Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Lounger with Microfiber Cover – 7-Foot, Gray

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Product details

Brand Amazon Basics
Color Grey
Pattern Solid
Material Memory Foam
Fill Material Memory Foam
Product Dimensions 48″D x 90″W x 34″H
  • Large bean bag lounger floor pillow fits multiple people
  • Fun, retro design perfect for floor seating, playing video games, watching movies, and more
  • Filled with shredded memory foam for softness, support, and longevity
  • Ultra-soft microfiber cover that’s durable and stain-resistant
  • Sofa-style microfiber bean bag lounger with super soft cover
  • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 3.3 feet
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Product Description

An Amazon Brand.

From the Manufacturer

Amazon Basics

From the manufacturer

Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Lounger with Microfiber Cover

Bean Bag Lounger

Create comfortable floor seating with this sofa-style bean bag lounger. Perfect for studying, playing video games, watching movies, and more.

Cushioning Comfort

The bean bag lounger comes filled with shredded memory foam for optimal softness, support, and longevity.

Ultra-Soft Cover

The microfiber cover feels plush and velvety soft to the touch and offers durable, stain-resistant strength that can stand up to everyday use.

Easy Setup and Care

Allow the lounger 4 to 5 days for complete expansion. The cover should not be removed but can be spot cleaned as needed.

Additional information

Weight 81 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 90 × 34 in

Amazon Basics






memory foam

Fill Material

Memory Foam





Item Weight

81 Pounds

Product Dimensions

48D x 90W x 34H, 90 x 48 x 34 inches

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Date First Available

March 27 2020


Amazon Basics

10 reviews for Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Lounger with Microfiber Cover – 7-Foot, Gray

  1. Monica H.

    Ok but…I got the red 6’ lounger. So, I managed to roll it up the stairs one step at a time, by myself, in the zip fabric bag that is inside the box, to the upstairs room. I’m a girl and old (lol 57), not hard to do on your own, definitely do-able. Once inside the room, unzipped the fabric shipping bag to reveal the lounger air shrunk inside a clear plastic bag. Released it from the plastic bag but no immediate “poof” as you would expect from something shrink wrapped (all the air sucked out to make it smaller for shipping). I started to pick at the fabric cover, it was slow going, and once I got the cover looser, eventually had to get inside the red fabric cover to break apart the compacted foam bits. If you read the inserts, the zipper tab has been removed for child safety (very frustrating but ok, I guess, probably a dumb consumer law). I bent open a large paper clip, as per the instructions (READ them!), and it unzipped easily. I dove my arms into the cover and used them like salad tossers to break apart the bits of foam that were packed together due to the shrink wrap shipping process. Ugh…what a mess. Highly recommend you place a large sheet or plastic under the bean bag before you unzip and begin the break apart process. That way it might be easier to clean up, the foam bits and bobs go everywhere and stick to everything. Once I was happy with the foam bits (the stuffing) being separated sufficiently, I zipped it up using the large paper clip. Then…clean up begins. Quite a mess and time consuming but with a good vacuum, it does happen eventually. I rolled the bag around, tossed it about, to fluff it up. It did get pretty fluffy. I actually spent the night on it even though I wanted to let it puff up more for a few days—but my husband was ill so I chose to isolate. The main takeaway is that you do smush it down with body weight but it will puff up again if you just roll it back and forth, flip it over and back. I guess it could use more filling, too. Biggest complaint is the chemical smell coming from the bits of foam inside…again, this is only 24 hours in so we will see, but that smell better relax and dissipate over time. Overall…not bad for the price IF that smell dissipates. Pretty comfy for watching tv, using a tablet, reading, etc. Sleeping is ok…I am 5’5” and my feet dangled over the edge a bit. I like it. I might try to procure more foam stuffing…it could use a bit more, IMHO. UPDATE: After several days and daily rolling and flipping, the foam stuffing has puffed up a great deal more and the pod is huge! YAY. The weird chemical smell from the stuffing seems to be dissipating but very slowly.

  2. Miranda

    Worth itJust got the 6ft lounger in today, and I love it and it hasnt even fully fluffed. It is very heavy and awkward to move around, even in the box. You will be sitting pretty close to the ground, so if you have bad knees I wouldn’t suggest it. It molds around you for maximum support and comfort. I wouldn’t complain if it had more stuffing, but if I still feel that way in a few days there’s plenty available on here. I’ve already ordered the 7ft lounger and Im going to completely get rid of my couches for something way more comfortable and fun

  3. Luke

    Comfortable enough for the dogI spent a week quarantining in March 2022, and after only gaming on pillows set up on the floor and in an office chair, I’d had enough. I ordered myself this bean bag, and here are my thoughts since ordering.Packaging:—It came in this dense cubical box.—The box was heavy and I had a hard time getting the bag out because it was so tightly packed in. The sides were protruding as well.Setup:—It wasn’t a pain to mess with, but I did end up just walking in circles on it after I’d broken up the big chunks.—It never fully inflated to the size shown in the product pictures, which might’ve been user error. However, I was basically doing WWE knockouts to bust up the memory foam.The Bag Itself:—It definitely settles into a shape after a while. If you’re sitting in it the same way every time, then that’s probably not awful. But if you’re like me and a chronic weird sitter, it’s annoying to not be able to get into the position you want without picking it up and mashing it into place.—This thing picks up hair better than a vacuum. My dog discovered that he likes it better than his regular bed. And while that’s fantastic for him, it’s awful for me when I want to game before going out and get up with his hair all over my body.—It’s really easy to spot clean, but awful for big stuff like spills. I’d consider going for a waterproof fabric instead of this, because spilling a soda or (god forbid) your cat pees on this, you have to take it apart entirely.Conclusion:While I like it, I would definitely go for a waterproof option if I were to rebuy. It’s a nice bean bag, but if you have pets or are clumsy with drinks, I’d find another

  4. Angela Wright

    Really comfortableThis is a great item for any room. Unfortunately I bought the 6′ and it was so much larger than I was expecting. It really gets tall and by the time it was done it stood about 4′ tall and 6′ wide. It was way too large for our room. Will be getting a smaller one instead.

  5. Michael Prosachik

    Biggest Bean Bag EverOK, this thing is huge! 3 people fit in it easy. Takes a while to get to full size. Only down side of it is that it is heavy! Hard to move up the stairs to another room.

  6. ES F.

    Looks cool and super cozy.Don’t be fooled by the box when it arrives! This is a super cozy bean bag chair and it arrives neatly packaged in a tiny case. You watch it “grow” into its real size. A great chair at this price. Perfect for kids and teens to use in a playroom or gaming space.

  7. Beth6420

    It’s goodIt’s all that’s described. I thought it had a bag so it could be washed but it does NOT sadly. That is a downside since if it gets stinky you can’t wash. But otherwise big, comfy chair.

  8. Mike m

    Better than the name brandsVery comfortable, better than a fold out couch bed. Kids love to sleep on it, I could probally replace my bed with this thing, and it costs way less than the name brands. Or a real bed. Good for lazy days reading or playing games

  9. Gyakusetsu

    DANGEROUSLY COMFYI bought this to replace a recliner that looked dated and broke for no good reason. I was looking for something comfy that would also sit 2 people if necessary.Item is WAY heavier than I expected. The foam cubes inside make it a lot more hefty than the little styrofoam beads of yesteryear. I opened up the box to find a weird vacuum sealed mass inside a seemingly unnecessary zipper bag. I opened it up and fluffed it to about full size pretty quickly. After a couple of days it was really full.The cats immediately made it their new home.The seemingly useless zippered bag is actually pretty awesome for dirty clothes while traveling. I will be keeping it against the advice of the instructions.Once this fully fluffs up, it isn’t nearly as supple or full as the images. The model in the picture has to weigh like 8lbs because my cats even sink it down and they’re not chonkers.HOWEVERThis is SO comfortable! I’m about 6′ and 200+lbs. I can flop down and straight up take a nap on this with little effort. It cradles me to a natural position and is breathable enough to keep me from overheating. Toss me a small pillow and a throw blanket and I could easily sleep all night on this.Great for 2 people too! I have had couples over to watch movies and they are more than comfortable cuddling on this fluffy awesome thing.I definitely recommend flipping it 90° before using. This fluffs and establishes the material. Also, once you are in… It can be tricky to get back out. You end up seated pretty close to the floor, so be prepared to roll out and stand up awkwardly like a newborn giraffe when you leave the cradling comfort zone.Overall I’m quite satisfied with this. I thought I was buying a lifestyle. I now know that I have purchased the perfect place for a midday nap that doubles as a cat bed extraordinaire.

  10. M. Wilkinson

    This thing is hugeIt’s a huge bag. It takes some work getting it set up, so if you’re disabled or have arthritis, I would not recommend this bag. But if can work the foam around really well, it’ll be a normal, comfortable bag after about a week. This would not be a good bag for gaming. Once you’re in it, you’re in it! This bag could use some handles on it.

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