Amazon Brand – Rivet Hybrid Memory Foam/Spring 5-Layer Mattress, Cooling Copper Gel-Infused Top with Upcycle Cover – Twin XL,

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Size Twin XL
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand Rivet
Color White and Grey
Coil Type Encased Coil
  • Twin XL mattress measures 79″L x 38″W x 11.5″H
  • Experience a truly restful night’s sleep with this cooling gel-infused, 5-layer mattress designed to help keep your body temperature regulated while you rest, providing supportive, all-season comfort
  • 5-layer hybrid mattress with copper gel-infused cooling top, fast-response Energex foam, memory foam, wrapped spring coils, and high-density base foam
  • Proprietary Upcycle cool-touch fabric surface made with heat-absorbing minerals that transform into Far Infrared Rays (FIR) of energy for a deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Medium-firm feel; 8-inch middle layer of individually-wrapped spring coils provides optimal pressure point relief
  • Custom-made in the USA. Compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box to your door. Expands to original form in 48 hours.
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An Amazon Brand – Experience a truly restful night’s sleep with the 5-layer cooling gel-infused mattress from Rivet. Designed to help keep your body temperature regulated while you rest, this luxury hybrid mattress provides supportive, all-season comfort every night of the week.

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Rivet, small space, studio, apartment, bed, king, queen, full, comfortable, headboard, bedframe

Amazon Brand Rivet Hybrid Memory Foam-Innerspring Bedroom Mattress with Cooling Copper Gel

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 38 × 11.5 in
Item Weight

60 pounds

Product Dimensions

79 x 38 x 11.5 inches

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Date First Available

February 22 2022



10 reviews for Amazon Brand – Rivet Hybrid Memory Foam/Spring 5-Layer Mattress, Cooling Copper Gel-Infused Top with Upcycle Cover – Twin XL,

  1. Beach 4 Life

    Incredible valueSuper impressed by the quality of this mattress. I did a bit of research and this is manufactured by a well-known bed in a box company but created for Amazon’s Rivet brand. I cab assure you that the materials and technology are the same as in their higher-priced mattresses. Very quick two day delivery and the mattress arrived in pristine condition. We knew we made the right dexision as soon as we tested it out. Very supportive but without that quicksand feeling you get from a 100% memory foam mattress. The coils make all the difference in the world, and the cooling cover feels great, even through the fitted sheet. While we ordered this for a spare bedroom, I have a feeling this will actually be replacing the very expensive mattress currently in our mater bedroom. Great job, Amazon!


    Great MattressWow this is very comfortable. It’s the perfect mix of firm and soft and it was very light that I was able to put it on my frame by myself. The top of the mattress has a durable mesh layer of fabric while the bottom is soft grey. It has really improved my sleep and my back not hurting. It came in a large box and it was vacuumed sealed and expanded with ease. I recommend putting this on your box spring or where you’re going to have your mattress permanently before cutting the sealed bag it’s in. You can then just cut the bag and allow the mattress to roll out with ease. It keeps you cool in summer time and warm in winter. It expanded almost instantly even though it says to wait 24-72 hrs I found I didn’t need to wait really at all. This is a great buy for the price! I removed a star because it isn’t going to be as comfortable as a more expensive high end brand and because it does need a box spring if you’re going to use this on a bed frame.

  3. ILoveMyKids

    Happy medium in terms of being firm. No achy back or neck, and decently supportive.This Amazon Brand – Rivet Hybrid Memory Foam/Spring 5-Layer Mattress was a little thinner than I was expecting, but it does seem to be reasonably supportive while sleeping on it. I got this to replace a huge double pillowtop (the kind you can flip over) that was really starting to fail in the support coils around the middle, so this was a huge change from that. This does have a small cushy layer to soften it up, and I like that it doesn’t seem to bounce around too much when another person is sleeping on it. It feels like it will hold up much better than your standard memory foam mattress, and I don’t wake up feeling too hot on it, even in these warm summer months.This is being used in our room at our summer home, so it’s more than fine for that use – and more to the point, I don’t wake up with an aching neck and back after sleeping on it (our old mattress was starting to really hurt me). On that note, the supportiveness seems to be working great. It arrived rolled up, and took a good 1/2 day to 24 hours to fully “fluff” up before I wanted to sleep on it (just in case – no instructions were included with it). It came with the cover over it, already installed, which was nice – so I was able to easily unroll it, remove the massive amounts of plastic around it, and let it do its thing.Depending on your preferences, YMMV. While I don’t think I would like to sleep on this as my primary mattress at home, I am also quite picky and particular in that department. My kids absolutely love this mattress and it feels more than sufficient for them – so I would not hesitate to order one of these for them should their mattress(es) wear down or fail. At the time of writing this review, the product page is not launched yet – so I have no idea what the actual pricing would be on this, and cannot comment on that point. I find it to be a nice medium-grade mattress that’s firmly in the happy middle of “not too soft” and “not too firm” – and I wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep on it thus far (couple of weeks of using it), so I’m reasonably happy with it. Again, depending on what you need and are looking for in a mattress, YMMV.

  4. K K Schwartz

    Well constructed, medium soft, comfortable to sleep onThis is a comfortable mattress to sleep on. I ordered the full size and am very happy with it. As most of these memory foam mattresses do, it comes rolled up covered with protective material. As per the directions, we placed it on the bed frame…it’s awkward..then opened the plastic. It unrolled instantly and laid flat. We then simply pulled the plastic away and let the mattress sit for 24 hours. It is medium soft and I like that it sits directly on the bed frame with no need for box springs. This mattress gives acceptable support without them. If you’re looking for a mattress, this Amazon Brand is a good choice because it’s comfortable, and more economical than buying one of the higher priced name brands, and there’s been no sagging. I think it will last many years before needing to be replaced and have rated it 4 stars.

  5. Freya

    My guests 100% prefer this to the couch!I knew I was going to be having a guest come stay with me…so I snatched this up to make the trip better. Said guest of course arrived days before this did….but it’s all good…because I ended up having help with set up!The morning report for the mattress from one of them is that it is “Super comfy” … though my other guest said that it was too soft.My brief test so far has told me that it is more comfortable than my own mattress…so I guess my guests will just be more spoiled than me! With that said…I agreed that it felt a bit softer than expected…I couldn’t get up without help.As of now…I’m not marking it down for that because we didn’t have a frame for it…so we put it on the king sized box springs I had laying around.I will absolutely revisit my feelings on it once I get this thing up on a proper bed.

  6. DB

    Expands and ready to go practically instantlyThe mattress was delivered by UPS, no special delivery required because the weight is under a hundred pounds. That said it is just barely under a hundred pounds and some people will need some help. It comes wrapped in a lot of plastic and as you start to unravel the plastic it starts to expand so make sure you have enough space because it expands quickly.The mattress is described as a medium firm. I don’t know if they mean the mattress is a medium with some firmness to it or if it is a firm mattress with a medium level of firm. I can be a little slow sometimes and maybe I’m missing the obvious but this description is frustrating and makes me feel stupid. I would describe the mattress as a medium with a little underlying firmness to it. The top soft layer is several inches thick so the slight underlying firmness will be apparent to people in varying degrees based on their weight. For somebody looking for a relatively firm mattress I would skip this.It is a relatively deep mattress so you will want to make sure you have the proper sheets and covers. I have had a Beautyrest Recharge mattress for several years and this mattress compares favorably to that with the Rivet being just a little cooler. And also like the Beautyrest my sleep was deep with very few turns. My Beautyrest has held up well, we will see how the Rivet does but right now it is highly recommended.

  7. Nathan

    So far its a great bedI didn’t expect too much from a vacuum sealed and shipped mattress with springs but I’ve been impressed so far. The other bed I use is a normal store bought hybrid spring mattress (for a good bit more than what this one cost) and they feel surprisingly identical aside from the bit more give you get on the very edges of this mattress.I haven’t noticed anything from the “copper cooling gel-infusion,” so don’t expect this to excel there, but regardless its about as good of a mattress as I’ve ever used. It’s a bit on the firmer side but still soft, but not soft to the point of sinking into it or anything. You can feel the springs on the sides but while you’re laying down/moving around on the top of the mattress, you can only feel their effects and not the actual plastic(?) bit they’re made of.If I had seen this mattress sooner, I would’ve been able to save a good chunk of money by going with it instead of buying a traditional hybrid mattress from the store because they feel surprisingly identical (I might’ve also just gotten lucky, there were many mattresses I tried that felt much different that I didn’t like).I’m ~130lbs and a side/stomach sleeper for some context, but if you’re anywhere near that and like a somewhat firm mattress without it being painfully so, this’ll probably work great for you.

  8. Kimber Rosee

    Nice mattress but the box was essentially destroyed when I got itThe mattress is thankfully vacuum sealed because the box arrived and it was falling apart to the point where you could see what was inside. The mattress itself was fine thankfully but I have to admit I was nervous when I was opening it, it literally looked like the delivery people had beaten the box with sticks before they dropped it off so I’m surprised that it stayed sealed. The mattress itself is great. I’ve been using it with my boyfriend for about 4 weeks and he’s pleased with the firmness and I noticed that he doesn’t toss and turn as much as he did when we were using a mattress from nectar.

  9. Nebti17

    A good hybrid…This is a combination (hybrid) mattress, not fully a regular mattress–the top and bottom layers are foam–but not fully a foam mattress because between the top and bottom layers lie a set of spring coils. At the top of the mattress lies a layer of memory foam which conforms to your body so it feels like a regular foam mattress at first. But the springs add a bounce to the mattress that foam mattresses lack.This is a comfortable, not-especially-hard mattress. The cooling infusion of copper gel in the top layer hasn’t been evident to me. Perhaps you will find it more soothing. Honestly, this kind of claim seems absurd and makes me wonder if I’m getting a mattress or snake oil. But this is nonetheless a comfortable mattress even if it doesn’t possess mystical and magical cooling powers.The mattress comes in a fairly big box, about two-thirds the size of a smaller water heater box and is truly heavy. I felt bad for the delivery guy. The box was bashed to pieces–with rips and bashes everywhere–but the mattress was rolled up in plastic and unharmed. Don’t ask me how they roll these things up without ruining interior coils. It’s a marvel to me.You will find this a good mattress. It’s probably, to my guessing, an Amazon-branded version of a mattress that you can find under the mattress-maker’s own name elsewhere. I have a suspicion of who the maker is and the model they sell this as under their name; if I’m correct, it’s reviewed as a good under-$1000 hybrid elsewhere.

  10. Hairy Potter

    Great MattressThis is a great mattress. It was purchased to replace an old mattress that was well past its prime.We have been sleeping on this mattress for a little over a week now. My husband and I are both very happy with it. He prefers a firm mattress and I prefer to sink in a bit. This mattress, being medium firm, is the best of both worlds…it offers the firm support that he needs, while also offering the comfortable cushioning that I want. My husband occasionally has night sweats, but he has not experienced that so far with this mattress. I assume that the copper gel-infused cooling top has something to do with that.The mattress only took a few hours to fully-inflate, even though it was expected to take up to a couple of days. Despite having springs, the mattress feels as if it is all memory foam. The 11” height gives a perfect bed height when placed on top of our box springs.This mattress had a slight odor when we removed it from the shrink wrap, which is normal for memory foam products. The odor dissipated quite quickly, and it was not noticeable when we slept on the mattress that night. We slept on this mattress the night we received it (approximately 5 hours after we set it up) and it was just as comfortable that night as it is now.

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