Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner, 35.4″W, Grey

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Product details

Color Grey
Brand Ravenna Home
Product Dimensions 36.6″D x 35.4″W x 39.8″H
Style Contemporary
Material Iron
  • 35.4″W x 36.6″D x 39.8″H; seat depth: 20.9″D
  • Fabric over foam padding, fiberboard and iron frame with glider mechanism.
  • The upholstered fabric seat makes this a comfortable, single-chair manual recliner with gentle rocking motion.
  • Relax, read, or watch television in comfort in this classic recliner.
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps provided in the User manual (provided in pdf below)
  • Assemble in 15 minutes or less.Avoid moisture. Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.
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Additional information

Weight 82.8 lbs
Dimensions 36.6 × 35.4 × 39.8 in



Ravenna Home





Frame Material

Iron Metal Plastic

Age Range Description


Unit Count

1 Count

Seat Material Type


Item Weight

82.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

35.4 x 36.6 x 39.8 inches, 36.6D x 35.4W x 39.8H

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Date First Available

September 30 2019


Ravenna Home

10 reviews for Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner, 35.4″W, Grey

  1. Henri Savin

    Worth the price but it has its consI had missed this reclining chair first when I searched on Amazon for one. So I went for a very similar one that was going apparently to be shipped from China and was going to reach me in about 3 weeks. One week later, the seller contacted me to apologize that my chosen color was not available anymore. So I went back and searched again…And I found this Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner, 35.4″W, Buff.I ordered it, received it the next day, mounted it 5 mn and I am now enjoying a new reclining chair…Here is what I like about it:- The price is very fair.- It was delivered to me the next day after I ordered it (compared to 3 weeks for the previous one, that is a huge difference).- It is very easy to mount and dismount (no screws, about 5mn assembly).- It is rocking when in seated position, stops rocking when extended.- It is comfortable when properly seated, the cushions are very supportive and the fabric soft enough (not sticky like leather ones).- It almost extends fully for a sleeping position.Here is what I like less:- The reclining position is maybe by design not a locking system. It makes it easier to un-recline but in the same time, every movement towards your feet engage some un-reclining motion that I have to counteract by reclining more again. It is a question of balance and where your center of gravity lies… I have to remember to sit higher on the chair for my bodyweight to be properly distributed on it.- As for most reclining chair, it still feels somehow smallish. I am 5’11” and it feels just.- I have to force the lock mechanism everytime I undo the recline position with my legs. I can imagine it to be an issue with older/weaker people.- The cushion right under your buttocks is not a moving part. No way that you can lift it to wash it or for any other type of maintenance. If this part gets damaged, the whole chair has to be discarded.In conclusion:Am I happy about this chair or not? Would I do it again?I am not regretting my purchase. For the price I paid, I am very satisfied. Does it mean that I am fully happy with it? Not for the reasons I raised above.4 stars.

  2. Lori Tucker

    SupportExtremely easy to assemble. Absolutely love this chair! My lower back feels so much Better! And that’s amazing because it’s very messed up.The price was great and I would recommend this chair!

  3. Dilburt

    Nice chair but NO CATS on “upholstered leather”!!!The chair is easy to assemble, looks really nice and is fairly comfortable. My wife and I both had the problem many people mention about the foot rest not staying down so no matter how hard you press with your heels it won’t latch so you have to get up with the foot rest pushing on the back of your legs which is rather weird. The back is tilted a bit too far back for watching TV in the best position but it’s okay. It’s perfect for making you want to fall asleep :-)The big problem for us is that we bought the “upholstered leather” version and the “leather” is so thin and soft that the cats claws go right through it with the slightest press. I was horrified to see my cat reach out his paws and stretch as they do with their claws out and leave a set of 3″ scratches in the chair arm from every claw on both paws. Later he jumped up on the back and left a set of punctures. It’s not real leather so I don’t think Amazon should be selling it as leather. I bought this because it nicely matches our leather sofa and love seat which are real leather which is very thick and completely immune to anything the cats have been able to do to them with their claws but the material on this chair appears to be perhaps 10% of the thickness of the real leather on our other pieces. I would not recommend the “upholstered leather” version of this chair for anyone with a cat and I would worry about small dogs which may jump on your furniture since their claws would probably pierce this material as well.Again, (for “upholstered leather only) if you don’t have the pets, I would recommend this chair as a great deal for the price with the single reservation regarding the footrest which there is probably a trick for. However, I don’t think the “upholstered leather” would last very long without being damaged by our feline house mates.

  4. Ray Reed

    Great buy!This is a great buy in my book. I’m 5’10” 330 lbs. I have big thighs and a 46″ waist. I’m going to address some questions and complaints I’ve seen.A) Assembling wasn’t as easy as others say. The back has two metal bars you have to slide metal receptacles onto while holding the weight of the back up. I had to pull the metal bar in to slide one side onto the track. I’m semi-young and able, but I can see how this can be difficult. I wasn’t too precautious and I cut my finger a bit. I also had a fear that I’d pinch my finger when the track slide down onto the bar I was having to pull in.B) The foot rest requires that you push it down with your legs, however, at my size I can’t push it down and in far enough for it to click closed. At this price, I’m fine with it, but if you’re a perfectionist in your buying this is something to be aware of.C) I am slightly taller than 5’10 and I do the joke every 5’10 man does where I say I’m 6′. My head rests comfortably on the back pillow and my calves rest on the foot rest. It doesn’t sound ideal, but it’s perfectly comfortable.D) I’m posting a picture of my tape measure from the ground to seat and between the two arm rests for clarification of other questions and ones I had. This is not a grand recliner. But it also didn’t require a 6 month delivery window like Lazboy and cost half the price.E) It looks like an off-brand chair. It’s not the prettiest. If you have a bunch of nice furniture and this, one thing is not like the other. However, it’s still not bad.

  5. ezboomer

    AMAZON RECLINER — VERY COMFORTABLE, GOOD PRICEArrived as promised. Box was not in the greatest shape but chair was undamaged. Easily put together. As mentioned in one review, chair may tip when leaning to the side for a large person. I am 5ft. 9in. and 160 lbs. Once you are aware of this you are careful. Problem could be corrected if the legs were further toward the sides to distribute the weight better. Also, after it is put in recliner position it is difficult getting it back in upright position because you can only use your leg strength to relock it upright. It has no side lever to retract foot rest. I am 75 and it was difficult to begin with but I now can do it fairly well. However, I know many people my age that would have difficulty. In spite of these issues I have had many relaxing naps in this chair and recommend it if you can adjust to the things I mentioned. May not fit well if you have long legs.

  6. Brent Inman

    Awesome chair for the price!!This really is a very comfortable chair. I am 5’7” and my husband is 6’3” so, we have a hard time agreeing on chairs but this one is perfect. EVEN he likes it. In fact, we bought it for the nursery and put it down in our living room until the baby came and he thinks we need to just buy a second one. The only down side is the foot rest is a little hard to put down. I found it easier to just get up and then kick it down once I’m standing. Overall though, a very awesome chair!

  7. Rozination

    Great value for the price!I bought 2 of these chairs on cyber Monday. Thus far I am extremely pleased with my purchase! They arrived exactly on time for delivery. Set up was very simple- just snap the back down unto the base. Very comfortable- I like that the chair (butt) cushion is wider! SOft full cushioning on back. Pop up lever for legs works well. Nice red brown color. The only negatives would be- and I hate to even mention them because they are pretty miniscule- is first, keep in mind these are NOT real leather. So the consistency of the material is not the same as a true leather chair. But I knew that going into it, and I love that the fabric is wipeable clean, with teenage boys in the house! Also- the foot rest is easy to put down, but it does require a bit of push to snap it back into place, But again, these things are so small compared to the overall comfort, function, and VALUE of this chair! I did a LOT of research online before picking a chair- it’s always scary to buy furniture online- but this chair did not disappoint! Glad I bought them!


    One arms was missing! Desapointed !!!It looks nice—-it’s hard to recline backwards and very hard to go back to sitting positionNot satisfiedNot what I thought I was buying

  9. PammieSue

    You get what you pay for.They appear to be worth what they cost.I dont expect them to last long. The recliner/ foot stool is very hard to close once opened.

  10. Smart shopper

    Good bang for your buckWhen I shopped around I found a straight forward price, fast delivery, and easy to assemble recliner that fits perfectly in a small living room

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