Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W Desk in Hansen Cherry and Galaxy

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Product details

Brand Bush Business Furniture
Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 26.81″D x 71.54″W x 29.88″H
Color Hansen Cherry/Galaxy
Style Spectrum
  • Thermally fused laminate finish fends off scratches and stains
  • Open C-Leg design provides loads of legroom so you can work in comfort
  • Wire management system includes leg and desktop grommets with channels on the modesty panel to keep cables under control
  • Complete your workspace with a coordinating Hutch, Mobile File Cabinet, Keyboard Tray or Pencil Drawer (all sold separately)
  • Series A makes the most of any space with endless configuration options and 7 attractive two-tone finishes to match your style

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Enjoy loads of workspace and legroom with the Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W Desk. An open C-Leg design creates user comfort while a comprehensive wire management system keeps computer cables out of your way for a clean look. Spread out with a laptop, printer, phone and more on the scratch-resistant thermally fused laminate surface. Durable edge banding and thick end panels fend off damage to ensure lasting quality. Sturdy Desk feet include encapsulated steel armature and adjustable levelers for use on all types of flooring. The Office Desk accepts a coordinating Hutch, Mobile File Cabinets, Keyboard Tray or Pencil Drawer (all sold separately). Use the Desk in a home or business office or even in a classroom. The expansive surface provides enough workspace for one or two students. Series A completes your multi-person workspace, home office or anywhere in between with a variety of configuration options. Featuring 7 attractive two-tone finishes and contemporary styling, this commercial office furniture adapts to your surroundings. Customize any environment with a full line of affordable products, all backed by a 10 Year Warranty. Series A withstands the rigors of a 40-plus hour week and meets ANSI/BIFMA quality test standards. American made with U.S. and imported parts.

From the manufacturer

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bush furniture,bush business furniture,office furniture,desks,desk,series A,hansen cherry

bush furniture,bush business furniture,office furniture,desks,desk,series A,hansen cherry

Important information


Instruction manual included with purchase, call consumer service for assembly assistance at 800-950-4782

Additional information

Weight 104 kg
Dimensions 26.81 × 71.54 × 29.88 cm

Bush Business Furniture



Desk design

Computer Desk


Hansen CherryGalaxy



Top Material Type

Alloy Steel

Room Type

Office Classroom

Mounting Type


Age Range Description


Furniture Finish




Included Components


Assembly Required


Model Name

Series A

Item Weight

104 Pounds

Product Dimensions

26.81 x 71.54 x 29.88 inches, 26.81D x 71.54W x 29.88H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

4 inches

Assembled Width

29.7 inches

Assembled Length

77.4 inches


104 Pounds



Date First Available

July 26 2005


Bush Business Furniture

10 reviews for Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W Desk in Hansen Cherry and Galaxy

  1. Matthew Moore

    Good tableWe have ordered several of these tables and we have had no issues out of them.

  2. Zer0Cool

    Excellent for the PriceI wanted a few things from a desk:* Affordable* Simple* Large* SturdyThis desk ticks all the boxes for me. Its not perfect, but for the price its minor deficits are easy to overlook.The Good:* Its an excellent size. I will easily be able to set it up with my desktop computer/monitor on one end and room for my laptop and possibly a 2nd monitor on the other end. All while having nice bookshelf speakers on it and some other things without it being cluttered.* It feels sturdy enough to hold all of my stuff without any wobble. I wouldnt stand on it or put many hundreds of pounds on it, but having multiple computers and office type stuff on it will leave me without worry.* For the price, it has some nice basic touches to it, like the wire holes on each end at the top, the wire holes on each leg and the included wire guides that attach to the modesty backing. All this allowing for clean cabling.The Bad(ish):None of this is really a deal breaker, just observations that others may not like.* Its heavy. Boxed its about 100 pounds and the box had no handles to carry it easily by. Heavy may be a good sign of strength and/or quality (and is likely the case here) but it also makes it hard to assemble, especially alone.* My next point is, expect this to be at least a 2 person job to assemble. Specifically when dealing with the desk top as thats the heaviest part by far, I would venture a guess at 50-75 pounds alone. If you have a powers screw driver/drill use it…I used a plain old screw driver and it was taxing.* The way its packed, you will most likely get it with the plastic wire guides cracked from the weight of the desk at some point being placed onto them. They are on one of the long edges of the box. For me 1 was fine and the 2nd was cracked but usable.Also, not really a negative at this price but the legs are wood, not metal. The only metal part are the “feet” of each leg. Would have been nice if the 2 legs/sides where metal. They would have been lighter and sturdier but would have added to cost as well.Once put together, its a solid desk. Assembly however had me worried about longevity. This uses a method of assembly you see in cheaper furniture for which I do not know the name of the parts or process, but will attempt to describe.You had a screw that is about 25% threaded end and about 75% rod. You thread/screw these into pre-drilled holes on the bottom side of the desk top. The rod end inserts into pre-drilled holes on each leg and the modesty backing. Then you place a metal “ring” into a dime sized pre-drilled hole on the size and when twisting it it locks into the rod pulling it tight.I find these over time to easily break/fail with lateral movement…like when trying to slide furniture across the floor. This has not happened yet of course, just that previous furniture using the same mechanism doesnt survive many moves say from home to home.Overall though, I am very happy with this. It looks more expensive than it is when built, provides plenty of surface space and doesn’t come with unnecessary drawers or complexity that provide little value to me and only increase cost.I would recommend it to anyone looking for similar pro’s as me as a home office desk.

  3. Stroodling

    Great desk. Showed up missing half the pieces.Great desk so far. Nothing was damaged in shipping. Fits a computer, 2 consoles, 2 monitors, and a lamp. Plenty of space. It feels pretty sturdy, no noticeable wobble once items are set on top, no serious bowing issues when typical arm resting pressure is applied. My only issue is that the box arrived taped closed instead of glued and I was missing a large portion of the pieces. It came without the feet, no hardware to build it, and none of the plastic wire management hole covers. Contacted Bush using the number included in the instructions and had everything I was missing shipped to me in about a week.

  4. Bart

    If you are considering a desk for your home or office space, look no further.This desk lives up to the reviews and exceeds expectations across the board. It is exceptionally sturdy, very functional with wiring and hanging trays, unbelievable leg room (I have a printer on a file drawer under it), is very simple to assemble, and has a color scheme that is neutral enough to match seamlessly into most office/home office spaces. If you want a great desk for the money, stop scrolling here.Only considerations I’d advise with this desk is measure the area you want to put it. These are large desks, both width and depth. It provides an amazing amount of desktop space, but you’ll need a room large enough for it.Also, and this speaks to its sturdiness, this desk is heavy! Like two person lift heavy in the shipping box. Don’t mess around trying to move it yourself without a dolly or friend.In the end, this desk is so great I have 2 of them! They fit great together and provide me an exceptional office setup and workspace. No regrets on this purchase.

  5. Maurice

    Great desk for homeUsing this to replace my glass/metal L desk, and wow it’s nice to have everything just laid out in front of me. The wood is very pleasing, overall the desk has a nice minimalist look without looking too industrial/officey.

  6. RunLevelZero

    Sturdy and mine shipped perfectlySo I was really worried I would get a damaged desk but the UPS guy showed up, I watched him carefully unload it and dropped it off. He asked if I needed help getting it inside which was very kind of him. So there were some tears but I could see that the Styrofoam had protected it. I took everything out and nothing was damaged or squished. I expected the plastic wire holders, like everyone else basically, to be smashed to bits. Luckily that was not the case. So with that said the desk was really rather easy to put together. Make sure you have enough room and simply take your time. Everything but one hole lined up which made that slightly difficult. It was not that bad to manage it. It is quite sturdy. I did not want to have to put my desk against the wall just to keep it from wobbling to death. I’m happy to say this 72″ version is quite sturdy. The color is not as dark as I would have preferred for the top but I like it so I’m happy. A keyboard tray is going to be another purchase and the one that is offered by the same company is too expensive. It’s simply not worth that much money so I will buy some rails and a board the size I want and make my own. I simply can’t find a decent one at a decent price on amazon. I’m quite picky.1. Easy to put together but you will need someone to help you place the top on but other than that the rest can be done by yourself.2. Very sturdy and well made.3. Came undamaged ( lucky ).4. -1 for not being quite as dark as the pictures. I know that pictures can’t be 100% accurate but cameras are pretty good and with the proper lighting it will convey the color more accurately.5. Shipping time was great and fast.

  7. Yvette G.

    RecommendOverall good but screwing the bottom was a pain.

  8. blunion05

    Great desk at a decent price, contact manufacturer if damaged!When the desk arrived, the tabletop had taken two impacts, on the front edge where one sits facing the desk, the second on the top right corner where laminate had chipped off, exposing the material the tabletop is composed of.I contacted Bush Furniture from the number listed in the assembly manual and my was issue resolved quickly with a new tabletop being sent. They did not require returning the current tabletop. Fantastic! I could build the desk and begin using it, then swap the tabletop for the new, undamaged one when it arrives.The new tabletop arrived in perfect condition. I left the damaged tabletop outside my mailbox for somebody to take away. Took two days!It’s been two months using the desk. I’m satisfied and love the grommets and runway/raceway for cables and wires organization. The raceway provides two optional mounting points, allowing a choice between mounting close to the tabletop or further down. I mounted the raceway closer to the tabletop and used double-sided tape to attach my massive surge protector underneath the tabletop right above the mid-point of the raceway. This way, only one wire has to go in and out of the desk (excluding my Ethernet cable).My mid-tower gaming PC sits on top, with a 27″ monitor and the extra room to the right of the table lets me work on other tasks, such as routine dust maintenance on my laptop (okay, that was just like one time) or college assignments. Nobody in their right mind will sit off center like me though, but if you’re thinking about getting the 60″ desk, you can use a bit of your imagination to figure out how much space you need! I definitely didn’t need a 72″ desk, but it’s nice.The biggest hassle with building the desk was the screws are of poor quality and can strip easily. Another downside is touching the table anywhere leaves smudges from the hands. Noticeable in bright light, or if placed nearby a window that gets a lot of sunlight or natural light coming through it.

  9. Kyle

    After 7 Years, This Deserves A ReviewYou know what you want? A big ol’ desk. Not just any desk though, a titan among desks. A desk that you could use to fight off a T-Rex, or share tea with a frost giant.That’s this desk.In seven years, it’s gotten a little beaten up as I’ve moved from place to place — that’s natural wear and tear. But the crazy part is that I could see it lasting another 5 or more as my daily go-to for computer use, writing, etc.This has evolved from a bachelor desk to a desk shared by my S.O. (admittedly my clutter takes up a little more than half). It’s survived pizzas, cleaning agents, three stressed 20 year olds carrying it up uncountable flights of apartment stairs, and enough wires to create a geomagnetic capable of inverting the Earth’s magnetic field.Am I satisfied? You know am I.Would I buy it again? In the event that I need a second desk, for an additional decade, I will most certainly be buying this madlad again.

  10. Son gons

    A nice, quality, minimalist deskMy current setup with this desk is that it holds two 27″ monitors, my laptop, keyboard and mouse, lamp, speakers, and a smattering of random items strewn across it.I looked through a lot of the desks available on Amazon as well as local office furniture stores, and couldn’t find one that matched my criteria: A long, solid slab of wood. I didn’t need drawers, wheels, or any wooden shelves. I wanted something very minimalistic, and this 72-inch desk from Bush Furniture fit my bill.The construction of this desk is straight forward, but requires a fair bit of strength as the individual components have some heft to them. The only tool needed is a Philip screwdriver (size #3?) for some light fastening when the wooden slab is placed upon the two legs and backboard. The process took roughly 2 hours at a leisurely pace. Having an additional person for the assembly is recommended, but it’s possible to gingerly muster through.The package included two plastic pencil holders which I left uninstalled, and two plastic covers for the two holes on the slab of wood which I use for cable management.A nod to the Bush Furniture’s customer service:There was an incident in which I was missing one of the screws for the final assembly; it seemed to be a non-standard screw that I couldn’t find at a local hardware store. I called the number on the manual, and explained the issue. They were willing to ship me the missing screw, and it arrived promptly (about 3 days). Ultimately, I could’ve ignored the missing screw, and proceeded with the final assembly just fine, but I was willing to wait to finish the assembly exactly as was outlined in the manual. The process was very painless, and added to my satisfaction of this product.

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