Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Double Plush CaressoftPlus Chair-400 Lbs, Black

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Color Black
Brand Boss Office Products
Product Dimensions 31″D x 33.5″W x 43″H
Style Modern
Material Wood, Metal
  • Fabric/Material: Caressoft is vinyl upholstery that looks & feels like leather, but is far more durable and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 33.5″ W x 31″ D x 43″ H | Weight Capacity: 400 lb
  • Max Height: 45.5″ | Back Height: 29″ | Back Width: 23″ | Seat Depth: 19″ | Seat Width: 22.5″ | Seat Height: 19 -22″ H | Arm Height: 27″-30″H
  • Heavy-Duty Spring-Tilt Mechanism: Changes the angle of the entire seat relative to the floor and allows one to transfer some of the upper body weight to the backrest of the chair. It is important to change body positioning throughout the day.
  • Gas Lift The pneumatic gas lift allows the user to modify their height in relation to their work surface, leading to an increase in comfort and ergonomic benefit.
  • Arms: Fixed padded arms are ergonomically designed for extreme comfort and extended use.
  • Base and Casters: Wide, 27 inch steel base with large casters for greater stability.
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Our heavy duty pillow top executive chairs make the perfect addition to any office, board room, or study. Their 400 pound weight capacity renders them compatible with a range of different body types. They are beautifully upholstered in black Caressoft and sport padded arms incorporated into steel wrap around style construction for maximum comfort. In terms of personalization, the chair features improved pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment, and a heavy duty spring tilt mechanism.

From the manufacturer

Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Big & Tall Chair

Sometimes standard office chairs aren’t the best fit. Designed for big and tall users, the Boss B991 Heavy Duty Big & Tall Executive Chair provides not only sleek, professional style, but also sophisticated support for all-day comfort. The chair’s commercial-grade components support up to 400 pounds, while its extra-durable design stands up to heavy, everyday use.

Support your Spine

The Boss B991 Heavy Duty high-back executive chair features adjustable settings and curved contours to help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned—an important component when sitting for long periods of time. The chair’s built-in lumbar provides added support for the lower back, while its ergonomic tilt mechanism with infinite locking adjustment allows for setting the chair to the preferred angle.

Easily Adjust Height to Your Comfort

A 6″ adjustable height range designed and supported with a heavy duty pneumatic gas lift- to lower the seat, simply stay seated and pull up on the easy-to-reach pneumatic control handle until you’re at the desired height. Release the same levered handle and the seat will lock to your fit. To raise the seat begin to remove your weight from the seat, then simply raise the lever and release at desired height.

Durable Bonded Leather + Quality Cushion

The chair’s upholstery consists of smooth, supple bonded leather, Boss LeatherPlus, which covers both the contoured-for-support back cushion and the padded seat cushion. The seat cushion’s deep layers of double plush padding help ensure superior and consistent sitting comfort throughout the day. For extra forearm, wrist, and hand support, the Boss B991 Heavy Duty executive chair provides black curved armrests, comfortably padded with matching LeatherPlus upholstery.

Available in Classic Black, Bomber Brown, and now Gray.

Your Best Stability

While many office chairs rely on a standard 25″ base and casters, Boss raises the bar. The Boss B991 is heavy duty executive chair built on a foundation of stability with a 27″ 5-Star base and 3″ dual wheel casters. That means when you want to lean back, swivel 360 degrees for multi-tasking or move from one area of your office to a meeting room perhaps, you can do so easily and efficiently. Tipping and tripping free.

When standard-size office chairs don’t quite fit the frame, choose the Boss Office B991 Heavy Duty Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair.

Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 33.5 × 43 in



Boss Office Products




Wood Metal

Finish Type

Faux Leather

Room Type

Office Study Room

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Boss Office Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair – 400 Lbs.



Model Name

Boss Office Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair – 400 Lbs.

Arm Style


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

49 Pounds

Product Dimensions

31 x 33.5 x 43 inches, 31D x 33.5W x 43H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

27 inches

Assembled Width

19 inches

Assembled Length

34 inches


90 Pounds



Date First Available

July 26 2005


Boss Office Products

3 reviews for Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Double Plush CaressoftPlus Chair-400 Lbs, Black

  1. ZB

    Horrible Product and Horrible Service for a long time Amazon Customer – Long Review and CommentsUpon arrival I noticed the caster wheels were already attached, except one. I found the one not attached in the bottom of the box and it was split where the chair inserts into the caster wheel. No big deal, just email Amazon and ask for a replacement caster wheel. Done. I continued with putting the chair together and the single screw/bolt that attaches the back of the chair to the wrap around armrests broke in half. The screw/bolt is partly inside the thread but there is no way for me to remove the armrests from the back of the chair at this point making disassembley impossible without breaking the chair. So between the single broken screw/bolt that holds the entire back attached to the armrest and the wheel that was broken upon arrival I am not very impressed. I have fully assembled the chair at this point and attached an old caster wheel in place of the broken one (same size and fit). The chair seems to be stable at this time but I don’t think it is all that comfortable nor would I tempt this chair long term with the broken bolt only half way threaded in place. The seat base is shorter than my old chair, I feel like I am sitting in 2/3 of a chair. I also feel like someone is kneeing me in the lumbar section of my back. I am 6′ tall and weigh 280lbs. Avoid this chair at all costs. I am currently awaiting to hear from Amazon about how to proceed. Shipping it back to them may prove difficult with the fact I can’t remove the arm rests.Update 11/25/15 – Amazon emailed me back to inform me that they cannot send a replacement caster wheel, I would have to return the entire thing to them…I found this out as I had logged in to email about the bolt that snapped halfway through screwing it in. I then sent a second email asking them how I should go about returning this chair because I am unable to disassemble it due to the broken bolt. I received a second reply stating that they have shipped me a replacement chair at the “fastest shipping rate” possible. I had never asked for a replacement to be sent nor did I receive an answer to how I should proceed shipping it back when I can’t completely disassemble it. I was also told I could cancel the replacement order if I wanted to. Well…at that time I still had no clarification on how I was to ship back the chair and sadly found out I could not cancel the chair because it was “already too far along processing” to do so. I emailed them back again, now the third time and received an email telling me I had these three options: 1.) If you’re interested in keeping the Boss Office Products LeatherPlus Heavy Duty Double Plush Chair, 350-Pound, Traditional with the missing piece, I’d like to offer you a refund of $68.55, which is 30% off the price. To accept this refund, let us know and we’ll issue the refund.2.) If you can buy the damaged parts to a local store, please write us back the amount and we’ll be happy to refund you for it.3.) Otherwise, you can return the item for the replacement that was created.They never told me how to ship the chair back that I could not disassemble, despite asking yet again. Please note how they graciously offered me to keep a broken chair with a small refund or to fix it myself or they refund me the cost of the parts (What about my time and aggravation while doing so?), or return it when the replacement arrives! Again, they told me to return the chair without telling me HOW when I can’t take it apart. I emailed Amazon a fourth time, with my frustration at not being told how to accomplish what they wanted me to do. After not hearing back in almost a 24 hour period, I contacted Customer Service by phone. The phone agent I dealt with was very nice…but she apparently could not grasp the broken bolt not allowing disassembly of the chair for shipping as well, despite being informed of the problem several times. She finally had an Aha! moment and got it. She then spoke with another department and her supervisor while I was on hold and told me I could keep the broken chair and the one they were shipping as a replacement as well. At this point I am frustrated to the point of defeat and tell them I don’t want the chair that is coming nor do I want a defective chair. She told me to donate it. Donate a broken chair that is missing a caster wheel and the bolt holding the armrests secure is only halfway threaded and broken? Oh..roll it to the curb for trash then….Well, my trash company doesn’t pick up things like this. And I was to refuse delivery of the chair when it arrived if I didn’t want it. UPS never required a shipment, they drop things at my door and run as quickly as they can back to the truck. I can’t recall the last time I actually signed for an Amazon order. Seeing there was to be no real resolution to this problem, I thanked her for her help and got off the phone. I noticed that I had received two emails from Amazon while I had been on the phone, one stating to keep the defective chair and that it would be refunded to me and a second stating the replacement chair was free and did not have to be returned. I had felt better for a brief moment, thinking Amazon realized that this had been a horrible customer experience and was trying to make up for it. Then it dawned on me that Amazon had been a little inept so far and I should confirm. Guess what… That was not the case. Another agent informed me that I had indeed paid for the defective chair, but that the new chair was really free and I could keep it without returning it. So… I get a broken chair which I paid for a replacement chair I can keep that I don’t want at this time? Great. Thanks Amazon. That’s really not any better for me at this point. I emailed them back yet again, relaying the entirety of the weekend’s events and told them my thoughts of the entire process I had experienced over the weekend and that I would appreciate if a manager would look over all the correspondences and contact me. I received a vague response from another agent thanking me (it also included a bunch of canned comments that I had already seen throughout every single email I had already received? They must have robots or something working Amazon CS with the amount of copy and paste going on)for my time and that this would be forwarded on and action would be taken? Again, a vague response. What type of action? Does that mean I would hear from someone in management? I emailed again asking them to clarify if I would hear from a manager. Received another vague response apologizing for my experience and gave me a 15 dollar credit that would apply to my credit. I emailed back one final time asking for a manager to review the situation and to contact me. Another vague response with absolutely no acknowledgement of my request.I’ve used Amazon for years now, preferred to shop through them than most anywhere else. They have some really cool features to their service that are innovative. I’ve actually using Amazon because of them. However this experience with their customer service department that fail in reading comprehension, offer vague responses littered with copy and pasted lines, and their inability to answer a question asked directly makes me question using this company any further. I realize one customer leaving will not make an impact on their profits. That’s fine. Maybe this issue would have been resolved if I had merely had the communication with a supervisor/manager as requested instead of being ignored. I have now spent around 4 hours of my time dealing with this order. I’ve tried to be detailed and communicate clearly through the whole process. I feel like I have had no closure to this problem due to the fact that I couldn’t simply have a question answered after asking nor the fact that my request to speak to a supervisor/manager was ignored over and over. I wasn’t asking to get something without paying for it. I never have thought that I should get to keep the defective chair and the replacement chair for nothing. I just simply wanted someone to understand what I said and answer the questions I had asked the first time. All the frustration and aggravation in this situation has stemmed from a customer service that failed to communicate clearly with the customer and each other. There had been an opportunity for Amazon to salvage this situation and secure my loyalty as a long time customer. Instead Amazon provided nothing but vague comments that were copy and pasted, apologies for various failures on their part, ignored questions that were asked and ignored all requests to be contacted by a supervisor or manager.

  2. Nicks

    Great work Chair, I’ve had mine for 5 years!Why I bought it:I’m on the heavier side, pushing 350. I needed a chair that wouldn’t fall apart when I leaned back, scooted the chair, or adjusted the height! This was bought for my office as a daily work chair.Pros:- Chair is very sturdy, I’ve only had to replace the wheel’s once when I caught one on the edge of my floor mat and snapped in two. That was my fault, not it’s, so consider it a very good buy.- I’ve had this chair for about 5 years and the seat is only just now starting to wear where my legs rub the front edge.- My home office chair is Junk and I’m considering buying a second one for home.Cons:- Although the chair is sturdy, the screws under the seat do work themselves loose every 3 to 6 months and I have to flip the chair over to tighten everything back up.- It gets squeaky when you move around, especially when it needs tightened again. Kinda annoying when on conference calls or meetings and you shift and it’s loud.- after 5 years, the gas cylinder does seam to be getting weak. The chair will slowly sink over the week until i notice I’m sitting low and pull it back up. It’s not bad enough I feel it needs replaced yet, but it’s enough to be annoying.

  3. Helifano

    First Impressions, and a 1-month updateI’ve only had this chair for a day and haven’t even used my computer in it yet, so I cannot complain about any long-term defects or any many-hour discomforts as of right now, but for the moments I got to sit in the chair so far, I really did enjoy it. Assembly was pretty painful, but all it took was a little arm strength, a powerful drill, and a fraction of my soul, and I was able to put it together by myself.It seems true (from a lot of reviews) that the seat does cause you to feel like you’re a little tilted forward. However, my impression from the reviews was that the chair itself leaned forward, but it seems to me that the chair itself is leveled while the cushion under the rear end is very thick. This didn’t affect me much as I am a heavy man and I weighed down the cushion and it ended up feeling pretty evened out (which is probably the intention considering it’s a chair for big people). Even so, I rested my arms up on my desk as if I were using my computer, and the upright position of using a desk completely offset any minor leaning problem for me. I don’t have any genuine complaints on the lean of the seat, but if you’re a smaller person you may experience more trouble with it than I will.Another thing worth noting is the tilt-locking mechanism. Before I messed with it, the chair leaned back all the way. I wanted a halfway adjustment so that I could lean back without feeling like I was going to tip the chair over, however, there were no instructions. I turned the tilt-locking mechanism a few turns and got back in the chair to discover the tilt was locked to a minimal tilt. I could only lean back a few inches before the lock stopped me. While trying to remedy this issue, I was unable to unlock the mechanism. The only way to unlock it, as I have now been told, is to pull the knob out. So it seems the only tilt locking options are either, locked at sitting position, locked at a couple inches of tilt, or not locked at all. This was a little disappointing but I’ll adapt. (EDIT: It seems like I may have the tilt-locking mechanism confused with the spring tension knob? Like I said, no instructions! I will play with it more once I get home from work.)A few other notes:- The seat is very wide, but it feels like it could stand to be a little deeper.- The chair rolls very smoothly. This could be good or bad depending on how stationary you like to be when tasking/gaming.- The seat and back are both very comfortable in short use.Overall I’m very excited to put this chair to real use. I will try to remember to update this review with long-term impressions or events that occur regarding this chair. If you would like a more immediate update, feel free to comment and I will try to provide any info I can.UPDATE (1 month of use): Still very comfortable, and no major problems, but it would be worth noting that it has suddenly become very very squeaky. I tried spraying some WD-40 on the hydraulic lifting mechanism but it didn’t help. This does not significantly bother me, but it might upset others.

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