BJDesign Japanese Traditional Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mattress, Full XL. Made in Japan (Full XL)

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Size Full XL
Brand BJDesign
Color Natural
Age Range (Description) Adult
  • ✅ EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP – Choose authenticity and comfort. Created by skilled Japanese artisans, our tatami mat bed boasts premium quality. It’s woven from the finest rush grass grown in Japan.
  • ✅ BASK IN CLEAN AIR – Our Japanese tatami mat absorbs moisture, sweat and odor, leaving the air feeling clean and fresh. Its rush material provides natural humidity control and air purification.
  • ✅ SMELLS LIKE FRESHLY CUT GRASS – You’ll love how our Japanese sleeping mats spread the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. It offers a relaxing atmosphere that will remind you of Japan.
  • ✅ WORKS PERFECTLY WITH A FUTON – This Japanese tatami mat is perfect for people who like to sleep on the floor. It provides moderate cushioning and works great as an oriental rug spread under a futon.
  • ✅ EASY TO STORE – Our mat remains thin and compact even when folded into three. Easily lean it against a corner or put into storage. Maximize the space of your bedroom, and have a comfy bed to sleep on!

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Product Description

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress sleeping on the floor comfort tatami mat Woven rush grass

Advantages of Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress BASK IN CLEAN AIR Japanese tatami mat clean fresh rush material

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress” creates clean air.

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress SMELLS LIKE FRESHLY CUT GRASS Japanese sleeping mats smell

Relax with the fresh scent of Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress.

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress WORKS PERFECTLY WITH A FUTON Japanese tatami mat sleep floor

The Tatami Mat Japanese Floor Mattress is a great match for Japanese futons.

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress EASY TO STORE mat compact Easily lean storage space bedroom bed

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress is compact.

Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress Size Full Size Tri-Folded Weight Twin Full Japan Ruch Glass

More information about Tatami Mat japanese floor mattress

Additional information

Weight 12.87 kg
Dimensions 83 × 55 × 0.5 cm
Product Dimensions

83 x 55 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

12.87 pounds



Date First Available

January 9 2020



10 reviews for BJDesign Japanese Traditional Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mattress, Full XL. Made in Japan (Full XL)

  1. Sav

    SmellsI would rather get the coco pad, these tatami all of ‘em smell man, it smells like a Taco Bell left in a car

  2. Jos

    Excellent Tatami MatI’ve been using this tatami mat under my shikibuton for about 2 months ever since I decided to throw my western bed away and I love it. I also use it during the day, I fold it up and use it as floor seating while I fold laundry, use my laptop, etc.-The tatami mat will be slightly wider and longer than a twin size shikibuton which I like. This way my sheets don’t end up touching the floor.-It has a pleasant grassy smell. At first the scent really filled my small bedroom but I don’t really smell it now. Not sure if that’s because I got used to it or if the scent actually dissipated.-It is on the thin side which makes it very easy to fold up and slide it behind furniture. Sometimes I feel like I would prefer if it was thicker like a traditional tatami mat. But of course that would make it heavier and bulkier and not so easy to hide out of sight.-The back of the mat is a felted material which has excellent grip on a rug or carpet but it will slip on hardwood and tile.-The shikibuton will not slide sideways on the tatami mat but it can slide up and down as this is the direction that the grass is woven. But slippage is has been very minimal for me.That mat seems durable. Two months later it still looks the same as day 1. No loose threads, no lifted or broken rush grass.-It does not come with English instructions at all but you can use the camera function on the google translate app.

  3. moon_mars

    Worth it!!!!!This Tatami mat is made from high quality straw and its beautiful!I’m usually using this under the Futon(Japanese mattress) and its very comfortable.I bought this company’s Tatami and Futon at the same time because they are cheap, and I am so satisfied with my purchases!I’m always fold and put away the Futon and Tatami when I wake up, so I can get more space. Those are light and easy to curry even I am a women. I also like this Tatami’s smell. If you like Japanese culture, you should definitely buy this! It reminds me of a Japanese traditional hotel when I went to Japan. I also heard Tatami has the power of cleaning up the air, so I can enjoy staying home even on this special occasion.This is one of my favorites purchased item in this quantities life.

  4. E. Smith

    Had to return…Unfortunately, I had to return the mat. It looked great, was very light weight… however, the grass smell was a little too strong for me. The smell seemed to dominate the room. If you don’t mind the grass smell defining the smell of your space – then this may not be a problem for you.

  5. Alicia

    Best sleep everAwesome product. I recently removed my full size mattress out of my room and replaced it with a couch that has a folded up mattress in it. That mattress was weak and the thin layer of springs were stabbing into my back thus leaving me with terrible sleep.I did some research and came to the conclusion that a Japanese futon and grass mat would be perfect since they provide a firm sleep and I could put them away in the morning.I’ve had 3 great nights of restful sleep and couldn’t be more happy with both products. Wish I would have started sleeping like this years ago.

  6. Igor Radovic

    Great qualityI bought this tatami mat for my futon. The scent is strong the first few days, but it’s relaxing and not overpowering (it kind of smells like green tea). The mat definetly insulates when sleeping and is much warmer than sleeping directly on the floor. So far I love it, it was kind of expensive but also the quality is really great so I think it’s well worth the money. I probably wouldn’t recommend sleeping on this without a futon, it’s not that thick, but it’s more comfortable than sleeping/sitting on a hard floor.

  7. Shakuntala

    Excellent productThis is a must-buy. It can be used for every day use as a mat (and can be folded in size by a third) or for sleeping. I use it for sleeping – I pair it with the following Shikibuton “FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon (shikibuton) High Grade Floor Mattress, Full XL. Made in Japan”. Together they are excellent for sleeping, especially for people that are 6 feet and over in height.In addition it is very well made and suggests fine craftsmanship.I will recommend this product to all family and friends.

  8. Anthony Juarez

    Its freshReally comfortable to sleep on and easy to fold up when putting it away

  9. Nathan

    Good MatThis is a good mat. Came with some minor stitching issues, but this could’ve been due to the UPS guy leaving it in the rain.

  10. Lauren Deitch

    Affordable, attractive tatami mat for your futon!These are lightweight, attractive tatami and add a minimalist tidiness to our room. They are XL, so they will have a few extra inches of blank space if you have a regular length mattress. There is no significant smell, just a natural, pleasant one.Just a tip, if you have hardwood, maybe you want to order some adhesive pads for your mat to help prevent any occasional sliding or movement.

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