Big and Tall Gaming Chair 440lb Gamer Chair with Gel Cold Cure Foam Lumbar Big and Tall Office Chair 4d Adjustable Arms Heavy

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Color Black/Grey
Product Dimensions 27″D x 27.1″W x 48.4″H
Special Feature Adjustable
Material Leather, Metal
  • ★ 【ENHANCE YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE】 – With our gaming chair’s large size, unique design and body hugging style, your gaming sessions can now last for hours! Enjoy an uninterrupted game without having to hit pause to readjust your sitting position or stretch your sore muscles as our premium quality multifunctional game chair is highly adjustable and super comfortable
  • ★ 【THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR YOU’LL EVER SIT IN】 – Ergonomically designed and boasting an extra high backrest, our gaming chair gently embraces your body and supports your neck and spine. Paired with the included memory foam seat and high-end gel cold cure foam lumbar/ seat cushion which provides an added comfort layer, optimal support and encourages good posture, our gaming chair will be your preferred seat of choice
  • ★ 【HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE – EVERYONE CAN USE IT】- Featuring a 360° swivel – height-adjustable mechanism – back angle and recline/rock locking system to lock the back at any angle up to 155° – wider armrests adjustable to 4 Dimensions (up / down, forward / backward, left / right, vertical), anyone can comfortably use our game chair. Customize the seat to your liking, sit back and work, play or relax
  • ★ 【YOUR SEARCH FOR A STURDY GAME CHAIR ENDS HERE】 – Premium construction with high quality materials, leather, fabric and memory foam guarantees you will enjoy our chair for years! The integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards and heavy duty metal base with smooth-rolling caster wheels provide a sturdy foundation to the chair able to withstand up to 440lbs. Available in neutral black and brown, our chair will complement and space you place it in
  • ★ 【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】 – Your satisfaction is our top priority! We offer you excellent after-sales service with a customer support team ready to assist you with any questions you may have and 1 YEAR WARRANTY on parts! Grab your Gaming Chair today risk free! Click “Add To Cart” Now and take your gaming experience to the next level with supreme comfort and support

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Product Description







Durable and Waterproof Leather

The gaming chair is made of durable leather and breathable PU leather to provide you with maximum comfort.

Commercial Class-3 Gas Lift

The gaming chair is equipped with class 3 heavy-duty gas pistons – to ensure the safe use of the chairs, products through SGS, BIFMA and other safety certification

Maximum weight capacity :440LBS

The gaming chair is specially designed for large weight people, up to 440LBS impact pressure, he can provide you with the most comfortable experience


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27.1 × 48.4 cm




Special Feature



Leather Metal

Room Type


Frame Material


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Seat Material Type

Memory Foam

Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

27 x 27.1 x 50.8 inches, 27D x 27.1W x 48.4H

Item Weight

25 Kilograms, 55 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 28 2019



10 reviews for Big and Tall Gaming Chair 440lb Gamer Chair with Gel Cold Cure Foam Lumbar Big and Tall Office Chair 4d Adjustable Arms Heavy

  1. Eric Elstad

    Awesome Chair! Total !@#$ wheels…So I bought this chair in April of 21, it’s now Sept of 22 and I have gone through all 5 of the original wheels and the set of 5 replacements they sent me. After the first few breaks I’ve been fairly particular about how I sit in the chair and move around however having just reached down to pet me dog and that slight shift being the final straw to break the camel’s back as it were I am now sitting on an old stool while waiting for a set of other wheels to arrive(hopefully tomorrow).So the chair is great, I say that noting I do almost no adjusting of the height of the cylinder or how the back reclines. I do fool around with the arms from time to time but I don’t need it to work as a recliner. Aside from the wheels I’ve had 0 issues which is a welcome change from cheaper chairs I’ve bought at places like Staples, Office Max, Fred Meyer, etc. However while I am close to the max recommended weight I feel like the wheels could definitely be made to a higher standard as that’s not something I’ve ever had an issue with before(aside from one particular time where too much hair and crap got wound up inside one and I just had to clear it out).

  2. De Wilmore

    Great for a Tall PersonI received this chair today, and I must say, I am impressed so far.I am a 6’6″ man with about 270lbs on this frame. My biggest problem with chairs is the depth of the seat and the angles. When you are a tall person like me, you realize the world rarely makes things that are meant for a person of this size. I have always had to “, make do”.I recently bought another chair advertised as being for a large person, but after two weeks, i quickly discovered it was not.Right out of the box on this product was its easy assembly. It took about 20 minutes with the tool provided. I didn’t even need to reference the instructions. I have been in the chair for about 5 hours now since I work from home. I have been comfortable the WHOLE time. Very different than my last experience. ( I was feeling discomfort after about 2, but I was optimistic). This chair has great adjustment positions and feels very sturdy in a reclined position.I will post a follow-up in about 2 weeks.

  3. visacrum

    Oh, you want the 1.5 year later review???For those of you who wound up working from home (rather, those of you LUCKY ENOUGH to be able to work from home) during the pandemic, which is still ongoing as of this review: I got this chair in June 2020. I got it because my prior setup was a chair whose armrests were wrecked and the seat cushion was forget about it. I had to buy a lumbar pillow. I bought gel pads for the arm wrests. They didn’t do the trick for very long.Like me, this chair is still surviving the pandemic. Read to the end for the benefits overall, but I’ve got new information to add:That little lever to my right that lets me recline all the way back? I’m not on cam and there is no honest reason I need to be in this meeting, time to RELAX!!!!! I also use it to change the angle of the back. Sometimes I need to be serious and upright. Mostly though, slouchers gonna slouch. Not 90° upright, but say 100° upright. Well, this chair absolutely lets you do that.Nothing has broken. I wouldn’t have been mad if any of the plastic levers broke but you know what? None of them did!The chair is creaking again. I liberally applied WD 40 and it still does so. I’d welcome advice for this beyond ‘completely disassemble and reassemble it’. It’s been 1.5 years, I know I have the instructions somewhere, but can’t I just fix this with WD 40???The unannounced USB pillow is now a cushioning foot rest for my…well, my foot. It was a free extra and I still love it. The grip gloves, which were also an unannounced extra? Still unused, but still saved.I’d pay even more for this chair then I had, none lasted this long previously. But I think by the time I have to replace this chair, I’ll have to pay a lot more with a different seller because at that point we’ll be living on a different planet.I received and assembled this chair 3 days prior to writing this review. I love the heck out of this chair.Some notes though:When you’re putting the arms on, make sure it’s the ‘short’ side of the arm pointing to the front. No ding to the rating, this was user error, and I didn’t feel it was clear in the instructions. I’m trying to help YOU, future assembler.The chair is very creaky when you’re rocking back and forth in it. On my beloved other half’s advice, I gave it a couple of days before WD-40’ing the bejeezus out of it. It kills me to admit it, but she’s right. Day 3, not a single sound while I’m rocking back and forth (don’t you hate it when your SO is right???)At least for me, the back cushion is way better as a seat cushion. Using it (the first day) as a back cushion, it was pushing me too far forward and was falling down every time I got out of the chair. Using it as a seat cushion, I no longer need the lumbar pillow I was using in my old chair. Bear in mind, I’m in this chair for at LEAST 12 hours a day, for work and play (pandemic, working from home).There’s a button built into the arm rest towards the front inner corner of the arm rest. This is the button that lets you swivel the armrest back and forth.The levers don’t feel terribly sturdy, but they did the job I need them to do. The only lever I *might* need to use again is the one to lock/ unlock the rocking feature. But that will be rare, and even if it breaks (I expect it to break), I have the other lever I can use. Failing that, I’m sure I can rig something up.Oh, and the chair came with a vibrating lumbar pillow I didn’t see anywhere in the item description! I haven’t tried it yet, but it uses a USB connection for power. I happen to have a power strip at the computer station with USB ports, so I may try it soon. Whether or not I try it, it was an unannounced extra that pleased me to see. Also, they give you grip gloves (knitted gloves with grippy nubs on the palm side) to assemble the chair. I didn’t use them, but I sure as heck saved them for future use. Just another unannounced extra that pleased me!All in all (in your face, sellers!) I would have gladly paid US$350 for this chair.

  4. Ben W.

    True Big and TallFirst off I plan to update this review if I have any problems down the road with this chair.Assembly was relatively quick and easy, took me around 35 minutes and im not a handyman/machinist. Pretty straight forward assembly, just tedious. Toughest part during assembly was the plastic covers on the sides of the chair, took a few minutes to line up the screws.This chair is large, I am a very large man and this chair is plenty wide for me.The arm rests on this chair are on the elite luxury spectrum, fully adjustable in every which way and the arm rests are made of a medium soft cushioned plastic.The build of this chair appears to be a slightly thicker, larger, gaming chair which is exactly what I was hoping for. The only design flaw that could potentially exist is the chair back only has 2 attach points on each side, totally 4 attach points. Now if the chair back is made of a thicker plywood than standard, then this should do the job. I will have to wait and see though. No way of knowing just yet how strong the chair is.The chair feels comfortable, seat can recline, functional rocking and gas lift. Fabric is some sort of synthetic leather, as to be expected at this price. Pretty easy to clean.I havent experienced any problems with this chair yet. Owned for about 3 weeks. It’s been getting some use. Everything’s holding together, no strange noises.My goal in buying this chair was to buy a chair that can hold my 300 pounds, and has some added thickness, size, and width to a sub 300 pound chair. I ordered this chair and took a risk. This chair cost around 300 USD, about 340 after tax. So far it’s a worthwhile comfortable chair. I’d like to see this chair last 2 years at the least, I’ll update my review in accordance.**UPDATE 2 Months**Owned this chair for 2 months now, I put this chair to pretty good use. I dont get alot of daily chair time anymore due to my second job now but once or twice a week I put a 5-15 hour session on this chair. I weigh probably around 320 and the chair still doesn’t make any new noises or have any problems yet. The gas lift still functions normally, I dont use the chair for sleeping or adjust the back much due to bad experiences with other chairs and I want this chair to last. The hours I put on this chair are pretty much sit up straight chair position hours. I do not use the rocker, and I try not to put any extra pressure on the chair back. This chair is holding up just fine so far, no complaints. The only rigorous use this chair gets is me jumping in it excited sometimes(getting into the chair fast). Other than that the chair is meticulously well taken care of and it’s holding up great. As for the leather, no complaints on the leather, very easy to keep it clean, no signs of wear and tear, all stitching is intact.

  5. Benjamin t.

    Well worth the extra costThis chair does cost most then most of the others you’ll see on Amazon but I’m a big guy so I’ve had the $100 pc chairs they don’t last the cushion is flat the shock is gone blah blah. However this chair is holding up very well and just feels like better more durable materials were used, has adjustments at every point that are practically placed the shock is strong and tilting back while rocking still feels stable like it’s going to kick out on you. My wife being the sweetheart she is assemble it for me before I got home with supplied tooling so setup is a breeze. Just an awesome chair.

  6. Mike S.

    Feels extremely durableI bought the chair with hopes it would be good. For reference, my previous chair lasted through 2 solid years of use and cost $50 at staples, so this was quite an investment more at around $280. Assembly was easy enough, and through my first day of use it feels extremely well built. I would’ve liked a neckrest pillow to be included (similar to the one with the pistols and knife logo Fantasy Labs make), but they include 2 alternate pillows and they REALLY help this product. I am a big guy, (6’3″ and pretty heavy). I picked this model because I didn’t want to worry about the weight restrictions on similar chairs. I’ve got a couple things to complain about, but more better things to say. I’d like the seat cushion to be longer, while it feels longer than my old chair it still falls a bit short for my legs.The first one is the massaging pillow. It’s a basic lumbar pillow with an approximately 6ft long USB hookup (i run mine from a USB hub in my computer, so you don’t need AC directly for it). I never got anything from message chairs they have in stores for customers to test, so I figured it’s a placebo effect (I want this to work, so it will). I work a fairly strenuous job building furniture so I have back problems typically. This pillow doesn’t cure me, but it does help with back pain just enough that I’m able to game and have fun. I put it on, lean back, watch some vids and it’s honestly great. I really didn’t expect to enjoy it or find a use for it, but I love it.The second one is one marketed as a lumbar/seat pillow. I tried it as a lumbar pillow, and much like other reviewers I wasn’t a fan of how much seat room I give up for it. However as an additional seat cushion (it is a memory foam pad after all), it helps the overall comfort of the chair. This is my first “gaming chair” as opposed to office chairs I buy for cheap and throw out when the leather on them starts cracking too much. So I’m not used to the slanted edges on the seat. The memory foam really makes the seat much more comfortable to sit on.The back, it’s nice. If I lean back it supports my head, whereas my old chair didn’t (it was cheap and bought spur of the moment). Some days I come home from work and I’m tired, I just want to watch some youtube or w/e in my chair. It’ll be nice to not feel my head snap back all the way finally just because I dozed off. The cushioning is a bit stiff and needs to be broken in. That’s my only real gripe (that and the seat length), but I say that about new shoes too. Once things are broken in, they feel normal.My final point is the arm rests. They look uncomfortable. Truth be told I thought they were all metal. Not the case. These have a nice rubber padding on them. Every other chair I owned (all office chairs) are like pleather or some other similar feeling material, the arms on those are the same. And they all crack first. That won’t be the case here. There are after market covers to make them even softer, but these feel fine enough. Maybe in a few months in winter I’ll want to upgrade to those, time will tell.If you’re a big and tall person, I’d definitely recommend this chair.

  7. Lisa L Bowen

    Stop waiting and buy this chair!I was hesitant about investing so much money into a chair that I wasn’t able to “try out” first. After doing my homework and reading tons of reviews from multiple sources I decided to give this one a try. I am HAPPY that I bought this chair!This is the BEST chair I’ve ever sat in for work. I’m at a computer for 8 to 12 hours a day 5 days a week.I waited until my son could help me assemble the chair. Assembly really was easy but one part would have been difficult without a second pair of hands. Glad I waited for help.The seat is firm but not hard. The cushion that comes with the chair is really nice and makes for a softer (and cooler) seat but I’ve used it both with and without and been comfortable. The cushion does not work well for me as back support but I haven’t felt the need for additional support so it’s all good.The arms on this chair are adjustable not only up and down but also forward/backwards and in/out. The arms LOCK into the position you choose and are easy to readjust. Most chairs that I’ve seen don’t have the locking feature and pivot too easily.Now I’m not really tall (5’ 6”) but I am heavy. A common issue I experience with chairs is the hydraulic lift goes out so while sitting in the chair it either plummets to the bottom or just won’t stay up at the proper height. I will NEVER have that issue with this chair. At the lowest setting my feet hit the floor perfectly. Soo if you’re shorter than me your feet might dangle like a little kid in a grown-up chair.Now nothing about me is petite however I’m not particularly “large” either. I have plenty of roomin this chair. I don’t think a person who identifies as being large would feel the same way. My old chair was large and I didn’t realize how much room I had until I didn’t have it anymore. This chair is perfect for my frame but just a word of caution for someone looking for a lot of space.The reclining feature is really nice and I love being able to lean back to stretch, take a little break or making phone hold time much more bearable due to being so comfortable.I’ve had the chair for about a month now and am very pleased. Wish I would have bought it sooner.

  8. Amazon Customer

    High quality and very comfortableReally happy with this. Sturdy constructive, easy assembly. Overall a very nice chair for the big guys. Love the gel lumbar support too.

  9. Chris S.

    It’s sturdy but could use some comfort engineering.This chair is EXTREMELY sturdy. I’m 6’1″, 330lbs and sitting in this chair you can just feel that it is solidly built. The headrest is comfortable for my height and most aspects of the chair are adjustable in order to provide ergonomic support and comfort.There are a couple of things that could be improved:1) Assembly: There is a bolt for the armrests on both sides that sits directly under the levers (one for locking the lean-back, the other for the elevation mechanism). The tool that I was given was too long on the hex side to fit into the head of the bolt without being pushed sideways by the lever. Fortunately, I had a set of Allen wrenches with the correct size but not everyone has that kind of a tool set.2) Casters: I highly recommend the heavy duty office chair casters here: The ones that come with the chair do not work well on pile carpets and are extremely loud on hard floors (wood, tile, etc.) They are definitely well made and I will be using them in my workshop for a cart I’m building but they are a bit lacking for a chair.3) Seat size: As a software developer, sitting in a chair for an extended period is part of my job. As a tall person, doing so comfortably means that the majority of the back of my thigh should to be supported. This seat needs to be 1″ – 2″ deeper to provide the best support. While the actual distance from the base of the back of the seat to the furthest point of the front may be 22″ (see Seat Depth in the images) the area of the seat providing support seems to be about 1″ – 2″ less. As it is, when I am sitting fully upright and working I feel more pressure at the base of my spine and the heels of my feet. Also, while the lumber support is nice, as is the lateral support (the sides of the seat), there seems to be a hard pressure point in the outside hip area. Not sure what’s going on there but larger folks may feels it worse.4) Arm rests: Could be a little more sturdy and comfortable. There is considerable wiggle room once you have the arm rests in place to your liking. Also there is no padding on the arm rests. These fit and are comfortable:

  10. Benson Armitage

    Broken ArmrestI Just purchased this chair on June 19th and during assembly I noticed that the adjustment button for the armrest is broken. This is the button that controls the armrest locking or while depressed it can slide forward or backward. the right side locks but the left does not. I have to the site and tried using the to contact them about a replacement part but my emails return instantly.

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