Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Adjustable Height and Tilt, 350Lb Capacity – Black

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Color Black
Brand Amazon Basics
Product Dimensions 28.5″D x 30.25″W x 47.9″H
Style Chair
Material Leather
  • One Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Office Chair in black faux leather with pewter finish
  • High-back executive desk chair with big and tall size comfort; commercial-grade components
  • Adjustable lumbar mechanism for lower-back support; curved and padded arm rests
  • Adjustable seat height and tilt with tilt lock for setting the chair to preferred angle; 360-degree swivel; sturdy 5-point base with smooth-rolling casters
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 30.25 x 44.75-47.9 inches (LxWxH); Supported weight: 350 lbs; Seat adjustment: 19.29” – 22.44” H
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Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Adjustable Height and Tilt, 350Lb Capacity – Black with Pewter Finish

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Amazon Basics

From the manufacturer

Amazon Basics

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Weight 42.3 lbs
Dimensions 28.5 × 30.25 × 47.9 in



Amazon Basics





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Solid Back

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1 Count

Included Components

Back cushion seat cushion gas lifr base castors hardware kits



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Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

28.5D x 30.25W x 47.9H, 30.5 x 28.5 x 47.9 inches

Item Weight

42.3 pounds



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360-degree SwivelTilt

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Amazon Basics

10 reviews for Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Adjustable Height and Tilt, 350Lb Capacity – Black

  1. S.L.

    WOW! (BUT — See updated edit)WOW! Just WOW!! I’m seriously impressed with this chair, so far.I’m 6′ and 250 lbs, I spend 60 – 80+ hours a week at my desk in a chair. I’ve had some good chairs that I’ve paid a lot of money for and I’ve had some poor chairs I’ve paid a lot of money for too. This is the first really good chair I didn’t have to pay a lot of money for.The engineering in this chair is first rate. Putting it together it’s obvious that it is meant to withstand some punishment. The metal hardware is significantly beefier than my last chair (Which was a Serta Big and Tall and lasted 2.5 years before failing totally). The struts that comprise the arms and hold the back to the seat are massive for a desk chair. The gas strut actually stays where I put it and doesn’t leak down giving me that sinking feeling every time I lean back. The lumbar support is a plus and it is infinitely adjustable from nothing to a fairly good lumbar bulge.The seat padding is very firm, of course it’s meant to withstand a hundred pounds more than I’m putting on it so I guess that’s understandable. It’s not so firm that it’s uncomfortable but compared to my last chair it’s very noticeably more firm. The arm rests are well padded and larger than my last chair.The castors roll very easily, maybe even a little too easily because the chair tends to want to scoot away from me if I’m not careful as I sit. The chair rolls on a chair mat on a tile floor silently.I’m about 2/3rds the capacity of this chair so I maybe didn’t need a “big and tall” model but I bought it because I tear up chairs. I figured that this would be sturdier than a standard chair and it certainly appears that’s the case. In my way of thinking a sturdier chair should last longer, though there’s no way to know that yet and if not … Just like my LAST chair I’ll come back here and update my review as time goes on. My last chair started out at 5 stars too, it was great when it was new but it didn’t make it three years and that review is now one star.I’m of the opinion that a quality, well made chair should last 5 or more years before it fails. I don’t mean before it starts showing wear, I don’t give a fig what it looks like when it’s 5 years old as long as it’s still comfortable and serviceable. It’s nice having a pretty new chair but the esthetics are irrelevant to me after a reasonable period of time. Things are going to wear, they should not wear prematurely but if they wear over time that’s to be expected. When I say a chair “fails” I mean it is no longer serviceable because it is BROKEN and unusable.I’d been looking at this chair for quite a while, it’s been in my Wish List for months. I had determined that this was the next chair I was buying when the one I had became unserviceable. It came up on an Amazon Deal for significantly less than the listed price so I decided to go for it, the old chair was on its last gasp anyway. I wish I had gotten it sooner (though not that I’d had to pay more for it) because I was holding on to the old one trying to squeeze every month out of it I could get. I should have bought this chair sooner but as chance would have it all’s well that ends well.There was a hole in the box when the chair was delivered but there was no damage to the chair itself. It was very easy to follow the instructions and assemble the chair. I use a socket and ratchet to tighten up the bolts because it’s been my experience that if those fasteners are not as tight as they can be without stripping then the chair will loosen up and fail sooner than it would have if those bolts were good and tight. If you get them snugged up good and tight there’s no slop and no play in the assembly to allow things to get out of dimension and fail.This is Bonded Leather, not top grain cowhide leather. Most such chairs are Bonded Leather. If you don’t know what that is you should look it up. It’s a leather product made by dissolving the connective tissue in leather, extracting the fibers, then bonding the fibers to cloth making a sheet of dimension material for upholstery, book binding, etc. You should care for Bonded Leather the same way you care for any other leather, it is actually organic leather material. Before I put the chair into service I wiped it down good with Pecards Leather Dressing and after that sat for a few minutes in I used a leather sealer to be sure my new chair and I got started on the right foot. This moisturizes the leather but also decreases friction and keeps dust and dirt out. Friction and the cutting/grinding action of dirt and dust cause accelerated wear so if you want your chair to last you should clean it and treat it about once a month. (Don’t soak your chair in leather conditioner, less is more when it comes to conditioners.) Clean and treat more often in dirtier environments like warehouses and such. The best time to do that is as you leave your desk and chair for the day so it can penetrate over night.Note that I am NOT saying that Bonded Leather is just as good as top or full grain genuine leather. It most certainly is not. If you want full grain leather you shouldn’t even be looking at chairs in this price range. IF you think you got full grain leather on a chair in this price range you didn’t, sorry. One of the main things that cause deterioration and failure of Bonded Leather is letting the leather fibers dry out, this makes them lose their adhesion to their backing material, crack and flake off. That is going to happen eventually to pretty much all bonded leather but you can stave off that eventuality somewhat by proper care and treatment with a decent conditioner.I’m seriously impressed and happy with this chair. If that changes have no doubt I will absolutely say something about it.A NOTE ABOUT “NOISY” CHAIRS-The chair I have is silent. It makes absolutely no noise at all. While it’s possible I got lucky and that production values and quality control on these chairs is hit-or-miss … It’s more likely that I put my chair together differently than people who are having noise, wobble/wiggle and stability issues.I never use the hex key that comes with chairs requiring assembly. I can’t get sufficient torque on the bolts that fasten the chair together with the included hex key. I use a socket and ratchet wrench set to assemble chairs and have done so for years. This chair uses 1/2 inch bolt heads (if I’m remembering right, or they might be 7/16ths) so I crank those bolts down pretty hard. To avoid stripping them I “choke up’ on the ratchet holding it closer to the ratchet head than farther out along the handle. You can put too much torque on almost any bolt and that will destroy your chair, so you need to be careful.That spot of blue looking plastic stuff on the bolts is thread locker. It locks the bolts in place once they’re tightened down. I don’t know what brand or characteristics the thread locker on these is. Some, most thread lockers are activated by pressure and heat. It’s possible that the bolt is now locked in place and will only tighten with significant force applied. If you try to tighten up your bolts as per my advice then first break them loose by turning them a quarter to a half turn OUT before you try to turn them back in to tighten. That will break the thread locker loose in a safe direction and allow you to snug the bolt down tight as it needs to be. The thread locker with then re-lock the threads because you have put more pressure on it than it had before.The fact that the manufacturer includes thread locker on the bolts tells you a couple things. It means they’re aware that loose bolts are a problem. They have no control over how much torque you apply to the bolts so this is all they can do in that regard, except maybe send a better tool than a hex key. It also means that they’re conscientious enough about quality and customer satisfaction to put thread locker on the threads for increased positive customer experience.Update:It’s July 2019 and I’ve had this chair now for 1 year and 7 months. I’ve replaced the gas strut lift cylinder and just now replaced the base plate where the chair attaches to the lift cylinder and star legs. The base plate is the part that bolts to the bottom of the chair and has the tension adjuster for leaning back and the lock/lift control lever for raising and lowering it.So now this chair has cost me the price I paid for it on sale plus another $60 +/-, which brings the cost to me up to about what the regular price of the chair is. Which still isn’t bad and I only took a single star off of my initial review.The chair itself is still almost like brand new with just a little flaking of the bonded leather on front sides of the arm rests. That’s no big deal to me. The seat and back are holding together very well with no rips, tears or worn spots and the cushioning is still as good as the day I bought the chair. It still looks very nice except for that minor flaking on the arm rest covers and a spot on the front support of the right arm rest where the pocket clip on my pocket knife abrades the silver coloring and has worn it down to black plastic. The pocket knife damage isn’t the chair’s fault, it’s mine.The lift cylinder died the way they all seem to, it would not hold its setting and slowly sank to the lowest position. That happened about a year into owning the chair. I replaced it with one that is a little bit longer and the new one places the seat at exactly the right height when the seat is in its lower most position. Which means I’m not really using the gas strut at all unless I want it to sit up higher for some reason, which is rare.The base plate failed at the same place they all seem to. There’s a pivot pin in front of the lift control and behind the tension control, the thing you tighten or loosen to make the chair lean back. That pivot pin is where the chair pivots to lean back and is the actual point of attachment between the chair itself and the base plate/lift cylinder/legs. That’s the part that takes ALL the strain of having your bottom in the chair and moving around, leaning back, side-to-side torque, etc. The bushing around that pivot pin broke causing a definite lean and wobble with the seat. A gap of 1/8th inch at the center of the chair translates to about an inch and a half or two inches of drop at the outside edge of the chair and that was unacceptable. I probably could have lived with it anyway but I decided to replace that part with an even heavier and sturdier after market base plate. Which I will review when it has been on the chair for a while.Because the seat has held up so well and because the chair is made with standardized parts that allow me to make repairs and do replacements while keeping the comfortable, serviceable seat and backrest instead of buying a whole new chair — I only took one star off of my 5 star review. I’m trying to be fair because I know I’m really, really hard on chairs. Most people who use a chair in an office environment are not going to be nearly so demanding of a chair as I am.It is extremely hard for me to find a good chair that will last more than a couple of years. I’m very happy that I can fix this one rather than replace the whole thing. I got this chair at a very good price so I do not mind the minor-to-medium extra expense of buying replacement parts now and then. I replaced the failed parts with hardware better suited to the torture I put a chair through which means that now I have, for the price of some parts, what amounts to a brand new chair that should last me even longer than the original parts allowed.All of that said, the original parts failed sooner than I expected them to for a “Big and Tall” chair so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about buying this chair. If you’re any good at all tracking down the point of failure and determining what part to buy and are a little bit handy with tools you can do what I did. If not then you might want to look elsewhere but like I said … It’s REALLY hard to find a chair that lasts and remains comfortable for a long time.If you do find something better I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a comment and let me know where I can find that chair. I’ve had $1200 chairs that also fell apart so it’s not really a matter of what you spend in an attempt to get higher quality. I had an Office Star Space chair that I loved when it was new but the base plate SNAPPED in half from metal fatigue. The company replaced it and eventually it got to be unserviceable for someone like me so I gave it to my nephew who weighs 120 lbs. max after a heavy meal. He’s still happily using it for the couple hours a day he needs a desk chair. The problem is one of engineering more than anything else, though of course a cheaper chair is made with cheaper, lighter parts and the difference becomes obvious on some of the really low-priced chairs. This Amazon Basics chair would benefit from a heavier base plate like the one I installed and now being as I’ve replaced that plate it WILL benefit from it. All of which is fine and dandy IF the actual seat/backrest/arms part of the chair holds up, which this one seems to be doing very, very well. I feel that my rating of four stars is fair and reasonable, if I had the means to rate in fractions of a star I’d give the chair 3.85 stars but I had to round up to 4.At 3.85 stars for quality and value I’m very happy with this chair still.

  2. Ryan

    All Signs Point to YesDespite all the mixed recent reviews, I needed a new office chair and opted to take a chance on this one. With so many 5-Stars overall, I figured it was worth chancing it. General me info: I’m a decently large guy but won’t be maxing out the weight rating on this chair (6’1″, ~230lbs). I’m pretty active while sitting and tend to fidget quite a bit, lean/sit unevenly, sit cross-legged, and lift myself with the armrests. I generally spend 3-4 hours per day at my workstation, but with quarantining it’s been more like 8-10. So any problems or shortcomings with this new chair should present sooner, rather than later.This just delivered today so it’s still pretty early for a review. I’ll likely update this if anything breaks, falls apart, or irritates me. If it’s been a while and I haven’t added an update, you’re safe to assume this chair is holding up as expected.So- for anyone else on the fence over whether or not to order, here are my initial thoughts:Shipping:* Delivered in a large corrugated cardboard box, approx 50 lbs and 2.5’x2’x1.5′. Components were wrapped either in bubble wrap or in plastic.* Worked out fine for me, but if yours takes a beating in transit I can easily imagine components getting damaged.Assembly:* Lots of people complaining about assembly on these, I had precisely zero troubles. I’ve put together quite a few chairs of this type, so that may play into my experience with this one.General Assembly Tips:* Make sure you’re using the correct bolts in the correct places. There are three different lengths, and the instructions are pretty clear on which are intended to go where. No, I don’t usually read them either, but skimming through the instructions is generally a good idea- especially when there are a bunch of really similar components involved.* Bolts each have a patch of the dry blue thread locker, ignore it. It’s nice they added it for you, but this stuff is nearly useless. It’ll work well enough to hold things together while you go get some real thread locker, but not for permanent installation or extended use.* If you don’t add real thread locker, plan for the fasteners to work themselves loose. You’ll know they’re loose because you’ll start experiencing shifting/leaning/squeaks and the chair will wobble when you move around. That’s not a chair problem, that’s an assembly issue. Easy enough to fix, just tip the chair over, remove fasteners, apply thread locker, and reinstall. What do you mean you still don’t have thread locker? Go order some now!* Tilt mechanism and seat cushion are both clearly marked which direction is front. On mine, the front side of the seat cushion has a plastic spacer thing that the front bolts run through. Looks like it’s intended to angle the front edge of the seat high. The Tilt mechanism should be marked with the front side- if yours isn’t marked, the tilt lock lever should be on your right when you’re sitting in the chair. If you install the seat cushion to the Tilt Mechanism backwards the seat angle will be weird, the arm angle will be weird, the seat back angle will be weird, and you’ll end up being one of those people complaining that you can’t sit up straight and your chair is tilted back way too far.* Arms bolt in 4 places, two on the bottom of the seat cushion, one on the side of the back cushion, and the last on the back of the back cushion. Install the two seat cushion bolts hand tight into both arms first, then flip the chair over and put in the back cushion and those fasteners. Don’t tighten any of these past hand tight until you’ve got all 8 bolts (both sides!) in place. The cushion padding in this thing is pretty thick, so as you’re putting things together you’ll need to shift, squish, and wiggle. The bolts align with the threaded t-nuts just fine if you do it this way. Once everything is in place, start working your way around tightening bolts. Tighten them in evenly- don’t crank one all the way in while the other three are still way loose or you’ll just be pulling everything out of alignment.Fit and Finish:* It’s bonded leather… so I expect it’ll hold up better than cloth. Won’t be as breathable, so take that into consideration if you’re somewhere warm. Will definitely be easier to clean.* Arms and base are plastic that looks to be coated with a metallic paint. Its got a glossy finish, so likely has some kind of hardener. Don’t know how that’ll hold up, but I honestly don’t care how the plastic bits look as long as they’re sturdy and function properly.* Castor wheels have very low rolling resistance, so this chair rolls around really easily. Great if you like that, might need to loop something like yarn around the castor axles to add some resistance if you don’t.* Padding feels thick and firm, nothing poking through where it shouldn’t be.* Lumbar support is more noticeable than I expected. Cranked it all the way in and could still feel it. Initially this bugged me, but it’s been a few hours now and I don’t even notice it.*Looks good- Black Bonded Leather and white stitching look good. Arms and base plastic bits look good.Overall, I’m very happy with this chair. Again, it’s still really early for a review, but like I said; With so many bad reviews filled with what seemed to be self-inflicted assembly problems, I wanted to get this out there quickly.

  3. Molly Copenhaver

    Best decision I’ve made since I got married. (Still not better than that though)Early review and I will update if anything changes but so far this chair is awesome. I am 6’3″ and weigh about 280lbs. I herniated two discs in my back at the same time (L4-L5 and L5-S1) and let me tell you this: It sucks. I would not recommend it to anyone. I immediately realized how bad my old chair was on my back, so I ordered a gamer chair with a hard lumbar pillow thinking “hey, this will work. It’s designed for gamers. Gamers sit ALL THE TIME. I just need it for watching Hulu at night with my wife and playing games a few hours on off days.” Nope. The chair wobbled and soon tilted and now is almost as bad as the chair I replaced. I saw this chair and after reading mostly positive but still somewhat mixed reviews I went for it. I’m glad I did.First let’s talk Assembly.This chair is easy to assemble. Like, really easy. I have assembled many computer chairs and desks in my life. This chair is the easiest I have ever assembled. The instructions are clean and concise (Although let’s be honest, you could probably figure out how to assemble a chair on your own) and each step has its own page, making it really easy to keep up with where you are in the process. Each step has a full size picture too. The design of the chair is brilliant in that when you put the arms on the base, they make cups for the back to sit in. Also, PRO TIP: AFTER YOU UNBOX EXERYTHING DON’T IMMEDIATELY THROW THE BOX AWAY. Close it back up and use the box as a table to assemble the chair. When the seat of the chair is on the box, it keeps it at a comfortable working height and allows enough room on each side to easily and quickly attach the arm rests. AND if you have a drill with the right size bit, use that for assembly set on medium torque. Saves time and ensures you don’t over tighten if you are heavy handed like me.TOTAL ASSEMBLY TIME:

  4. James Braley

    Can’t judge quality over time yet but the rest I can speak for…Ease of build: 4.75 of 5Putting the chair together was fairly simple, I did it by myself though there is one step that would definitely be easier with a second person to help hold the chair back aligned properly while you get all 4 screws at least in, but all in all took almost no time to put together and the tool supplied with the chair was actually long enough to screw everything without having to do those dinky quarter turns because both sides of the Allen wrench where about 3″ long and not the standard of having one side be 3″ long and the other side be 0.25″ long, definitely a tool designed for putting this chair together with the least amount of effort.. Only real compaint about building is that the text on the instructions is so small that trying to tell if it wants me to use screws B or screws A took more effort then it should have, not the worst I have seen but definitely would have been easier if the font way maybe 3 pxl sizes larger.Comfort: 4.5 of 5The seat is very comfortable, the back is comfortable and the lubar adjustment is great, the only thing keeping this from being 5 of 5 is the fact the locked position there is only one position 90* straight up and down, the one design change I would make is having two or three angles of recline lock, like 90*, 93*, and 96*, while I am working the 90* is just fine, but when I want to kick back and watch some videos it would be really nice if I could lock the chair in an ever so slight tilt to relax, but if I want to lean slightly back I have to keep my feet on the ground to constantly be pushing myself back. having one or two options to slightly lean back and lock it in would be the one thing I would add to it’s features to bring the comfort up that little bit moreQuality of material ?-5Can not be certain for a fair while, from first impressions it feels good, but also the last chair I bought first impressions it felt decent quality and ended up being terrible quality, This is the one area I will update at say 6 months and then a year, but for first impressions it seems to be of better quality then the last chair I had, but I won’t put a score on it until it has enough time to show its flaws.

  5. John

    Comfortable and reliable chair that has lasted longer than most chairs I have ever purchasedI bought this chair in July of 2019 looking for a good replacement to one of the folding chairs that has little to no butt and back support that I was using in lieu of having a nice office chair. After researching extensively, checking reviews and other websites for the consistency of reviews ( I decided that this was the best office chair to fit my needs. I was 290 lbs, a 6’2 male who wanted good support, comfort and reliability in the chair that I was sitting in in terms of the pressurized canisters that support the structural base of the chair. In America, you might not expect to have a pressurized canister collapse and fail, but with poorly made chairs, this is a (slight) but actual possibility that can occur where a chair impales you.I am a heavier guy and I fluctuate in weight so I wanted a chair with structural integrity and support that could allow me to work at my desk for hours on end. The chair, after two years, is still holding up strong with little wear and tear and is functionally very useful. The assembly of the chair wasn’t too hard and the instructions were easy to follow. The only problem was that some of the bolt ports were misaligned slightly so I had to rig the chair at a certain angle to fit the bolts within the chair in terms of proper guiding (to align the bolts).I place a lot of trust in this chair and it has done me well, like most Amazon Basic products. I support Amazon Basic products even given what you might think of Amazon’s own proprietary listings versus independent vendors, they do an extremely good job at providing safe and quality products to consumers at a good price, wherein ofcourse, they make a good profit themselves.The upholstery of the synthetic leather is excellent as well. It is a nice consistent material of smooth consistency which is accommodating to the tactile sensibilities of someone looking for relaxation while they sit in the seat. This seat has accommodated me for hours on end, sometimes up to 18 hours a day, where it provided sufficient comfort and relaxation as I focused on the work I was doing at my desk.The only two problems I had with this seat is that it is canted too much at an odd angle. It is much more so at about 75 degrees instead of orthogonal, but I would have preferred an orthogonal seat, but still, it was a great chair for a great price, with excellent reliability and consistency in its manufacturing process.The second problem was that the lumbar support deflates after nine months of cranking the lumbar support to maximum. My solution is that there needs to be a layered set of materials, wherein the outer layer and inner layer, should be respectively switching between a material layer of springiness and firmness, wherein the expansion and contraction forces maintain rigidity but flexibility over time.Still, for what it is, this is an excellent chair. Almost every other office chair I have used over the course of my life has failed within six months, even within weight grade wherein the chair was supposed to support my weight.5/5

  6. John – Michigan

    So far so good 😉 ***But I recommend Reading before purchase***Initially:Well I have to admit Amazon’s customer service is their saving grace and is consistently on point! I ordered this from the “warehouse” deals at a slight discount. The description was packaging is slightly damaged with NO product damages. OK I thought… but upon unpacking this Tetris like package… I found the back of the upper seat back had a gouge sliced into it. I normally could care less it’s for my home office and well lets be honest…. it’s going to get dinged and scratched up and over all it was in really good shape…. my concern was that I would catch it just right on something and it would rip wide open…. So Amazon offered me a little bit or $ back and I was able to go to my local tapestry shop and get a patch of fabric that they taught me how to properly cover and patch the area preventing it from ever tearing further! So that worked out just fine with me. Because there is no way on earth I was going to attempt to re-pack and return this sucker for a new one.Details: I will attach pictures shortly of start to finish… It went together well and I was able to do it alone. I will say it’s nice of Amazon to actually add an ” EXTRA PIECES” bag along with all the other pieces…. that never seems to happen any more. But all of the original pieces were there so I have back ups just in case. One other thing that I really appreciated and quite frankly NEVER EXPECT WITH FURNITURE…. The little hex wrench you get actually worked and spun freely 360 degrees around on every single bolt with one 1 exception. I was very pleased… it’s a dang nightmare to put these things together when you have to remove and re attach the little dinky hex wrench 500 times during the process and your hand is already aching! So that was a nice surprise!!!Comfort for my size:Ok so this guy is big and roomy im an easy 250Lbs ( Yes I am being nice to my self… No judgments please LOL) But I am WELL under the manuals 350LBS max weight It does seem solid ( mind you I have only sat in this thing for all of 10 minutes…. ) It’s soft and comfortable but not so squishy that I sink to the bottom where all the hard components are which is what happened to my last ( same as everyone had ) black office chair. I will say that I am only 5’10” and I do feel like I can just barely touch the floor with my feet when the chair is compressed all the way down. Which is not a deal breaker for me since I have a home made foot rest but just FYI. Also I was VERY HAPPY to see an adjustable lumbar in the seat back it’s just a roller knob you adjust and it makes the lumbar protrude or retract to your desired liking. Nice touch because now I can get rid of the small couch pillow I have been using for years! NICE TOUCH!!!!Concern: Im still on the fence on this issue but I really feel like the seat bottom is VERY short… I kinda feel like it hits my upper to mid thigh and cuts a little to short…. some times I like to sit on 1 leg folded under my other leg from time to time and there is just no room…. which is really odd because my other ( old school regular size chair i’m replacing) I would EASILY do that and not have any problems… So I am hoping that once the padding compresses a little bit this will improve because I kind of feel pushed forward a little too much. But I am more than willing to give it a spin because I can complain all day long but there is NO OTHER chair out there with a price like this and Is actually descent quality! I refuse to spend $300+ on a chair that I am not really in ALL day…. no thanks! So I will update as things settle in and compress and I will have images soon.Hope this helps!Cheers!Have a blessed God given day!John-Michigan

  7. Deborah Harwell

    Initial thoughts – Love itI received this chair approximately one hour ago so this review is on initial thoughts and setup. I may update it down the road and will tag it as such if I do.tldr; don’t tighten the screws more than a few turns til they are all in. Fits me as a big and tall well, but if I were much shorter it would be too big. Would recommend to anyone over 5’10”-6’0″!Setup – 28 minutesFrom cutting the top of the box to sitting in the chair took me approximately 28 minutes. I have experience assembling other households items such as grills and dressers, but I took my time reading the instructions before each step to make sure I wouldn’t have to back track. YMMV.The pieces all fit together easily. The only part I struggled a bit with was getting the first two screws in when attaching the back. The back is designed to sit tightly against the seat, so the cushion naturally fights you while trying to get things together. If you have a second person get them to push the seat into position while you thread the screws. If you are flying solo get the back as close to the right position as you can, squeeze it into place then hold the back tightly against the arm to get the screw into place. With small hands you may consider using a clamp with something soft between it and the seat to prevent damage.Don’t tighten any of the screws more than a few twists to hold it in place and you should have minimal issues getting it all together. Once all screws are in, tighten each one a few turns then move to the next, circling around until all are snug. This will help everything fall into place smoothly. Note- I got a couple scratches on the arm from the screws that go into the back of the seat, but as long as you use caution when tightening the scratches will get covered by the plastic plug.Initial Thoughts:The seat has a lot more cushion than I am used to so it feels like I am sitting high. My old seat cushion is blown out from years of use, so it will definitely take a bit of getting used to. I am 6’1″ and with the seat at it’s lowest I’ve got about 1/2″ before it would start picking my heels up off the ground. If my legs were too much shorter it would be too big, but then again this is a big and tall chair, so it’s just right!This chair has more lumbar support than any office chair I have sat in, but unfortunately it’s pretty firm at it’s max. A couple twist down from max makes it pretty comfortable. I like significantly more lumbar support than most, and will supplement this with a tempurpedic pillow, so this is not an issue for me. This is why I gave the Ergonomic rating a 4. If the Lumbar was slightly more cushioned at it’s max I would give it a 5, regardless of my desire for excessive lumbar support.

  8. Joe diesenroth

    Nice chairIt seems to be a pretty good chair so far I’m 300 lb and it’s holding up.

  9. Someone on the internet

    Honest review here. It’s not a 5 star chair by any means.Gone are the days if the 4 wheeled screw type heigh adjusters that are built to last. Now we have these pneumatic cylinders that fail. However, this chair seems to be made with that expected. With it at it’s lowest height it is still higher than my chair with the failed cylinder. Plus 1 star. The main supports that connect the arms to the base and back are some kind of solid plastic. It doesn’t look like this was meant to last. Out of the box and freshly assembled it resembles a 5 star chair but with the low quality of manufacturing with a $200 price tag this chair was built with at most $50 worth the material. The roller base is also made of plastic. Some how it’s advertised to hold 350lbs. Which I can verify. How long can it do it? Not long I suspect 6mo to a year. We will see. Will update if status changes. With most desk chairs going for about this price I would say it’s a fair buy. It was worth a try. I would recommend it, as out of the box, it’s decent.

  10. Dakota

    Good chair for bigger peopleI love this chair. They are comfortable and well built for a larger guy like me. They do tend to wear out with prolonged use but I’m pretty hard on my chairs. The failure point has been the plate on the bottom where the post connects to the chair. But they have lasted a couple years of heavy use and I’m now on my 3rd same chair.

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