Amazon Basics Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Computer Desk Chair, 350-Pound Capacity – Black

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Color Black
Brand Amazon Basics
Product Dimensions 29.5″D x 27.25″W x 47″H
Style Medium Sofa
Material Leather
  • High-back executive chair for big and tall users; commercial-grade components; supports up to 350 pounds
  • Upholstered in bonded black leather, curved arm rests
  • Multiple settings feature ability to lock chair into upright position, 360-degree swivel, and smooth-rolling casters
  • Pneumatic control handle for raising/lowering the seat; seat adjusts from 18.75 to 22.25 inches high
  • Measures 27.25 x 29.5 x 47 inches overall (WxDxH); assembly required; 1 year limited warranty
  • BIFMA Certified
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Amazon Basics Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Computer Desk Chair, 350-Pound Capacity – Black

From the Manufacturer

Amazon Basics

From the manufacturer

Amazon Basics

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Additional information

Weight 35.3 lbs
Dimensions 28.4 × 30.1 × 45.7 in
Product Dimensions

28.4 x 30.1 x 45.7 inches; 35.3 Pounds

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Date First Available

April 2 2020



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10 reviews for Amazon Basics Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Computer Desk Chair, 350-Pound Capacity – Black

  1. KJ Tampa

    It’s Not that hard to assemble, read why. Appears to be a very good chair.TIP: Before you start to actually assemble, put the bolts in first to prep the threads…Put each bolt in by hand to not strip the threads, then a couple of turns with the included allen wrench, in ALL of the holes. Now remove bolts and start to assemble per instructions that are included in the box… This is the method that should be used for assembling most things. It makes assembly much easier…Reading the multitude of questions and reviews stating the difficulty of assembling this chair, as well as others, is the inspiration for starting this review and telling the secret…It was packaged properly in a box stating the net weight (chair) as 38.6 pounds, gross (total) weight 44.1, …seems a bit odd for the cardboard and bubble wrap to weigh 5.5 lbs… Box is 30.5″ wide x 15.25″ deep x 25.25″ tall.Chair was delivered before the estimated time (I have Prime and live in Tampa, FL). The pieces inside the box were well protected according to the piece, either with bubble wrap or cardboard separators. No missing pieces. It was delivered by Amazon truck. With the tracking, I could see the exact position of the truck on the map, showing distance and how many stops before mine. (NOTE: Amazon, GREAT feature!)Chair was purchased August 25, 2020 and delivered August 27, so I am not sure when they started using this blue thread lock compound on the bolts, which should eliminate the bolts from loosening. I am happy that they did! This is important as I have read many reviews for various chairs that state the bolts loosen with time. (Yes, I have a bit of OCD and do a lot of research as I also buy for our office, and I tend to prefer overkill). The box shows April 2020 as time of manufacture.I am 6’1″, ~250 pounds and have only used the chair for a day and a half. My initial findings are that it is a very sturdy chair, the reclining (rocking) mechanism is great, as is the comfort and size. No side to side wobble. For the price, I am assigning 5 stars, although this may change with time…The finish (or paint) of chair is not that durable… Removing the packing tape, removed a small patch of the paint on the interior of one of the arms… Small jar of paint for model cars and such, at a hobby store, is relatively cheap ($2-3) and should work for a touch up, if this bothers you. I am sure that they are available online, however seeing the exact color in person may make for a better match.I have back problems and need a chair that can keep me in a proper upright sitting position and give support without feeling like I am going to fall backwards when putting a bit of pressure on the back, as so many chairs do. I have adjusted the tension perfectly for this.If I want to rock like a rocking chair, it performs perfectly. Good spring tension and seems like a strong spring was used. It can lean back just enough to be able to comfortably put your feet up on an ottoman or the top of your desk.The lift piston holds my weight up at the highest setting, no problem. The top of the seat in the lowest position is ~17″ from floor, highest is ~21″. Pushing the lift lever in locks the chair in the upright position. Pulling it out allows you to rock or lean back, your choice… Chair also has a tension knob to adjust how easy the chair leans back or rocks.The seat is ~22″ wide between the arms and ~21″ deep (front to back). The back is ~21″ wide at top, ~22″ at bottom by ~28″ high. Cushioning on seat and back is ~3″ thick. It does appear to hold me up and not bottom out. Only time will tell the truth, if it will hold up my 250 lbs….The armrests are ~2.5″ wide by ~14″ long, with padding about 1″ thick. If I put pressure, I can feel the frame. The end of armrests are ~6″ from end of seat and are ~7″ above seat. You can calculate if the chair arms can fit under a desk by adding the desired height of seat and about 7.5 – 8″ for clearance of arms.Overall width of outside of armrest to outside of armrest is ~27″.SIDE NOTE: When I ordered the chair, I also ordered the “Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair – Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion – Coccyx Cushion – Sciatica Pillow for Sitting (Black)”. It just arrived!(And I also ordered the “Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair – Pure Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion for Car (Black)” that is not due to be received until tomorrow.)I am not sure if I will permanently use (either/both) with this chair, however with the seat cushion on this chair, it feels like I am sitting on a cloud! The seat cushion does fit perfectly on the chair seat and will stay positioned due to the design of the chair seat.(For the Q & A person asking if the cushion will muffle flatulence in an office environment, I don’t believe so as it has a cut out for the coccyx… As far as a permanent smell, perhaps adult diapers may help you prevent that… Just thought that I would throw that out there in case you are reading this! )It rolls reasonably well on the berber carpet in my bedroom when I want to roll back for viewing the television. I do have a cheap chair mat under the desk that requires me to lift up the front of chair to permit the chair to get back on the mat.I might purchase a better chair mat or change casters depending upon the results of repeated use…I will update this review as time passes, disclosing any defects or changes that I may encounter.Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Amazon, et al, in any way. I pay for my product and give a review if I have the time and feel that it may help someone. This is my experience with this chair. I hope that it may help you!I just wanted to add, again due to reviews, just because an item is made in China, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is junk. Keep in mind that they are typically made to specifications that were provided by…American engineers. If cheap junk is spec’d, it will be cheap junk!Please let me know if I left any details out. Thanks for reading, I hope that I didn’t bore you! Good luck and stay safe!

  2. Kim

    Does Not Disappoint!I previously purchased this chair in brown for my office, and it was super comfortable and has held up well. I got the big and tall chair with a higher weight capacity, as I thought it might last longer than a lower weight capacity chair. I’m 5’6 and love the fit of this chair. When my home office was complete, I ordered it in cream (because it was less expensive and color did not matter to me). I put it together myself in between conference calls while I was working from home sick. It was that easy to follow the instructions and put together. My husband, who has had multiple chairs that are not quite right, sat in the chair and decided he wanted one for his office too. So we ordered the third chair. He really liked the fit and comfort of the chair and he’s 6’1. It is easy to adjust and the comfort cannot be beat! Would buy again, if necessary.

  3. KPretty-VA

    Soft and stylish but NOT for tall peopleVery stylish. I love the color. Nice material. Easy to assemble. Packaged very well. BUT….this is NOT a chair for a tall person! I’m 5’11 and the seat of the chair is NOT deep seated. So it does NOT hit the back of my knee caps so I feel like I’m always sitting on the edge of the seat. The chair does NOT tilt or lean back! And lastly the chair does have a forward tilt. I’ve read the reviews and people are right it tilts forward. I have no idea why! But it your 5ft tall or shorter, this is the chair! But if your a tall person, PASS this chair!! I’ll probably be posting this for resale on FB Martketplace very soon!

  4. JME

    OK so far, needs quality control improvementI’m coming from an already assembled leather (not bonded) chair from an office supplies store that lasted approximately 20 years before the metal bracket underneath cracked. The seat cushions went 100% flat long ago and I probably should have replaced it 10 years ago.I am handy and have lots of tools, but did not use any of my own, other than the minor alteration described below.I am 6’3″ around 265 lbs, large and in charge.From the Amazon part – all good. Price, great. Shipment arrival time, great.From the manufacturer/packaging part – less good.Though there were a few tears in the outer box, there was no damage due to that.By the time it made it to me ~ 2/3 of the packing tape was torn off, missing, or bunched up – they should consider thicker, wider tape at least, if not thicker cardboard and box-staples to hold it together.The bubble wrap going over the arms did not completely surround them, so the rear facing part of the arms had significant scratches and an inch or two of the color worn off.(why would you paint plastic for a long term use product?, I would pay more for colored plastic instead)Assembly went fine except for one hiccup – the two threads to receive the bolts on the right side of the back rest did not line up at all with the plastic arm, a full inch off. Doing some Yoga to hold it in place leaning on two of the 5 wheels, while allowing me to see it from the side, I put a narrow-blade screwdriver in each thread and simply bent them to where they line up, and then that was it, it was assembled.The provided Allen wrench was an equal-length-on-both-sides L, some reviews mentioned a different version of that.So far, I’ve only been sitting in it for one day. The chair is comfortable, sturdy, tilt is good. Raised all the way up, my 5′ tall wife’s legs dangle off. Mine do not. The back of my knees are several inches away from the front of the chair.I will probably get touch-up paint at some point, it’s certainly not enough of a concern for me to disassemble it, box it up, and return it.

  5. Mike T

    Good valueBetter comfort than my ergonomic chair I spent double on.

  6. Eddie

    It’s very strong.Kool chair!

  7. Sheina Renée

    Instructions could use improvementReally my only complaint is the instructions. It works have been nice to have some written out instructions alongside the pictures. I really struggled getting it put together. I thought I had double and triple checked to make sure I had the front of the chair correct before securing the back. However, I ended up putting it on wrong and not realizing it until the next day. After looking at other reviews I don’t think I’m the only one who had this issue. Put together incorrectly the seat sits extremely forward and you do feel like you’re going to fall out of it. Securing the arms was extremely difficult until I did it the correct way. It went together very easily after I corrected my mistake. I think that could have been solved work done written instruction rather than just pictures.Other than that it seems like a terrific chair. lt seems sturdy and is very comfortable. I can’t comment on how well it lasts since I’ve only had it for one day but it seems like it will last very well.If you buy this chair, pay close attention to which is the front and which is the back of the seat. If you are struggling check again to be sure you’ve got the back on the BACK.

  8. VinnyVavoom

    pretty good chair for the moneySo I am a big guy, 5’10” and 250lbs. Since the COVID pandemic, I am now working from my home office nearly 100%. I had a good chair that was fifteen years old and figured my derriere deserved an upgrade and I bought this chair.The good:1. chair seat is large, wide and deep. plenty of room and my legs do not touch the armrests.2. the lumbar is supportive and comfortable for me.3. The wheels are excellent, very smooth.4. material is fairly nice imitation leather5. the armrests are at a good height and are soft/comfortable.6. The height adjustment is good and the piston seems durable.The not so good:1. seat cushion is fairly thin and a bit soft. I am guessing I will need to replace it with a firmer foam within the year.2. The shoulders are a bit further back than I prefer as I like a nice upright position3. The paint on the base and armrests is very low quality and will easily mar/chip/peel if you are not careful4. The tension adjustment on the tilt spring does not absolutely nothing that I can tell

  9. Courtney Cook

    Decent Chair for PriceDidn’t want to spend a ton of money on an office chair. Decided to try this one out. It’s not all that bad for the price. Not the comfiest or most supportive, but for me, it can get the job done. Unsure about how the wheels work that come with the chair as I got a different set that will work well on hardwood and carpet.

  10. Rob

    I should have read the reviewsWhile the chair is comfortable and does support my 320 pounds, it doesn’t recline. No where in the description does it say it does, I just thought that like every other office chair I had ever bought that it would. Multiple reviews mention this and I should have read more carefully. I will keep it for a bit. If nothing else it should help improve my posture.I did also, as some others have talked about, replace the casters for inline rollerblade wheels which makes any chair better. I also have the tempered glass mat that is worth every penny.

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