Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair – Ash

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Color Ash
Brand Arozzi
Product Dimensions 21″D x 22″W x 20″H
Style Vernazza
Special Feature Locking Tilt Mechanism, Soft Yet Durable Furniture Fabric, 100% Cold Cured Foam, 3D Armrests, Adjustable Head/Neck and Lumbar Pillows See more
Material Foam, Alloy Steel, Plastic, Fabric
  • 100% Cold cured molded foam for maximum comfort and ergonomics
  • Treated steel frame that will not rust or corrode
  • Premium soft upholstery fabric that is stylish, breathable, and durable
  • Adjustable head rest and lumbar support pillows to increase ergonomics and help ensure the perfect fit.
  • Assembly required
  • Available in Ash, blue, dark grey, and light grey

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The Vernazza Premium Soft Upholstery Fabric design is from Arozzi’s top rated Vernazza chair, but we’ve replaced the PU leather with a soft yet durable fabric that is used on quality furniture! The breathable material is exceptionally pleasing to sit in, and will help keep you cool for long term use. The Vernazza wheel base has been upgraded to an aesthetically pleasing aluminium metal with a matte black finish, and the upgraded gas lift adds additional possible height to the chair, ideal for those with taller body types! Features: • 100% Cold Cured Molded Foam for Maximum Comfort and Ergonomics • Treated Steel Frame that will not Rust or Corrode • Premium Soft Upholstery Fabric that is stylish, breathable, and durable • Adjustable Head Rest and Lumbar Support Pillows to increase Ergonomics and help ensure the perfect fit. • Available in Ash, Blue, Dark Grey, and Light Grey

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Durable Furniture Fabric

Ergonomic Design

Multidimensional Armrests

Go Big!

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About Arozzi

Arozzi is a Swedish company founded in 2013. Our products are built in the spirit of eSports and feature ergonomic design with high levels of comfort. Arozzi’s portfolio currently features gaming desks, computer chairs and glasses, streaming-optimized microphones and a racing simulator.

Additional information

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 21 × 22 × 20 cm






Special Feature

Locking Tilt Mechanism Soft Yet Durable Furniture Fabric 100 Cold Cured Foam 3D Armrests Adjustable HeadNeck and Lumbar Pillows


Foam Alloy Steel Plastic Fabric



Finish Type


Room Type

Game Recreation Room

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Age Range Description


Back Style

Wing Back

Unit Count

1 Count



Included Components

Headrest and Lumbar Pillows



Model Name

Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair

Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

57 Pounds

Product Dimensions

21 x 22 x 20 inches, 21D x 22W x 20H

Country of Origin


Item model number




Date First Available

October 17 2019



10 reviews for Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair – Ash

  1. Amazon Customer

    Superb outstanding first class supportFirst, my daughter loves the chair. We have had it 2 years and a couple weeks. It was shipped in premium packaging. Super simple to assemble. Something went wrong with a part . I spent about 2 minutes on the Arozzi website filling out a form at 11pm day before yesterday. They replied 9 hours later asking for my shipping address. I sent my shipping address late last night. This morning I get a shipping notification and a fedex tracking number. Arrival for the part is 4 business days after I asked where I could find one.We need about 25 new chairs at my work. This is the brand I am going to be pushing purchasing to buy. Comfortable, very adjustable and the best first class response and solution I have ever seen from any support.

  2. Dylan

    Owned for 1 Year, chair is still in great shape, just a few things to nitpick 4.5* out of 5Summary:I’ve owned since Feb2021, chair is still in great shape. Only qualms that I have with it are related to the armrests. Firstly they are not full 3D ones, however you can order a pair of full 3D armrest from their site and mod them on. I did this after a month of owning in order to have the ability to rotate them side-to-side as well as up/down and forward/back. The default armrests can only go up/down and forward/back.In addition either the armrests/bolt line up for them was not totally even, which has no effect on comfort but for a $400 product you would think the craftsmanship would better. I think on the base of the chair/bottom where the holes to bolt the armrests in are ever-so-slightly not aligned so one armrest is touching the back of the chair while the other one is not quite touching it yet. Not a huge issue for me as it’s only noticeable when you are looking for it.Armrest Comfort:Also the armrests themselves are not super comfortable for long sessions, especially if you wfh in the chair as well. Can fix that with some cheap armrest padding that you can velcro on which I use, this isn’t the most elegant looking solution but it really helps with comfort. If you are only using the chair for like 3-5 hours a day you probably won’t need to worry about that though.Headrest:Headrest is fully removable but you will have no reason to remove it as there is no head support if you don’t use it. It is very comfortable though and can be adjusted readily, will work for very tall people as well I’m 6’2 and still have a lot of room to adjust it higher if I needed.Casters:Casters are high quality. They still roll very well after a year of ownership.Lumbar support: is adjustable and fulfills it’s purpose. Don’t think it’s removable but it’s probably one of the reasons you’re considering a chair like this in the first place.Overall I’d give it a 4.5/5 for the armrest issues. And moreso -0.5 point because they weren’t aligned evenly. The ability to upgrade the armrests was very nice and they had great customer support in assisting with that. And regardless it’s still a very comfy chair that has held up very well over a year of ownership. All the issues I had were present at the start and no additional problems occurred over a year of ownership. Would recommend.

  3. A. D. White

    Very supportive chairThis chair fits me well, it fits me and has a good seat cushion and lumbar support. The only two drawbacks that I have are that the assembly was difficult because of over torqued bolts (had to use locking vise grips to loosen) and that the seat does not lower quite enough (needs to be 2 – 3 inches lower) . Good upholstery that is easy to clean. Fully articulated arms are nice to have. Legs have enough room to move them around. the caster wheels are smooth and quiet. I do use a carpet protector normally, but the times I have used on carpet seem relatively smooth rolling. swivel is also very smooth and quiet. Removed one star for the difficulty with over torqued bolts during assembly.

  4. Ty Hendrix

    Better chair for gaming, not computer based office workFirst, let me say that the chair itself is a very nice chair. I love the look of the red/black design and the features, specifically the movable armrests and the ability to lock the the chair in a reclined position. I have worked from home long before Covid 19,so I am in my chair for 8-10 hours a day…sometimes even more. So I figured a gaming chair would be the hot ticket.Unfortunately, I find the seat pad can get a little firm as the day goes on, so my behind gets a bit fatigued. Also the lumbar support cushion is too large for my use and forces me to sit away from the back of the chair, which gets my back hurting after a couple hours. I really wanted this chair to work, so bought an extra air cushion for the seat that helps some, but really not enough. So I believe this chair would be great for the action based gaming, it doesn’t do that well for me on extended periods of computer office work..I have considered returning the chair, but since UPS destroyed the package by shipping to my home area, placing on a truck for delivery twice, missed the delivery, and then shipped it to another city a hundred miles away. By the time I finally got the package, there wasn’t much effort needed to open it….the box fell apart, so I have nothing to ship it back in. So Kudos to the manufacturer for their inner packaging protecting the merchandise though, it just leaves me in a precarious situation.

  5. Michael l Morgan

    I want to love this chair…..And overall, it’s SO close to being great.Initial impression upon assembly was that the fit of the pieces could be significantly better, but it’s stable and comfy, so not a huge deal that the backrest is slightly out of square to the base once assembled.The recline on this thing is absurd, which is the main reason i got it, and it is very stable. With the locking seat tilt combined with full recline, you are actually slightly inverted. Nothing to complain about there or in the over all functions of the seat. It accomplishes this stability by shifting the center of gravity of the chair significantly forward from the normal spot.Armrests, a soft but firm covering, very little give, the twist does occasionally come in handy for comfort, while I use the forward/back motion regularly for work/ standard gaming to up higher for space/flight sims.The pillows are firm and supportive, and I find the top pillow perfect for seated VR as the little arms’ leave a hollow for my VR headsets adjustment knob to sit without squadhing it against my head.I really only have two complaints.The first is that the ‘wings’ on the sides are not flared out far enough, they can poke into your back shoulder area depending on your height/weight. I’m 5’9″ 205 lbs, so I’m average height and a little fat. Arozzi, please just make the chair curve, the angles are annoying and pokey. It’s very comfy, I sleep in this thing fully reclined. It doesn’t need to look like a racing seat.Second, and most importantly, after only a little over 2 months of use, a thorough inspection and tigthening of all attachment points, the chair has gotten ‘the rock’, a significant wobble to the left and right as you lean back. I have only ever had this problem in chairs after significant use, so to have it this early is dissappointing to say the least in a $400+ chair.Overall the chair is incredibly comfy, but I would not buy again at this price point.

  6. Sean

    Comfortable chair, but not for everyone and slight attention to detail issuesUpdate after some use:Chair definitely makes a difference on my lower back once I had it setup to the way I want. I like that you can set the seat bottom pitch, the seat back pitch, armrest height, angle, and forward/backward. I love the head rest and at my height, the head rest is in a good spot. I can sit for extended sessions and not worry about back issues. I personally have not noticed any wobble/stability issues with the chair. It was actually rather rock solid in this regard. I’ve bumped it from 3 to a 4 star now that I’ve put it through some use and have felt pretty happy with the purchase to this point.The biggest issue besides the attention to detail bit I pointed out earlier is that this seat sits kind of high, even on its lowest settings for a 5’11”, and can be a problem is you’ve shorter legs.—Original Review—Assembly took about 20-30 minutes. The allen wrench that comes with the chair should be all you need to assemble. Having a second person with you makes it much easier but can be done reasonably as a single person jobChair itself felt comfortable and stable once assembled.Some issues:- The gas piston part came in 4 pieces, but all the videos and instructions indicated that it was 3 pieces. Not sure what that 4th was for.- Fully assembled, the setback seemed slightly mis-aligned with the seat bottom. It was minor but noticeable. Even something seems off looking at the lumbar straight on. Can’t put my finger on it- The plastic seatback covers that you have to attach to the seat-back and require a measure of force to attach- Seat is not meant for short people. Wife is 5’1″ and her feet couldn’t touch the floor with the chair in its lower setting. For 5’11” the chair was just about right

  7. Laura

    Great chair with some drawbacksThe chair is used 40+ hours per week at a desk. Over the past several weeks I’ve had it I’ve had difficulty keeping the lumbar support in place. It moves every time I sit down. Also, by the end of the week my tush is starting to hurt a bit from lack of cushion in the seat. Other than that, it’s a great chair! One of the better ones I’ve had. I bought mine like new so it was substantially cheaper. I would’ve been Irritated with the chair more so if I paid full price. Not sure it’s worth that.

  8. Keenan Palmer

    Dope ChairThis was my first expensive chair purchase. Prior to this I’d sit in just about anything, even a lawn chair, without much complaint, but I’m getting older and my parts don’t work as well as they used to, so I figured now was as good a time as any to invest in a good chair.I’m not quite sure exactly how I discovered Arozzi. For the longest time I had my heart set on the RESPAWN Omega Xi, but on the eve of purchase I caught wind of the Arozzi Vernazza. It seemed to fit my preferred aesthetic more-so than the former chair, so I looked into the brand and found their reputation to be solid, so I moved forward with the purchase.Took about a week for the chair to arrive via UPS. Assembly was simple & straight forward, took roughly 45 minutes to an hour to complete. It comes with a manual, but if you don’t find the depiction elaborate enough there’s Brand sponsored YouTube videos to assist with the process.It’s more sleek and less gaudy than traditional gaming chairs, while the comfort level is impeccable. Long sessions, be it gaming or for work, are a breeze, especially so with the various adjustment options. I’ve only had it for a week, so we’ll see how it holds up under prolonged use, but the initial impressions are positive. It’s not a cheap piece of furniture by any means, but in contrast to high end ergonomic chairs, I fee like I hit a lick.

  9. helvetika

    Much larger than I thought, not for shorter people.I am 5’6″, and this chair is absolutely too large. The seat is way too long. If I sit with my back against the backrest, the backs of my knees are on top of the seat and not in front. Also, my heels will not touch the floor with the chair lowered all the way down. With that said, the build quality seems top notch. the foam is comfortable, the fabric seems quality and the tilt/rock/recline is exactly what I wanted. To be clear, this chair does a couple of things I wanted. The chair back can recline to almost flat. The seat pan can rock back and forth, The seat pan can lock in one of 4 or 5 positions in that rocking path. So with the combination of the seat back recline and the seat pan tilt/rock, the chair provides great comfort if you tend to game/work in a relaxed position. The lumbar support to me is too thick, I have since put it behind the headrest to elevate it so when I am reclined my head is a little more upright. The enormous seat pan length is not as bad for my use when I use a foot stool to prop my legs up. But still, I had no idea how large this chair was.Packaging was great, there was a huge hole in my box when I got the chair but everything inside was well protected. Installation was straight forward and seems like quality build construction. This chair would be perfect for me if the seat pan were about 6in shorter and it could lower about 6in as well.

  10. Tim

    Good but not great, definitely not worth the asking price.Ive had this chair since saturday. So im 6’3 and roughly 230lbs I got this chair as my 1st gaming chair and was highly hesitant too do so based on most of the weight restrictions with most gaming chairs. (this chairs at 360lbs). This one has been fairly comfortable so far. I removed the lower lumbar pillow as it was utterly obnoxious and made me feel like id slide out of the chair. As long as I dont sit in it for more than a couple of hours straight its fairly comfortable. And frankly you should be stretching you legs more frequentlly than that anyways, with blood clotting and all being an issue. Only complaint is I have broad shoulders so yes the back rest digs in a bit and yes the butt cusioning is hard and does hurt after a bit. So this is where im questioning it the most. Frankliy ill bunch value and durability into 1 here. Part of me feels like its pretty sturdy. The materials are good aside from needing a bit more if not softer padding for your bottom side. For 400 dollars I frankly feel I should be sitting on a bed of feathers, not so much a concrete covered chair. After a good 2 hours or so it does wear on you. Again though im 6’3 and 330lbs. Might be different for others. As for gaming. I honestly dont feel like this just like all other gaming chairs out there are going too make 1 bit of difference as too how you play games or youre comfort there in. Honestly while I can say so far 4 days in, this chair is quite nice. I think you could easily buy a high back computer chair and enjoy it just as much and in doing so save yourself anywhwre frome 100-300 dollars depending on your size and what you want. Still a decent chair. Just definatly not a 400 dollar chair. Id say 250-299 at best. That said it does have a higher weight rating so theres that. If anything breaks or goes wrong believe you me this will be where I inform anyone 1st.Year twoWas squeaking and creaking for some time. Tried to take it gingerly with this chair. Well we just barely hit 2 years of owning this chair and the front wheel broke of nearly sending me into my t.v stand. Thing damn near launched me, would not recommend this chair unless you have cash too spend and you are very well below the weight limit. I’m pushing 240 atm after gaining weight but it’s still listed at 260lbs. And having that front wheel break.. damn near costing me one he’ll of a headache and the excess of that which which my head damn near went through my t.v. buyer beware…

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