Baxton Studio Harding Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso & Baxton Studio Warren Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso

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Brand Baxton Studio
Material Engineered Wood, Wood
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Room Type Closet
Size Medium
Number of Doors 2
  • Product 1: Material: engineered wood, PU veneer
  • Product 1: Contemporary shoe-storage cabinet
  • Product 1: Slatted front doors include sturdy solid-wood handles and the espresso finish and wedge-shaped feet belie this cabinet
  • Product 1: Overall 30.75 Inch W x 14.625 Inch D x 45.25 Inch H, shelf from top to bottom(5): 28.625 Inch W x 12.75 Inch D x 5.5 Inch H, drawer:26.375 Inch W X 11.25 Inch D X 4.5 Inch H—68.LBS
  • Product 2: Overall Dimensions: 44.5″W x 14.63″D x 27.5″H; Left side shelves: 28.12″W X 11.75″D X 5.37″H, Right side shelves: 14.12″W X 11.75″D X 5.37″H
  • Product 2: Three hinged front doors with solid-wood handles
  • Product 2: 4 fixed-height shelves on each side for versatile shoe storage
  • Product 2: Medium-Density fiberboard and engineered-wood frame with dark-brown (espresso) PU veneer finish
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Baxton Studio Harding Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso
A slightly taller take on the Calvin cabinet, our Harding espresso shoe-storage cabinet provides loads of style for those on a shoestring budget. This completely contemporary cabinet features four shelves with space to spare plus a top drawer for even more storage. Slatted front doors include sturdy solid-wood handles and the espresso finish and wedge-shaped feet belie this cabinet’s discount price tag. 30.75″W X 14.625″d X 45.25″h, Shelf from top to bottom(5): 28.625″w X 12.75″d X 5.5″h, Drawer:26.375″W X 11.25″d X 4.5″h.

Baxton Studio Warren Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso
Are you really into shoes? Our eight-shelf Warren espresso shoe-storage cabinet offers the answer for style-conscious individuals whose space is at a premium. With such sharp, contemporary styling, you won’t be forced to stow your footwear in an upstairs closet. Three slatted front doors feature sturdy solid-wood handles and the subdued espresso finish permits placement in more ornate surroundings. Overall Dimensions: 44.5″W X 14.625″D X 27.5″H, Left side shelves: 28.125″W X 11.75″D X 5.375″H, Right-side shelves: 14.125″W X 11.75″D X 5.375″H.

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Baxton Studio


Engineered Wood Wood

Mounting Type

Floor Mount

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Baxton Studio

10 reviews for Baxton Studio Harding Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso & Baxton Studio Warren Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso

  1. Rene

    Bigger Then I ThoughtBigger then I thought enough room for many game consoles in from the NES to the PS4 pro and Switch plus much more in between. If you have a lots of game consoles this shoe cabinet is good to have and store them in. A little hard to put together, not the easiest thing but easy enough and worth the work once put together right. Rather you have a lot of shoes or game consoles this cabinet is made of the same particle board that book shelfs are made of and are the right height for both shoes and video game consoles

  2. Betty Garcia

    Awesome!This item is just awesome. It s very useful and very elegant!

  3. Anne Strayer

    Patience is a virtueThis was a bit of a challenge to assemble but I love it and it fits our family’s new system for organization as we begin home renovations.I did quite a bit of research before choosing this cabinet. In feng shui, it is auspicious to have a shoe cabinet with ventilation to prevent the stagnation of chi. The louvre doors met this criteria. Feng shui principles also suggest 5 shelves for a shoe cabinet. Again this cabinet fit that need. I wanted a drawer for sunglasses, keys, and gloves so I was happy to find a shoe cabinet with a drawer. It’s perfect by the front door as we have decided that we are going to wear house slippers after our home renovations are complete.As other reviews mention, the materials are fairly cheap as in – not high quality- we’re talking pressed fiberboard with a laminate finish. Compared with the $800-$1200 shoe cabinets that you find at a furniture store this was a great bargain.With that said, we took our time studying the minimalist instructions that were included in the package. I forgot to take a picture of the instructions but they were basically diagrams of the pieces laid out in steps. If you’re not familiar with exploded diagrams used for assembly instructions, get some help for this project. It’s a two-person job, even for those with good building skills. Fortunately I’ve built plenty of ikea furniture so this wasn’t an issue for me but I’m glad I had help. This could be one of those projects that I might even consider paying the extra for amazon assembly.ProTip #1 layout all of the pieces in alphabetical order and count all of your hardware and pieces before you start. We were pleased that all of the screws, locking screws, and dowels were included.ProTip #2 have some wood glue handy to make the cabinet more sturdy. I used wood glue on the dowels and a few of the joints.ProTip #3 the hinges for the doors are adjustable so if the doors look misaligned you can adjust the hinges to align them properly.Eventually I will be purchasing an additional lid rack to hold washable house slippers for our guests to keep in the cabinet. I am using one for my sandals that is made out of metal but the inexpensive wooden dowel lid rack also fits on the shelves.

  4. piyush128k

    Excellent shoe rack expressoGreat quality east install lots of space for shoes

  5. E. Miller

    Solves my shoe storage problem, fits perfectly in an awkward master bedroom corner, and provides room for jewelry cases too!I have lots of shoes. Not in the realm of Imelda Marcos, but enough to annoy my husband who would trip over them on a fairly consistent basis. So, for the sake of marital harmony (and because the lack of organization was driving me nuts), I went on a search for a shoe cabinet. It was important to me to find a cabinet that would fit well with our traditional bedroom furniture – I wanted something with some style, a drawer (for my Neatnix jewelry trays), and would provide storage for at least 25 pairs of my size 7.5 shoes. It also had to fit in an awkward corner, as there was no other place to put it in the master bedroom. After looking at lots of different styles of cabinets – many of which were utilitarian and screamed “storage”, I found the Harding shoe cabinet. After reading the reviews, I was a little concerned about how it would look (the sides, top, drawer, shelves and door frames are MDF, with a fiberboard back; the piece is covered vinyl faux-wood finish), as well as how easy it would be to put together. However, it was the only cabinet I found that would fit in the space and had the style I was looking for, so I went ahead and ordered it.I’ve done a fair amount of furniture assembly, so I didn’t expect to run into trouble in terms of this piece. The box arrived a bit mangled, but everything inside was fine. The assembly instructions were almost wholly pictorial (there was very little text), and the hardware wasn’t well marked, so I could see how this would be confusing, especially to someone who hasn’t done a lot of furniture assembly. I did make sure that I had all the pieces (including the hardware) before starting – one of the screws was misshapen to the point of being unusable, so I had to substitute another screw. My husband – who is a Master Electrician and and an Electrical Engineer (P.E.) – has an extensive supply, so I was able to find something that worked. However, it was not a shape or size that most people would have on hand, so I can understand the frustration some of the other reviewers have shared. I was watching a movie while putting it together – I took my time and was somewhat distracted, so it took me about 2.5 hours to put it together. I laid out the pieces in order – checking that I had all cabinet components and hardware first, separated out the screws/hardware into plastic containers, used an electric drill with a screwdriver bit as needed, and had my husband help with the final part of the assembly when having two people made the work easier.I am very pleased with the final piece – it fits well in the corner, allows for airflow through the slatted doors, and my Neatnix jewelry trays can be double stacked in the drawer. My husband is happy, too – no more tripping over my shoes!

  6. Anon

    Very nice sturdy cabinet!The reviews are mixed on this cabinet. The instructions are a little confusing. If you stare at the pictures, you will figure out how to assemble it. It went together very well and seems sturdy. Just make sure you assemble it in the area you plan on using it so you don’t have to move it. They seemed to have updated the parts some to make it sturdier from earlier reviews.

  7. Cuban007

    Great Looking but Challenging to buildI bought this shoe cabinet for $142.00 + $10 Tax. It looks really nice but boy it’s a huge challenge to build. Took me 3 1/2 hours. Screws were missing and the L metal tightening tool broke, luckily I had one of my own. The missing screws were the ones that attached the railing for the drawer. I happened to find similar screws but since they are not flat head the drawer hits the head of the screw and gets stuck. Also the doors did not align so they are a bit off center. The backing cover did not want to go all the way down but then I noticed that the top cover has a groove for it as well. The instructions included with it are ok but for instance to attach the railings correctly I had to do some extended thinking and planning. What makes this cabinet challenging is the drawer. You have to build the drawer and align the railings correctly. When you first get this product please make sure you have all of the screws. If not it becomes a nightmare because the screws are of different widths and lengths. It comes with a million little parts and seems very daunting. However if you are able to be patient and you take your time you will be pleased with the outcome. I use a size 11 shoe and they fit perfectly. I was worried that the shoes are slightly longer than shelves but once inside cabinet the doors close fine. I use the drawer to store shoe shining and polish kits. If I were to buy something like this again I would buy one without the drawer because it makes it a whole lot easier. AND before I forget be sure you have a good electric drill. I have a Dewalt and thanks to it was a lot easier to build this cabinet. If you build it by hand you will have no hands left. Also at times if you hold it by yourself the drill makes it faster to tighten screws while holding the boards together with the other hand. Finally the color is nice but it’s really dark. I wanted it for my bedroom but my furniture is dark brown. It would have been nice if Amazon sold this cabinet in dark brown. So instead I placed the cabinet in my livingroom under my television that is hung against the wall and it looks great there. TV is black and so is the cabinet.

  8. Danny C

    Missing 15mm Minifix CapThe Baxton Studio Harding Shoe-Storage Cabinet, Espresso did not have the 2Pcs 15mm Minifix Cap (for the inside of the top drawer) that was listed as item number 16 on the assembly instruction hardware list.

  9. Oliver D.

    2nd shoe storage from BaxtonWe bought the one with the same dimensions but shorter 3 years ago and it’s so good and still looks amazing so we decided to get this one too. So many shoes! I love it.

  10. Debbie Dahl

    It’s made with pressed wood but does look nice and serves the purpose.

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