Bellagio-Italia Brown DVD Storage Binder Set – Stores Up to 576 DVDs, CDs, or Blu-Rays – Stores DVD Cover Art – Acid-Free Sheets

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  • STORE AND PROTECT- up to 576 DVDs, Blu-Rays, or Video Games and their cover art in Acid-Free Sheets – prevents scratching, damage, and data loss
  • CUSTOMIZABLE INDEX PLATE- label each binder with the customizable index plate on the spine by either removing the card and writing on it, or downloading template from Bellagio-Italia Trading. Co.
  • QUALITY DESIGN- premium materials and quality craftsmanship ensure each binder looks and feels as classy and elegant as a classic book.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY- Bellagio-Italia Trading Co. stands behind each of their products 100% – hassle-free manufacturer warranty provided with each purchase
  • INCLUDES- 12 Brown DVD Binders with Pre-installed Insert Sheets

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Since 2008 Bellagio-Italia has been the premier media storage brand on the market – we focus on providing beautiful product, quality materials and craftsmanship, and memorable services to ALL of our customers. We understand how valuable your photo or movie collection is, and we strive to create the products that allow you to store them in a reliable and visually pleasing fashion.





Unique storage solution to keep all your favorite discs with up to 80 capacity.


Patented slots on sheets allow you to easily tuck the corners of the page in securely.


Since 1983 Bellagio-Italia has been manufacturing beautiful Binders with quality materials and world-class craftsmanship.


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Weight 11.46 kg
Dimensions 11 × 2.25 × 8.25 cm
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11 x 2.25 x 8.25 inches

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11.46 pounds



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September 1 2010



10 reviews for Bellagio-Italia Brown DVD Storage Binder Set – Stores Up to 576 DVDs, CDs, or Blu-Rays – Stores DVD Cover Art – Acid-Free Sheets

  1. Mr Tattie Heid

    What you should knowI bought these as an alternate way to store CDs on regular bookshelves, dispensing with the jewel cases to save space overall. I can’t accurately quantify how much space I’m saving, but I’d guess at least 50% of shelf area (width x height, ignoring depth). I put only disks in the binders, storing inserts in storage boxes. Overall, I am satisfied that I’ve gotten what I wanted, but here are some things to consider:1. The binders don’t stand well on their own, so you will want to fit them snugly on the shelf.2. The binders come with 12 pages, holding 48 disks. You will want to add four pages (increasing capacity to 64 disks) to make the covers parallel, so the binders will fit together snugly. This will add about $5 per binder to the cost. If you’re using half of the pockets for inserts, you’ll probably add more pages (unless you’re into classical music and all your inserts are really fat).3. 16 binders will hold about 1,000 disks (at 64 per). If you’re like me, you probably have more than you think you do.Value is relative–everyone has a different idea about it. I probably would have thought twice if I’d known what I was going to spend overall. But as I said, I’m reasonably happy that I got what I wanted. The binders look pretty good on the shelf, although I think they’ll look better if I replace the plain white ID cards. Project for another day.

  2. A. Swinford

    Excellent StorageI ordered these to get a handle on the storage issues were having with movies. The cabinet we were using to store movies was over capacity and did not look good at all. Now I have all DVDs, BluRays, music CDs and software stored in the same space with room left over. When ordering these I also ordered the extra pages to raise capacity to 80 in each binder. If you fill the binder up to 80 discs, it bulges a bit. Also, when deciding how many binders you need to order, take a good look at your what you have. Many movies include 2 or 3 discs now, so we under estimated how much room we needed. We ended up ordering more binders to keep them from bulging and for future needs. I plan on typing up and laminating an index sheet to put in the front of each binder to help locate everything.

  3. d

    they slide in nicely. The downside to the smooth slots is that …I doubt they’re “leather”. That said, these are as close to elegant as optical disk storage gets. They’re very thoughtfully designed, with D-rings that allow the sheets to be held in correct alignment (not bulging in the center of the stack as happens with round rings). The disk slots are snug, but generous enough so no force is needed. Unlike cheaper binders, these will hold CD booklets very gracefully (separate from the disk) if desired; they slide in nicely. The downside to the smooth slots is that disks are not held securely enough for portable use, but that’s not what these are intended for. I prefer the more relaxed fit and finish for home browsing. Filling the binder to full capacity — 80, using one complete pack of extra inserts — makes it a bit awkward to flip through, but it does close, stand, and stack correctly.I don’t think this type of product gets any better than this.

  4. The Big Guy

    Nice looking, professional office qualityI have ordered 184 of these binders over about a 3 year period. they are exactly what they claim to be and work well for my purpose. If I had any issue at all, it would be the cost. they are very pricey. there should be a better rate when I purchase 24 or more, as I usually do. Just say’in.

  5. Renae Becker

    Phenomenal space saver!!!So far I absolutely love these! They look so elegant and have saved SOOOO much space. I eliminated 3 CONTRACTOR garbage sacks FULL of dvd cases and freed up so much shelf space with these binders. I would recommend these to anyone looking to save space and still have their DVD’s accessible in a beautiful presentation.

  6. MOMDistracted

    Fantastic dvd/cd/bluray holder set – UPDATE – they stuck together!We have a LOT of movies and we’ve always displayed them on a large media shelf. Well our new house has a lot of windows so wall space is now at a premium! We decided to get this set to put all the discs in to take down the shelf. I was NOT disappointed! Well constructed and very well packaged! We needed extra pages for these bc like I said we own a LOT of movies. It’s worth every penny and will last years! I love the slots to label each book while being able to change things up as needed!UPDATE: Have to edit my review on this… In the summer heat, the books started sticking together on the ends (black/dark brown portion of the spine) on the shelf in our rec room. They peeled the “fake” leather part off each other due to sticking. Disappointed but I still like the set. Will need to color them in with a marker so they don’t look horrid.

  7. Mark

    Excellent Storage for Movie or Music CollectionsI’m totally happy with these binders. I have a fairly large dvd and Blu-ray collection (800+) so they were just what I needed. My movies require a lot of storage space in their original cases, but these allow me to greatly reduce the space required, and pages are easily added or removed for expansion and reorganizing. They’re well made, protect my collection, look really nice, and fit perfect on the shelves in my entertainment center. I feel they will last me a lifetime. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to reduce the storage space needed for their dvd, Blu-ray, or cd collection.

  8. Libby

    Best organizing space saver everI was able to consolidate over 400 DVDs and Blu-rays as well as 10 boxes of music CDs into the books that you can see in my fireplace TV stand I still have roughly five empty books to be able to utilize when I purchase new movies and CDs. Great space saver and I mean huge space saver and very nice-looking. I get lots of compliments.

  9. grizz

    Leather ? , I dont think sothese are nice and will serve my purpose so im happy enough to keep but i dont believe these are leather as advertised, possibly the dark binder edge but leatherette would have been a better choice of description . seems far too thin to be any kind of leather product . Just sayinHave a look at how little space you need for 4 dvds , the binder holds the equivalent of 2 feet of dvds in cases on a shelf . Awesome

  10. russthevet

    Best looking display for your discsAlthough it is a little costly, they look GREAT and hold discs for under $0.20 each. Looks a lot better and saves space rather than disc cases. Would, will, and have bought more..we have a lot of dads and blurays. We also use Vaults storage cabinets w discs in protective sleeves which also works great but as far as having something displayed in the living room, go w the albums. If you just need storage, look at the Vaults. Best of luck. You won’t go wrong w either.

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