Angeo Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Footrest Lumbar Support, Adjustable Headrest & 3D Armrest, Wide Seat


Product details

Color Black
Brand Angeo
Product Dimensions 60″D x 31.5″W x 53″H
Style Modern
Material Aluminum
Room Type Office, Living Room
  • ☸Ergonomic Design:The overall design of this office chair is ergonomic. The lumbar supports on the backside is specailly designed to fit for your waist, which can help you to sit in the correct posture with comfort. The 3D armrest with slightly soft top and ergonomic stability can be adjusted from three dimentions to hold your arms comfortably in different position. The concave design on the seat can help to relax your bottom and you will feel at ease even under long hours of sitting on it.
  • ☸ Upgraded Button Controler: Equiped with buttons at the sides under the seat, you can easily to control the height of the seat or the tilt of the backrest. It is easy to adjust that you just need to turn up the button to free adjust then turn down the button to lock the adjustment for the proper position. In addition, you can adjust the tilt tension by twisting the tension column under the chair seat. The headrest is also easy to adjust by moving it and it can be detached if neccessary.
  • ☸Quality Mesh & Silent Caster: The surface of the chair’s back and seat are made of exquisite mesh, which is breathable, resilient and durable. Made of aluminum, the 5-Point wheel base of the office chair is equiped with smooth rolling casters that are able to silently scroll in 360° horizien without resistance. Besides, the backrest of office chair can be tilted from 90° to about 140 ° and the seat can be swiveled 360°.
  • ☸Sitting, Reclining & Rocking: The Angeo office chair is special designed for sitting, reclining and rocking. There is a comfortable and retractable footrest with the chair, meeting different needs of your daily use simaltaneously. Just one Angeo office chair can well meet the needs of working, lounging and entertainment. This modern desk chair is perfect as reclining chair, office chair, student chair, computer chair for office, living room, study room and meeting room.
  • ☸Easy to Assemble: The package of Angeo office chair contains the screws, tools and manual needed for installation, no extra tools are needed. It will be a breeze to follow the installation steps and get an office chair that allows you to work comfortably within 10-15 minutes. If there is any problem with the Angeo office chair, please feel free to contact us and we will provide 100% satisfied solution.

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Additional information

Weight 54.9 kg
Dimensions 60 × 31.5 × 53 cm








Room Type

Office Living Room

Frame Material


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Product Dimensions

60 x 31.5 x 53 inches, 60D x 31.5W x 53H

Item Weight

54.9 pounds



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Item model number


Date First Available

April 20 2022



1 review for Angeo Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Footrest Lumbar Support, Adjustable Headrest & 3D Armrest, Wide Seat

  1. A. Amat

    Loading review title…$199 (with PRIME) at time of purchase.This is a full sized full mesh office chair…It weighs at least 35lb if not a bit more.Assembly was fairly simple as the seat comes pre assembled with all the mechanical parts including the footrest. So it was a simple matter of putting the casters on the base, gas piston, seat, bolting on the back, armrests and headrest which is optional and without it the backrest comes up to my shoulders (I’m 5’9)The mesh is semi soft…which I suspected would be, as mesh chairs with very soft mesh tend to be in the $350 and up. BUT with that being said…I find myself really liking the mesh…it has a nice support/give that I can only describe as how I imagine the web of a cybernetic spider would feel…it has a semi grippy feel that has elastic spring but also strength…I like that it doesn’t feel like straight cloth mesh…With that being said, it’s important to understand this is ultimately an OFFICE chair… it’s not meant for you to lounge around on in your underwear…the mesh may irritate parts of your body such as your elbows for the 1st few of days…but unless you have very sensitive skin…you should eventually become accustomed to it.This chair sits at an average height at it’s normal setting and I only need to raise it about 1.5 to 2 inches for my feet to be level to the floor. At it’s highest point my feet are on my tip toes. (Again I’m 5’9 and fairly well balanced torso to leg ratio)I wouldn’t go as far as to say it reclines as much as it leans back to about 135° it also tilts/rocks. Though the adjustment knob for this is (comes) quite tight. But once you loosen this knob (somehow lol ) you probably will have no need to mess with it afterwards.The footrest (one of the main reasons I was interested in the chair) is possibly the longest I’ve seen on an office chair…It literally slides out about 21 inches.Sitting back in proper posture position allows me to rest my heels on it…yeah, no exaggeration. As you can imagine a footrest that long is going to feel a bit flimsy…but it’s honestly not. It’s strong enough to NOT feel like it’s going to snap off any minute.Though mine does sit slightly crooked when fully extended.Another note is that the metal bracket where the back bolts on to has 2 different sets of bolt holes to attach the backrest to.The inner ones tend to hold the backrest in a much more solid hold…but this causes the bottom of the backrest (lumbar support) to be in contact against the back of the mesh seat…mesh on mesh with heavy duty plastic behind it. This means everytime you sit on it and or lean back causes the parts to scrape against each other…which may (or may not) eventually damage the mesh…using the furthest holes alleviates this somewhat… though in it’s most upright position the parts still touch and the back feels a little (just a touch) wobbly…this doesn’t affect the sturdiness of the chair though…I don’t like “3d armrests” I never have… especially since the outward tilt and forward/backward features are friction click based… meaning they can be pushed or pulled and activated when you adjust your seating position. I’d honestly give it the full 5 stars if it had arch style armrests with linkage…but oh well…It also uses neat little paddles and cables for all mechanical adjustments…nice…Overall quality I’d say is above average.It’s a mix of mesh lots of heavy duty plastic and metal.The star base is actually aluminum…not cheap chromed pot metal or rolled steel…and the casters have hard rubberized wheels that don’t scuff floors and have a touch of resistance to them.All it’s mechanical adjustments are fairly smooth and or clicky.If you’re looking for ultimate mesh comfort though I’d look into dropping more $$$ on a brand model know to feature that.Honestly now looking back I think a similar set up chair with the same features and footrest with QUALITY PU leather (not bonded leather or cheap flimsy soft pleather) would probably be the best choice…Look up TICOVA executive chair for an example of the ideal BIG office or gaming chair… unfortunately it’s discontinued and sold out everywhere in the Continental U.S.

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