AutoFull Gaming Chair 5.1in Seat Cushion Ergonomic Gamer Chair with Lumbar Support Racing Style High Back PU Leather Computer

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Color Black
Brand AutoFull
Product Dimensions 27.6″D x 20.9″W x 50.8″H
Style With Footrest
Material Faux Leather
  • Chair Design Inspiration: AutoFull grows up with innovating and evolving spirits.Brighe colors and soft seat cushion empower this chair with fashion and comfortable.It is easy for young people to find spiritual resonance here.
  • Seat Cushion Upgrade:The fully-wrapped cushion improves sitting comfort better. 5.1in integrated high-density foam ensures the long-lasting using without deformation.
  • High Quality Material:On the cushions headrests,and lumbar pullows, High quality Wear-resistant Super Soft PU leather is used to make players more comfortable to sit and touch.On the Chair SGS4-level cylinders and high strength nylon base is used to make players feel more safety.
  • Multifunctional Adjustment: 2D armrests lift function allows you to put the chair under the table,and the rotation function can adapt to differrnt postures . The 155° tilt functiong of the gaming chair combined with the assistance of the 25° rocking function and footrest,can make gamers feel comfortable and relax.
  • Easy to Install: Follow the gaming chair instruction, you’ll found it easy to set up, and estimated assembly time in about 10-15mins. Free parts replacement within 3 years.

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gaming chair

gaming chair

computer chair



Additional information

Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 27.6 × 20.9 × 50.8 cm





With Footrest


faux leather

Room Type

Game Recreation Room

Frame Material


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Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

20.9 x 20.9 x 50.8 inches, 27.6D x 20.9W x 50.8H

Item Weight

47 Pounds



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Date First Available

July 9 2020



9 reviews for AutoFull Gaming Chair 5.1in Seat Cushion Ergonomic Gamer Chair with Lumbar Support Racing Style High Back PU Leather Computer

  1. Taylor Walker

    Mostly decent chair – Seat wears out fast – Get a cushion[Update: 3 months after review, 6 months later]AutoFull has reached out to me about the issues I had with the chair, offered a replacement along with a statement to have issues resolved within a year. I’m not sure if this means they will change the materials used for cushion, or change the positioning of the Lever for lowering and raising the chair. It’s more customer service than I’ve received when compared to other places I’ve actively reached out to and didn’t get a resolution, so an absolute A+ for Customer Service and trying to make things right.[Original review]I’m 150lbs, 5’6″This chair is a really decent fit for my size and height. The back and neck support are actually quite comfortable and I wasn’t expecting it to be. I’m 100% work from home so was looking for a chair to upgrade into from my old Task Chair that was quite worn out and giving me back pains from worn out/no support.After having the chair for a few months now, it’s still comfortable, but the seat cushion has worn to the frame and no longer is comfortable. I’m using a cushion on top of the original seat now so that the frame isn’t going into my posterior. Doing this, i had to adjust the lumbar support & neck support a bit higher, so I’m glad those were adjustable.PROS:+ Without the armrests attached, will fit into most desk spaces. You may have issues with the armrests attached.+ Support is actually pretty good for very long days of work.+ upgrading from a worn out task chair, all my back & neck problems started to go away after a few days in the new chair.CONS:- Base feels awkward. When swiveling it feels like you’re more on the outer edge than over the center of the swivel point. It’s a feeling akin to sitting on the outer edge of a merry-go-round instead of sitting on a bar-stool while swiveling. That’s an exaggeration just to convey how the feeling of the center of the chair swivel feels.- Seat cushion does NOT hold up to full time work. You’ll need to get another cushion to use. As long as the augmented cushion is comfortable, the rest of the chair is still highly usable.- Seat raise/lower lever is position backwards and awkward to use to raise and lower the chair height. I Triple checked that I didn’t install it backwards, but the example in the instruction book, and the letters on the equipment (L & R etc.) all line up how they should. this is a design flaw that forces you to reach behind yourself instead of comfortably below or towards the front of the chair.THOUGHTS:All in all, I’d probably still recommend this with some caveats. Not an amazing chair, but was still a decent upgrade from what I was using before. Had this chair’s seat endured more than a few months of use before sinking down to the frame, I’d probably have rated it higher since the rest of the chair still works quite well. Alas, a chair is for sitting, and and that basic function now requires purchasing something else to sit on, on top of the chair.

  2. B Drake

    This chair is the bomb! 😱😍I sit in this chair 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I work long hours as a designer, so I need a comfortable chair. Love the lower lumbar cushion support and all the other adustable features. This chair is very well made. Nothing cheap about it. Money well spent. I even got one of these chairs for my son who is a big time GAMER. Now he won’t stop playing games! 😒 Forget about those Ergonomic mesh chairs as I tried many and they are 💩 compared to this chair.

  3. Steven V.

    Honest Review (Returned after 1 week) Here is Why…So I was looking at the reviews for this product and they all seemed to be mostly positive, so I thought that this chair was a no brainer. Don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty good chair, but it was not for what I needed it for.I work from home full-time and I also play a ton of Call of Duty throughout the whole week. On weekdays since I work, I spend about 11-13 hours a day sitting on the chair, and on weekends just gaming about 8-10 hours a day.If you are a casual gamer and/or work from home part-time, I think this chair would be great for you because I think that the chair is quite comfortable if you only have to sit on it for 5-6 hours straight per day. But, once you go above the 7 hour mark, that is when the chair begins to feel uncomfortable.(Here are some Pros and Cons about the chair, they are in no specific order.)Pros:-The seat cushion is quite comfortable, you can sit on this chair for a few hours and you won’t feel tired or the need to stretch when you get up.-The lumbar support is great! You get straps to put on the chair and it allows you to move the lumbar support to the spot you feel most comfortable and helps with sitting posture.-The height adjustable armrest are really good, definitely also helps with posture since your elbows can be at the perfect height.-The wheels are very good, they do not harm the carpet or wood (As far as I know, only used the chair for 1 week)-The chair is very good looking, I bought the all black version and I was very happy with that choice.-Very easy to assemble, only took about 30 minutes to build.Cons:-I am 5’8” and weight about 170 pounds, and after sitting on this chair for over 6 hours straight, my coccyx (tailbone) begins to hurt and bother me a lot. My elbows also start hurting a lot because there is no padding on the armrests whatsoever (plus the armrests are curved for forearm placement, which is the worst thing to have if you play videogames with a controller).-The head support does not really have much adjustability. It only has one set spot that it does not move from, and if you do try to adjust it, it will just take a few minutes for it to go back to where it was. (And if you are taller than 5’10”-5’11” the head support probably won’t even reach the height of your neck.)-Right of the bat, the chair was making some creaking sounds, it wasn’t much so I didn’t really mind it, until 1 week had already passed and it was just a little too much for me, even though the weight limit is supposed to be 300 pounds.-The 2D adjustable armrests are easily moved out of place, they do not lock into any position.-The “Ergonomic” Metal Frame is not big enough if you have thick legs or spread open your legs a lot. If part of your leg is over the frame and putting some pressure, it won’t take long until you start feeling pain on the leg.Overall, I was not a great fan of the chair since it was not fit for what I needed it for. If you either work long hours or play videogames non-stop throughout the day, I would not recommend this chair for you because it does not have the level of comfort that you would want in chair when you have to sit for long periods of time. BUT, if you work part-time, or just play videogames casually, I would definitely recommend this chair, at the very least this chair is decent and has good comfort, and needless to say… a good price.What would be the best thing to do if you are unsure about it?If for whatever reason you find yourself in the middle of those categories, some days you sit longer than others, I would recommend that you buy a used office chair from a known brand like Herman Miller or Steelcase, they usually go from 200$-400$ depending on wear and tear. But are definitely better than gaming chairs and will last a lot longer. (Best one to get would probably be the Herman Miller Aeron.)Hope This Helps You!

  4. Stacy

    OverpricedFor starters came in with one of the arm rest broken. Fine for me bc I’m apparently too fat to sit with them attached anyway. Looks cool the places meant for the straps of the lumbar support are so far away after a while it starts to tear the material where it’s attached to the support would go a diffrent rout for this price.

  5. PiKaBuu

    Buena calidad pero ajustadoEl producto es de excelente calidad, los materiales y ensamblajes tienen buenos terminados, lo cual parece indicar que será una silla durable. El único inconveniente a tomar en cuenta es que si eres de amplia sentadera, tendrás problemas con las elevaciones laterales, fuera de ello es relativamente comoda.

  6. Luis Hernandez Jacome

    El envío se merece -10 estrellasEl envío es demasiado tardío, este producto es uno de los primeros que en experiencia el envío es un horror, pero es algo que no puedes calificar mal en el aspecto de la calidad de la silla ni es problema de Amazon, es del fabricante que pone como disponible cosas que no tiene, en primera no crean lo de el tiempo estimado que aparece, si a la hora de la compra no les establece literalmente cuando llega prepárense para la odisea de su vida, me tardo casi 2 meses en llegar y me comuniqué como 5 o 6 veces a servicio al cliente las primeras te inventan un montón de cosas para justificar, que si el pago que si el otro al final a la cuarta te dicen qué realmente es tema del vendedor y que lo que pueden hacer es devolverte el dinero y cancelar el pedido cosa que pues si la quieres no es opción, en su categoría creo que calidad precio es lo mejor, es cómoda un poco baja pero mi mesa es baja así que me queda bien, mido 1.75 así que para mi es buena poco pequeña pero buena, le quito la estrella por qué es baja, si la quieres pero necesitas que te llegue ya, está silla no es para ti, a menos que te salga lo de prioridad express, al momento que hice mi compra no me aparecía pero eh visto que mencionan que les aparece y que si llega cuando lo mencionan, en fin si tienes tiempo la recomiendo

  7. El Barto

    Buena relación calidad-precioDejando de lado el infame servicio de envío (tardaron aprox. 3 semanas en siquiera indicarme cuándo iba a llegar, después de eso otros 12 días de envío), aquí van los pros y contras de la silla como tal, a una semana de uso:Pros:- En general se puede decir que es una buena relación calidad-precio porque creo que ya entra en la gama alta sin ser cara. Comparen los precios de las sillas más caras y esta, no hay comparación. Teniendo esas marcas más caras también algunas quejas en rendimiento.- Los materiales se sienten de buena calidad. Es piel sintética (PU), pero de la fina. Muy buenas costuras, terminados buenos incluso bajo el asiento, los cojines firmes y los plásticos de buen grosor, secciones con una bonita imitación fibra de carbono.- Según la web de Autofull la silla tiene un esqueleto metálico, eso la hace sentir pesada cuando tienes que cargarla pero le da una buena firmeza. A pesar de eso cuando te sientas es ligera para moverte.- Mido 1.84 y la altura del respaldo es más que perfecta. El cojín del cuello me queda justo en el cuello, cumple su función al menos para mí.- El reposapiés es buena adición, siempre y cuando lo traten con cuidado. Además es plegable.- El respaldo se puede inclinar casi hasta quedar horizontal.- El asiento tiene un buen largo (no ancho). Es algo que siempre busco por el largo de mi fémur.- El armado de la silla es rápido, intuitivo. Algunos se quejan de que es complicado pero la neta no. Yo a penas vi el instructivo, casi sólo para ver el orden de armado.- La compré en Prime Day y me costó mil pesos más barato.Pros que a la vez son contras:- El cojín lumbar… para los que nunca habíamos usado uno, es muy raro hacerlo porque este es grande, no muy suave, y anguloso en la parte baja -algo que no sirvió pero intenté, fue sustituir el relleno con memory foam de almohada pero no queda lo suficiente firme-. Llega a molestar ese borde inferior pero les aseguro que así no se cansa su espalda baja y se sentirán ligeros al levantarse. Con los tirantes pueden ubicarlo a la altura que les acomode mejor.- Los reposabrazos se sienten finos. Tienen función giratoria y movimiento vertical pero no se pueden regular para adelante o atrás, o sea horizontal.Contras:- No es cómodo usar ambos cojines a la vez. Si usan el lumbar recomiendo quitar el de cuello o viceversa. Cuando tienen los dos puestos no pueden casi recargar la espalda alta.- La altura del asiento. Entiendo que están diseñadas para gaming pero muchos la necesitamos para trabajar en oficina. Entonces lo malo es que la altura máxima -que se regula con el pistón a través de la palanca- no es lo suficientemente alta como sillas de oficina que he usado. Incluso levantando todo lo posible los reposabrazos. Aunque tengo que decir que para mí que soy alto me queda bien porque alcanzo a tocar el suelo perfectamente en la altura máxima.- Del acolchonado en el respaldo no me quejo pero sí creo que le falta en el asiento. No es tan cómo como parece. Yo que soy muy delgado no puedo estar tanto sentado en esto,- Ancho del asiento y del respaldo. Como saben, este diseño de sillas están basados en los asientos para auto, por lo tanto tienen unas aletas laterales que casi no te permiten ampliar tu posición con los brazos ni con tus piernas. Yo peso a penas 64 kg y casi no puedo abrir las piernas y menos cruzar las piernas. Tampoco mover los brazos hacia los lados estando recargado. No me puedo imaginar cómo le haría alguien con sobrepeso.

  8. Rommel

    Tengan paciencia! Vale la penaMe encantó el soporte que ofrece la silla. La calidad es buenísima para el precio. Paso más de 12 horas sentado y no me cansa. La recomiendo en negra! La espera vale la pena (tardó 3 semanas en llegarme) Lo único que no me gusto es que para poner el soporte de los pies no viene en el instructivo, tienes que hacerlo quitando las liguitas de la pieza y volverlas a poner después de colocarla.

  9. Rafa Cervantes

    Una excelente silla! Lo único malo, es que llego con una pequeña rotura en el cojín de la cabeza.Una silla cómoda que ayuda a la buena postura del cuerpo. Cuando realice mi compra, indicaban que aún no había fecha para el envío, pero llegó a mi casa en poco menos de 3 semanas. Lo único que me pone triste, es que la almohada para la cabeza, llegó raspada. Ojalá me la puedan cambiar.

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