BABYBJORN Cradle – White, 31x23x26 Inch (Pack of 1)

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Color White
Brand BabyBjörn
Product Dimensions 31″L x 23″W x 26″H
Material Polyester
Finish Polyester,Steel
Maximum weight recommendation 17 Pounds
  • Lulls your baby to sleep with relaxing, gentle rocking movement
  • JPMA Certified Product with low height and transparent mesh fabrics allowing for secure supervision of your baby
  • Easy to move around the house so you can always have your child close to you day and night
  • Soft, breathable and airy sides and simple design with no bars or loose parts to trap tiny hands or feet
  • From newborn (8 lbs) to approximately six months (17 lbs);Legs: wood and steel
  • Main fabric, mesh fabric and padding 100% polyester. Airy mesh fabric gives you good supervision
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Product Description

Durable Product.Mattress- 14 x 28 inches. Assembled-23 x 31 x 26 inches. Folded up-23 x 31 x 5 inches


Buying a cradle from BABYBJÖRN

A place for your baby to sleep should be designed with safety in mind and made using child-friendly materials. When you buy a cradle from BABYBJÖRN, you can be confident that the materials do not contain any harmful or allergenic substances and that the construction is sturdy and durable.

From the manufacturer

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BabyBjörn Cradle

Designed for newborns up to six months old, the BABYBJÖRN Cradle is a compact, cozy cradle that soothes your baby with soft rocking motions. Parents can rock the Cradle themselves or let their baby’s movements gently move the Cradle back and forth.




Helps your baby to relax and sleep peacefully

The BABYBJÖRN Cradle provides your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep anywhere in your home. This Cradle comforts your infant with gentle rocking motions and is lightweight enough to be easily moved from room to room.

Can be easily carried to any room of the house

Ideal for those early months when your newborn alternates between short periods of sleep and wakefulness, this lightweight Cradle is easy to move anywhere in your home, so you can always keep your baby close. Its durable foot grips keep the Cradle steady without damaging your floors.

Washable Materials For Easy Cleaning

The BABYBJÖRN Cradle fabric and waterproof mattress cover are removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Simply unzip the mesh fabric and wash on gentle cycle. For best results, allow cradle fabric and the mattress cover to air-dry before reassembly.

BabyBjörn Cradle


Safe And Tested Materials

All fabrics and materials used in BABYBJÖRN Cradle are kind to your baby’s delicate skin and completely harmless to taste or chew. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved, an international safety standard for textiles, and contain no health-hazardous substances. The BABYBJÖRN Cradle meets both European and American safety standards, EN 13209-2:2005 and ASTM F2194.

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 26 cm








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Product Dimensions

31 x 23 x 26 inches, 31L x 23W x 26H

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Modern Contemporary

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13 Pounds

CountryRegion of origin

Bosnia and Herzegovina



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10 reviews for BABYBJORN Cradle – White, 31x23x26 Inch (Pack of 1)

  1. Heather

    Lightweight and easyLoving this bassinet- ended up with an unexpected c section and this is light enough I can move it room to room. Babe sleeps great in it and the rocking is nice- just one finger and you can get it to bounce around. Nice not having mechanical crap to deal with. Aesthetically very cute too.

  2. E. Leung

    Wonderful cradle, though a tad smallWhen shopping around for a cradle/bassinet, I was looking for several things: 1) I don’t want to buy a bulky, electronic moving cradle that contains a cord that could trip me or my wife, especially in the middle of the night; 2) I want to buy something that is built well, and safe for the child, not just to sleep in, but to breathe in and out without worrying about inhaling harmful chemicals; 3) I want to purchase something that is light and portable, which would allow me to move from the bedroom to other places in my house.The Babybjorn Cradle fits all three of these requirements. It is very light, and while it is able to rock very gently, it relies solely on the baby’s own movement (or the hands of a parent/caretaker) to make it rock gently. I don’t know if my baby actually uses the rocking movement to put himself back to sleep, but I guess there’s no way I can find out.The cradle is extremely well-built. Like other Babybjorn products, it is simple, yet very sturdy. The materials used were fantastic. It’s clean, sleek, and strong. It is certified to have no harmful chemicals, so I don’t have to worry about the baby breathing in harmful or even toxic fumes from paints or anything (the cradle has almost no surface area with paint).The cradle is light-weight, allowing me to carry it out to the living room during the day when baby needs a nap, and mommy wants to stay in the living room instead of retrieving to the bedroom. The legs of the cradle spread out wide enough for the cradle to be sturdy; the only drawback is that the width sometimes makes it tricky for me to carry it through a rather narrow hallway in my home.The only thing I don’t like about this cradle is its size. My son is now two months old, and he is probably two or three weeks away from outgrowing the cradle. He is not a tall or big child by all means (he is 11.5 pounds now), but there is already little room for his arms to move around. We are also about to run out of head room and leg room as well.Like other Babybjorn products, this cradle is not cheap. For what I think will be three months of use (max), I still find it worthwhile because it allows the baby to sleep very close to mom and dad without bed-sharing, something many parents are very reluctant to do. I felt I paid extra for a good quality, safe product that allowed me to maximize the valuable quality time spent with my little one – I would recommend it for other parents who are willing to pay a little extra for the added quality.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Stylish, sturdy and lightweightThe media could not be loaded.

     I love this bassinet. It’s high quality and simple design. I was looking for stylish low tech rocking bassinet, that is safe. Love the net all around it. The height work for us and our bed.The con is that it’s small. Our baby being 95 percentile in height will fit in there only for 2 months. It might serve longer for premature babies. That regard it’s an expensive sleeping arrangement that serves only two months.

  4. Megan hogan

    Safe!Love this bassinet. Affordable, sturdy and comfortable. Highly recommend!

  5. Ann Marie Dillon

    Great bassinetLove this bassinet. It’s breathable mesh all around for safety. It rocks which comes in super handy. It’s very light to move around the home. Bring able to rock it is a major plus with a newborn. Did not trust the baby delight bassinet I had. The baby rolled in it.

  6. SumE

    Great Cradle! Best Non-Toxic Option on the Market.I absolutely love this Cradle!!! Great quality and solid construction, definitely worth the money! When I put it together, the fabric seemed tight around some of the joints and I was concerned that it would tear, but after it has been sitting for awhile, the fabric has stretched and fits around the joints much better. It originally didn’t rock well because of this, but as it stretched out it works great. The mattress is okay, seemed a bit soft and I was concerned about the materials used in it so I purchased the Naturepedic oval mattress to use instead. It says not to replace the mattress, but the Naturepedic fits well and doesn’t leave any spaces around the edges, which is the biggest concern. I am super conscious about chemicals in the products I use and this was the most chemical free of all the Cradles I could find. It uses MDF board, but I am going to have my husband coat it with a sealant that blocks out any formaldehyde from off-gassing (made by AFM). I also love that it is all mesh and considering bassinets are not as heavily regulated, this is a a much better option then a lot of other cradles that are made of wicker and other more solid materials. The Cradle is also pretty low to the ground, so it will be pretty easy to watch the baby and keep the baby next to our bed. I am expecting my baby in a couple of weeks and I am confident that this cradle will be perfect.

  7. Katie W

    MUST have bassinetFirst time mom and I was gifted a cheaper bassinet for my baby. She absolutely hated it from the first night we brought her home. We probably got 15 minutes of sleep those first few nights until we bought this. Now our baby sleeps 8 hours through the night (she is 7 weeks) with only 1 night time feed. My favorite part of this bassinet is being able to see her through the netting and knowing that she is safe since most other bassinet walls are solid plastic. Love it!

  8. Megan Bergdahl

    Found the one after months of research!I love this bassinet. My baby is now six weeks old and has been sleeping in it well since day one. I researched dozens of bassinets for months and decided on this one because of the trusted name, the price, the look and the safety of the breathable sides. I was initially going to use the bassinet that came with our uppababy stroller but then realized that is not breathable enough and I read some safety issues about that one. I almost went for the SNOO but decided to give this a try instead and I have no regrets and also saved $1000+ by not buying the SNOO. I love that this bassinets looks great next to my bed and if my baby is fussy I can just gently push on the cradle to rock and soothe him.

  9. Emily T.

    Pricey but niceI splurged, and am happy with this purchase. The cradle doesn’t “rock” – it jiggles if you move it bc the legs are flexible (similar concept to the Baby Bjorn Bouncer). If you move it a little side to side, it will go back and forth. Was happy to have this feature when my baby was a newborn. I think it helped him sleep but definitely didn’t result in any magic. I like the looks of it. Bummer it doesn’t come with a sheet and it’s a little too low for the bed. Wish it was easier to get him in and out. We’ve had to bring it to a hotel and my in-laws and it’s easy to transport – you take out two screws with an Allen wrench (provided). My son almost 2 months old and is average height. I don’t see him going to 6 months in this…maybe 4?

  10. Shohreh1


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