafts, paint projects, slime, kids chemistry experiments and so much more. Today my wife commented this table was one of our best purchases for the kids. Great table.

  6. Linnea W

    Fantastic Art Table!!!!We bought this art table for my almost 3 year old daughter for Christmas. I researched many different art tables all fall and kept coming back to this one. The table is made out of good quality, sturdy wood. The primary colors are bright, go with everything, and having the paper roll attached helps keep messes to a minimum. I wanted more storage, but the cups and bag works for the colored pencils, markers, paint brushes and coloring books. I ended up purchasing a matching storage unit to store the extra art supplies anyway. I wanted a table that would work for 2 or more children so that my niece, who is the same age (and when my son is older), could sit at the table with my daughter to color, paint, draw, make crafts, puzzles, eat, play with Play Doh, etc. So far it’s been a hit! My daughter uses this table daily. I sat with her to make Valentines, and while it was not comfortable for me to put my legs under the table, it was very convenient to sit across from her and work together. The table was about $300, but we didn’t pay any shipping and I know we will be using this table for many, many years. Therefore, I think it was worth every single penny! Also, when my daughter saw this table set up on Christmas day, she was thrilled and screamed, “My art table! Santa brought me an art table!” That was priceless….

  7. R. Williams

    Looks good in the family room. My little artist should love it!Bought this around Black Friday for less than half regular price!!!!Just assembled this morning (Christmas eve) to give to my 6-year-old boy tomorrow. He spends hours each day creating, drawing, reading, etc. I wanted a larger work space for him. Also, he uses so much of my Xerox paper, I hoped the paper roll will eliminate that.I woke up thinking it might take a while to assemble, but I was finished in 10 minutes!! Alone! Very easy assembly. The table had some scratches and indentations that were not made by me. Doesn’t seem worth the hassle to return it.All in all, I am happy with this purchase for the price. I hope it is enjoyable for my son. I only hoped the benches were higher (he’s a tall 1st grader), but I will live with it.Edit: I’ve bumped my original rating up one star to a 5-star rating. My son absolutely loves his new table. He has done everything from eat, assemble lego sets, draw, paint, eat, and other things at this table. He has sat alone and with others. I’ve even sat at the table to help him during some projects (I’m 6′ so a little cramped!). I do feel it could be a bit taller, but seems to be no problem for him or other children. LOVE IT! Received many compliments from children and adults!

  8. Amazon Customer

    The little things that count- a screwdriverI bought this table for my 5 year old as an upgrade to a little table he had for Christmas. He has yet to use it, but I put it together this morning in preparation for Christmas day and I could not wait to write a review!This thing came with a screwdriver!!! I got up early before my alarm woke me up to get ready for work so I decided to hide in the garage and began opening the large box this art table came in. I did not know what tools I would need in order to put this table together. No worries! As soon as I pulled all the pieces out I saw a small screwdriver with a wooden handle and my jaw dropped. I have put together everything that I purchased in my house together and many a times I am scrambling around trying to find the 10 misplaced screwdrivers I have around the house but I did not have to waste half an hour in doing so. The wood pieces came in beautiful and looks so wonderful put together and you really don’t need the instructions that it comes with as it is very simple to put together. I cannot wait until Christmas for my son to see this gift.

  9. Jilly Bean’s Mom

    So glad I found this!!!I got this for my 3 yr old granddaughter’s birthday. I am very pleased with the quality of it. One reviewer mentioned that it is composite rather than solid wood. Yes the table and bench tops are composite pressboard, the legs are soli’ hardwood. Composite wòod products are actually stronger and it makes for a smoother surface.The paint job is of good quality, with no bare spòts or imperfections. It’s easy to assemble, just screw the legs on by hand, and use the screwdriver *that comes with it* to attach the paper roll holders.My granddaughter and her friends love it. I also got her a ton of different art and writing supplies to use with it. This will help keep her busy through the cold winter months, cooped up indoors. I can see her getting at least 4 years use out it.I highly recommend this product. Before choosing this I looked at a dozen or more art easels. They are all SMALL and cheaply made, but not so cheap on prices. Not to mention the kids have to stand the entire time they use them, so how long will they actually use them?And up to 4 preschoolers can sit at this table together. BONUS!

  10. Danielle C

    I love this table and chairsI love this table and chairs. We bought this for my son for Christmas, and it is perfect for him. He uses it to color and also as a table to play with his cars and trucks. I didn’t try to do the chalkboard part yet, but was thinking if it didn’t work I could just buy some chalkboard paint and paint the table top (without covering the very colorful circles that are around the edge). There is seating enough for three children (currently under the age of 4) on each bench. I have also sat on the bench with my son and it seems to be sturdy enough for us and holding up. He has drawn on the legs with crayon (not sure if it was accidentally or on purpose), which leaves a noticeable mark as the legs of the table and benches are very light. My thinking on this is, it’s a kids table, it can get marked up with crayon and markers and things so I didn’t try to get it off. I bought this when it was on sale, so paid only about $100. Definitely worth the money. It is a great height for little ones to sit at and color and play. Big enough for a couple of kids, but it doesn’t take up too much space in the living room.

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