Best Price Mattress 11″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Full, White

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Size Full
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand Best Price Mattress
Product Dimensions 75″L x 11″W x 54″Th
Top Style Tight Top
  • Sleep cool layering system – 1.5″ gel-infused memory foam and 2″ ventilated comfort foam
  • Base layer of 7.5″ high-density foam for support and long-lasting durability
  • Comfort is balanced with refreshing gel to provide coolness and ultimate support
  • Knitted poly-Jacquard cover with satin piping border and non-slip bottom
  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, 10-year manufacturer warranty
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Experience the latest trend in memory foam with an innovation that helps you to sleep cooler. Best Price Mattress 11 Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress will help you to sleep cooler while providing the ultimate in support for a more rejuvenating sleep experience. Using open-cell technology with thousands of gel beads, better air flow movement will increase ventilation during sleep while providing a customized level of support. The sleep cool layering system of 1.5 gel-infused memory foam and 2 ventilated comfort foam are supported by 7.5 high-density base foam that adds comfort and ensures long-lasting durability. A knitted poly-Jacquard cover with satin piping border and non-slip bottom encases the mattress for a luxurious look and feel. Available in twin 75 x 39 x 11, full 75 x 54 x 11, and queen sizes 80 x 60 x 11. Includes a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

From the manufacturer

gel mattress

9" 11" gel mattress

Keeping It Cool

Enjoy a temperature regulated sleep climate on top of the responsive pressure-relief benefit of memory foam. As you lie down, the gel-infused memory foam mattress begins to conform to your body shape, relieving pressure points while gel beads work to mediate trapped body heat.

gel momery foam

GEL MEMORY FOAM for cooler sleep

VENTILATED SOFT FOAM for breathability and increased air flow

HIGH DENSITY FOAM for balanced base support


Ultimate Relaxation

Sleep Cool

Clean & Certified

Ultimate Relaxation

Unwind after a long day and allow the body conforming memory foam to relieve your pressure points and maximize your comfort.

Sleep Cool

Our gel memory foam with increased breathability prevents the heat from being trapped as you sleep. Enhanced air flow also helps to keep your mattress fresh.

Clean & Certified

All our foams are analyzed by an accredited, independent testing laboratory to meet strict guidelines and standards for content, emissions and durability.

*Issued by CertiPUR-US program of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam in 2008.

Additional information

Weight 15.8 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 21 × 11 in
Product Dimensions

75 x 21 x 11 inches

Item Weight

15.8 Pounds



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Item model number


Fill material Type

Memory Foam

Assembly Required


Warranty Description

10-year manufacturer warranty.

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Best Price Mattress

10 reviews for Best Price Mattress 11″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Full, White

  1. Jess Wittman

    Good support and long lasting…not so soft or “cooling” thoughI odered this in 2017 and have slept on it for 3 years now. I switched to this from a very firm mattress hoping memory foam would be like sleeping on a cloud…it isnt. This mattress is not soft at all, it is soft to the touch but only the top inch and a half is memory foam. The next layer is a high density foam for support. So sleeping on this is not very soft at all. I do think it is better than the mattress than I had before as I had slept on it for 7 years and it was just done. This one is still in great condition even with the 3 years sleeping on it. It has also survived a very active toddler jumping on it all the time even still it is the same as when I got it. It just is not soft. Also this one was advertised as having “cooling gel” and no. It isn’t cool at all I actually have to go from one side of the mattress to the other side and back multiple times a night because it is so hot. I am now looking for a mattress topper to see if that will solve all this. They are not as expensive as buYing a new mattress and with this one still being very supportive I think that will help a lot. I guess as far as giving a recommendation for this I would say yes. It is not cool or soft but the mattress is still very supportive and it was a very good price for it to still be in like new condition after being used for this long. I would add to that to save by buying this mattress and also buying a good mattress topper for prefered softness…I’m not sure what to do about the heat problem I am hoping a topper will help but I am sure there are other things I can try maybe some bamboo sheets or something I will add to this when I find out.I did get a 3 inch memory foam topper a few weeks ago and now my bed is very comfortable the mattress is supportive and the topper is the perfect softness. I still have issues with warmth but since I out the topper on it is a lot better now I am not moving from side to side as much at night. I fully recommend getting a topper if you get this mattress. To me this is a great deal because mattress is so inexpensive and the topper I bought was around $75 dollars it is now like sleeping on a cloud and at half the price of a mattress that would have had the extra few inches of memory foam included…I now recommend buying deep sided sheets if you do this and you will be sleeping like a baby =]

  2. Bailey

    Great Buy!I purchased this matress cause I needed a full size to fit my Murphy style pull down bed. And since it was something that would be frequently used I wanted a nice comfortable matress but not the cost of a high end one…especially since all I needed was a Full size. I narrowed my searches and reviews from this 9″ and a Zinus 10″ I was also interested in. I decided on this one because it had the cooling gel and I remember having had a queen bed with the cooling gel foam and how nice it was..not so much as a sleeping cool for me but a very refreshing sleep I guess. Anyways I couldn’t beat the price of this matress! It was right in the budget but I was worried it would be either too firm or too plush. A lot of the reviews gave my mixed emotions on it. I took my chances and bought it anyway. It arrived in a large box (think half size of a coffin) the matress was rolled up tight and compacted. I pulled it out and layed it on the floor. Took the main plastic off so I could unfold. Once I was able to unfold it it immediately started to retrieve air. SO COOL!! it’s like magic watching it go from a freeking pillow case to a thick matress! Over all I’m incredibly happy with this matress! It’s not too firm and not too plush (at least in my preference).Some things to note:When I took the matress out and removed all the plastic it had reach about 7-8″ in a short amount of time (this is a 9″) . I gave it about 15-20 hours before really judging It but also to give it time to really expand as well. They say you should give a memory foam matress 24-48 hours to fully expand. I left and got home 3 hours later, lifted it up and put against the wall knowing I’d be moving furniture the next day. When I lifted it it felt much denser. And I was a little shocked. Prior, I had laid on it and at first was worried cause it felt really plush to me. Like TOO plush. I told myself I should give it time to expand. And wow the base foam really must of or the whole thing cause it feels way more sturdy and supporting yet very comfortable. All in all. Big recommend. I will say that I will be buying a bunker board for an additional support/air circulation for under this mates aired to raise it just a few more inches. If you have a Murphy bed I recommend the same. If the bed is a foam bed and placed flat on the support board it can cause mold. So have a bunkie board or something that will allow circulation is advisable!

  3. Gabriel Taylor

    Very comfortableBought two of these new for my niece and nephew. They are loving them! Such a wonderful mattress! 🙌

  4. ThePacMule

    Better than expectedBought this for a Casita Spirit Deluxe (camper) as a replacement for the OEM cushions that are intended to convert to a mattress. This mattress is hands down better in every way. In fact, I would hold it up to our master bed at home in quality and comfort. Great value!

  5. Jeet

    One of the best mattresses I have ever slept on!Honestly, I was a bit skeptical buying a bed from amazon. However, I was on a budget because I was moving away from home. I didn’t want to spend $600+ for a mattress. So, with that in mind, I came to amazon looking for a “Gel-memory foam mattress.” It got delivered in a box that was about 5 feet tall and a foot wide. I was even more skeptical because how could they fit such a large mattress in such a small box. Well, after unboxing the mattress, I plopped in on the floor and waited about 3 hours for it to puff up. I bought this over a year ago and I literally have not have one bad night of sleep since. I’ve had friends come over and ask where I bought the mattress from because it is that comfortable. They are always shocked when I say I got it from amazon and are even more shocked when I tell them the price I got it at. Whenever I ask my friends how much they think I bought it for, they always say something in the ballpark of $500+ when actually the cost is almost 1/3 of that! I’ve slept on many very expensive mattresses (including my parents tempur-pedic) but I have to tell the truth, this mattress beats all of them. It is literally like sleeping on a cloud, and I have never had any pain waking up. Actually I have a lot of trouble waking up because the mattress is just so comfortable that you don’t really want to get up. The one drawback is that it is only 7 inches thick. But at this point in my life, I don’t really need a 10 inch mattress which would be a pain to carry around when I move from place to place. I am not a bed connoisseur by any means and don’t really know if the gel really does actually keep me cool at night but hey, I’ve never had a bad night of sleep so I guess that answers my questions. And for the record, I cannot stand sleeping when its hot and I’m sweaty, so it must mean it does a decent job of keeping me cool at night.If you are in the market for a very affordable, yet comfortable, mattress, look no further. You will not regret it. I’ve referred many of my friends to this mattress and they also say that it is the best $180 that they have ever spent in their lives. If you have any questions feel free to send them my way and I will do my best in trying to answer them!

  6. Sara

    Comfortable!I needed a quality mattress and the prices in stores are so high compared to the quality and value you receive. I wasn’t sure about purchasing on-line bu my niece ordered this mattress 2 years ago and loved it, highly recommended it. I purchased it in part because the return window if not satisfied was at least three months. For me, this mattress is perfect, it’s in the middle of the road between soft and firm. It is very supportive, comfortable, not too warm and I wake up with no aches and well rested. I recommend anyone considering it to at least try it – you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the quality you receive for the price. The only drawback, not related to the product, is not yet being able to find an option to purchase a replacement cover of the same kind on-line.

  7. Grant R

    Mattress might actually last decades if only rarely usedBack in the days of my misguided youth, I was given a herniated lumbar disc due to severe trauma sustained from being thrown off a horse and onto a large fallen tree, hence I’ve suffered from chronic back pain of varying degrees since. Therefore, a firm sleeping surface is essential in achieving a decent nights sleep.When I first received this mattress, all was well. It expanded quite nicely and had only a modicum of obnoxious odors. Even though it looked fully ready to use after only a few hours, I patiently endured the full time (48 hrs) before doing so. At first it seemed as firm and as comfortable as an older memory foam model which I had purchased 15 years prior, only this one cost me less than half as much money—what a sweet deal—you’d think!Then about six weeks ago (nearly three years later) I started waking up with a sore back every day for about a week. Thinking at first that I may have inadvertently done something to cause this undesirable symptom, I waited another week for it go away, but it didn’t. Then I discovered that the visco foam layers (top two “memory foam” layers) had apparently broken down in the middle of the mattress, thus it was much softer there than it was on either end. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I suspect that this is the result of using low quality foam! And the fact that I used the older mattress nearly continuously for about ten years; finally retiring it to a rarely used guest bedroom; added to the fact that it’s still only slightly softer in the middle than the ends, would seen to confirm that this is not just an unfounded conclusion based on my disappointment—if you know what I mean.Here’s the big kicker: As I was getting ready to throw this one out, and temporarily go back to using the old one, it occurred to me to flip it over, just for fun. And although probably one of the firmest sleeping surface I’ve ever experienced (discounting hard floors and camping trips), I slept well on it for over a month; my back pain significantly decreasing after two, maybe three nights (unexpected silver lining indeed!).While perhaps a solid choice as an economy option for the guest bedroom, I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t, rely on it for the long haul! And it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever buy another one. (When will I ever learn?) Bargain basement prices—bargain basement quality. You rarely get more than what’s paid for.

  8. BessieLB

    Not BadThe one down side for me would be it’s firmness. It’s not hard as a board but I do like a more plush feel to my mattress. But that’s my fault knowing that memory foam is more of a firmer structure and molds to your body. It isn’t uncomfortable though and certainly doesn’t leave me with aches and pains. I am a plus size curvy lady but it hasn’t seem to have lost its form and I’ve had it for 2 months which I think is a decent time to break it in a bit. It does have a strong chemical smell when you first open it and you can smell it a little bit when lying on it for a couple days but then the smell goes away. Someone mentioned on here about trying to remove the cover of the mattress and having fiber glass fall all over the place. There’s no need to remove the cover, just add a mattress cover to protect the mattress. However, I can say when I first laid the mattress on my frame I felt a bit of the fiber glass on the bottom. But no major issues with it and it doesn’t come through while you’re laying on it. All in all it’s a decent buy but I may need to purchase a pillow topper to get that more plush feel.

  9. Cat

    Highly recommend if you like firmer bedsBought this mattress on a whim in January 2018 When it was still under $200. I love this bed. I sleep on my back, side and stomach and don’t have any issues. It is on the firmer side which I like. About six months after I got it I recommended it to my friend who also got it. she put it on top of a different mattress So it would fit her bedframe better and also makes it a lot softer. We both love and highly recommend it. I was going to buy another one for my mom for Her daybed but since it’s gone up almost $100 I had to pass. It’s definitely worth The cost if it’s something you’re going to be using nightly. you want to make sure you have cotton sheets or something cooling, I do notice in the summer months it holds a lot of Heat. Other than that it’s a perfect bed and you’re not going to find a better one for the price! It’s been over two years and it’s just as comfortable as when I got it if not more. I also rotate it every couple of months to help prevent any sinking.

  10. Daniel Roberts

    Can’t beat it for the price!I looked at many foam mattresses prior to this purchase and nearly all the reviews went around a couple of key points foremost being longevity.–I do not use this as an everyday sleeper–nor should you, if you want to sleep on something every day you shoudl invest the appropriate ammount of money comesurate to how much time (literally close to 1/3 of your life) you spend on it. But for a week long visit from family or a friend crashing after a night on the town it is exactly what I needed. I have noticed no deformation or any adverse impact from use (have had it for 0ver 3 months with lots of guests visiting me now that I live in Hawaii.–Another problem with foam mattresses is temperature, unlike traditional mattressess that allow air flow and therefore cool this one has the gel infusion that keeps it cool, it thus far has been very effective–gel mattress toppers are also effective options but again for the price of this mattress it being included was fantastic.–The final recurring problem I noticed looking at reviews was the initial package–both odor and expansion being subpar. Immeditely upon opening this mattress I saw it expand and it exceeded the 11″ that was advertised and overnight reached almost an additional inch, so nothing subpar about this one. There was an odor initially, I let it sit with a fan blowing and a window open for 2 days and the odor eventually dissapated, I assume that is some of the factory smell etc, but once the odor was gone I have had no problems with any other related smells.–At the end of the day this mattress is everything you could ask for for a low cost good quality product. It is no tempur-pedic mattress but for the price and the use it is the perfect product, I highly recommend!

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