BOLISS Big and Tall Office Chair Ergonomic High Back Computer Desk Chairs with Height-Adjustable Headrest Built-in Lumbar

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Color Black
Product Dimensions 27.6″D x 27.3″W x 40.9″H
Special Feature Adjustable Headrest, Built-in Lumbar Pillow
Material Nylon, Fabric, PP
Pattern Pure
  • 400 pounds weight-bearing swivel high-back office chair.
  • Ergonomic design in line with the curve of the spine, three-position height- adjustable of the 3D cushioned headrest,built in lumbar support, grid back cushion, high-density molding of soft seat cushion with thickened soft padded flipped armrests.
  • All accessories are 1.3 times beyond BIFMA standard , thickened and enlarged new silent wheels and anti-scratch design, thickened chair feet, thickened cylinder and thickened mechanism.
  • Warranty and After-sales Service: product is provided with 12 months warranty. You can contact Boliss customer service via AMAZON.
  • Seat with:21.6 inches, seat depth:20.1nches,length between two arms: 20.1inches height of seat: 20.8-25.7 inches, overall height: 40.9-45.6inches, back width:19.7inches, length of headrest:12.8inches, width of headrest; 5.5inches. NOT suitable for people who is not within the size range.

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Weight 39.4 kg
Dimensions 27.6 × 27.3 × 40.9 cm




Special Feature

Adjustable Headrest Built-in Lumbar Pillow


Nylon Fabric PP



Room Type


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Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Seat Material Type

Molded Foam and Fabric

Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

27.6 x 27.3 x 40.9 inches, 27.6D x 27.3W x 40.9H

Item Weight

39.4 Pounds



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Date First Available

March 11 2022



10 reviews for BOLISS Big and Tall Office Chair Ergonomic High Back Computer Desk Chairs with Height-Adjustable Headrest Built-in Lumbar

  1. In Phoenix

    Heaven SentI replaced my beautiful leather executive chair that offered no support, was hot in the Summer, and had a hard seat with this chair. This chair is also beautiful but has a super padded seat, offers ergonomic support for proper alignment and is fabric mesh. My back/hips are no longer angry. For context, I am 5’5 & 175lbs with broad shoulders. The chair is bigger than me but I like that because I can easily change positions. Half of my feet touch the ground so I can still control movement. The chair wheels are like in-line skate wheels allowing me to scoot around, even on carpet. The arms will not let me push the chair completely under my desk but I pretty much keep them pushed up anyhow so that’s is not a problem for me. The head rest is adjustable. I’m a week in and I’m glad I found this chair, my body no longer hurts.

  2. Keith

    Best chair money can buy. Not for short people (hence Big and TALL)I love this chair. The cushion is very supportive. Its not super soft. It holds it form.The fabric is on the more durable side rather than soft and luxurious. That’s fine with me.The rollers are the smoothest and effortless that I have ever experiencedI do not use this chair with a head rest. Never have used one nor ever will, so cannot comment.The flip up arms are super convenient when I want to play guitar. They do move all the way 90 degrees so thats super convenient. Not many chairs doA lot of things of Amazon, at least furniture, kinda disappoint me. Usually cheaper than expected. This is the first time that I was thoroughly impressed. My friend bragged to me about some fancy gamer chair all the streamers buy and asked me to sit on it to experience such comfort. IMO it is pale in comparison to this chair by BOLISS.That said, the one thing you need to be cautious of is it is a tall chair. My girlfriend who is 5’2″, her feet doesn’t touch the floor. Also, this chair cannot tuck under my desk. If I had an adjustable height desk, it would be easier but I don’t. This doesn’t bother me though but it might others, so I brought it up

  3. Bradley Cronkhite

    Great chair for 6’+ people!If you are 6′ or taller this is a pretty great chair. I am 6’1″ and I really like it. If you are under 6″ your legs may not touch the floor If you are scooted all of the way back with the very deep seat.Well designed, deep, scoop-shaped seat with nice lumbar support with the pillow inserted behind the mesh chair back.Good instructions make assembly quick and simple. It took me less than 15 minutes and everything fit nicely together.Constructed of very heavy, strong plastics, dense foam, taught mesh and nice cover materials this chair should last.It is also a nice, modern looking chair.The blade wheels are a nice touch too.

  4. K

    Doesn’t fit the average deskThis chair is comfortable and it is definitely better if you’re over like 5’8. I’m 5’4, but obese so I wanted a chair to support my weight. This does that well. The BIG PROBLEM is that the seat itself is too tall. Like, too high off the ground. It doesn’t slide under my average size desk and I feel like I’m a kid on a booster seat. My feet don’t touch the ground either, which just goes to show how tall it is. A tall person in this chair wouldn’t be able to sit close enough to their desk to type. So, just take that into account before purchasing. I’m buying desk risers to remedy this because it is really a comfy and sturdy chair. So, I’ll spend the money and make the adjustments.

  5. Brian J.

    Great ChairI bought this chair for my wife when her other one broke these are her thoughts: It was nice to have the small parts packaged in a way where I could easily see them and count them, rather than opening a big bag full of a bunch of tiny bags. The instructions were very easy to follow. I used the box it came in as my “table”, and had the chair put together within a half hour.”


    Really comfortable chair. Mine has a problem.I really want to love this chair. But the headrest on mine is broken. Won’t stay in one place. I can’t seem to find a way to contact the company. Hopefully I can get a replacement headrest. Or I’m gonna have to send this one back. 🙁

  7. T. L. Olson

    Seat depth deceptiveOkay all plastic best thing are the rollers , the issue with this is the depth of the so-called ergonomic seat , with the bend in the seat it’s short it feels like you’re not sitting in the chair and for a big guy that a problem. Easy to assemble foam seemed good headrest is adjustable unlike what others have written, but just not a big mans chair realistically, going back today

  8. Jay

    The Humpback Whale, Ergonomic ChairThe media could not be loaded.

     Bottom-Line: The design is modern ergonomic, rather than classic. Best if you are about 5’ 10” and taller, otherwise, feet may be dangling. This truly is a chair for big and/or tall users. Your writer found the features of this chair to be very soft, but firm/supportive, in the seat, lumbar support cushion, headrest and arms, which are all padded fabric, the air-mesh fabric back (which has a support cushion, think pillow) is also soft and gave surprisingly nice cool and comfortable support. Now, about that seat, the width is not an issue, but the depth is, it’s not very deep and has a hump, instead of the end of the chair’s seat being at the inside of the back of the knee, the end of the chair cushion will fall short of reaching the back of the knee, so some taller users may find their legs floating rather than being supported by the seat, in other words, the seat feels short. Also, for those who fly by the edge of their seat, the hump makes you feel like you are going forward. Again, the seat cushion is not flat, it’s humped. Now, about that hump in the seat-cushion. Unusual. It’s like a humpback whale’s features. Instead of the seat being flat, the seat has a huge hump of several inches, about a third-of-the-way-in, from the front, and then diving down, so your legs, in the hip area, are propped-up a bit and your backside sinks down and back. Unusual feel. Makes the children climbing up, and in, behind my back near impossible, as there also is a gap in the seat and the back, so little feet fall through, plus, because the seat is short, must scoot forward to give them room. The chair’s wheels glide perfectly and smoothly. The spinning action is perfect. The arms fold-up perfectly and are of a reasonable standard, plus a bit more, in length, for longer arms. This chair offers excellent value. The seat height adjusts to an extremely tall height, so perfect for those who are over 6’. The quality is spot-on. No issues. The chair was easy to set up, not as fast as others, but fast, and the instructions were very good. Although this chair is liked, it falls just short of a perfect score, but it is still an excellent option to own for big and tall users.

  9. Army_Veteran

    For Us Big & Tall FolksTrying to find a decent chair for your office can be hit or miss. I had previously ordered one that practically fell apart. So my search brought me to pick the one.The Things I Like:1.) This is a chair that taller folks will appreciate. It several height adjustments and I got it high enough for my comfort level.2. Padding. This chair has thick padding on the seating, back portion, arm rests and the neck portion.3.) Comfortable. This chair is comfortable for the most part. (see dislikes below for why I said, “for the most part”.)4.) Recline. It has decent recline.5.) Good lumbar support. This is very important for me. I have to have good lower back support and this chair has that.6.) Adjustable headrest.7.) Weight limit of 400 pounds.8.) Armrests. You can flip up the armrest out of you way for when you don’t want to use them.Things I don’t like:1.) Comfort level. Here I am speaking about the adjustable headrest. Personally I like my headrest to touch my head as I am sitting in the chair. I have to lean my head back in order to rest my head against it which doesn’t work for when I am working at the computer. For when you want to recline, the headrest works fine.2.) Height adjustment. I wish you could adjust the height of the headrest mount. I would like to be able to raise or lower it to further tailor it to my comfort level.So overall I like this chair and I do recommend it for any of you big and tall folks.If anything significant changes after this review goes live I will come back to post an update.I hope this helps.

  10. Heidi wellman

    Great quality chair for average to tall personI am very impressed with the quality of the materials used for this chair. I tried to capture the exceptional castors/wheels that make it sleek and mobile. Padding is generous throughout especially in the arm rests and the seat cushion. The seat cushion flares up at the sides so you feel contained and not constricted. No sense of spilling over the seat. The pieces were heavy and required two of us to assemble only because one had to hold while the other assembled. My son in the photo is about 5 ft 10 and the chair is a perfect fit for him. The chair is at the lowest setting for height in the photo but he was comfortable raising it commenting that a tall person would be very comfortable in the chair. Great mid back and neck support. I am much shorter at 5 ft 1 or so and, unfortunately, the head/neck rest is useless to me. I just don’t have a long enough torso to reach. Still it is a quality chair and if I was taller it would be a perfect fit. One thing this chair seems lacking in is lumbar support. All the support is the mid to upper back. I would recommend this chair.

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