BedStory 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper King, Gel Infused Bed Toppers, Medium Firm Mattress Topper with Removable Cover &

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Brand BedStory
Color White
Size King
Fabric Type Memory Foam
Special Feature Memory foam bed toppers, 4 inch mattress topper king size, Mattress topper with removable cover
Closure Type Zipper
  • 🛏️2-Layer Design: Combining gel memory foam with support foam, this 4” mattress topper will upgrade your bed to be more comfortable.
  • 💗Contouring Support: Made from dense memory foam, this mattress topper contours to your body curves and cradles the pressure points. Be ready to wake up refreshed and energetic every day.
  • ❄️Gel Infused Topper: Hotel-quality bed topper with gel infusion and open-cell technology, which ensures proper airflow throughout the night.
  • ✅Removable Zipper Cover: The topper’s cover is removable for easy care. Besides, it comes with non-slip straps to keep the mattress topper in place.
  • ✅What You Get: BedStory memory foam mattress topper comes with CertiPUR-US foam. And we’ve got you covered for manufacturing defects.
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Product Description

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foam mattress topper medium

bedstory 3 inch memory foam mattress topper

2 3 inch memory foam mattress topper queen king

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Upgrade your sleeping conditions with BedStory memory foam mattress topper.

This mattress topper is designed to keep your spine in proper alignment by conforming to your body shape – Giving you that improved slumber you’ve been looking for.

  • Twin Size Mattress Topper: 38″ x 74″
  • Twin XL Mattress Topper: 38″ x 80″
  • Full Size Mattress Topper: 54″ x 74″
  • Queen Size Mattress Topper: 60″ x 80″
  • King Size Mattress Topper: 76″ x 80″
  • Cal King Size Mattress Topper: 72″ x 84″

foam bed topper mattress cover

memory foam mattress topper

bed toppers queen size

Ventilated Design

The ventilated holes will provide you with an enhanced level of breathability.

Exquisite Looks

Only choose from premium fabric, this mattress topper gives you a better night’s sleep than ever.

Removable Zippered Cover

Thanks to the zipper at the bottom, the soft cover can be removed for easy care.

mattress topper

foam mattress topper

Tips for you

1) Do I have to wait before sleeping on this bed topper?

We suggest to air it out for 48 to 72 hrs. Because it takes time to inflate.

2) How to choose firmness?

4 Inch mattress toppers are medium-firm. 3 Inch mattress toppers are medium-soft. And 2 inch toppers are softer.

3) What to do with the middle lump?

Please remove the topper’s cover, and flip the memory foam upside down. Then press on the middle area to flatten it.

4) What to do if my topper smells?

Please take off the cover, and air out the memory foam. It should fade away.

If still not work, please let us know!

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 10.75 × 10.75 in






Fabric Type

Memory Foam

Special Feature

Memory foam bed toppers 4 inch mattress topper king size Mattress topper with removable cover

Closure Type


Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash Only for the cover

Water Resistance Level

Not Water Resistant


4 Gel Memory Foam

Package Dimensions

40 x 10.75 x 10.75 inches

Item Weight

31 Pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

October 14 2020


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10 reviews for BedStory 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper King, Gel Infused Bed Toppers, Medium Firm Mattress Topper with Removable Cover &

  1. Chaz

    A good product (IMO)I was having severe back pain every morning after sleeping on our ^^^^^^^^^^mattress. We were given a partial refund under the mattress warranty and went with a ^^^^^^ and ^^^^^^^. This mattress was firm but came with a “pillow” top. Their floor model was comfortable, so we bought that brand. When the new mattress arrived, it was like sleeping on the floor. There was no real cushion for the aforementioned pillowtop and the bed was extremely hard and very uncomfortable/miserable to sleep on. We could have returned it, but the cost to do so was high (as explained when the purchase was made for restocking fees). I looked at the reviews on this product and took a chance. My wife and I both like the comfort of this mattress topper. My back pain has not completely disappeared, but I am able to move about without the need for a hot shower, muscle relaxer, and a heating pad to start my day. I would indeed recommend this product to anyone looking to make their current mattress more comfortable and/or possibly save you the need for a new mattress.

  2. Phx2DamnHot

    WE LOVE IT!We ordered the “BedStory 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Toppers for Queen Size Bed, Premium Mattress Pad with Removable Soft Cover, 2-Layer Ventilated Design & High-Density Memory Foam”The morning I opened the box not only did I not notice any unpleasant smell, but the center crease (picture attached) was very minimal, unnoticeable by next day. AND although planned to/did give it the 72 hours suggested before sleeping on, it measured the 3” wide size we bought that morning (picture attached) before began the 72hr wait. It fits our queen size bed perfectly and actually makes the fit of our deep pocket sheets much better! They use to be too loose, I was always re-tucking them in. Now with the sheets going on over our new bed topper, which is covered by our quilted mattress pad, the sheets fit snugly!The topper has made our bed much more comfortable! About a month ago I started waking up in morning with pain in my lower back that did not go away until midday … but first night slept on bed with our new bed topper I woke up pain free! We also have had zero problem with the topper moving or shifting position. We ofcourse used straps it comes with, and guessing our sheets fitting snugly helpful too… but even when we move around in our sleep or are more active it stays perfectly put ;)Highly recommend this bed topper!


    OH MY GOODNESS!Oh my goodness! What a difference this topper has made! We sleep well and wake up with a LOT less pain and stiffness in the mornings! It is what i think sleeping on a cloud would feel like. I don’t know about “cooling” but I will say that I haven’t been as Hot as I normally get when sleeping. I would not call it firm… but it is comfy!!

  4. K. Brown

    Absolutely fantastic buy!I shopped around before deciding on this one and I’m so happy with this purchase. It was bought to make our firm leather sofa more comfortably to sleep on for my son, and its perfect. Feels amazing honestly. Our sofa went from unbearable to sleep on and my son was having awful back pain- but now with topper hes sleeping super comfortabe and not hot either. I recommend this 100000%. I went with the 3 inch because of other reviews saying the 4 inch may be a bit firmer. I also love that I can unzip the cover and wash it anytime. We’ve had it over 2 months now, it’s slept on nightly and still great! 5 stars all around and I would absolutely recommend to anyone to buy this for your bed, sofa, or any sleeping needs!

  5. A Karen

    Feels really luxurious!I am impressed with how luxurious and comfortable this feels. I just melt into sleep! And so far, after several months, it’s held it’s shape and consistency–No permanent dips and no rolling me into the middle of the bed. My only concern, which I don’t think is the product necessarily, but is probably due to the smooth-side of the mattress I have this topper sitting on, is that the topper slides. It requires me to pull the sleeve of the topper back into shape and pull the topper itself back into position, maybe once per week. This isn’t noticeable when I’m sleeping but only when I go to make up the bed… The sheet has slid up because the topper slipped. Overall I think this product is superb and a great value! Definitely worth the money!

  6. Michelle

    It helpedI bought this topper because the mattress I have was a little to hard for my liking. I was waking up with leg and back pain.It took about a week, but my back pain is gone, my legs? Well I will chalk that up to get older and several knee replacements.I highly recommend this topper

  7. E. Pit

    Wonderful💤I let it inflate for 3 days and I have been sleeping on it for about 2 weeks. Firm but comfortable. I wish I would have bought this first instead of the egg crate. I am very pleased and glad I bought it💤

  8. Sweetcolorado

    So happy I got this!!!I bought this topper in preparation for a si fusion surgery that I had July 26, 2022. I’ve been caregiving for my mom and have been living in her house for the past 1.2 years. I absolutely needed this SI joint fusion surgery and didn’t want to buy a new bed knowing I’m going back home to Colo soon so I bought this topper.I’ve now been recouping for 2 months in it. I can’t say enough about it. It has been a life saver. Being bedridden for such a long time, it has not sagged and it doesn’t shift. Also, it doesn’t heat up like I expected any mattress topper would being on it for such long periods of time. I give this an A+ from a severe back sufferer.

  9. wildflower

    Our second one!We bought one of these Bed Story toppers about a year ago. We were so happy with it, that we bought another for our guest bedroom. We will likely purchase another for a third bedroom. I can never seem to find a mattress that offers the right softness. This does the trick!

  10. Keokikealii

    The very best bed topper I’ve ever had.Over several years, I have purchased several bed toppers, including one which I purchased (won’t reveal brand name, don’t want to berate them) prior to this BedStory 4 inch one, that I returned after patiently waiting over a day and a half for it to fully inflate. It sadly inflated to a measly 1 and 3/4 inches and no more. My new BedStory 4 inch Twin size topper arrived today at noontime. Immediately unwrapped it and laid it on my bed. Amazingly and honestly it took less than five minutes for it to fully inflate from it’s packaged state, about 3/8 inches to the full 4 inches. I made up my bed and immediately laid on it and was so very pleased on how comfortable it was. Can’t wait to go to bed tonight, This is one topper that I would certainly purchase again. Thank you BedStory!

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