Bobkona F4071 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool, Cherry

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Color Brown
Size F4071
Material Wood
Style Bobkona
Furniture Finish cherry
  • Rubber Wood + MDF / Birch Veneer
  • Color: Cherry
  • Dimensions: 43″ x 19″ x 54″H
  • Includes five-drawers for storage and a matching stool covered in a lavish plush fabric.
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A fluid design of feminine accents and allure, the “St. Croix” vanity set collections comes in a variety of wood finished colors. Each table features a foldout mirror with extensions on both sides to catch all the right angles. The “St. Croix” also includes five drawers for storage and a matching stool covered in a lavish plush fabric. Features: You will receive a total of 1 desk and 1 chair mirror with attached moveable extensions total five space for an array of cosmetics, jewelry and beauty supplies material: Wood and fabric . Specifications: Overall dimensions: 54″ h x 43″h x 19″ d weight: 75 lbs. .

From the manufacturer

Bobkona F4060 St. Croix Collection Vanity set with Stool, Rose Gold

Bobkona F4060 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set w/ Stool, Rose Gold

A fluid design of feminine accents and allure, This vanity set collections comes in a variety of wood finished colors. Each table features a foldout mirror with extensions on both sides to catch all the right angles. This also includes five-drawers for storage and a matching stool covered in a lavish plush fabric.

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Comes with 1 Vanity and matching Stool. Anywhere stool could hold up to 200 pounds.

Well-finished and smooth table surface.

3 working drawers to store your cosmetic and accessories.

Additional information

Weight 84 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 54 × 43 in
Product Dimensions

19 x 54 x 43 inches

Item Weight

84 Pounds



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10 reviews for Bobkona F4071 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool, Cherry

  1. Michelle

    BeautifulI love the color. No dents or scratches and packaged well very easy to put the legs on both the vanity and stool. I kinda dislike the stool its not very sturdy and tips easy if you lean too will land on your rear end! Happened to me twice now the draws open and close fairly well. They stick a little more so the top ones if pulled out too far. Interesting they don’t pull out as far as you think they would which leaves some empty space in the back of them.My mirror/vanity does not have predrilled holes so i have not attached it yet (a friend of mine is going to do that for me). It doesn’t seem adequate enough to hold that mirror because it is quite heavy but I read the reviews and most people attach the mirror no problem so we’ll see.

  2. Donna Drake

    Excellent quality.built wellEasy to assemble.color is gorgeous

  3. Amazon Customer

    Perfect vanity! But a little crack was on the front.Very easy assembly, great drawer space, looks elegant and makes makeup application and hair way easier. Great counter space.there was a small Crack in the front when delivered but I decided it doesn’t bother me enough to exchange it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    nice piece of furniturenice quality and good amount of storage, leg room is adequate.

  5. mmallia

    Beautiful Vanity!Let me start by saying that I’m really pleased with this vanity. If you’ve already researched the product and are just looking for a review that confirms what you already suspect, then by all means, place your order. You won’t regret this beautiful vanity for such an amazing price.If you’re still unsure then let me clarify a few things that I was concerned about before I received my order…First of all, take some measurements to see if this is going to fit into the space you’re buying it for. I happened to have a pretty large area to fill for my vanity and I was pleased to see that this is a bit deeper than most vanities that I found. I try not to store too much stuff on top of my vanity because I don’t like the cluttered look, but this vanity could hold a ton if you wanted it to, all without even touching the drawer space.The drawers are the things that worried me the most. Like most vanities, these drawers don’t pull entirely out, so if you’re storing small items loose in the drawers then some of them are absolutely going to roll into the back and be difficult to see. (This didn’t concern me too much, it seems like an issue all vanities have). My makeup collection is out of control so I knew there was no chance I’d be able to fit even a portion of my makeup in the drawers, but for the average person you won’t have any issue getting all of your makeup (and probably a lot of other things) into the vanity. The top three drawers are pretty shallow. For reference, I can fit my hairbrush in there without any issue but I couldn’t stand up a bottle of nail polish or foundation. The bottom two drawers are a bit taller and you’ll be able to fit some of those deeper products in there. The drawers pull out smoothly and don’t stick at all.The stool is surprisingly sturdy, something I was a little nervous about, and the quality of the fabric seems really nice and durable.Assembly was an absolute breeze. The entire tabletop and drawers section is shipped as one big piece. All you have to do is screw the four legs on and stand the vanity up. The mirror has to be screwed into the back of the vanity so that it stands up and you’ll need a screw gun for this step (screws are included). The stool legs get bolted easily into the wood surrounding the cushion. There’s an allen key included. The most difficult part for most people will likely be getting it into the house from wherever UPS drops it. The box is as small as it possibly can be, but it’s heavy (though not entirely impossible for one person to move alone). UPS had a “team lift” sticker on my box, I’d suggest the same for you).The wood itself is really nice. I wanted something that looked beautiful and wasn’t just a wood-like sticker over particle board. I’m sure I’ll scratch it eventually but the product was well packaged and arrived without any scratches or dings. I considered getting a glass piece to cover the top to prevent scratching or staining but then realized that the mirror would likely get in the way. I was right, it would have. If you’re considering a glass cover then take into consideration the fact that the mirror bumps in about an inch so you won’t be able to order the exact size of the table top.I guess that’s it. I hope that was helpful. Enjoy your vanity if you decide to get it, I know I will be!

  6. Trudy – Concept Muse

    Stunning goes PERFECT with my bedroom Furniture CAME WITH CORNERS DENTED AND BROKENDThis piece is beautiful. I thought I’d luck out and be a lucky ones and get one undamaged unit. The outside box was perfect. Wrapped very well. We put the legs on lift up to stand up and the back corners are totally smashed in . The thing that bothers me so much besides the amount of money that I spend over all with Amazon. IS: With the outer box UNDAMAGED???*** Does that not scream the seller knew what they were sending?***Well if that is true or its Amazon shipping department; that is so sad.If they have this many returns you would think it would be checked and double checked before it went out. Its unreal it was well packed someone just had to have dropped it and put it in a different box. I can not fathom any thing else.I am glad I read reviews and saw that I had better order an amazon prime shipped unit just in case it cane damaged. As so many have been. I thought I would luck out! BOO HOO! I figured even if I paid more up front it could be quite a bit for shipping as others have said if it needs to be shipped back. UNFORTUNATELY it does.I don’t know how many of you have noticed but you can buy this EXACT vanity from various sellers and pay anywhere from just under a hundred to over $700.00 What we noticed is a couple of slight differences. Look at weights and drawer constructions. The color is cappuccino, just like my bedroom furniture it is not dark cherry thank goodness and I knew that by all the reviews.It really is BEAUTIFUL.The difference between the better ones are how the drawers are constructed this one is really nice. So I sort of said two things here the make this read confusing so what I am saying is really read all the descriptions and weights. Some weights seem to be off but some weights are due to the construction even though they look identical.Now I have to wait because I have to return it. THAT’S SUCH A DRAG! I pray this is a one time back and forth. Because I have wanted one of these since middle school. I am now an Empty Nester! I feel when I but a new product I should not have to settle for less than par. No dings or bashes! I took photos and now can’t see how to include them with my review. Oh well I need to arrange for return. What a drag.This piece is just so beautiful and the round stool is even comfortable. The drawers are smaller than I thought but it is great either way. This is my dream piece of furniture and I want it to be perfect its brand new…not used! ESPECIALLY NOT DAMAGED.I really hope that I get to come up date this review and give it the five stars as it deserves.Update 5-27-12In repacking the unit we found that the box was not perfect and most definitely is damaged on the two corners opposite each other the long way so it was those two corners that were damaged.My apologies goes to Amazon, hopefully they can have it out with UPS. This box was not handled well. It got here practically over night. I think perhaps they work so hard to get it to us fast it is not given enough handle with care as the box says. Not complaining about speed; I love that but care needs to be taken when expensive items are being shipped that have the potential to be damaged.Amazon is allowing me to do an exchange way cool!UPDATE: June 2, 2012I received my second one on Tuesday after Labor day. They picked one up and dropped one off. We can’t get to it till the weekend. Thank goodness Amazon has an amazing returns policy and they will continue to ship them till its right as long as you have Prime and a credit card to charge. I am not willing to accept this great piece of furniture damaged. Other wise is built so well, even the drawers are sturdy not stapled in thin bottoms but real wood with supports in the corners. I just want it right.This is what I wrote in comments.”Again The box is fine the interior packed well. The back bottom outside corner is again bent & broken it was obviously rammed into something. It appears to us that this must be factory defects.”I HOPE THE NEXT ONE IS PERFECT! June 10th is my 56th b-day; and I have wanted a three mirror vanity heck any mirrored vanity since middle school so its going to be perfect. I guess this is turning into my B-day gift!This will be handed down to my daughter and truly is how well it is built, it just needs to get out of the warehouse where it is built…undamaged.Again Amazon is allowing me to do an exchange way cool!

  7. Nikki

    Quick, simple solution.20 minute setup time. Sturdy vanity. Stool is flimsy. More so overall impressed, furthermore appreciate the quick and simple assembly of the vanity. Packaging prevented most travel damage. Instructions were simple and easy to follow.Con: stool not structurally sound.Do not over tighten. Systematically tighten, slowly, in a figure 8 pattern for best result.

  8. Vincent

    Very pretty design, came as brokenI bought this product for myself to stock make ups and for beauty table use.For design, I like the design, it is simple but very pretty. The paint job and color does look cheap quality, but for me it didn’t bother.The best part of this product is the mirror. Mirror is big enough and the two on the side are movable.Drawers are small, it is good for small products such as lipsticks and eyeshadows. You cannot put big/thick things there.About the chair, it is very simple one with beige cloth seat. Since it is small it isn’t very stable. However it was easy to built and good size for the table.The worst part was, it took 3 weeks or so to be delivered and came broken. I was very disappointed when I opened it. Though, I didn’t wanna wait for another a few weeks to replace. Therefore I didn’t contact the seller in this time. I sit there after shower and then I need to be careful not to touch the broken part. That is sad part about this product.For building, it is very simple and easy. If you have screw driver you can built with one person. But some parts are heavy so if you are not confident with your power you may wanna use someone else’s help.Overall it is very pretty but the quality wasn’t great.

  9. Gerald

    SatisfiedArrived Ina few weeks. Product itself had some defects but they aren’t noticeable.Would recommend. Will be purchasing some accessories to go with it.

  10. Kiwi

    Very nice VanityVery nice Vanity , it is a quality unit. Real wood and perfect little unit for the bedroom. Wish it has bigger drawers or more though..

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