Coaster 2-Piece Vanity Set with Hidden Mirror Storage and Lift-Top Stool White

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  • Set includes: One (1) vanity table and one (1) stool
  • Finish: White; Upholstery: White
  • Product materials: MDF, particle board, engineered laminate, foam, and leatherette
  • Overall vanity dimensions: 58.5″ H x 31.5″ W x 15.75″ D;
  • Hardware finish: Silver
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Contemporary white vanity looks great in a modern-style bedroom or dressing room and comes designed to hold your secrets better than a BFF. Pull-out drawer is spacious and compartmentalized for organization to get ready in a hurry (on those rare occasions). The large mirror slides open to reveal concealed jewelry storage compartments. Upholstered stool opens to reveal yet another storage area. This vanity truly is a woman’s best friend.

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Additional information

Weight 82.5 lbs
Dimensions 31.5 × 15.75 × 58.5 in
Item Weight

82.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

31.5 x 15.75 x 58.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

10 inches

Assembled Width

22 inches

Assembled Length

35 inches


83 Pounds



Date First Available

August 15 2012


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10 reviews for Coaster 2-Piece Vanity Set with Hidden Mirror Storage and Lift-Top Stool White

  1. Kate

    Good Product, But Not For Beginner BuildersPackage arrived intact, no broken mirror or scratched pieces. Just be ready for a foam snow storm! Definitely need a vacuum for this project.I’ve put together a lot of furniture over the years, including complex IKEA furniture that’s notorious for being difficult. THIS vanity was by far the most complex and laborious piece of furniture ive ever put together in my life!! instructions say 90 minutes… NO WAY! 4 LONG HOURS for me. Instructions and drawings are not as good as they could be. I think they should separate the combo steps into individual steps and enlarge the pictures. Step 1 was really like 5 steps. Thankfully most items were labeled and easy to find.There were no tools included and for the amount of screws, I’d recommend using power tools to speed up the process. For the part when you have to put the shelves together for the mirror cabinet, you either need a very short screw driver, an allen wrench, or pure magic I guess. Super weird engineering. I’d rather it be a box with moveable shelf inserts.Stickers to cover the cambolts?! Really?! Were the plastic covers really too expensive to include? Im not even going to bother putting those on, they’ll just fall off in about a day.I’d recommend not putting on the top mirror cabinet until you’re in the room you’d like to set it up in. With it being MDF board, it might crack if you try to move it pieced together. It’s very sturdy though. Much more than I actually expected it to be. Im going to cover the tabletop and drawers with contact paper to protect the MDF from any liquid spills.For the materials used, I don’t exactly feel I got what I paid for. I think $100 would be more of a comparable value. If you’re going to charge $200, at least throw in a cheap screwdriver, some decent cambolt covers, and rubber feet for the bottom.Overall though, I love the design of the product and all the storage space. It works perfectly for my needs.

  2. Kira

    Take your time, it’s gonna be worth it.So I gave an initial bad review because I wanted to warn others of the terror that is UPS shipping and promised to update when I got the fixed piece and everything together.So! If you have a broken piece, please call the helpline for coaster as emailing may take too long. If they can, they can replace a single part if it’s only one that came damaged. I had the fortune of everything being in perfect condition except for the top piece which was damaged by UPS. I didn’t want to send the whole thing back because it was just one piece damaged and they were able to get me a replacement part.It did take some time to get here, but it finally did and thank the Lord I got a perfect piece. I finally got it put together and it looks amazing. I had some issues with the stool, when hammering in a dowel it split the particle board, so I glued it back and set it aside until I finished the vanity. It was a lot easier to put together than some reviews lead on, but yes, very time consuming. I took extra care since I didn’t want anything to split, but after a couple hours, viola! It feels very sturdy, the espresso color looks great, and I’m very excited to start organizing. As for the split, it comes with those stickers to cover the cam locks, so I used the thin trim left over from the circles and covered the seam. You can’t see it if you’re not looking very close, so I’m happy with that. I’m going to be putting shims under the vanity because on my carpet, it kind of leans forward a bit, but that’s just my floor. I’m also going to get lights for it like some of the others have, I’m very excited now that it’s finally put together.

  3. The Anti Bridezilla

    Perfect for small NYC apartments!I love this vanity! It’s small enough to fit in a NYC apartment without overwhelming the bedroom.Like others said, assembly is a bit more intense than I expected. I’m used to putting Ikea type products together so I wasn’t overwhelmed, but there are a lot of extra steps to assemble this product. It took me about 3.5 – 4hrs to put this together by myself because my drill wasn’t working. I probably would have been able to finish in 3 hours with a drill. There were extra screws/dowels in my kit which was a bit confusing and the instructions could be a bit more clear – especially since two of the screw sets they give you look nearly identical. Also at one or two of the steps, it tells you to apply screws in places where nothing’s been pre-drilled for you – specifically when you’re supposed to reinforce the back of the mirror to the desk. I ended up having to hammer the screws in since there were no drill holes and my drill wasn’t working. You can totally put this together by yourself, but be prepared to do some head scratching at some of the steps or become inventive to get through the step.Aside from that, I LOVE this vanity. I have a lot of makeup so not all of it fits in here, but my core daily products fit in the drawer and my makeup remover, makeup pads and other skincare extras fit in the slide mirror compartment. My favorite is that I can now keep my flatiron and hair tools in the bench storage. And the desk is deep enough that my makeup travel case which holds all the rest of my makeup can fit completely under the desk without hanging out past the sides. I’m able to do my makeup in comfort without having to rush in the bathroom to make room for the hubby or house guests!

  4. Rikki

    Cute durable vanitySo I’ve actually had this product for a couple years now and when I purchased there were no pictures in the reviews so I decided to help someone else out. It’s small which is perfect for me because my room isn’t the biggest! Although it’s small it still holds a lottttt as you can see in my pictures. The mirror actually slides both ways and the bottom shelf came with a pink ring holder which I still have but took it out of this to make room for other things since I don’t have many rings. The chair lifts up and holds all my hair products. The only down falls are the drawer doesn’t extend fully so I put the things I use the least back there and same thing with the sliding mirror it would be more helpful if it had more flexibility to slide further. As you see In the picture that is as far as it opens but stuff can fit behind it as well so you kinda have to reach back there lol. Other then those little errors it is a very durable product that I’ve enjoyed having

  5. Julian

    Nice design but product is not made of high-quality materials.Now I have assembled the vanity and it turned out better than when I first opened package. In my previous message (see below), I complained about the material quality, and I rated it 2-star. After I assembled it, the product looks good. The design is very nice. The seller could have partially assembled the product to significantly reduce my hours to assemble the pieces together. There are over a hundreds of pieces!!! I also hoped to receive real wood materials. Any way, I decide to bump my rating by one star for the nice design. I gave an additional half star for the materials that is better than other synthetic fake “wood”. Okay, the seller is lucky for getting my 4-star rating this time.My message to the seller: Please make sure your products are made of high-quality materials and pre-assemble some of the pieces to save clients’ time. I do not mind to pay more (say, 30% more). You would save me money if you save my time and sell me high quality products. Please build your brand and build the trust with your clients.— Here was my reaction when I opened the package:I waited patiently for the product because I was very satisfied with the Coaster Button-Tufted Design Storage Bench I bought weeks ago. I enthusiastically rated the Bench 5-star and expected this product would be similar quality. No, very different quality. Although I have not assembled the vanity yet, the product has many small pieces of cheap stuff: thin synthetic paper boards (~ 1/16 inch thick; a small corner of one of the many boards is already broken; see the attached photo ) and low-quality composite man-made wood. This is the furniture built neither to last or nor to move. I thought I could trust the Coaster brand because of the high-quality Bench I bought, this vanity product totally ruined my trust.

  6. Jessica

    NOT WORTH THE EFFORTEdited review – READ FULL REVIEW:(Initial review) DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE BUILDER. This is ridiculously overly challenging to build. I would have been better off buying something from ikea. The stool alone doesn’t fit and has taken me 2 hours. The wood or whatever is cheap and splits and cracks. The directions are too basic. I went to the site and couldn’t find more detailed directions either.UPDATE: I went back and retried to build this when I was in less of a rage (almost 3 weeks later). It did take me roughly a little over 3 hours, but I’m no builder. In my defense, my cousin also bought this and said it took her at least 4 hours to build. Anyway, when I finally tried the actually vanity, it wasn’t too bad. Initially I had left that scathing review because I had tried to put the stool together and It was a complete struggle and failure. I will admit that some of it was user error (me). At the end of the day, I am happy with the product. I’m not sure if it is worth the price, but I’m also not sure if you can find anything less expensive that is of a decent quality. I was looking to downsize and this is almost perfect. I also took the pink jewelry thing out for additional shelf space.Warning: the box is extremely heavy. I couldn’t even get it up the stairs. I had someone carry it partially and then I took pieces out and carried them up the rest of the way a few at a time.I will add finished product pictures later.

  7. AJ

    Takes patience to build, but is beautiful and good qualityI love this vanity. It took me forever to choose it due to the vast availability of cheaper ones, and due to all the reviews about the time to build it, but I’m glad I chose this one. It took me 5 hours with a manual screwdriver and a toddler crawling all over the parts half the time, so not too bad. All parts are numbered and lettered according to the instructions. The clean lines of this vanity are a winner for me, as well as the storage. I didn’t favor the seat, so I replaced it with a cushiony one that I love. I still use the included seat as storage for random items like brush set containers (yes I keep them all), cosmetic bags, and extra brushes that I don’t normally need at my disposal. It’s also handy to put my lighted mirror and iPad on so they don’t take up space on my vanity top. I decided to not use the included ring holder since I already had a cute ring holder. I don’t have many rings anyway. The extra space works out much better for me. The only part that is a bit glitchy for me is the drawer—when I slide it back in, it catches in a couple of places. But I think that’s due to builder (my) error, as a couple of the screws went into the rails a bit crooked, but I didn’t want to try them again and risk splitting the wood. I can live with it. It has helped me organize my cosmetics, influenced me to buy some new stuff, and gives me a place to feel pretty and feminine every day. I would recommend.

  8. LilyD

    Requires Patience!I needed a vanity with spacious drawers and this fit the bill. The slide out mirror and box storage seat was a bonus. My real negative is that the table surface has a short depth because of the mirror sits on top and takes away about 3 inches. It would be difficult to read a magazine on it.So I must be a dunce because this thing took me close to 8 hours to put together. There are a lot of parts but they are clearly marked by letter or number. It’s best to lay them out in order before you start. The instructions are better than most because they show close ups of how they want things to fit.The first two steps were the hardest and then went faster As I understood how all the pieces went together.Be logical meaning look at the piece you are putting together in relation to the whole thing because I did some parts wrong and had to undo, hence my 8 hours.Here’s a tip I couldn’t find online. The cam bolts have a tiny arrow if you look closely. Turn it pointing to the screw to open and you can pull it apart. Next, the plastic feet on bottom of vanity and seat must be perfectly even spaced or it will be lopsided and wobble. I had to measure exactly.Overall love the clean look for less than $200. I think it’s slightly better quality than Ikea but it is pressed board.

  9. BMonkey

    GREAT! (But took forever to put together)This vanity is wonderful and I adore mine! Buyer beware, it comes in a million and one pieces. The UPS guy only delivered to my front door and I live on the 3rd floor. The box was too heavy to carry by myself, so I had to unpack it on the first floor and make about 4 trips with all of the pieces. Make sure you take every piece out of the box – the bottom of the drawer and back of the cabinet are very thin (not wood) and I almost tossed them before I put the vanity together. In total it book me about 4 hours to put together. I tend to not read directions carefully and I didn’t want to miss a step. All of the screws were scattered everywhere and it took me about 30 minutes to figure out which screws were which (I am NOT a screw girl. lol), and I thought I was missing some, but once I got figured that out and got past the first page of the instructions, it was pretty smooth sailing.I followed suit of the person who added lights and added my own also. I bought the ones that Amazon suggested, but they need wiring. Youtube How To Build Your Own Vanity, and you can watch people do it. The lights Amazon suggested for this came with grounding wires, so I bought 3 prong extension cords instead of the switch that Amazon suggested also, which is only two prong. I put the lights on hinges so they could push back to allow the mirror to slide open to reveal the little shelves inside. The seat opens for more storage room.Keep in mind the desk area is somewhat small, especially if you add mirrors because the bulbs stick out, so you cannot fit much more than a few little things and a mirror on it….I doubt you can fit a large acrylic makeup organizer, which is what I was hoping to do.This was my first real project and I’m super proud of it. If I can do it, you can to! 🙂

  10. krystyn sturgen

    Amazing product! Dont listen to reviewsI love this vanity! It’s amazing! I was leery to purchase it due to a LOT of people saying it was hard to put together but that is definitely not true. If you read the directions and pay attention to it, it’s not that hard. I had zero problems with construction and it only took me about 1.5-2 hours. Which is just because there are a LOT of pieces to it.The double way sliding mirror is one of the best things about it! And the drawer and seat storage is awesome! It does come with a seat as well which is great because when I purchased it I didnt realize it did, so I was pleasantly surprised about that.The box is super heavy so I definitely recommend having some help to get it inside or upstairs if you have to do that. But otherwise I love it.The drawer storage is super handy and has room for me to separate literally all the products I have. I was able to attach a super bright light to the top and ot looks incredible!I got it in the brown color and its gorgeous and comes with little stickers to cover all the screw holes.I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a vanity

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