AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair Cute Kawaii Gamer Chair for Girl Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support PU Leather

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Product details

Color Pink
Brand AutoFull
Product Dimensions 22.4″D x 20.8″W x 50.8″H
Style Modern
Special Feature Ergonomic, Arm Rest, Lumbar Support
Material Faux Leather
  • Chair Design Inspiration: AutoFull grows up with innovating and evolving spirits.Brighe colors and bunny ear empower this chair with cute and fashion.It is easy for young people to find spiritual resonance here-express yourself freely.
  • Bunny Ear Design: This bunny ear headband has a cute design and is made of plush fabric, with a combination of pink and white to make the bunny ear more kawaii, and the cute ears can be adjusted at any angle. Express your mood anytime.
  • High Quality Material:On the cushions used 4.33in High-density native shaped sponge endows the chair with high resilience.On the cushions headrests,and lumbar pullows, High quality PU leather is used to make players more comfortable to sit and touch.
  • Multifunctional Adjustment: 2D armrests lift function allows you to put the chair under the table,and the rotation function can adapt to differrnt postures . The 155° tilt functiong of the gaming chair combined with the assistance of the 25° rocking function,can make gamers feel comfortable and relax.
  • Easy to Install: Follow the gaming chair instruction, you’ll found it easy to set up, and estimated assembly time in about 10-15mins. Free parts replacement within 3 years.

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Product Description


Cute Bunny Racing chair

Recline Gaming chair

pink gaming chair for adults





for expressing different moods


for reliable cervical protection


for optimal arm placement

Additional information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 22.4 × 20.8 × 50.8 cm






Special Feature

Ergonomic Arm Rest Lumbar Support


faux leather

Room Type

Office Game Recreation Room

Frame Material


Age Range Description

Teens and adults

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components




Model Name

Office Chair

Seat Material Type

Faux Leather

Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

22.4 x 20.8 x 50.8 inches, 22.4D x 20.8W x 50.8H

Item Weight

56 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

May 22 2019



10 reviews for AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair Cute Kawaii Gamer Chair for Girl Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support PU Leather

  1. AoiMizuno

    Needs modifications to be perfect.EDIT: It’s been 2 years now! I have actually moved to a different state with this chair also! Chair itself is going strong! I am in it about 8hrs/day everyday lol. No wobbling or stability issues at all. No sagging, no leather ripping! Which is impressive for me because I sit like a savage no joke. I sit however is comfortable and I’m not very gentle with my stuff. Love this quality. But I’ve been wearing clothing more when sitting in the chair and over time the well known staining issue has started occurring to me finally. :C Much like photos you’ll see from other reviewers my chair started doing that too, staining on the seat and the lumbar pillow. Looks sad and gross. I tried wiping it down with plain water and that didn’t work at all. HOWEVER. I had some cheap wet wipes I bought from Daiso so I thought why not. It got almost all the stains out I was shocked. Took me like 4-5 wet wipes but it got basically all of it off. Small bit of it is still stubbornly there but it’s so little I don’t even notice lol. HURRAY! I’m so happy lol. So hopefully that works for anyone else out there with that problem too! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for staining and I’m going to try wiping it down the moment I see it, maybe that’ll keep the stains for setting in and getting annoying.Pros:- High quality. When putting it together and touching it, you can tell it’s well built and the pleather is thick and durable. I hear ppl have been staining these chairs with the clothing they wear but unsure if it’s the fault of the pleather. I’ve had REAL leather that can gets stained by jeans and shirts after a while so I dunno. After a year my chair is still perfect without any stains. But real talk I don’t wear pants at home lol so unsure if that’s why. But my colorful underwear isn’t staining the seat and my shirts haven’t stained it either. :3- REALLY CUTE. There’s a lot of other pink gaming chairs out there these days but I still like the aesthetic of this one the most.- Very easy to put together by myself.- Reclines very easily. Easy to control height of chair. I have to put this in because I’m actually really bad at figuring out how to maneuver office chairs when they have levers to adjust things. OR I’ve used chairs where it’s really stiff and I have to put my whole body weight into making it moving up or down or to recline. Didn’t have to with this chair! Very smooth and easy whenever I want to adjust!- Smooth rolling chair, no squeaking. Really love this chair.- Comes with soft fuzzy arm covers that are removeable for washing.- Arms are easily height adjustable as needed- Bunny ears are included and removeable so you can actually wear it yourself as a headband! If you have other animal ear headbands you can actually insert it into the chair instead of the included bunny ears to change up the look as you like.- I know some folks have had issues with the winged seats hurting their thighs. I am 5’3″ and hover between115lbs-125lbs (quarantine 15 ;_;) and it’s not a problem. So if you are my size or smaller you will for sure not have an issue with it. Check other reviews and see if anyone else listed their height and weight that matches your size. Their reviews should help determine if this chair would be the right fit for you. :)Cons:- Soft fuzzy arm covers does not change how HARD those armrests are. After a while it would hurt my elbows. I used leftover fabric and polyfill to create soft armrest pillows that I could tie on (as shown in the photo). You can definitely buy soft armrest attachments online also. But for a $250+ chair I would like them to make it comfy from the get go. There are gaming chairs out there that come with soft padded armrests for comfort.- Lumbar pillow is nice but does not come with the elastic straps to attach onto the chair for adjustment. Honestly you need it. It was hurting my back that the lumbar pillow was too low for me. As my photo shows I took white elastic I had lying around and I sewed the straps on myself lol. So now it’s perfect. But again, there are other gaming chairs that come with it already. It’s annoying to put in extra effort when I already paid so much for the chair.- No built in foot rest like some of the cheaper gaming chairs out there.- Chair is very firm which can be a pro depending on the person. I suppose it’s good for ergonomics? But my posture is awful so for me it’s a con since I prefer softer seats. Luckily there are cute cat paw cushions that are pretty popular right now and just adds to how cute my room can be. Adding the paw cushion made everything perfect and comfy.- I wanted the free rug gift! :C At the time they said the factory that was making their rugs shut down so they gave me a chair pad thing instead. I don’t use it. I tried but it’s MEH. But now when you buy the chair they have the rugs again for the free gift. It definitely feels bad that I missed out on the free rug that so many others got. :C It’s really cute. I really wanted it. /crySo the cons on the chair are all things that can be fixed by buying stuff (or sewing if you are able) to add onto the chair. Small modifications here and there are worth it in the long run though. I cannot make it so a chair has good quality materials and build which is why even with all the cons I will still choose this chair every time if I want a good quality pink gaming chair that isn’t a SecretLab.

  2. Grace

    Cutest Gaming Chair EverI love this pink gaming chair a lot!!! My bf ordered a blue one last year, and it worked well and so comfortable. We moved to CA in August, so he sold the old one. He purchased another blue one after we arrived, and I ordered a pink one for myself. We both love the AutoFull gaming chair so much, especially the pink one. It arrived with a free pink carpet, which is also super cute. The installation process was a little bit complicated, but my bf helped me which made it a lot easier. You can adjust the height of the chair and the side. It also allows you to put the back down and lie on the chair. Everything about this chair are perfect. A satisfying purchase!

  3. Maddie

    Super cute and comfy!I assembled it all by myself so it wasn’t too difficult. The directions were pretty easy to read and it didn’t take a long time to build. It’s super comfy and cute! I’m 5’5″ with a short torso and long legs and it works perfectly for me. My cat also loves it!

  4. Katvonwhiskers

    Two Years Later an honest reviewI’ve had this chair for two years now. It was relatively easy to assemble and looks super cute. It’s not a bad chair by any means but for the price you would probably be better off with something else. The chair itself is average nothing really to complain about other than the fabric. It will stain from dyes. It doesn’t matter how tidy you are or what color you are wearing, it will always pick up dyes and stick to it. (photos attached) Obviously it works just fine but it does look very unappealing. For a chair of this price i would have expected much higher quality.

  5. Christina shepherd

    Good productSturdy. Bunny ears could go on any chair tho lol

  6. Heather

    Cracking and fadingThe chair was for my daughter, She has had it for a year the seat is fading and cracking. She takes very good care of her things. I am just not happy about how long this has lasted. We have had other AutoFull chairs and have had no issues.

  7. nicole

    Really good purchaseEasy to put together, I was able to do it alone myself. The chair looks great and came with a round mat ad well. Love the design and color, was worried about it being too pinky but it came out the way that I really like. So far can’t rate on the comfort level coz I just got it, but overall happy with it!

  8. LollyPop

    Lumbar support pillow falls downThe lumbar support pillow has no way to stay on so it falls down and you have to pick it up before sitting down again. I tried adding a Velcro sticker but it doesn’t always stay. That’s my only complaint, well, except for the arms of the chair move sideways and have a clicking noise when they do, I don’t see the point in them moving.

  9. Sarah Mcwhite

    Cute, Pink, Lots of Support for long-tern sitting working/gaming.Hi! I don’t like building things or putting things together, but after I’d worn out my old diner chair that I used for gaming and had recently bought a 3K gaming rig, I knew the next step was to upgrade my chair as the country shifted to work-from-home.I didn’t originally want to buy this one first, I was looking at the Eureka brand chair part of the Eureka set. I already plan on getting the L shaped desks from them so it would’ve just been easier to get he full set. After I couldn’t find the Eureka chair, I stumbled on Amazon looking for a pink replacement.I purchased this after doing some research and looking at both Amazon reviews & reddit opinions and decided it would be worth my buck and if not, hopefully I could return it.It said it would arrive in 2-3 weeks after the date I ordered. I placed the order on June 5th and was very surprised to come home after my weekly Corona grocery shopping yesterday, June 11th, to find a HUGE 4ish foot box in front of my door. I’m only 5’4 so this was basically up to my chest. They do NOT put it in Amazon packing (though I didn’t select the option to have it shipped in Amazon packaging because I didn’t think about it) so beware. It came only 6 days after I placed my order!I dreaded putting it together after looking how big the box was, like I said It’s not something I do often and the thing was HUGE. I even bought a full tool set with the chair, power drill included just in case. Everything was packed very neat and compact with tons of bubble wrap! It was very clean as well and had that “new chair smell”. I pulled out the instructions and got to work. I don’t know what it’s called, but they have hexagonal screws and a hexagonal screw head to match everything. Those are the only two tools you need to get the job done. Just because this was probably my first time assembling something like this, it took me about 40 minutes (some parts of the chair is also kind of heavy but I’m small and don’t have much upper body strength and I also didn’t make enough room initially to work) but all-in-all I got it done! With more experience and strength it honestly could’ve taken about 20 minutes if that.Now, I sit on it at my desk and write this review on it. The pillows are amazing, the back/butt support is great, and my mom who has also transitioned to working from home is now on Amazon looking for a chair of her own, and she may just get this one!The bunny ears on the back, and the bunny tail addition are really cute, the arm rests are very very soft like.. furry suede? I’m not sure what the material is called. Matches the pink razer set perfectly if you have all of those components as well. I will update this review in a few months and then after a year as I got the warranty that allows me to send it back for any scratches and tears for like 5 years I think, etc, but for now I’d say it was worth my money.(PS. They also send you a very cute rug to match!)

  10. Sofia Paonessa

    Hermosa sillaHermosa silla, muy cómoda y fácil de armar! Llego en optimas condiciones y super rapido! Recomendada!

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