Amazon Basics Signature Hybrid Mattress – Cushion Firm Feel – Gel Infused Memory Foam for Deeper Support – Cool to Touch top

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Size King
Item Firmness Description Firm
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand Amazon Basics
Product Dimensions 80″L x 76″W x 12″Th
Color White & Gray
Coil Type Pocketed Coil
Age Range (Description) Adult
Construction Type Hybrid, Memory Foam
Item Weight 95 Pounds

  • General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding
  • 12 inch King hybrid mattress with spring coil base and memory foam for deeper support; firm feel
  • Quilted surface with 2 inch cooling gel memory foam layer to keep you comfortable through the night
  • 6 inch base engineered with 900 individually-encased spring coils
  • Ideal for master or guest bedrooms
  • Cylindrically wrapped and compressed for easy moving and delivery; allow 48 hours to reach full expansion
  • Made in the USA with CertiPUR-US certified materials
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Product Description

Amazon Basics Signature Hybrid Mattress – Cushion Firm Feel – Gel Infused Memory Foam for Deeper Support – Cool to Touch top Fabric – CertiPUR-US Certified – 12-inch, King

From the Manufacturer

Amazon Basics

From the manufacturer

Amazon Basics mattresses and beds for bedroom, guest room, kids room

Amazon Basics Signature Gel-Infused Hybrid Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

Conforms to your shape

Cooling Gel-Infused Comfort

The hybrid mattress provides exceptional comfort with quilted top, cooling gel-infused memory foam and pocketed springs. Multiple sizes available.

Hybrid Coil-Memory Foam Support with quilted top

Hybrid Coil-Foam Support

The mattress offers a quilted top, memory foam, comfort foam, support foam, and the breathability and bounce of individually-wrapped 6″ springs.

Convenient, quick, compact shipping.

Convenient, Compact Shipping

Delivered vacuum-packed, the mattress sets up easily after being removed from its bag. Allow 48 hours in a ventilated room to fully expand.

CertiPUR US Certified and Made in the USA

Quality Manufacturing

Made in the USA of U.S. and imported parts, this product is independently CertiPUR-US certified.

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Additional information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 76 × 12 in
Item Weight

95 Pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 12 inches

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Date First Available

September 17 2020


Amazon Basics

10 reviews for Amazon Basics Signature Hybrid Mattress – Cushion Firm Feel – Gel Infused Memory Foam for Deeper Support – Cool to Touch top

  1. Yiama

    This is the best I could ask for!So the mattress comes in a pretty big box. I got the cali-king 12″ firm hybrid. Weighs about 100 pounds I’d say. The delivery man was a saint and brought the big ol thing right up to my apartment door. I thought they’d dump it just in the lobby.Opening it up was great it came in heavy duty plastic wrap so a safety cutter (or something without exposed sharp blades would work) cut through the plastic and the mattress !immediately! Started to puff up. The mattress was folded in half and then rolled up. Within maybe 3 minutes I had a fully puffed up 12 inch mattress in my living room. I am still going to give it the full 24 hours before sleeping on it but I did lay on it to test the firmness and it’s really nice. As someone who works manual labor having that foam layer for comfort but the springs for support is just bliss.There’s no weird smells or anything. The cloth is quite cool to the touch as stated in the listing. It really does look exactly like the photo in the listing too! Sometimes there’s a little wiggle room for how things looks but this was to the tee. I will update after a night’s sleep on it and try to update again later. Right now I’m just so happy to throw out my old mattress that’s been ruining my sleep for the last 6 years!UPDATE: First night’s sleep was lovely. It is firm! (I’m roughly 280lbs, hubbs is 220lbs) As a side sleeper I’m going to need a fluffier pillow. My body did not sink beyond the foam nicely contouring me. This mattress is very supportive. It is a bit bouncy though. If my hubbs moved on his side I did feel it on mine lightly. Nothing enough to wake me up but worth mentioning. The edges of the bed keep their shape however the corners have a bit less support. I don’t see why anyone would be sitting only on a corner but they definitely condense far more than the actual sides.I look forward to many a night’s sleep on this mattress!

  2. Kelly Rowin

    Firm yet SoftI received this bed 7 days ago today, and I slept on it the first night. The first night, it felt pretty great. Firm but the top half inch maybe, is soft, so there’s a bit of give. 7 days later, the firmness has definitely fully settled and let me tell you, the support is just amazing! I was having so much upper back pain and some lower back pain, but I have been waking up virtually pain free. There’s some tension in my back because I’m still adjusting to something more firm, but it’s not pain!The great thing about this matress is that my partner is 6’5″ and I’m 5’0″, so we have pretty different needs, but since the top on this matress has a bit of cushion, it’s not leaving me with pressure point pain in the shoulder or hip like I was worried about. I tend to sleep on all sides (back, stomach, sides lol) and so far I’ve slept comfortably every night. As for my partner, he says the matress is also very comfortable and has not been experiencing any pain. Neither one of us have anything negative to say about it. So, that’s pretty good I’d say!Hopefully this matress will last a while and not cave in! I’ll update this review in another 6 months or so. The more info the better, eh?

  3. None of ur goddamn beewax

    A mostHonestly can’t believe how comfortable this mattress is. Just went with my gut on this purchase. Been waking up with neck problems, sciatica etc. Going to work pissed from lack of sleep and eating melatonin like candy. Was ticked off that ups held it in Texas for six days. But when it arrived, gave it 10 hours to expand then climbed in and slept like a baby. Best rest I had in a few years. The thing not expensive at all, I got the premium and planning to get the upgraded version from that to try next so I can decide which gos in the guest room. All I can say is try it!!!

  4. Cyann

    The perfect firm mattressI got this mattress in hopes it would be a solid firm mattress with a very minimal amount of give but still comfortable. We got just that. This bed is the perfect firm mattress if you are looking for something that will keep its shape and only give slightly to your body weight this is the mattress for you. I saw a bunch of reviews saying this mattress was not firm enough or it didn’t fluff up fully. We let this bad boy air out for 72 hours (probably closer to 80 hours if I’m being honest) and that was the perfect amount of time because when we finally laid down it was just the right amount of firm and cushion. So to the reviews that said it didn’t fluff out reading is fundamental maybe follow the instructions because it worked great for us

  5. Danski

    Great valueGreat price for a great product. Mattress took form in an afternoon, checked by measuring throught the 5hr period.Like other reviews, soft but firm. Even my wife likes it and she prefers very soft. My back has never been happier.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Easy and convenient for busy people!!I like the design how it’s not just foam that sinks in!! And the coils add the extra support for a 190pounds person!! Honestly the hybrid bed is amazing, breathable once the plastic comes off!! Otherwise it gets a bit hot if the plastic is on and gives you night sweats.. it was a perfect fit for the frame I had!! That twin size is lightweight too!! Which is surprising!! Amazing upgrade from the foam bed I had where I use to just sink in.. the foam was amazing at relaxing though lol. Just sank in was my main reason to upgrade for better stability on the back support!! Easy to take naps or fall asleep at night!! Good recovery bed!!

  7. Melissa R.

    Great bed if you’re looking for more support.I am so happy I ordered this bed. It’s firm but still comfortable.. My other mattress was supposed to be a firm but sank when you laid in it. This bed by Amazon holds it shape and really helps with back pain. Really happy I bought this

  8. C&J

    So far so good with this mattressFirst update (July 2020) I’m now a month in and I’m still very happy with this mattress. It is very comfortable, my quality of sleep has improved and I have way less back and shoulder pain. Only thing I’ve been looking into is a cooling gel infused mattress topper because it’s now the dead of summer and uncomfortably warm even at night.I bought this and it arrived at my doorstep within 5 days. Very convenient. Packaged neatly, compressed and delivered by UPS. Total came out to $358.37 which is cheap for a bed, I was questioning the quality but decided to go for it because Amazon’s return policies are decent.I ordered this mattress, along with the ZINUS Arnav Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000 Metal Bed Frame (which I also reviewed so it is now available on my profile), after the old mattress I’ve had since high school developed a crater so deep it was visible even when no one was on the bed. Even the box spring was flattened in the center so I decided I needed a whole new setup. I personally spent hours reviewing various mattresses, weighing pros and cons of memory foam vs. spring vs hybrids. I decided on this hybrid mattress from AmazonBasics because I trust the brand a bit more than some of the unfamiliar online-only ones, and I chose hybrid because before this I had a pillow top spring mattress so I wasn’t sure I’d like a 100% foam bed. This mattress is firm without being too hard, it’s comfortable and the motion isolation claims are true, especially for a couple like myself and my spouse who previously had a spring mattress and felt every movement. It is nice being able to turn over without waking each other. The price is very good for the quality and honestly I’d recommend purchasing this bed, I don’t feel like this mattress will have any issues with indenting. However I will be back to update my review especially if anything goes wrong. Also I’d recommend purchasing a mattress protector, I have one on the way. The foam seems like it’d be absorbent and I’d rather not damage it with accidental spills.I think I made a good choice. Overall the process was easy, unbox and unwrap the mattress on the frame or wherever you choose to keep it because it’s easier that way. Personally I think my mattress was full after about 2 hours or so, we slept on it that night with no problems. I ordered the 12 inch / queen version so it’s definitely higher up than I’m used to, but I enjoy how much easier it is to get in and out of bed with the height.I’m comfortable, I slept well, no weird aches or pains, but with the shape that my last mattress was in, anything is an improvement. I fully believe I made a good choice with this bed, as comfortable and well made as it appears. I am a guy in my early 20s though so there was no struggle for me to pick up the box and since it was delivered to my doorstep I just had to drag it down the hallway to my room, where I eagerly tore open packaging like a child on Christmas day, only for this thing to spring open and the impact was like an air-bag. Don’t open it the way I did – watch a video on opening them and for best results, lay it in your bed frame before opening it.TL;DR Freshly ordered and set up, so far so good. No noxious odors, no issues with quality or damage, very comfortable. Will be back to update as time progresses. First night of sleep went really well. If my review helped you, please let me know by hitting the helpful button. Thank you!

  9. Mamy B

    No complaints!We are in our mid 40s and we were starting to experience a good deal of neck and back pain (leg too). After realizing our old Serta had a bit of a sink hole – we decided to get a new mattress before chalking up the aches and pains to getting older.After a good bit of research and working within our budget – this Amazon mattress looked like it would fit the bill. We’ve never had a memory foam but have the slept on them before. We live in a climate that runs 100-115 degrees in the summer. Memory foam is usually too warm for us (even in the winter they make me hot). So we opted to try out the hybrid. We liked the idea of memory foam for our joints but wanted some support from some springs.Delivery Day: It puffed up pretty quickly after removing the plastic and the out gassing wasn’t particularly bothersome to either one of us. It smelled new sure but it wasn’t that bad.Trying it out: Our first couple nights were actually kind of weird. It was firmer than I thought it would be and we were pretty used to our 20 year old mattress so it took a second to get used to not laying in a hole? 😂 But the first night we both woke up with fewer aches. And by day 3, pretty much no aches and we were reveling in how soft something so firm could feel when sleeping on it.We got this mattress in Nov 2021. It is now almost May 2022 and unlike some reviewer complaints – we’ve not had any issue with the mattress denting or caving in. It still looks pretty much like it did when we got it. I weigh about 140 and my husband weighs about 180 – neither of our sides have dents. We have rotated it once since we’ve had it (just swapped what was the head end).It does run warm. Not as warm as full memory foam mattress. But it still runs warm. In the winter it’s actually fantastic. We haven’t tried it in the summer but we’ve already begun to see some warmer temps and I’ve found less blankets and lighter weight clothes was all we needed to adjust to manage the warmer mattress.I’ll try to update my review after a year has gone by. I hope Amazon keeps making these. They are comfortable, good quality and more affordable than similar options.

  10. Natalia

    PACKINGBetween the mattress and the packing, only a strong person or two weaker ones can unpack this mattress. I guess it’s inevitable. The packing is now stacked on top of my dining table halfway to the chandelier. I suppose a trip to the dump is next.

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