Atlantic Dardashti Gaming/Executive Chair –Molded Cold-Cure Foam, ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 Tested, Class-4 Heavy-Duty Gas Piston, 350

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Product details

Color Yellow
Brand Atlantic
Product Dimensions 27.5″D x 27.5″W x 51.5″H
Style Classic
Special Feature 8-way Adjustable Arm Rests, Adjustable Height, Head Rest & Lumbar Support, Class 4 Heavy-Duty Gas Piston with up to 350 lbs. Weight Support, Ergonomic support through high-density cold-cure foam See more
Material Alloy Steel
  • VERSATILE – Elegant and not overly-aggressive classic styling, along with true commercial-grade performance bring just enough fun to corporate board room, executive suite, and home office.
  • ERGONOMIC – Generous use of molded cold-cure foam with 200% higher density than regular foam to support your body gently and ergonomically to further enhanced your personal gaming/entertainment experience after work.
  • SAFETY – Meet or exceed multiple test standards specified by ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 for testing furniture durability, structural performance, and overall safety in high-usage commercial environment.
  • COMFORT – Supportive molded cold-cure foam maintains its shape far longer than regular foam. 8-way adjustable and cushioned arm rests provide comfort and support while you work or game. Recline up to 155 degrees to relieve stress as you relax. Built-in cold-cure foam headrest and lumbar provide steady support for your body.
  • DURABILITY – Combination of solid all-steel frame, long-lasting supportive high-density cold-cure foam and heavy-duty Class 4 hydraulic gas piston support up to 350 lbs. of maximum weight load with style and comfort.
  • AESTHETICS – Soft PU leather in cross-stitch pattern added touch of luxury to comfort. Five-star base with unique hollow caster wheels hinting the racing-inspired design that cradles your body when you work or game.
  • For best comfort, recommended user height: 4’11” to 6’2″ with torso length under 25” and weight up to 350 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: 27.375″ (W) x 27.375″ (D) x 52.06″ (H) | Weight: 45.75 lbs. | 3-Year Limited Warranty.

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Meet the Dardashti Gaming Chair. This is a commercial grade next-gen ergonomic gaming chair. Inspired by today’s high-end performance vehicles, the goal was to provide the highest design value encompassing performance and aesthetics. The result is a comfortable, durable gaming chair designed for long gaming sessions that is built to last and backed by a three-year warranty. This chair meets BIFMA X5.1 commercial furniture test standards.The solid steel frame sits atop a nylon five-star performance base supported by a Class 4 hydraulic gas piston. Add sports car inspired cold-cure foam bucket seats meticulously covered with deluxe PU leather. Unlike entry level gaming chairs with pillows, we integrated a dynamic 2-inch lumbar curve support and an oversized headrest, both with cold-cure foam cushions. The eight-way, adjustable, cushioned arm rests are designed to provide long-term comfort. With four inches of travel, the armrests can be lowered out of the elbow zone or raised up for perfect support. Gamers can quickly recline up to 155 degrees to relieve stress during long sessions. Designed to accommodate all users, back tension and chair height are adjustable.The chair aesthetics are striking from afar to close up, top to bottom or an all-around 360 view. Its geometric curves are inviting. The sporty seat and chair back are covered with deluxe PU leather accented with bold colored diamond stitching with matching carbon fiber accent bolsters and rear piping. Gamers will appreciate the beautifully debossed and molded logo graphics and hollow car wheel influenced casters.

From the manufacturer

Details Gold

Tilt Gold


Bifma logo

Commercial Grade – ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017

Built to stringent BIFMA commercial chair standards, expect years of service.

Comfort & Durability

Ergonomic Design

Integrated headrest and lumbar cushions are designed to provide ergonomic

support for long gaming sessions. Cold cure foam cushions, steel frame construction, and custom molded cushioned arm assemblies provide long-lasting comfort.

  • Built-in Headrest
  • Built-in Lumbar Support
  • Custom Cushioned Arm Pads


Additional information

Weight 45.75 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 27.5 × 51.5 cm






Special Feature

8-way Adjustable Arm Rests Adjustable Height Head Rest & Lumbar Support Class 4 Heavy-Duty Gas Piston with up to 350 lbs. Weight Support Ergonomic support through high-density cold-cure foam


Alloy Steel


Diamond Cross-stitched

Room Type

Office Game Recreation Room Library Study Room

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Age Range Description


Back Style

Cushioned high back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Chair cushion Chair Back Chair base Gas piston user guide


Auto Racing



Model Name


Arm Style

8-way adjustable Cushioned

Product Care Instructions

Wipe Clean

Surface Recommendation

Hard Floor

Seat Material Type

Steel frame high-density cordo

Item Weight

45.75 Pounds, 45.8 Pounds

Product Dimensions

27.5 x 27.5 x 51.5 inches, 27.5D x 27.5W x 51.5H

Country of Origin


Item model number




Date First Available

July 8 2020



10 reviews for Atlantic Dardashti Gaming/Executive Chair –Molded Cold-Cure Foam, ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 Tested, Class-4 Heavy-Duty Gas Piston, 350

  1. Nick

    great chair, but is a pussy-cat magnetWhen I bought this I had hoped for endless hours of comfort, but once my cat tried it they never left.Pros – Comfy, easy to build, durable seeming, great tilt and armrest design.Cons – Your cat will steal it, also the curved edges of the seat kind of make it hard to sit with your legs spread apart as I prefer.Overall it’s a great chair so far.

  2. Hillsolo

    Pros & Cons about this ChairI’ve had this chair for half a month, the feeling about this chair is very mixed.Pros:1. Love the design. It is a blend of high-end luxury, contemporary and classic look. It is very eye-catching in a classical way instead of a build with busy gaming texture to it.2. Sturdiness. It is relatively heavy, it doesn’t matter whichever way I roll and turn, it appears to be very stable.3. Material. The chair is assembled with very good material, the stiches are very well done, it is relevant to the price level.4. Arm Rest. It is in a 4D-functional arm rest. No problems with up-down, forward-back, left-right and turns. It also has cushion built into them, which offer great flexibility and comfort.Cons:1. Head Rest. This is such a major flaw for this chair. The position of the head rest is right at my shoulder blades. There are tons of reviews for other chairs with removable head rest pillow and lumbar support, customers would wish they would be built into the chair, and this chair did, however, the position is just weird for people who are 6 feet and above. and I can’t imagine it would even provide comfort for people who are under 6, because the shape is not natural for the neck and head for sitting or laying down. This is a major fail to point that it can overshadow all the pros.2. Height. I personally don’t have issues with the overall height of this chair since I’m 6’1, my feet are touching the floor fully. However, this is really conflicting design with the #1 con I made above. If this chair is designed for people who are under 6, then they will have a hard time for their feet to fully touch the ground when sitting all the way back without having an extra feet rest. It is a very weird combination.3. Base. It is not metal to provide that extra level of luxury and sturdiness. That is something I would expect with this price tag.4. Noise. This is probably an exception for me. I’m fairly experienced with installing chair since I have done it for most of my family members and myself, including my office chairs. I made sure all screws are tightened, however, this is so far the only chair I have had, when I spin it, it makes a subtle screeching noise. It doesn’t bother me as much, but I would rather prefer it is much quieter.Overall, I’m a little disappointed with this product and still debating whether I’ll be returning it. It appears that the manufacture Atlantic is trying to do the right things, and for the most part, they are very good, but as their only 1st generation gaming chair product line, it has some flaws that are difficult for the customers to overcome when we consider the comfort to be the top priority.

  3. Jack M.


  4. S. Walter

    Easy chair to love, very comfortableThese are low seating, high back chairs so anyone with shorter torsos may not be as comfortable or want to use a seat cushion. The head rest is nice and firm while not feeling as if you’re placing your head on a cushioned brick. The only weak point of these chairs are the comfort of the arm rest, they’re not bad but they’re not exactly great or match the quality of the rest of the chair. I have two of these chairs (one in red and one in black) and though I use them equally, I’ve noticed that one of them has begun to creak a little bit in some lateral movements and I think there may be a QC issue across some models or build dates. I purchase the black one roughly six months after the purchase of the red one and these is noticeable differences at their highest and lowest seating levels with the same reflected with the armrest at it’s highest and lowest levels by about half an inch.Currently, I plan to disassemble and access the parts for either replacement or lubrication. I won’t remove stars because it’s still great quality and I think this may be anything from a misalignment to loose bolts and until I can assess, I’ll see what needs to be addressed. This may just be that they improved the product overtime

  5. Brian Hughes

    Almost perfectVery supportive, great size for a bigger guy. 5’11” 285 lbs. Gets a little warm during extended use. Still a great chair.

  6. Patrick Garon

    Chair is wobbly (leaning side to side) and the back support is not very…..I have had the chair for a couple Months now, it does not seem of good quality, the chair wobbles side to side and is unstable ( the bolts were double checked to ensure they were tight), So I paid $300 for this chair, and was hoping this would be good for me since Ive had a broken back and neck, this has ” built in lumbar” support. It is not adjustable, and has put my back into more pain, because it is forcing my back to bend in a way that is beyond what a Normal lumbar support should do. The Built in Headrest /pillow, is VERY stiff, and sits to low on the chair, I am 5’9 Inches tall, so I consider myself average height. While sitting and leaning back, the headrest is so stiff, that I can fit my entire fist between my neck and the chair, so it adds pressure to my neck since there is a lack of neck support due to the gap from my neck to the back of the chair, the “cushion” that is used on the headrest is just has stiff if not more than the chair seat itself. I thought it would “break in” So I tried it out, for a bit, I work from Home so I sit in this chair, for more than 10 hours each day.I Do not recommend this chair, unless you have a specific need for a Stiff, headrest, an un-natural way to have your back arched, wobbly bad quality in the fitment of the hardware. To give an idea , again I am 5’9 inches tall, and I weight 150lbs So my weight should not be a factor or over its limit in order for it to start being wobbly. Oh I almost forgot, when you recline the chair after about 2 weeks or so, it will start to make another noise that I can never locate, I tried and tried, the only way I would be able to find it, is by taking the recline assembly apart and I am not doing that. After 30 days Amazon will of course not allow you to return it, and the Manufacturer will not respond. The reason for Amazon is pretty simple, their return policy is within 30 days and is clearly listed, The Manufacturer has a 90 day to 1 year Manufacturer Warranty, But the Manufacturer seems to be unwilling to respond to requests to inquire about the chair and its defects ( beyond just how I feel the pillow feels and how it arches my back) I’m talking about the noises and wibbly-ness of the chair that cost $300.Just my honest up front review, some may have other opinions of the chair, and may have got one that was built properly, I firmly believe that the chair I purchased had numerous defects, and quality control opportunities in regards to their chairs.Its now March 2022, the chair is completely useless, They say they have a warranty, but yet I am still with a broken chair, I really wish Amazon was stricter on their Sellers when they advertise a warranty but do not honor it.***April 2022 – Still no response from the Manufacture , and Amazon is still selling these chairs although they break in less than 6 months, and the warranty that Amazon is showing as advertised is not being honored. So if you buy this chair, you can pretty much expect NO warranty not even a response. Since Amazon is allowing this fraudulent behavior of false advertising, they continue to sell the chairs on Amazon’s platform.

  7. derekdal

    well built and supportive seating…. but 3 major design flaws–update 1 year later–I still work daily in this chair for 8+hours a day and its comfortable. I replaced the lift cylinder with one that is overall shorter than the stock one and the chair goes low enough. now its great.–end update–I got this chair because of the prime day and 4-5 star reviews. the chair feels sturdy and the seating is supportive and comfortable. The arm rests are adjustable in many directions.That is where the comfort ends. I’m 6’1″ with 32″ inseam (to highlight leg length). This chair is slightly too high while in its lowest position to allow my legs to be at the correct angle and to fit under my keyboard tray of my desk. Given my size, this chair will have your feet dangling or biting into the back of your leg if you are shorter than me. I found this absurd as the average height of Men/Women is below my height which means the chair wouldn’t work for most users.I looked to see if I put it together incorrectly and I looked at my old chair and discovered the main issues. The lift cylinder is too long with a 3″ stroke for the design of the chair. The real issue is the base. It is several inches higher than my old chair’s base. this makes the lift cylinder be too high. I also noticed my old chair’s base let the cylinder go through the base about 1/4″ in the final resting place. The base on this chair has the cylinder sitting about 1/4″ up from the bottom. that’s an overall 1/2 higher cylinder height. Lastly, the wheels are taller than my old chair. all of these factors lead to a much higher ‘lowest chair height”this all turns out to be significant because the seating foam is nice and thick so you end up sitting even higher.

  8. Joseph T. Zelenak

    Best chair everMy wife spends a lot of time doing E Bay at her computer at home. We have tried several different types of chairs and they all were uncomfortable after a long period of sitting. i saw a killer sale of these chairs on Amazon and we decided to get one. Even with the sale, it was more then we ever spent on an office chair so I was very worried about the quality. Finally the day came and our chair arrived. It was very well packaged and was extremely easy to assemble. I could see the quality even before I put the chair together. Now came the moment of truth. I was instantly impressed by the way it feels when you sit in it. It is firm, but not too firm but it supports your body and back very well. There are so many adjustments that it can be made comfortable for almost anybody. Since I also spend a lot of time on the computer, I also would like to get one but i am waiting and hoping Amazon has another sale.Although the chair is pricey, there is an old saying that says “you get what you pay for” and that is exactly what buying this chair is like. This chair will last many years and offer lots of comfort if you spend a lot of time at the computer. keep in mind, that we are not gamers even though this chair is classified as a gaming chair. This chair is great for anybody from a casual computer user to a die hard gamer. This chair will be your favorite chair if you purchase one. Now I just have to save my pennies so I can get one for myself as well. I would give it 6 stars if the graph went that far.

  9. Steve Trouba

    Atlantic Dardashti Gaming ChairAfter reviewing several chairs, I settled on the Dardashti Gamer Chair. The blue striping was attractive, but the over-riding factor was it’s weight-bearing capacity. With the max weight it could handle set at 350 pounds, it handles my 270 pounds with ease. I also like the chairs ability to extend the back of the chair to an almost flat position, although I don’t really like that you can’t just make the adjustment sitting against the back and make a change; you have to sit up, make an adjustment, sit back to see if its right, and rinse-and-repeat until it is what you want. And, not to be TOO indelicate, the cushions are not friendly tp bare skin. There was one other factor that needs telling: it was somewhat difficult to put together. The sole tool provided (an L-shaped metal thing with a flathead screw-driver at one end and a Phillips head at the other) was not adequate to the need. A good ratchet set is needed to compensate for the torque needed to get the screws into their holes and tightened down to their final screwed down position. Other than that, once put together, the chair is quite comfortable.

  10. jbaxter911

    Great chairI do really enjoy this chair. I would say the only things I would change about this chair would be a little more padding in the seat area. I do weigh 230 and sit for 9 hours, but when I get up sometimes I’m sore. I would also like if the headrest was either a little narrower at the bottom because it hits my neck or the thickness was adjustable. I am 5’10, so not to tall, but I have a longer torso and shorter legs. When talking about narrower, I am talking from front to back of the chair, not side to side. I would recommend this chair and would buy again. This chair has a ton more positive features than the couple of slight negatives that I listed above.

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