Boss Office Products B9331 High Back Executive Chair with Pewter Finsh in Black

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Color Black
Brand Boss Office Products
Product Dimensions 31.5″D x 27″W x 46.5″H
Style Contemporary
Material Leather, Plastic, Metal
  • High back
  • Beautifully upholstered in Black CaressoftPlus
  • Pillow top cushions for added comfort
  • Padded arm rests
  • Adjustable tile tension control
  • Beautifully upholstered in Black CaressoftPlus
  • Pillow top cushions for added comfort.
  • Padded arm rests
  • Adjustable tile tension control
  • Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment

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High back. Beautifully upholstered in Black CaressoftPlus. Pillow top cushions for added comfort. Padded arm rests. Adjustable tile tension control. Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment. Large 27″ nylon base with black caps. Hooded double wheel casters.

From the manufacturer

Black office Chair

Boss Office Products B9331 High Back Executive Chair with Pewter Finsh in Black

This high-back executive pillow top chair is a welcome addition to any office environment. It is beautifully upholstered in soft, durable Carressoft and features pillow-top cushions for an extra layer of softness. In addition to a pewter finish and padded armrests, it features an ergonomic design complete with adjustable tilt tension control, pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment, and an upright locking position for optimal personalization. All of this rests atop a large 27-inch nylon base with five hooded double wheel casters.




Gas Lift


Caressoft is vinyl upholstery that looks & feels like leather, but is far more durable and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Fixed padded arms are ergonomically designed for extreme comfort and extended use.

Base and Casters

A sturdy 27 inch nylon base with 2 inch nylon dual wheel castors.

Gas Lift

The pneumatic gas lift allows the user to modify their height in relation to their work surface, leading to an increase in comfort and ergonomic benefit.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 27 × 46.5 cm



Boss Office Products




Leather Plastic Metal

Finish Type


Room Type


Frame Material


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Beautifully upholstered in Black CaressoftPlus Executive high back styling

Model Name

Boss High Back Executive Chair With Pewter Finished BaseArms

Arm Style


Seat Material Type


Item Weight

40 Pounds

Product Dimensions

31.5 x 27 x 46.5 inches, 31.5D x 27W x 46.5H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

46.5 inches

Assembled Width

27 inches

Assembled Length

31.5 inches


45 Pounds



Date First Available

July 26 2005


Boss Office Products

10 reviews for Boss Office Products B9331 High Back Executive Chair with Pewter Finsh in Black

  1. Angel E. Yerovi Lopez

    ULTRA COMFORTABLE EXCELLENT FOR OFFICE OR HOME STUDIOThe Chair is just as I needed The height of the chair using the gas system. Perfect and cozy for my studio.The arm rests are very very comfortable and the cair itself its vey cozy very comfortable. You can sleep over it. I just put the chair at its maximum height then put my feet on the desk recline the chair to the back and actually i got sleep for 1 hour amazing. My roomate woke me up cause he told me I was snoring, (I just snoring when I’m tired).I’m gonna talk a little bit about the assembly which is a little bit tricky instead for many people could result frustrating, well for me resulted frustrating at the beggining but after that I realize that the chair it has to be assembled like that to stay straight and support the 250 pounds max of weight that this chair can support. If you think about this chair is just holded by 4 screws on the base and 4 more screws on the left side and 4 more on the right side. Its not too much if you think about 250 pound for 12 screws is not too much, but its enough compared with other chairs though. This chair is very solid very heavy and I love it. However, this chair need to be solid and it is.Now talking about the tricky assembly stuff, you need to know:1) The 1st thing you will have to assembly is the base without the gas or hidraulic system.2) The screws become all of them attached on the chair so you have to unscrew and then assembly. Make sure you use the same screws on the places you unscrew them, so then the screw will fit exactly on its place. Thats the 1st tricky thing i discovered.3) Try to assembly the right arm first and first try with the back chair screws then the sit screws but, here is the trick, to make them coincide you dotn have to screw all the screws, instead you just have to put all the screws right in the holes with just 2 turns to get them in their holes avoiding them to come out. Once you have all the screws on their holes you will adjust them very very well and very tight, I strongly recommend you have the proper star screw for this because if you dont have the right one and if you screw too much you will damage the screw head. Make sure yu screw them tight and enough.4) You will face maybe one of the arms probably do not coincide the holes at the beggining but as I said do not adjust or all the screws, just a couple of turns is enough, when you have them all in their holes then u adjust them until get them very tight. You will find that maybe you need to use some strenght and some muscles to make them coincide but they do coincide, dont get frustrated for that but the cair is designed with that purpose to hold a lot of weight and to remain solid, so I recommend if you dont have to much strenght, ask someone who can help.Overall I love this chair and let me tell you, Im a guy who spend their whooole time pretty much sitting in this chair and who uses this chair for a lot of things, and talking about time, i spend more than 15 hours on the chair, so you get an idea. I was needing a very durable and pretty much heavy duty chair but comfortable and this is the one. I love my chair.

  2. T. W. Patterson

    Better than my last chairChair arrived nicely packaged, well protected. Thanks to the other reviews I was aware that the screws are already in place, which I would rather just have a package of hardware so that I wouldnt have to take them out and then back in again.I consider myself fairly handy, and boy did it take some patience getting the back and seat together while lining up the holes.All things considered assembly only took 30 minutes or so.Now on to comfort, ive used the chair for a few solid hours now, and to tell the truth its not all that bad.Im more of a “sloucher” when im sitting, and this chair somewhat forces you to sit up and straight because of the lumbar support, which I suppose I will get use to.The recline part of the chair is fantastic, and the high back stops right at the base of my head (old chair was mid back) which allows me to relax while watching movies at the pc.Im 5’10 ish and the chair at the lowest level allows my feet to be firmly on the floor while slightly reclining, and allows my slide out keyboard tray to be closer but not fully extended due to the padding on the armrest.The seat cushioning is firm but comfortable, and looks like it could take some abuse before the padding ever wears down.I weigh around 180 and I have around 4 inches of space between me and the armrest on both sides, so im sure this chair can accommodate larger people, but be aware that the weight limit is 250 lbs.UPDATE: Its been roughly a week now, and the chair squeaks when I recline. Going to lubricate and tighten screws tomorrow to see if it stops.The failure point of this chair as far as I can tell is that the arm rest hold the seat to the back with only 2 screws on each side top and bottom. Ive had chairs fail on me before due to this design, so im kind of skeptical on the longevity of the chair.The lifting mechanism and casters (for carpet) are excellent, and seem of good quality.Would I buy again, If this chair takes the abuse I typically dish out for a year or more, I would consider this a good buy and would re purchase.

  3. Lead Singer

    So far so good! Better than I expected!I’m fairly new at the review thing – Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.First – The chair arrived in quick time. I ordered it on Thursday and got it on Monday (today).It arrives in a large box that’s packed well and isn’t extremely heavy.I want to stress – This item was SUPER EASY to assemble. It only requires a Phillips head screwdriver and comes together with 12 screws.Can’t find the screws? That’s because they’re already screwed in. The company ships the product with the screws in place to make sure they’re all there upon shipping. By the way, I called Norstar Office Products (Boss Chair People) to find the screws and they were really quick with the answers. Quick service with real people that answered the phone. Of course I felt pretty dumb after they told me they were screwed in, but they said it happens all the time. Just remove the screws, and get ready to assemble.I am not much of a handy man, and it only took me about 25-30 minutes to assemble the chair after unpacking the box and checking all the parts.It’s really just a matter of lining up the screws with the holes in the arm rests. After some really good hand tightening the chair feels VERY solid. There’s definitely a lumbar lift(?) in the back which feels great and causes me to sit upright instead of slouching forward. I’m 5’7 and the size works for me, though I can also see how someone a bit taller would find the lumbar even more comfortable just slightly lower down the back.The Vinyl feels like high quality material. Better than I expected. Soft to the touch, yet durable.I’m a bit of a ‘flat’ bottomed guy, and the cushioning on this chair is more than adequate for me. I had to put pillows and such on my prior chair for extended seating. I don’t imagine I’ll have that issue with this one… at least so far.The chair rocks/reclines great and the gas lift works as you would expect.I wasn’t sure if the seat went up high enough at first, but once I pulled it up to my desk I found myself actually lowering the chair a bit.The arm rests are at the proper height. Though not adjustable, it seems like they’re in the ideal place for me, so not a concern there. Very comfortable and padded, and actually at just the right height for me to type while relaxed.At this price, you can’t beat it. I would be pleased with the quality of this chair even if I had paid more for it (but I’m glad I didn’t)I was very skeptical buying a chair online. No need to worry with this one!As I’ve only been using it for about an hour, I’ll try to do a follow up after a week or so…UPDATE 12/2015… It’s been great, but time to replace. I’ve used it 4-5 days a week since purchase in 2011. Over all the hours of use the seat has gotten flat and has the stitching on the ‘bottom’ padding has come apart. No complaints in the years and years of use though.Time for a new chair – and though I’ll look around, I’m pretty much sold on buying this one again!

  4. Kindle Customer

    It works, but delicateThe product is ‘cheap/inexpensive’. I recommend considering a slightly higher cost item. The title says leather. The text says ‘ Black CaressoftPlus’. Soft it is. Comfortable it is. Care it is not. One does not expect an type of leather even thought the name actually says that. if there is any leather if is hidden. In addition, the front of the arm rests are not tight against the arm. I suspect hey will curl up with much use and be uncomfortable.In the first 2-3 days I used it there is one tear at the end of one arm rest and two roughed up spots all of which I had to fix with black vinyl electric tape. And this was just from rubbing against the desk or table – and all these edges are very smooth. I see myself having to do regular repair work.Very attractive and comfortable if you don’t want to use it anywhere but the most open area. Certainly not in a close office area.

  5. Christine Spiller

    Not worth the money.Update to previous review.I’ve had this chair for about 5 months now, and I’m starting to find serious flaws in the design. I’m a large person, almost 7 foot tall, 280 pounds. I love the travel on the piston, I actually have difficulty touching the floor when it’s at the top. However, the chair is very loud, which is unacceptable in my line of work. I have to have a quiet area to work, and this chair creaks and groans all day long. I spend at least 8 hours a day in this chair, and it is comfortable, but does wobble a bit too much for my liking.I wanted a chair made of steel and padding material, so that the pressed wood wouldn’t break as in previous chairs I’ve had. I don’t know if this chair has wood elements inside it which aren’t advertised, but any well fitting bond between two pieces of steel should not make that much noise or produce that kind of wobble.Considering that this chair is about the best I could find at the price point, and I didn’t want to drop $600+ on one, I think it’s a decent value- but not worth the money they are asking for it. Multiple others here are complaining of the same thing and I took a long time to decide if I wanted to buy this or not, and overall I am not that happy with it. I’ve even considered trying to contact the manufacturer to see if I might have screwed up the install (pretty hard to do IMO0 or something I can do to fix the squeak, but getting anything other than an automated message is next to impossible.I’d advise buying something a bit more expensive from a reputable retailer before making the choice with this chair.

  6. Vanessa A

    Chair fell to pieces after a year of normal use.I have never had such a bad office chair. The chair seat became lopsided when sat in after about 6 months. The high back was lower than I expected when I got it. A 5’5″ person cannot sit in it and have head support. It has other design faults, as well, as the screws that hold in the arm pads go straight through the arm of the chair and in to the padding. That means that a year down the road when the arm pads have been smashed down enough to not be puffy like they are new, that the screws will be jabbing you in the elbows. Call it a pet peeve, but I really dislike getting jabbed and poked by what I expect to be cushioned surfaces. That fact alone is beyond frustrating. I hit the screw enough times with my elbow on the left arm rest that it fell out of the now-stripped hole. The arms are not anchored well to the chair to start off (and I mean by the bushings that grab the screws, not by my assembly job), either, and the chair was as difficult as anyone else here in the reviews has stated. It was officially retired yesterday when rolling from my office mat onto my carpet. The hole in one of the legs of the base of the chair that holds the caster peg broke apart. The only way to fix the chair at this point would be to get a new base. The cushioning didn’t hold up well in general, either. It all got smashed down rather quickly.Notes about the usage:This chair was sat in by a 190lb individual for a year, with about 60-80 hours of use a week on average. Chairs are generally well-treated in this house. The three-year-old $80 chair from Office Max that this one replaced was passed on to serve at LAN parties and works to this day. I’ve been using a five year old office chair we had as a spare in the meantime.It was assembled correctly and with care. We buy a lot of stuff that needs assembling, and I haven’t ever screwed anything up to this day during installation.I desperately wanted to like this chair because it was well reviewed and I paid more for it than any other chair prior. I just can’t. This is one of the most disappointing purchases I’ve ever made. So much so that I think it will probably be getting the Office Space printer treatment with firearms instead of baseball bats here in the near future. That’s how disappointed I am.

  7. voodoohax

    Comfy and affordableI needed a new chair for office as my old one was falling apart, during my research I came across the Boss High Back Executive Chair and liked the reviews that were posted.This chair is very comfortable! It feels sturdy, moves smoothly and has a pillow top seat for comfort. This is a huge step up from my old chair which was several years old at this point and had seen better days.The only complaint I have was with the assembly, it was a bit challenging installing the arms of the chair as the bolts would not line up properly or the connections were properly tapped. I had to get out my impact drive to force the screws in and in turn sheared the head off of one of the screws. I did not notice anyone else having this issue in the reviews that I read so it could have just been a defect in my unit. The chair still feels sturdy and I have not seen any issues so far, only time will tell.Other than that I believe that this chair is one of the best chairs out there in its price range , and i would definitely recommend it.

  8. MF

    except for one issue its greatI’ll preface this with saying I haven’t bought a lot of office chairs, I had a cheapo one in college and was shocked to find out how much you can spend. I think this is a good value for the money, especially for those of us that do not want to pay more than $150 for an office chair. This chair feels very well built and sturdy. It’s arms are fixed which I can see being a problem for someone but they fit me perfectly so it’s not an issue. The padding on here feels very luxurious and more expensive than you paid. It leans back which is important to me and it does that easily. I also like to sit indian-style or crosslegged in my chair and when I do that it turns on me, even if i have my feet just gently resting on the floor it does this. Every once in a while I can get it so it want to rotate facing the computer but uusally it wants to face 90 degrees away. I’m not sure if this is the chair or possibly my floor is uneven, but it is kind of annoying and my old cheapo chair didn’t do that. But it doesn’t always do it so I don’t think its worth returning over. If you sit like a normal person this probably isn’t an issue but its the only issue i’ve found so I thought I’d mention it.

  9. Nizel A.

    Decent Chair! Can support MORE weight than labeled!I have a pretty big family so when I was shopping for chairs I had to go into the big and tall category, but unfortunately I didn’t like the insanely high prices. I looked at this chair, but it had a weight limit of 250lbs. I liked the look of it and decided to try it out anyway because it was made up of fairly strong materials and in my experience if you have a solid frame, chairs can support up to twice their weight limit easily.Assembly was fairly easy. I only had trouble putting on the arms because you had to hold one side of the chair while you screwed in the other. Don’t let OTHERS fool you. This is NOT a two man job just to assemble this chair. Altogether I did it by myself in under an hour, equipped with only two screw drivers.This chair is really comfortable and very sturdy. A 375lb man can sit in this chair without even stressing it when the limit is 250. So to all my big folks out there I suggest you buy this chair for cheap and if it breaks you can just buy another one instead of spending $500+ on a “big & tall” chair.PROS: Comfortable, Durable, sleek looking design, surprisingly bigCONS: Got a workout trying to assemble arms, big chair but arms aren’t proportional to chairUpdate: This chair lasted 2 years before finally breaking. A year in one of the legs just split in half, shooting across the room while I was sitting in it. About another year later the entire seat broken loose from the base (luckily I didn’t get impaled.) So unfortunately I have to lower my review score.

  10. Jason

    I was sent the wrong chair, but that chair was pretty good.The chair I was sent was not this chair. I never really minded because the chair I was sent was a cooler more gamer chair looking chair. It lasted a long time until after many meteorite landings of my fat ass flopping down on it, the wheels broke off the bottom. I still used it for weeks after that, until I eventually threw it out. When that chair was new, it was a very comfy chair and I do miss it.

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