Atefa SlydLock Fireplace Nook TV Mount – Fits All Plasma/LCD/LED Tilt or Flat 32-80″

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Product details

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Tilt
Brand SlydLock
TV Size 80 Inches
Color White
Minimum Compatible Size 32 Inches
  • Easily install a TV in a fireplace nook with the SlydLock Fireplace Nook TV Mount
  • Allows for full use of the fireplace nook
  • Equipment can stay in current location in fireplace nook
  • Larger TV’s can now be used that were not an option earlier! Up to a 80″ with only a 32″ opening!
  • Can also be used in existing furniture (antiques, armoires, as well as cabinetry)
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Introducing the SlydLock Nook mount by Carolina Custom Sound. This patent pending bracket will allow you to install up to a 80” TV over a nook that is only 32” wide (max Nook Width must be under 50″). There is no additional construction, framing or wire relocation involved. Existing equipment will fit inside the nook and the TV will look like its floating above! Brackets can also be used in cabinets and furniture as well (pictured in the Green Cabinet above). This is a low profile tilt/flat mount that will allow you to get as close as 1/8″ (last picture) to the wall. The new wings come in powder-coated white to still look pleasing from extreme angles and help blend in with the nook itself. Typical installation time is about 45 mins. This includes unpacking the bracket and TV, full mount and installation of all equipment. Includes all needed hardware for full installation and instructions.

Additional information

Weight 21.2 lbs
Dimensions 33.3 × 3.5 × 10.6 in
Product Dimensions

33.3 x 3.5 x 10.6 inches

Item Weight

21.2 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

April 16 2015


Carolina Custom Sound

10 reviews for Atefa SlydLock Fireplace Nook TV Mount – Fits All Plasma/LCD/LED Tilt or Flat 32-80″

  1. Corey h

    If you mount into studs as intended, this mount is not going anywhere!There is no concern about how safe my tv is on this mount. It held my weight no problem and no give. I managed to mount it fairly easily by myself but do recommend 2 or 3 people, especially for very large tv’s. 100% satisfied with this mount.

  2. My 2 Cents

    Most importantly-No expensive remodeling needed!!This was perfect and a lot less expensive than going with the alternative of hiring a contractor to fill the hole! Basically most old inserts like this we found to have studs that run along the sides. No extra material was needed. It just took 2 people, patience and about an hour to put up! Great product!! This is a special order item. Thank you for making a great product for those seeking a less expensive way to hang out TV!

  3. HB

    We’ve had this for 4 years and it works great!We installed this mount ourselves four years ago and have used two different TVs on it (one Roku and one Sony) both have worked great! This mount was the perfect solution to modern tvs mounting in front of recessed spaces that fit the smaller tvs of the past

  4. Jillian R.

    Awesome product! Holds an 82 inch TV!I am so happy I purchased this product! Like others who have left reviews, I have a TV nook over my fireplace and needed a solution that would allow me to hang a tv over the space. The fireplace is in the center of the wall, so there is really no other place for the TV to go. This mount is perfect!The instructions were pretty straight forward. My only recommendation would be to include color pictures in future instruction manuals instead of the black and white ones.I hesitated a bit in buying this because I needed to mount an 82 inch TV and I think somewhere it says that the mount can accommodate up to 75 inches. I figured my LG 82 inch would be fine since: 1) LG TVs conform to VESA standards; and 2) Even though the TV is larger than the recommended 75 inches, it’s weight is well within the limits of the mount.I am so happy this product exists because I DID NOT want to have to buy a TV stand to put in front of my fireplace. It would have looked terrible and ruined the openess of our living room.I did think the price for this mount was a little high, but you can see that it didn’t stop me from buying it. Lol. I wanted my TV mounted more than I wanted this product to cost less.My friend installed the mount and then did a pull-up on it (he weighs 175!). It held his weight just fine and it made me even more confident that it would hold our tv just fine.Awesome product and definitely solved a unique problem!

  5. DieselD

    Highly Recommend for mounting over the face of a nook!This is just what I needed to be able to hang our 60″ over a 2000s era tv nook! I remember these nooks being all the rage back in the 90s-early 2000s but now with norm being larger flat panel displays it makes for one big headache! I searched for hours looking for a solution and I was thinking I would have to resort to framing and drywall to close off the nook entirely until I came across this mount. I went back and forth with the purchasing it due to the price but glad I did as it solved our issue with a ton less work!I know there are mounts available that come out and drop down which would be handy for a shallow nook like we have over out fire place, but for where we wanted our tv out nook was 24″ deep and it would not be feasible to use that style of mount. Whats unique to this is the brackets(“wings”) that allow you to lag bolt into the side of the nook instead of the back wall. One thing I did notice was we have a little bit of flex in the mount with our tv mounted up. Obviously will not flex on its own but we noticed a little bit of movement if a kid slammed a door or the ceiling fan was on high moving alot of air. I believe this is due to having to run towards the max width allowed on this setup. Our nook was 48″ wide when the max allowed width is 52″. This is more of an annoyance then anything else and being OCD something I plan to fix. A simple solution is to run a support from the mount to the back wall of the nook, This will do double duty in holding all my cabling cleaning to the wall out of view.Also the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow, They even include a formula to determine the mounting height to take the guess work out of it. Basic hand tools was all that is required to mount it up. All the hardware was included and decent quality. The mount itself has provisions to level and lock the tv to the mount. The lock was a neat feature and would make it impossible for the kids to ever pull the tv off the mount along with making it harder to steal. Interesting note however is the mount is just a simple tint wall mount. What makes this kit unique is the “wings” used to mounted from the side instead of back. Carolina Custom Sound supply the “wings” and the mount itself is made by Strong. This does not affect the functionality of this mount but might be of interest to some looking at this mount.

  6. Steven C.

    The Perfect TV Mount for a Fireplace NookThe Slydlock is a great choice for mounting today’s larger flat screen televisions within space-limited nooks. My previous television was a 53″ plasma that fit perfectly with-in the available space, with less than a 1/2″ gap on either side. No one makes these odd-ball screen sizes anymore. The 50″ models were swallowed up in the nook, and nothing larger would fit. The Slydlock allowed me to buy and mount this Hisense 55″ U8G (great television, btw) which is ~1″ wider than the nook. The mount is beefy and strong; I have no concerns that it can handle the load. Two persons are needed for installation.; my wife assisted me with its installation and lifting the television into place. Mounting instructions are easy enough to follow. And yes, it can handle larger, heavier televisions.

  7. Mario Camargo

    It worksI like the sturdiness, is a really solid mount, I hired a guy to install it and he hanged to it and it took all of his weight in with no problem, the TV ( a sony 65″) is solidly placed, so, zero complains, the only thing I don’t like is the price, but it was the only mount I was able to find for this particular case ( mounting a tv on a niche ).

  8. Steph

    Away with TV nooks!Before buying this TV mount, I had issues upgrading the size of our TV due to limitations caused by the TV nook built into the home. The SlydLock fireplace nook TV mount solved that issue!The TV mount is built with thick steel and feels super solid when installed. It came with all the hardware to install any brand name LED television.Installation was straight forward (at least for me). It came with lag bolts necessary to mount the TV mound securely to the the studs. Having another person help out with installation made the process less straining which I recommend.The price is subjective, and I feel like the price I paid is worth it due to the quality of the product and how easy it was to install.Overall, great TV mount! I would highly recommend it to people with TV nooks who want to upgrade the size of their TV!

  9. Claire

    Looks as good as I could have hopedI installed the mount to where when the TV was mounted (55 inch), there was a small gap at the bottom for the cable box and Apple TV. I didn’t like that I could see the cords in the small gap at the bottom so I bought a wood panel, painted it, drilled some holes on the sides and slid it in behind the tv. I put all the cords through the holes I drilled. It completely hid all cords.

  10. B. Gates

    Cover the nookYou wanna have a bigger TV but your fireplace nook won’t allow it. This is what you need. Perfect.

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