BedStory Full Mattress, 14 Inch Hybrid Mattress Full Size Medium Firm in a Box, Gel Infused Memory Foam Pocket Spring Coil

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Size Full
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand BedStory
Product Dimensions 74″L x 53″W x 14″Th
Top Style Euro Top
  • Soft and Supportive: The 14 inch hybrid mattress perfectly combines soft gel infused memory foam with supportive pocket coil base, creating a medium firmness that’s suitable for all kinds of sleepers. You could enjoy the softness from the euro top without sacrificing support for the heavier parts of your body.
  • Plush Foam Top: The mattress top is quilted with one layer of memory foam and 2 layers of egg crate foams in a 3D knitted fabric cover, making the surface comfortable and breathable. The euro top design is a comfort layer targeted for pressure relief, providing softer feel and conforming to body contour.
  • No Heat Trapped: The cool gel infused memory foam is engineered to improve temperature regulation, release trapped heat, and help sleepers stay comfortable throughout the night. All BedStory foams are CertiPUR-US Certified, eco-friendly and durable. The mattress also meets CFR1633 Standard which means itself is hard to burn, therefore very safe to use.
  • Back Support and Durable: Firm and bouncy coil base provides best back support for different types of sleepers. The pocket coils move independently, which reduces the sensation of movement and provides undisturbed rest and relaxation. Two rows of strengthened spring at the edge to avoid deformation of the mattress for great durability.
  • For shipment concerns, the mattress is compressed, rolled, and vacuum-sealed in a box. It usually take 48-72 hours to fully expand for the mattress, while it may take more time due to other factors, like cold weather. We are open to inquiries from every valued customer, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the mattress.
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Why Choose BedStory?

BedStory is a sleeping expert with over 40 years of experience in the bedding manufacturing industry. We always strive to provide global customers with luxurious comfort and help them sleep better.






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Weight 90.8 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 75 × 14 in
Product Dimensions

54 x 75 x 14 inches

Item Weight

90.8 pounds



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Memory Foam

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10 reviews for BedStory Full Mattress, 14 Inch Hybrid Mattress Full Size Medium Firm in a Box, Gel Infused Memory Foam Pocket Spring Coil

  1. K

    Comfortable and supportive mattress for a great priceUnboxing was an entertaining event.Being delivered shortly before my lunch break, I decided to eat lunch at home to give the mattress a head start.After discovering it wasn’t at the leasing office, I found it at the bottom of my stairwell. Laugh-crying the entire time, I flipped it up the stairs and removed the box.Assuming I was carefully following directions and advice from prior reviewers, I found myself dead wrong:Upon removing the outer layer of plastic the bed started hissing at me. I quickly realized that meant this thing is about to become very large, very fast, and I needed to act promptly. Thankfully, lifting the half-inflated mattress to the frame was more awkward than challenging.After removing the remaining plastic, it quickly rose to about 10 inches and looked irresistible from the start. I found no obvious defects or dirty material and I recieved the size I ordered.We decided to wait the full 72 hours to give our investment the best chance to floof up.After 76 hours of impatiently waiting we finally laid on it and knew we bought the right bed for us. This mattress didn’t slope downward towards my partner, taking me with it, and I found a comfortable position almost immediately. We weigh a combined 315 pounds and are both primarily side sleepers.After 80 hours of this beauty set free from it’s vacuum existence, we had our 2″ cooling gel topper (became attached to it trying to “fix” our old serta), mattress protector, sheets, pillows and duvet on it at the best time of day. Bed time.Climbing into bed was like being embraced by a cloud without the humidity. I fell asleep faster, after the excitement wore off, than I ever did on the old mattress.3 nights sleeping on this luxury mattress and backaches have slightly decreased, I feel more energized, and seem to be calmer throughout my hectic work day than normal.I can tell this bed was engineered and manufactured with great care and attention to detail. The seams are sturdy and the fabric is high quality. I truly appreciate the design of this mattress. I can sleep peacefully knowing my hips aren’t in danger of being jabbed with metal if I shift my position. I can figure out how clothes work in a dignified manner during my state of half-wakefulness 5 early mornings a week.The only negative thing I have to say about this mattress is the hard plastic under the BedStory tag. A problem easily remedied with any mattress topper. Perhaps the company could consider another material to use in the future.This mattress was the right purchase for myself and my husband. It exceeded most of our expectations, while happily meeting the rest. We tend to prefer a softer mattress and have searched for one with proper support for ages. We decided on the Bedstory Hybrid, although it is labeled as a medium-firm, and are not disappointed. I think it will last longer being more firm than others we’ve tried.BedStory has found themselves a lifetime customer if this mattress holds up.I will update this review after awhile.Edit:9 April 2020This mattress is such a blessing right now.It’s still as comfortable and soft as it was the moment I tested it 39 days ago. We have noticed a slight give when we lay close together, as expected, but the support is terrific!Considering the added stress of the current pandemic, I still wake up feeling rejuvenated. It’s easier to get out of bed than it was a month ago.I hope everyone is doing well!Edit:29 October 2020I still look forward to jumping in bed every night (mattress review aside, sleeping is a sport in this house) and hanging out in bed playing on my phone in the mornings on my days off.I rotated the mattress 180° about a week ago as it was overdue and my memory foam mattress topper developed impressions where DH and I laid. The hard tag is now by our heads and not once have we noticed its presence (I still recommend a topper to conceal it). There hasn’t been any increased sloping since my April update as far as we can tell.I’m removing a star because not everyone wants a mattress topper (they can be incredibly hot), nor can everyone looking to purchase this mattress afford one. The mattress topper is vital to ignoring the hard tag. This is a design flaw that can easily be fixed BedStory!!Overall we’re still very satisfied with this purchase and will likely choose this mattress again in the future.

  2. Mary Sue MacDonald

    Good mattressI slept well, it was to thick for me I gave it to my granddaughter and her husband. They say it is great value mattress.

  3. MJB

    Great for collegeOrdered for college dorm bed, good buy

  4. Mandy McConnell

    Comfortable!I was skeptical at first but unpacked just yesterday and it was a first amazing night sleep. Comfortable,Plush but you don’t sink. Hopefully it holds up for months to come

  5. Brandee DeLisle

    MOST COMFORTABLE MATTRESS IN ALL MY LIFEI’m a few months shy of turning 50 & I can honestly say that I personally have NEVER in ALL my life had such a comfortable mattress! We lost our home & almost EVERYTHING in our home due to black toxic mold. We left it all behind and started over from scratch. We slept on air mattress for almost 2 years & then the Lord God made a way for us to purchase 3 of these brand new Double XL Hybrid Mattresses and 3 platform frames. All I can do is thank the Lord God Almighty for leading me to this very mattress & giving us the funds to purchase 3⁷⁷! I have had Chronic Lyme, a severe black toxic mold infection, and widespread, unbearable chronic pain like you would NOT believe. I spend a majority of my time & life in bed. So when I am saying this is the MOST comfortable mattress that I have ever owned and ever slept on and lived in… I MEAN IT! I had a lot of fairly new bedding (bought a uear & a half before my mattress) so I use on this mattress. There is a thin queen size sponge type mattress topper and a padded water proof mattress cover so I do havea little extra added softness but, not a lot and good quality sheets and blankets. I have traveled as of recently and let me tell you I really missed mmybed and I have NEVER said that about any othermattress/bed I have ever owned. I don’t have pain from this mattress eithwr which is amazing. I can not say enough good things about it. It’s most definitely worth the $$$! I hope this will help!

  6. Breton

    HONEST Review – 2 weeks inPros:- Very comfortable! This is not your typical ‘mattress in a box’, but a legit high quality feeling mattress.- Very supportive, I find myself tossing and turning so much less and getting more good quality rest.- Mattress expands very quickly, you could pretty much start using it as soon at it is unwrapped.Cons:- There is a tag (I guess??) sewn into the mattress near the foot area that is very thick and noticeable when your feet touch it at night. It’s made from very thick paper rather than cloth. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but could definitely be an improvement- The mattress does still have a smell after two weeks. I would describe it as a new carpet, car, etc. sort of smell that could potentially bother those sensitive to smells; which I am not. My clothes I wear to bed even have soaked up the scent a little. Might be better if you let air out for 24 hours or so without using?- I debated whether to list this as a con because it was more of a surprise than anything, but this mattress is VERY heavy. I got the queen and it weighed around 115lbs. Basically, if your thinking “I can handle a mattress in a box up the stairs”, you’re probably wrong. I definitely was! The weight was also a little much for the quality of the cardboard box it was shipped in, so it arrived on my doorstep completely torn apart. Again, not really a “con”, more of a heads up.Overall I think this is an amazing mattress for the price point and if you’re looking for a real mattress and not a stiff piece of foam, I would choose this one! It has springs as well as the foam and the gel layer which definitely help this have more of a ‘real bed’ feel! Also, before being too critical, remind yourself that you bought a mattress from the internet that comes in a box for 1/4 the price of a luxury mattress i.e. this is not a luxury mattress, but it’s probably the closest you’ll get from a box!

  7. Chris La Mantia

    DisappointingThe last mattress-in-a-box I ordered was a BedStory, and it was amazing. Naturally, when I needed an additional bed, I made sure to order another BedStory. This new mattress is a queen where the prior one was a full.Although looking similar, both in actual form and in the description of its construction and firmness, the new mattress is nothing like the old one. Sitting near the edge of the mattress compresses it through more than half its thickness where the old mattress provided support. Laying anywhere but dead center feels like you are tilting away from center, even if the mattress is flat on a hard floor. One side is firmer than the other. But worst of all, after a week or so of sleeping on it, the mattress has developed soft spots so it now feels like you are sleeping on a pile of lumps.It is so surprising and disappointing after the previous BedStory mattress was so amazing. I just went back to lay on my older BedStory bed to check and it is as amazing and comfortable as when I bought it a few years ago. Hopefully I just got a bad sample; I know BedStory is better than this.

  8. Amazon Customer

    So comfy it makes getting up hard.After reading a bunch of reviews I chose this bed because I loved the idea that it’s half springs and half foam, plus the cooling foam is a definite plus for my fiance who is always hot.When going through reviews online I found the majority of 1 star reviews for this bed had to do with it’s firmness or lack thereof. I had to take those with a grain of salt because that’s an opinion. My opinion is that the bed is firm, but not so firm that it hurts my hip bones sleeping on my side, which I’ve run into in the past.After the bed was delivered on Tuesday afternoon, to our residence we unpacked it and laid it on the plastic it was wrapped in on our living room floor, and then we left it alone until Thursday night when it measures 12″ thick, over 48 hours later because the instructions say it takes 48-72 hours to come back to shape from being vacuumed sealed for shipping. We set it up on a new heavy duty frame, which Amazon recommended and I am too.Last night both my fiance and got the best night’s sleep we’ve each had in months, maybe years. He’s a light sleeper and usually wakes when I get up for my 2 AM potty break, last night he didn’t even roll over and he says that I didn’t move when he got up at 1 AM or when he got up for work.My only complaint about this bed is it is so comfy that it made getting out of it to go to work very hard today.I’ll try and remember to add to this in a couple of months, hopefully it will still be as comfortable and inducive to sleep as it in now.

  9. Marci E.

    To all the skeptics, so was I!I am writing this review in the effort to help someone that is in the same situation I was about a week ago. “Which mattress do I buy?” I was very apprehensive about purchasing a box mattress. I looked and looked, read review after review, all the while being very hesitant and then I finally pulled the trigger on this gem and I’m glad I did! It is better than what I had expected.The pillow top is very soft, but I definitely would consider this a firmer mattress because below the memory foam are the individual coils that provide the firm support.To those who are skeptical about a box mattress, believe me I was too. However, once you roll this out and unwrap the vacuum packaging, this thing inflated to the full 12”. It is no different than a mattress you would purchase at a brick and mortar store. I can’t say anything about the durability because I’ve only had this mattress a few days, but at the price, even if it only lasts for 3 years, it’s a bargain!I hope this review has helped someone and the doubts they have about purchasing this mattress. It is sturdy like a b&m mattress. The pillow top adds the cushion, while the individual coils provide the semi-firm support. The memory foam is not hot. It may be a little warmer than a mattress that doesn’t have the memory foam, but not at all uncomfortable. I do not regret this purchase and would definitely recommend it to my friends!

  10. Maegan R.

    Great value if you can overlook the smell.Arrived within 2 days of ordering. This was my first experience ordering a mattress online. My last few mattresses were given to me by family who moved and downsized or upgraded their spare beds. This bed by far is 1000% better than my last mattress. It’s super comfortable, my upper body sinks a bit far in, but my legs are supported nicely. I’m 6’2, 220lbs and a side sleeper. I slept pretty well the first night and woke up slightly sore/stiff that went away within 5 minutes. My husband actually slept through the night – he’s usually up 4-6 or more times a night. It sinks quite a bit for him to move around easily on, he’s a below the knee amputee, but he said he will just have to adjust to it.Setup:Holy crap this thing is heavy. I did it by myself and other than the weight it was relatively easy. When I pulled the outer plastic cover off there was a hole somewhere in the sealed plastic so it started to expand before I even made the first cut, so I had to scramble to get it placed on the boxspring where I wanted it to be. Left it for 12+ hours before I put sheets on it. Corners are still sunk compared to the rest of the bed, but i tjinkbits from shipping method, I feel like they may fill out in a few more days.The smell…. there is a chemical smell it doesn’t fill up the room with it but laying in bed it’s pretty strong, my clean sheets smell like the chemicals from the bed. Hopefully it goes away soon.

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